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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 88 - 94

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 88              
1 1 HUMBY William Joseph Head M M 39
    HUMBY Katherine Wife F M 43
    FLEMMING Margaret Step Daughter F S 17
    FLEMMING Samuel Step Son M S 15
    FLEMMING Annie Step Daughter F S 11
2 2 HUMBY James Jr. Head M M 32
    HUMBY Mary Ellen Wife F M 30
  3 HUMBY James Head M M 71
    HUMBY Sarah Wife F M 67
3 4
MASON John   M S 38
4 5 HUMBY Frank Head M M 37
    HUMBY Katherine Wife F M 22
    HUMBY Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
    HUMBY William Son M S 1
5 No Entry HUMBY Richard Head M M 40
    HUMBY Susannah Wife F M 29
    HUMBY John Edward Son M S 12
    HUMBY Leo Patrick Son M S 9
    HUMBY William Son M S 7
  6 (sic) HUMBY John Father M M 80
    HUMBY Mary Mother F M 78
6 7 DONAVAN Nicholas Head M M 58
    DONAVAN Anastatia Wife F M 58
    DONAVAN Philip Michael Son M S 22
    DONAVAN Gerald Justice Son M S 21
    DONAVAN Helen Daughter F S 19
    DONAVAN Thomas Son M S 15
7 8
RYAN Richard No Entry M S 40
8 9 DUGGAN Edward Head M M 64
    DUGGAN Johannah Wife F M 64
    DUGGAN Vincent Son M S 35
9 10 DUGGAN Timothy Head M M 64
    DUGGAN Ellen Wife F M 52
PAGE 89              
    DUGGAN Annie Marie * Daughter F S 27
* NOTE: Annie Marie was lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
    DUGGAN Kyran Son M S 22
    DUGGAN Cornelius Son M S 16
    DUGGAN Ursula Marie Daughter F S 13
10 11 COTTER James Head M M 50
    COTTER Elizabeth Wife F M 48
    COTTER Richard William Son M S 20
    COTTER Bridget Marie Daughter F S 17
    DOODY Mary Mother in Law F W 79
11 12 COTTER Edward Head M M 21
    COTTER Annie Wife F M 21
    COTTER Leo Patrick Son M S 3
    COTTER Aiden Son M S 1
12 13 McDONALD Richard Head M M 52
    McDONALD Katherine Wife F M 40
    McDONALD George Son M S 22
    McDONALD James Jr. Son M S 19
    McDONALD Leo Son M S 15
    McDONALD Mary Daughter F S 14
    McDONALD Frances Daughter F S 10
13 14 McDONALD James Sr. Head M M 73
    McDONALD Alice Wife F M 53
    McDONALD William Robert Son M S 26
    McDONALD Edward Son M S 22
    McDONALD Peter Son M S 18
    McDONALD Richard Son M S 14
    McDONALD Nora Daughter F S 9
    McDONALD Gertrude Daughter F S 5
    HUMBY Agnes Sister in Law F S 48
14 15 WALSH Winifred Head M W 59
    WALSH James Son M S 25
15 16 WALSH Daniel Head M M 62
    WALSH Mary Gertrude Wife F M 57
PAGE 90              
    WALSH Patrick Michael Son M S 30
    WALSH Edward John Son M S 26
    WALSH Mary Ann Daughter F S 24
16 17 DONAVAN Michael Head M M 53
    DONAVAN Martha Wife F M 30
    DONAVAN Patrick Son M S 19
    DOANVAN George Son M S 17
    DONAVAN Reta Daughter F S 15
    DONAVAN James Son M S 13
    DONAVAN Anthony Son M S 4
    DONAVAN Bernard Son M S 2
17 18 DUGGAN Patrick Joseph Head M M 42
    DUGGAN Mary Bridget Wife F M 30
    DUGGAN Gerald Majella (sic) (?) Son M S 4
    DUGGAN John Francis Father M M 74
    DUGGAN Elizabeth Mother F M 68
    DUGGAN Margaret Sister F S 22
    DOODY Joseph Adopt Brother M S 22
18 19 DUGGAN Daniel Head M M 67
    DUGGAN Mary Thresa Wife F M 60
    DUGGAN Anthony Son M S 25
    DUGGAN Francis Son M S 10
19 20 SCANLAN Calahan Head M W 74
    SCANLAN Daniel Agustus Son M M 34
    SCANLAN Margaret Daughter in Law F M 33
    MACKEY Nora Domestic F S 20
20 21 DALEY Richard Head M M 54
    DALEY Annie Wife F M 35
21 22 DAILEY Michael Head M W 63
  23 DAILEY Simon Patrick Head M M 32
    DAILEY Isabella Wife F M 31
    DAILEY Mary Cecila Daughter F S 2
    MACKEY Jane Domestic F S 17
PAGE 91              
22 24 HUMPHRIES William P. Head M M 41
    HUMPHRIES Ethel Bridget Wife F M 32
    HUMPHRIES Sheila Katherine Daughter F S 6
    HUMPHRIES William Son M M 4
    HUMPHRIES Katherine Daughter F S 3
    HUMPHRIES Mary Ann Daughter F S 5 Mos
    MACKEY Katherine Domestic F S 17
    LANE Katherine Josephine Mother in Law F W 63
23 25 HUMPHRIES Philip Head M M 74
    HUMPHRIES Johannah Wife F M 67
24 26 MACKEY Martin Head M M 50
    MACKEY Roseanna (sic) Wife F M 45
    MACKEY Martin Francis Son M S 12
    MACKEY Daniel Adopted Son M S 27
25 27 MACKEY Michael Head M M 53
    MACKEY Margaret Wife F M 47
    MACKEY William Son M S 25
    MACKEY John Son M S 24
    MACKEY Leopold Son M S 21
    MACKEY Josephine Daughter F S 19
    MACKEY Janet Daughter F S 15
    MACKEY Mary Daughter F S 9
    MACKEY James Son M S 5
26 28 MACKEY Frank Head M S 23
    MACKEY Mary Katherine Mother F M 49
    MACKEY Edward * Father M M 58
* NOTE: Edward has been lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
    MACKEY Bridget Sister F S 18
    MACKEY Edward John Brother M S 15
27 29 MACKEY William Sr. Head M M 71
    MACKEY Premilla (sic) Jane Wife F M 62
    MACKEY Katherine Daughter F S 24
28 30 MACKEY James Head M M 60
    MACKEY Thresa Wife F M 28
PAGE 92              
    MACKEY Patrick Adopted Son M S 26
    MACKEY Justice Son M S 14
    MACKEY Mary Elizabeth Daughter F S 12
    MACKEY Simon Son M S 9
29 31 MACKEY William of Patk Head M M 54
    MACKEY Mary Ann Wife F M 54
    MACKEY Calahan Son M S 21
    MACKEY Ronald Son M S 19
    MACKEY James Son M S 17
    MACKEY Lawrence Son M S 15
30 32 MACKEY James of John Head M W 58
    MACKEY William James Son M S 33
    MACKEY Joseph Son M S 23
    MACKEY Franklin Son M S 15
31 33 DUGGAN Patrick Head M M 63
    DUGGAN Bridget Wife F M 52
32 34 LANE Patrick Head M M 64
    LANE Bridget Wife F M 55
  35 MACKEY James of Chas Head M M 27
    MACKEY Margaret Wife F M 29
    MACKEY William Patrick Son M S 5
    MACKEY Madeline Daughter F S 3
    MACKEY Joseph Son M S 2 Mos
33 36 LANE Agustine Thomas Head M S 34
    LANE Katherine Mother F W 64
    LANE Cyril William Brother M S 23
    McDONALD Katherine Domestic F S 23
34 37 MACKEY Charles Head M M 60
    MACKEY Elizabeth Wife F M 53
    MACKEY John Son M S 22
    MACKEY Fredrick Son M S 20
    MACKEY Richard Son M S 18
    MACKEY Josephine Daughter F S 15
PAGE 93              
  38 MACKEY Charles of Chas Head M M 32
    MACKEY Mary Katherine Wife F M 32
    MACKEY Gerald Son M S 11
35 39 PETERS William Anthony Head M S 26
    PETERS Alice Mother F W 46
    PETERS Philip James Brother M S 21
    PETERS Alice Maude Sister F S 17
    PETERS John Joseph Brother M S 12
    PETERS Loretta May Sister F S 8
36 40 LANE Michael Head M M 56
    LANE Katherine Wife F M 53
    DONAVAN Mark Adopted Son M S 9
37 41 IVANY Robert Head M S 60
    IVANY Mary Mother F W 87
  42 IVANY Patrick Head M W 42
    IVANY Thomas Son M S 17
    IVANY William Head M S 15
    IVANY Mark Francis Son M S 7
    IVANY Kathleen Daughter F S 4
38 43 MACKEY Michael Sr Head M M 60
    MACKEY Ellen Francis Wife F M 39
    MACKEY William Adopted Son M S 34
40 44 MACKEY Nellie Head F W 36
    MACKEY Alphonze Son M S 15
41 45 DOODY Patrick Head M M 59
    DOODY Mary Wife F M 61
42 46 DOODY Fanny Head F W 56
    DOODY Richard James Son M S 22
43 47 DORAN Edward VACANT - USA
44 48 PETERS Mrs Philip VACANT - USA
45 49 DOODY Thomas Head M M 66
    DOODY Agnes Wife F M 56
PAGE 94              
    DOODY John Son M S 28
46 50 FEEHAN Richard Head M M 55
    FEEHAN Mary Wife F M 45
    FEEHAN Mary Ellen Daughter F S 19
    FEEHAN John Son M S 17
    FEEHAN Rose Daughter F S 15
    FEEHAN Annie Daughter F S 14
    FEEHAN Agatha Daughter F S 12
    FEEHAN Kathleen Daughter F S 10
    FEEHAN Richard Son M S 5
    FEEHAN Brendan Son M S 3
47 49 FEEHAN Nonah Head F W 60
    FEEHAN Margaret Daughter F S 27
48 50 PETERS Alexander Head M M 62
    PETERS Bridget Wife F M 57
    PETERS James Son M S 30
    PETERS Desmond Gerald Son M S 13
49 51 PETERS John Thomas Head M M 51
    PETERS Margaret Wife F M 51
    PETERS Richard Son M S 17
    PETERS Pois (sic) Son M S 15
    PETERS Mary Agnes Daughter F S 13
    PETERS Katherine Thresa Daughter F S 12
    PETERS Thomas John Son M S 10
50 52 PETERS John Head M W 60
    PETERS Thomas Son M S 27
    RYAN Nora Domestic F S 23
51 53 SCANLAN William Head M M 40
    SCANLAN Esther Wife F M 33
    SCANLAN John Calahan Son M S 10
    SCANLAN Edward Patrick Son M S 8
    SCANLAN William Joseph Son M S 7

Transcription by Winona Mann (May 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (May 2005- Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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