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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 604 - 605 & 573 - 577

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 604              
1 1 WELSH Enos Head M M 39
    WELSH Lousia Wife F M 37
    WELSH Mary Daughter F S 14
    WELSH Annie Daughter F S 13
    WELSH Seymour Son M S 11
    WELSH James Son M S 9
    WELSH Caroline Daughter F S 7
2 2 BRANTON Edwin Head M M 42
    BRANTON Mabel Wife F M 38
    BRANTON Roland Son M S 18
    BRANTON Charles Son M S 16
    BRANTON Norman Son M S 14
    BRANTON Robert Son M S 11
    BRANTON Lindo Son M S 8
    BRANTON Harrison Son M S 6
    BRANTON Lilian Daughter F S 18 Mos
  3 BRANTON Ishmael Head M M 78
    BRANTON Emma Wife F M 63
3 4 BRYANT Ishmael * Head M M 53*
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry (Ishmael). Included here for reference.
    BRYANT Dora Wife F M 46
4 5 BRYANT James Head M M 31
    BRYANT Mildred Wife F M 28
    BRYANT Jacob Wesley Son M S 8
    BRYANT Edna Daughter F S 5
    BRYANT Phillip Son M S 2
5 6 BRYANT Jacob Head M M 57
    BRYANT Esther Wife F M 50
    BRYANT Theresa Mother F W 85
6 7 BISHOP John Head M M 64
    BISHOP Eliza Wife F M 63
7 8 BRYANT Lewis James Head M M 34
    BRYANT Mary Maria Wife F M 34
    BRYANT Edwin Rendell Son M S 10
PAGE 605              
    BRYANT Louisa Daughter F S 6
    BRYANT Delilah Daughter F S 4
8 9 BRYANT George Head M M 30
    BRYANT Pearl Wife F M 25
    BRYANT Florence Daughter F S 6
    BRYANT Joannah Mother F W 67
9 10 CHISLETT Joseph Head M M 72
    CHISLETT Maude Wife F M 61
    CHISLETT Bertram Son M S 30
10 11 CHISLETT Allan Head M M 36
    CHISLETT Jessie Maude Wife F M 37
    CHISLETT Nellie May Daughter F S 8
    CHISLETT Donald Frederick Son M S 4
    CHISLETT Olive Joan Daughter F S 13 Mos
11 12 CHISLETT Joshua Head M M 62
    CHISLETT Assenath (sic) Wife F M 61
    CHISLETT Edith Daughter F S 18
    CHISLETT Monroe Son M S 5
12 13 CHISLETT James Robert Head M M 64
    CHISLETT Adelade Wife F M 61
    CHISLETT Hezekiah Son M S 22
    CHISLETT Ernest Densel * Son M S 24
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through the above entry (Ernest). Included here for reference.
    CROCKER Llewelyn Nephew M S 38
13 14 CHISLETT Jethro Head M M 51
    CHISLETT Susanna Wife F M 50
13  15 CHISLETT Selby Head M M 25
    CHISLETT Alice Wife F M 24
14 16 CHISLETT Jacob Head M M 61
    CHISLETT Lousia Wife F M 57
    CHISLETT Albert Son M S 30
    CHISLETT William James Son M S 15
    CHISLETT Frederick Abel Son M S 13
15 17 CHISLETT Gordon Head M M 25
PAGE 573              
    CHISLETT Mary Wife F M 23
    CHISLETT John Henry Son M S 3
    CHISLETT Phyllis Elizabeth Daughter F S 2
16 18 CHISLETT William Head M M 46
    CHISLETT Dora Wife F M 30
    CHISLETT Arthur Son M S 22
    CHISLETT Edward Son M S 20
    CHISLETT Frederick Son M S 7
    CHISLETT Harrison Son M S 5
    CHISLETT Hazel Daughter F S 11
    CHISLETT Elsie Daughter F S 9
17 19 BRYANT Esau Head M M 60
    BRYANT Helen Wife F M 59
    BRYANT Augustus Son M S 18
    BRYANT Maisie Daughter F S 9
18 20 CHISLETT John Head M M 55
    CHISLETT Lavinia Wife F M 62
    CHISLETT Mary Daughter F S 30
    CHISLETT Rhoda May Daughter F S 16
    CHISLETT Hedley Adopted Son M S 17
19 21 CHISLETT Willis Head M W 79
    CHISLETT Charles Son M S 44
20 22 CHISLETT Edward Head M M 61
    CHISLETT Trephina Wife F M 54
    CHISLETT Clarence Son M S 26
    CHISLETT Gordon Son M S 24
    CHISLETT Melvin Son M S 22
    CHISLETT Rendell Son M S 19
21 23 CHISLETT Bloomfield Head M M 29
    CHISLETT Jane Wife F M 26
    CHISLETT Hilda Mildred Daughter F S 9
    CHISLETT Lester Stuart Son M S 6
    CHISLETT Willis George Son M S 4
PAGE 574              
    CHISLETT Grace Joan Daughter F S 9 Mos
22 24 CHISLETT Henry Head M M 60
    CHISLETT Hannah Wife F M 50
    CADWELL Stephen Lewis Step Son M S 17
23 25 CHISLETT Harold Head M M 28
    CHISLETT Maggie Wife F M 24
    CHISLETT Allan Son M S 5
    CHISLETT Mabel Daughter F S 1
24 26 CHISLETT Stanley Head M M 26
    CHISLETT Gladys Wife F M 21
    CHISLETT Louise Daughter F S 16 Mos
25 27 WELSH Elihu Head M M 30
    WELSH Sadie Wife F M 31
    WELSH Marjorie Daughter F S 7
    WELSH Ruby Daughter F S 5
26 28 WELSH Norman Head M M 65
    WELSH Caroline Wife F M 64
    WELSH Darias Son M S 23
    WELSH Fannie Jane Daughter F S 20
    WELSH Ruth Claudine Daughter F S 5 Mos
27 29 WELSH Israel Head M M 32
    WELSH Violet Wife F M 33
    WELSH Rita Daughter F S 3
    WELSH Edward Son M S 2
    WELSH Florence Louise Daughter F S 1 Mo
28 30 WELSH Oliver Head M M 28
    WELSH Elsie Wife F M 26
    WELSH Alfred Son M S 5
    WELSH Enos Son M S 4
29 31 HARNUM Frederick Head M M 58
    HARNUM Martha Wife F M 55
    HARNUM Violet Daughter F S 15
  32 HARNUM George Head M W 29
PAGE 575              
  33 HARNUM Sidney Head M M 27
    HARNUM Evlin (sic) Wife F M 25
    HARNUM Elanine (sic) Daughter F S 3
    HARNUM Olive Emily Daughter F S 3 Mos
    HARNUM Susanna Lodger F W 38
30 34 HARNUM Leonard Head M M 42
    HARNUM Irene Wife F M 31
    HARNUM William James Son M S 13
    HARNUM Mollie Jane Daughter F S 7
    HARNUM Hobart Son M S 3
    HARNUM Samuel Son M S 13 Mos
31 35 LEGGE Ishmael Head M S 65
32 36 WELSH Absalom Head M M 70
    WELSH Lydia Wife F M 64
    WELSH Jasper Son M S 31
    SOOLEY Roland Step Son M S 23
33 37 WELSH John Newman Head M W 43
    WELSH Agnes Daughter F M 16
    WELSH Walter Son M S 18
    WELSH Gladys Rhoda Daughter F S 14
    WELSH Joseph Son M S 12
    WELSH Violet Daughter F S 8
    WELSH Robert Son M S 6
    WELSH Lydia Daughter M S 4
34 38 WELSH James Head M M 60
    WELSH Emeline Wife F M 58
  39 WELSH Belah * Head M M 26
* NOTE: Belah is the original entry. Later Bela was penciled beside the original entry and the original crossed out.
    WELSH Ethel Wife F M 24
    WELSH Robert James Son M S 5
    WELSH Elishu Maxwell Son M S 3
    WELSH Edith Beatrice Daughter F S 1
35 40 CHISLETT Elisha Head M M 55
    CHISLETT Mary Jane Wife F M 45
PAGE 576              
    CHISLETT Theophilus Son M S 23
    CHISLETT John Charles Son M S 20
    CHISLETT Maleus (?) Son M S 17
    CHISLETT Albert Son M S 16
36 41 CHISLETT Arthur James Head M M 26
    CHISLETT Mona Gweldolyn Wife F M 24
    CHISLETT Deloris (sic) Daughter F S 14 Mos
37 42 CHISLETT Ephriam Head M M 38
    CHISLETT Leah Wife F M 28
    CHISLETT Edgar Cecil Son M S 3
    CHISLETT John Father M W 81
38 43 CHISLETT Ralph Head M M 31
    CHISLETT Irene Wife F M 27
    CHISLETT David Son M S 3
    CHISLETT Muriel Daughter F S 1
    CHISLETT Connie Daughter F S 1 Mo
39 44 CHISLETT James Head M M 58
    CHISLETT Irene Wife F M 50
    CHISLETT Margaret Daughter F S 12
    CHISLETT Jacob Son M S 9
40 45 WELSH Sarah Head M W 50
  46 WELSH William James Head M M 25
    WELSH Adelina (?) Wife F M 22
    WELSH Claude Son M S 5
    WELSH Norma Daughter F S 2
    WELSH Doris Daughter F S 1 mo.
41 47 WELSH Stephen Head M M 36
    WELSH Isabella Wife F M 40
    WELSH Hellen (sic) Daughter F S 14
    WELSH Rosa Beatrice Daughter F S 12
    WELSH Dorothy Daughter F S 5
42 48 BISHOP Wilfred Head M S 20
    BISHOP Newton Brother M S 18
PAGE 577              
43 49 CHISLETT Walter Head M M 42
    CHISLETT Clara Wife F M 38
    CHISLETT Jessie Daughter F S 16
    CHISLETT Pearcey Son M S 19
    CHISLETT Ronald Son M S 5
No Entry No Entry SCOTT Timothy No Entry M M 52
No Entry No Entry WALSH John Charles No Entry M S 20
NOTE: The next and final page contains only the following inscription:
Certified to the best of my knowledge and belief to be correct:
Revising Magistrate
Leonard? Ash?

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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