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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 242 - 247

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 242              
168 190 PELLEY Malcolm Head M M 58
    PELLEY Mabel Wife F M 56
    PELLEY John Son M S 26
    PELLEY Ruth Daughter F S 20
169 191 PELLEY Annie Head F W 25
    PELLEY Howard Son M S 5
170 192 ELLIS Clarence Head M M 30
    ELLIS Jane Wife F M 24
    ELLIS Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
    ELLIS William Son M S 5
    ELLIS Edward Son M S 2
    ELLIS Ralph Son M S 3 Mos
191 193 STANLEY George Head M M 42
    STANLEY Bessie Wife F M 38
    STANLEY Ernest Son M S 18
    STANLEY Gertrude Daughter F S 15
    STANLEY Gordon Son M S 10
    STANLEY Margaret Daughter F S 8
    STANLEY John Son M S 5
    STANLEY Lawrence Son M S 2
172 194 IVANY George C. Head M M 46
PAGE 243              
    IVANY Gertrude Wife F S 43
    IVANY Garfield Son M S 21
    IVANY Joshua B. Son M S 18
    IVANY Annie Amelia Daughter F S 16
    IVANY Vercy (sic) Goldie Daughter F S 12
    IVANY Jessie Pearl Daughter F S 11
    IVANY James Carter Son M S 9
    IVANY Frank Elias Son M S 7
    IVANY Elsie Joy Daughter F S 5
173 195 ELLIS Charles Head M M 38
    ELLIS Amelia Wife F M 38
174 196 PLOUGHMAN Ronald Head M M 39
    PLOUGHMAN Emily Hope Wife F M 22
    PLOUGHMAN Winnie Daughter F S 9
    PLOUGHMAN Edison Son M S 6
    PLOUGHMAN Alexander Son M S 2
    PLOUGHMAN Angus Son M S 5 Mos
    PLOUGHMAN Elizabeth Son (sic) F W 81
175 197 ELLIS George Head M M 53
    ELLIS Alice Wife F M 43
    ELLIS Roland John Son M S 24
    ELLIS Mary Susanna Daughter F S 22
    ELLIS Samuel Son M S 19
    ELLIS Myrtle Daughter F S 12
    ELLIS David Harrison Son M S 7
    ELLIS Joseph Hedley Son M S 4
176 198 STANLEY Eleazer Head M W 73
  199 STANLEY Wilson Son M M 35
    STANLEY Lucy Daughter in law F M 33
    STANLEY Havelock Grand Son M S 14
    STANLEY Maggie Grand Daughter F S 12
    STANLEY Violet Grand Daughter F S 10
    STANLEY Myrel (sic) Grand Son M M 8
PAGE 244              
    STANLEY Bessie Grand Daughter F S 6
    STANLEY Pearl Grand Daughter F S 4
    STANLEY Emma Grand Daughter F S 1
177 200 PELLEY Moses Head M M 64
    PELLEY Catherine Wife F M 58
    PELLEY Baxter Son M S 30
    PELLEY Thelma Daughter F S 26
    PELLEY Ellie Daughter F S 25
    PELLEY Regina Daughter F S 23
    PELLEY Frederick Son M S 22
    PELLEY Johnson Son M S 21
    PELLEY Harrison Son M S 18
    PELLEY Joan Daughter F S 12
178 201 SANSON John Head M M 45
    SANSON Florence Wife F M 44
    NAPIER Elfrida Step daughter F S 15
179 202 PELLEY Mary Ann Head F W 82
    PALMER Watson Adopted Son M M 38 (?)
    PALMER Bessie Daughter in law F M 41
180 203 PELLEY Israel Head M M 56
    PELLEY Clarice Wife F M 34
    PELLEY Clement Son M S 4
    PELLEY Mary Sister F S 35
181 204 PELLEY Donald Head M M 46
    PELLEY Carrie Wife F M 43
    PELLEY Laura B. Daughter F S 15
    PELLEY Katheleen Daughter F S 13
    PELLEY Nina B. Daughter F S 10
182 205 PELLEY Edmund Joseph Head M M 40
    PELLEY Miriam Wife F M 40
183 206 PELLEY Chesley Head M M 31
    PELLEY Mona Wife F M 21
    PELLEY Ann Maria Mother F W 67
PAGE 245              
184 207 PELLEY Harold Head M M 47
    PELLEY Alfreda Wife F M 45
    PELLEY Clarice Daughter F S 17
    PELLEY Effie Frances Daughter F S 6
    PELLEY Phylis Jean Daughter F S 6
185 208 PELLEY Roland Head M M 34
    PELLEY Lilian Wife F M 25
    PELLEY Inez Daughter F S 5
    PELLEY Merina Daughter F S 8 Mos
186 209 PELLEY Albert John Head M M 62
    PELLEY Fanny Wife F M 61
    PELLEY Meta Daughter F S 31
    PELLEY Rosie * Daughter F S 24
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry (Rosie) Included here for reference
    WARREN Anna Foster Mother F W 86
187 210 STANLEY Uriah Head M M 39
    STANLEY Anasatia Wife F M 38
    STANLEY Elizabeth Daughter F S 17
    STANLEY William James Son M S 14
    STANLEY Eldred Chesley Son M S 2
188 211 BAILEY Charles Head M M 41
    BAILEY Lena Wife F M 41
    BAILEY Raymond Son M S 14
    BAILEY Muriel Daughter F S 10
    BAILEY Milford Son M S 6
    BAILEY Helen Daughter F S 3
    BAILEY Fred Son M S 1
189 212 ELLIS Elam Head M M 62
    ELLIS Edith Wife F M 61
    ELLIS Harvey Son M S 30
    ELLIS Joyce Daughter F S 27
190 213 PLOUGHMAN John Head M M 42
    PLOUGHMAN Delilah Wife F M 40
    PLOUGHMAN Bernard Son M S 23
PAGE 246              
    PLOUGHMAN Benjamin Son M S 20
    PLOUGHMAN Deborah Daughter F S 18
    PLOUGHMAN Eric Son M S 16
    PLOUGHMAN Colin Son M S 15
    PLOUGHMAN Beulah Daughter F S 13
    PLOUGHMAN Edwin Son M S 11
    PLOUGHMAN Effie Daughter F S 9
    PLOUGHMAN Doris Daughter F S 7
    PLOUGHMAN Ralph Son M S 5
    PLOUGHMAN May Daughter F S 3
    PLOUGHMAN Georgina Daughter F S 2
    PLOUGHMAN Edna Daughter F S 9 Mos
191 214 STANLEY Jabez Head M M 61
    STANLEY Sarah Wife F M 57
    STANLEY Ross Son M S 19
  215 STANLEY Wellington Son M M 24
    STANLEY Irene Daughter in law F M 23
    STANLEY Millicent Grand daughter F S 3
    STANLEY Ruby Grand daughter F S 1
  216 STANLEY Maxwell Grand Son M M 22
    STANLEY Mary Ann Daughter in law F M 22
    STANLEY Alexander Grand Son M S 2
    STANLEY Infant Grand daughter F S 3 Mos
192 217 STANLEY Mark Head M M 51
    STANLEY Cecilia Wife F M 45
    STANLEY Ethel Jane Daughter F S 19
    STANLEY Willis Son M S 17
    STANLEY Annie Maria Daughter F S 15
    STANLEY Alan John Son M S 10
    STANLEY Laura Bertha Daughter F S 7
193 218 STANLEY Edward Head M M 31
    STANLEY Johanna Wife F M 27
    STANLEY Vardon Son M S 10
PAGE 247              
    STANLEY Walter Son M S 9
    STANLEY Flora Jane Daughter F S 4
    STANLEY Olive Viola Daughter F S 3
  219 STANLEY Caleb Father M M 76
    STANLEY Flora Jane Mother F M 66
194 220 BAILEY Peter Head M M 70
    BAILEY Mary Wife F M 69
    BAILEY Gideon Son M W 42
    BAILEY Herbert Grand Son M S 15
    BAILEY Dorcas Grand Daughter F S 9
    BAILEY John Grand Son M S 7
195 221 BAILEY Walter Head M M 25
    BAILEY Clara Wife F M 24
196 222 BAILEY Harry Head M M 39
    BAILEY Hester Wife F M 36
    BAILEY Robert Onslow Son M S 12
197 223 BAILEY Robert Head M M 67
    BAILEY Lydia Wife F M 65

Transcribed by Judy Oldford(July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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