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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 444 - 463 & 471

Community of

NOTE: Additional information provided by transcriber:

Markland was founded as an experimental land settlement or agricultural community in 1934. The “Markland experiment” began in the spring of that year when a group of private citizens in St. John’s approached the Commission of Government, offering to act as trustees for ten families of ex-servicemen who wished to farm as an alternative to collecting relief. The Commission advanced relief payments to the trustees and offered a block of land for the settlement on the road between Whitbourne and Colinet, along the Rocky River.

Beginning in 1935 Commissioners Thomas Lodge and John Hope Simpson began to promote an expansion of Markland as an experiment in “social regeneration.” A manager was appointed for the settlement and homes were provided for 120 families in six numbered “communities,” as well as two sawmills, a store, two interdenominational “folk schools,” a furniture-making shop and a cottage hospital.

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 444              
1 1 CLARKE George Head M M 29
    CLARKE Mabel Wife F M 26
    CLARKE Ralph Son M S 5
    CLARKE Plena (?) Daughter F S 3
    CLARKE Jean Daughter F S 1
2 2 SMITH Arthur William Head M M 38
    SMITH Daisy Belle Wife F M 33
    SMITH Randall G Son M S 12
    SMITH Harold Reginald Son M S 11
    SMITH Arthur Edmond Son M S 9
    SMITH Mavis Jean Daughter F S 5
    SMITH Kevin Clyde Son M S 1
PAGE 445              
    SMITH Annie Grace Mother F W 75
3 3 NOSEWORTHY Thomas Head M M 43
    NOSEWORTHY Annie Wife F M 40
    NOSEWORTHY Gordon Son M S 14
4 4 CARDWELL Ernest Head M M 37
    CARDWELL Rowena Wife F M 28
    CARDWELL Marjorie Daughter F S 10
    CARDWELL Robert Son M S 8
    CARDWELL Stanley Son M S 6
    CARDWELL Ruth Daughter F S 2
5 5 HOGAN John Head M M 35
    HOGAN Gertrude Wife F M 34
    HOGAN Lillian Daughter F S 13
    HOGAN William Son M S 10
    HOGAN Gerald Son M S 8
    HOGAN Richard Son M S 6
    HOGAN Marguerite Daughter F S 2 Mos
6 6 SNOOKS Joseph Head M M 38
    SNOOKS Pearl Wife F M 33
    SNOOKS Percy Son M S 10
    SNOOKS Phyllis Daughter F S 8
    SNOOKS Minnie Daughter F S 6
    SNOOKS Frederick Son M S 4
7 7 DAVIS James Head M M 30
    DAVIS Dinia (?) Wife F M 30
    DAVIS Edward Son M S 3
    DAVIS William Son M S 1
8 8 MULROONEY George Head M M 38
    MULROONEY Eva Wife F M 34
    MULROONEY Margaret Daughter F S 5
9 9 WARREN Patrick Head M M 55
    WARREN Jane Wife F M 55
    WARREN Jean Daughter F S 16
PAGE 446              
    WARREN Theresa Daughter F S 17
    WARREN William Son M S 29
    WARREN Thomas Son M S 22
10 10 JOHNSTON James Head M M 34
    JOHNSTON Nellie Wife F M 34
    JOHNSTON Clarence Son M S 8
    JOHNSTON Florence Daughter F S 6
11 11 WARREN Frederick Head M M 28
    WARREN Bride Wife F M 30
    WARREN Hugh Son M S 8 Mos
12 12 BALDWIN Joseph Head M M 49
    BALDWIN Leah Jane Wife F M 43
    BALDWIN Berth (sic) Son M S 21
    BALDWIN John Son M S 17
    BALDWIN Veneita (sic) Daughter F S 13
    BALDWIN Albert Son M S 10
    BALDWIN William Son M S 8
13 13 ROBINSON Ronald Head M M 21
    ROBINSON Winnie Wife F M 20
    ROBINSON Joan Daughter F S 1
14 14 DEVEREAU Vincent Head M M 28
    DEVEREAU Mary Wife F M 25
    DEVEREAU Alice Daughter F S 4
    DEVEREAU Kevin Son M S 3
    DEVEREAU Gerald Son M S 1
    DEVEREAU Ronald Son M S 4 Mos
15 15 HURLEY William Michael Head M M 26
    HURLEY Sarah Ann Wife F M 25
    HURLEY Harold Maxwell Son M S 6
    HURLEY Rosie Beatrice Daughter F S 4
    HURLEY Reginald Robert Son M S 2
  16 DROVER George Head M M 31
    DROVER Bertha Wife F M 29
PAGE 447              
    DROVER Sadie Elizabeth Daughter F S 8
    DROVER Margaret Pearl Daughter F S 6
    DROVER Cecil George Son M S 1
16 17 PARSONS William Head M M 35
    PARSONS Susanna Wife F M 32
    PARSONS Louise Daughter F S 13
    PARSONS Gordon Son M S 11
    PARSONS Ethel Daughter F S 9
    PARSONS Audrey Daughter F S 3
    PARSONS Sybil Daughter F S 4 Mos
17 18 ANTLE Joshua Head M M 42
    ANTLE Adeline Wife F M 40
    ANTLE Hedley Harvey Son M S 18
    ANTLE Doris Louise Daughter F S 14
    ANTLE William Benjamin Son M S 12
    ANTLE Julie Anne Daughter F S 9
    ANTLE Violet English Daughter F S 7
    ANTLE Sarah Harvey Daughter F S 5
    ANTLE Ivan Clarence Son M S 3
    ANTLE Florence Daughter F S 2
18 19 SPENCER Frederick Claude Head M M 31
    SPENCER Gwendolyn May Wife F M 24
    SPENCER Sarah Mother F W 72
19 20 CLARKE Isaac Head M M 45
    CLARKE Annie Wife F M 43
    CLARKE George Leonard Son M S 23
    CLARKE Dora Daughter F S 19
    CLARKE David Son M S 15
    CLARKE Hansome (sic) Son M S 10
    CLARKE Diamond Son M S 8
    CLARKE Melvine (sic) Son M S 6
20 21 STEPHENS William Head M M 42
    STEPHENS Diadem (sic) Wife F M 40
PAGE 448              
    STEPHENS Millie Daughter F S 19
    STEPHENS Benny Son M S 15
    STEPHENS Norman Son M S 13
    STEPHENS Robert Father M M 79
    STEPHENS Amelia Mother F M 73
21 22 JOHNSTON Alexander Head M M 27
    JOHNSTON Margaret Wife F M 27
    JOHNSTON Jacob Son M S 4
    JOHNSTON Mary Daughter F S 3
    JOHNSTON Marguerite Daughter F S 1
22 23 MCCARTHY Thaddeus Head M M 38
    MCCARTHY Francis Wife F M 36
    MCCARTHY Rose Daughter F S 10
    MCCARTHY Augustine Son M S 9
    MCCARTHY Charles Son M S 8
    MCCARTHY Agnes Daughter F S 6
    MCCARTHY Mary Daughter F S 5
    MCCARTHY Joan Daughter F S 4
    MCCARTHY Thomas Son M S 2
23 24 STEVENSON Arthur Frederick Head M M 31
    STEVENSON Margaret Wife F M 26
    STEVENSON Joan Daughter F S 2
    STEVENSON James Son M S 1
24 25 LIDSTONE William Head M M 42
    LIDSTONE Clotildaa M A Wife F M 34
    LIDSTONE Bertram Wm Son M S 13
    LIDSTONE Gertrude Daughter F S 11
    LIDSTONE Clotilda Daughter F S 3
    LIDSTONE Rudolph Frederick Son M S 2 Mos
25 26 ADAMS Cecil Head M M 36
    ADAMS Sophie Wife F M 35
    ADAMS George Son M S 11
    ADAMS Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
PAGE 449              
    ADAMS Olive Daughter F S 5
26 27 FRAMPTON William Head M M 37
    FRAMPTON Vivian Wife F M 33
    FRAMPTON Frederick Son M S 6
27 28 CROWLEY William Head M M 25
    CROWLEY Katherine Wife F M 22
28 29 HANNAFORD James Head M M 26
    HANNAFORD Louise Wife F M 26
    HANNAFORD Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
    HANNAFORD Mary Daughter F S 2
    HANNAFORD Marguerite Daughter F S 6 Mos
29 30 ANTLE John R Head M M 23
    ANTLE Emiline Wife F M 18
30 31 CLARKE Loinel (sic) B Head M M 25
    CLARKE Susanna Wife F M 24
    CLARKE Georgianna Daughter F S 3
    CLARKE Gloria Daughter F S 1
    CLARKE Amos Son M S 9 Days
31 32 BRIGHT Edward Head M M 29
    BRIGHT Emma Wife F M 29
    BRIGHT Doris Elizabeth Daughter F S 5
    BRIGHT Edward James Son M S 3
    BRIGHT Winnie Daughter F S 2
    BRIGHT Jean Daughter F S 1
32 33 JANES Alexander Head M M 33
    JANES Amy Wife F M 30
    JANES Ruby Daughter F S 7
    JANES William Son M S 4
    JANES Raymond Son M S 2
    JANES Herbert Son M S 1
33 34 BURKE John Head M M 27
    BURKE Lydia Wife F M 26
  35 DEERING Arthur Head M M 27
PAGE 450              
    DEERING Sarah Jane Wife F M 24
    DEERING Lydia Daughter F S 7
    DEERING Arthur Son M S 5
    DEERING William Son M S 3
34 36 MORECOMBE George Head M M 23
    MORECOMBE Florence Wife F M 27
    MORECOMBE John Robert Son M S 1
    MORECOMBE Jean Daughter F S 2 Wks
35 37 DODD George Head M M 47
    DODD Isabel Wife F M 29
    DODD Arthur Son M S 16
    DODD Frances Wm Son M S 9
    HOOKEY Susie Adopted Daughter F S 19
  38 PENNEY James Head M M 41
    PENNEY Dorcas Jane Wife F M 38
    PENNEY Harold Son M S 20
    PENNEY Marion Daughter F S 17
    PENNEY Florence Daughter F S 15
    PENNEY Elizabeth Daughter F S 12
    PENNEY Clifford Son M S 10
    PENNEY Spirgin (sic) (?) Son M S 7
    PENNEY Mildred Daughter F S 4
36 39 HART Eric Hubert Head M M 36
    HART Annie Wife F M 37
    KEATS Mable Step Daughter F S 10
    KEATS Sarah J Step Daughter F S 8
    HART Hedly George Son M S 4
    HART Richard James Son M S 3
37 40 STRICKLAND Benjamin J Head M M 27
    STRICKLAND Mary Wife F M 26
  41 WHITE Harold Head M M 23
    WHITE Marie Wife F M 21
    WHITE Robert Son M S 2
PAGE 451              
38 42 KING William Head M M 21
    KING Agnes Wife F M 21
    KING Jean Daughter F S 1
    KING Albert Brother M S 14
39 43 KELLOWAY Mark Head M M 36
    KELLOWAY Flora Wife F M 35
    KELLOWAY Alfreda Daughter F S 12
    KELLOWAY Aubrey Son M S 8
    KELLOWAY Berkley Son M S 4
    KELLOWAY Javis Son M S 3
40 44 FRAMPTON William James Head M M 22
    FRAMPTON Mildred Wife F M 23
    FRAMPTON Jean Daughter F S 6
    FRAMPTON Ella Prisella (sic) Daughter F S 1
    FRAMPTON Clarence Brother M S 13
41 45 RYAN Michael Head M M 28
    RYAN Pearl Wife F M 26
    RYAN Mary Daughter F S 6
    RYAN Alice Daughter F S 5
    RYAN Shirley Daughter F S 1
    HUSSEY Barbara Step sister F S 16
42 46 PYNN Clinton H Head M M 34
    PYNN Hettie E Wife F M 33
    PYNN Sybil B. L. Daughter F S 12
    PYNN Myrtle F Daughter F S 9
    PYNN Gerald N Son M S 7
    PYNN Henry J Son M S 3
    VOKEY Nathaniel Servant M S 18
43 47 POWER John Head M M 26
    POWER May Wife F M 26
    POWER Cyril Son M S 5
    POWER Gertrude Daughter F S 2
    POWER Patrick John Son M S 8 Wks
PAGE 452              
38 48 MCGRATH Patrick Head M M 33
    MCGRATH Annie Wife F M 34
    MCGRATH Mary Daughter F S 3
    MCGRATH Michael Son M S 11 Mos
39 49 WOOLRIDGE Richard Head M M 29
    WOOLRIDGE Elizabeth Wife F M 24
    WOOLRIDGE Agnes Daughter F S 4
    WOOLRIDGE Elizabeth Ann Daughter F S 2
40 50 YETMAN Archibald Head M M 51
    YETMAN Stella Wife F M 47
    YETMAN Alexander Son M S 27
    YETMAN Llewellyn Son M S 18
    POWELL George Free Lodger M W 84
41 51 GRIFFIN John Head M M 28
    GRIFFIN Minnie Wife F M 28
    GRIFFIN Donald Son M S 5
    GRIFFIN Jack Son M S 3
    GRIFFIN Harold Son M S 1
42 52 HUSSEY Stanley Head M M 40
    HUSSEY Effie Wife F M 37
    HUSSEY Alexander Son M S 13
    HUSSEY Robie Son M S 7
    RICHARDS Abram Father in law M W 64
    RICHARDS Elwood Brother in law M S 16
43 53 SNOW Edward Head M M 49
    SNOW Mabel Wife F M 53
    SHEPPARD William Step Son M S 31
    SHEPPARD Charles Step Son M S 28
    SHEPPARD Flora Step Daughter F S 24
44 54 MCGRORY David Head M M 28
    MCGRORY Florence Wife F M 32
    MCGRORY Harold Son M S 11
    MCGRORY Gordon Son M S 9
PAGE 453              
    MCGRORY George Son M S 5
    MCGRORY Edward Son M S 3 Mo
45 55 DEVEAUX Raymond P Head M M 31
    DEVEAUX Annie Wife F M 35
46 56 LUFFMAN Harold Head M M 28
    LUFFMAN Elsie May Wife F M 29
    LUFFMAN Raymond A Son M S 7
    LUFFMAN James Robert Son M S 4
    LUFFMAN William Henry Son M S 5 Mos
47 57 GORMAN James Head M M 32
    GORMAN Isabel Wife F M 30
    GORMAN Leslie Son M S 9
    GORMAN Kathleen Daughter F S 6
    GORMAN Arthur Son M S 3
    GORMAN Elizabeth Daughter F S 2
    GORMAN Elsie  Daughter F S 1 Mo
48 58 IVEY James Head M M 31
    IVEY Annie Wife F M 34
    IVEY Florence Daughter F S 3
    IVEY James Son M S 2
    IVEY Robie Son M S 3 Days
49 59 PURCELL Richard Head M M 34
    PURCELL Gertrude Wife F M 30
    PURCELL Florence Daughter F S 8
    PURCELL Louise Daughter F S 7
    PURCELL Mary Daughter F S 4
    PURCELL Donald Son M S 3
50 60 O'REILLY William Head M M 27
    O'REILLY Kathleen Wife F M 24
    O'REILLY William John Son M S 2
    O'REILLY Kevin Son M S 1
51 61 LUFFMAN William Head M S 26
    LUFFMAN Annie Mother F W 64
PAGE 454              
    LUFFMAN Ronald Brother M S 33
    LUFFMAN George Brother M S 24
  62 HUNT Paul Head M M 21
    HUNT Susie Wife F M 20
    HUNT Donald Son M S 1 Mo
52 63 MADDEN Luke Head M M 21
    MADDEN Mary Wife F M 20
    MADDEN Mary Daughter F S 2
    MADDEN Patrick Son M S 5 Mos
53 64 HALL Thomas Head M M 35
    HALL Kathleen Wife F M 34
    HALL Donald Son M S 7
54 65 BUTLER Charles James K Head M M 28
    BUTLER Annie Blanche Wife F M 26
    BUTLER Douglas Charles W Son M S 4
    BUTLER Shirley Aliston Daughter F S 3
    BUTLER Olive Bernice Daughter F S 2
55 66 THORNE William Head M M 50
    THORNE Ethel Wife F M 44
56 67 JONES Roy St Claire Head M M 43
    JONES Julia Wife F M 37
    JONES Frederick Son M S 15
    JONES Ewart Son M S 10
    JONES Wilfred Son M S 2
57 68 SHEPPARD Maxwell Head M M 28
    SHEPPARD Elmeda (sic) Wife F M 25
    SHEPPARD Eileen Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
58 69 PARSONS Moses Head M M 52
    PARSONS Charlotte Wife F M 49
    PARSONS Benjamin J Son M S 21
    PARSONS Minnie Daughter F S 18
    PARSONS Warwick Son M S 14
    PARSONS Senet (sic) Daughter F S 12
PAGE 455              
    PARSONS Meleget (sic) (?) Daughter F S 10
    PARSONS Freeman Son M S 7
    PARSONS Annie Daughter F S 5
    PARSONS Silas Son M S 2
    PARSONS Melvine Son M S 1
  70 COLE James Head M M 24
    COLE Linah Wife F M 22
    COLE Lloyd Son M S 4
    COLE Gladys Daughter F S 2
    COLE Roy Son M S 1
  71 PARSONS James Head M M 32
    PARSONS Julia Wife F M 31
    PARSONS Stella Daughter F S 13
    PARSONS Gladys Daughter F S 11
    PARSONS Merley Daughter F S 6
    PARSONS Eugene Son M S 3
    PARSONS Donald Rudy (sic) Son M S 1
    PARSONS James Son M S 9
  72 COLE Elias Head M M 47
    COLE Caress (sic) Wife F M 46
    COLE Elias Son M S 23
    COLE Murdick Son M S 21
    COLE Malcolm Son M S 16
    COLE Andrew Son M S 14
    COLE Virda (sic) Jane Daughter F S 11
    COLE Levinia Daughter F S 8
  73 SHEPPARD Willis Head M S 24
    SHEPPARD Mary Sister F S 16
  74 COLE John Head M M 27
    COLE Christina Wife F M 20
59 75 MURPHY Alfred Head M M 22
    MURPHY Nora Wife F M 19
    MURPHY Josephine Daughter F S 1
PAGE 456              
60 76 GILLINGHAM Isaac Head M M 39
    GILLINGHAM Lillian Wife F M 36
    GILLINGHAM Mary E Daughter F S 13
    GILLINGHAM Hannah E Daughter F S 7
    GILLINGHAM Bertha Jean Daughter F S 9 Mos
    ROGERS Elizabeth Mother in law F W 63
61 77 PENNY John Joseph Head M M 44
    PENNY Bride Wife F M 39
    PENNY Mary Daughter F S 17
    PENNY Margaret Daughter F S 15
    PENNY Philip Son M S 14
    PENNY Thomas Son M S 13
    PENNY Agatha Daughter F S 12
    PENNY John Son M S 9
    PENNY Hannah Daughter F S 8
    PENNY Elizabeth Daughter F S 6
    PENNY Theresa Daughter F S 4
    PENNY Carmel Daughter F S 2
    PENNY Lauretta Grand Daughter F S 2 Mos
62 78 PARSONS Bernard Head M M 23
    PARSONS Bessie Wife F M 21
    PARSONS Pauline Daughter F S 1
63 79 POMEROY William Head M M 22
    POMEROY Mary Wife F M 22
    POMEROY Gervase Son M S 3
    POMEROY William Son M S 1
    POMEROY James Son M S 7 Mos
64 80 HUTCHINGS Ananias Stanley Head M M 46
    HUTCHINGS Pearl Wife F M 36
    HUTCHINGS George H Son M S 23
    HUTCHINGS Ellie Maud Daughter F S 18
    HUTCHINGS Jean J.I. Daughter F S 14
    HUTCHINGS Ivy M.M. Daughter F S 12
PAGE 457              
    HUTCHINGS Stanley E.C. Son M S 10
  81 SHEPPARD Levi Head M M 31
    SHEPPARD Mary Myrtle Wife F M 26
    SHEPPARD Bertha Daughter F S 5
    SHEPPARD Mabel Daughter F S 4
  82 PIERCEY William Head M M 30
    PIERCEY Margaret Wife F M 24
    PIERCEY Neal Son M S 3
    PIERCEY Alice Daughter F S 1
65 83 HYNES Jonathan Head M M 37
    HYNES Elizabeth E Wife F M 34
    HYNES Sylvia D.L. Daughter F S 9
    HYNES Gerald D. Son M S 7
    HYNES Eldridge A Son M S 5
    HYNES Isabel M Daughter F S 4
    HYNES Nina W Daughter F S 4
    HYNES Calvart Son M S 3
    HYNES Derrick R Son M S 1
    HYNES Sadie Elizabeth Daughter F S 2 Days
    HYNES Susie Elaine (sic) Daughter F S 2 Days
  84 DEAN Samuel Head M M 26
    DEAN Lilly May Wife F M 20
    DEAN Loinel William Son M S 2
  85 HUTCHINGS John Head M M 42
    HUTCHINGS Nora Wife F M 42
    HUTCHINGS Mary jane Daughter F S 17
    HUTCHINGS Wilson Son M S 15
    HUTCHINGS Mildred Daughter F S 14
    HUTCHINGS Mabel Daughter F S 10
    HUTCHINGS Laura Daughter F S 8
    HUTCHINGS Susanna Daughter F S 6
    HUTCHINGS Jackey (sic) Son M S 3
  86 BURSEY William J Head M M 40
PAGE 458              
    BURSEY Minnie Wife F M 35
    BURSEY Wilson Son M S 9
  87 BASTOW Frederick R Head M M 51
    BASTOW Bessy Wife F M 36
    BASTOW Philip F Son M S 8
    BASTOW Earnest John Son M S 7
    BASTOW Stewart D Son M S 4
    CHURCHILL Mary Mother in law F W 63
  88 HOLLOWAY William J Head M M 28
    HOLLOWAY Frances  Wife F M 25
    HOLLOWAY Genevieve Daughter F S 3
    HOLLOWAY Joseph G Son M S 7 Mos
  89 MCCARTHY James Head M M 37
    MCCARTHY Ellen Wife F M 35
    MCCARTHY Rita Mary Daughter F S 14
    MCCARTHY Genevieve Daughter F S 12
    MCCARTHY Beatrice Daughter F S 10
    MCCARTHY Augustine Son M S 8
    MCCARTHY William Son M S 6
    MCCARTHY Vincent Son M S 4
    MCCARTHY Vera Daughter F S 3
    MCCARTHY James Son M S 2
    MCCARTHY Katharine Daughter F S 6 Mos
  90 JANES Martin Head M M 40
    JANES Leah Wife F M 35
    JANES Clarice Daughter F S 14
    JANES Hazel Daughter F S 12
    JANES Dorothy Daughter F S 10
    JANES Elizabeth Daughter F S 7
    JANES Edward Son M S 4
    JANES Jeanette Daughter F S 1
  91 DOBBIN George Head M M 42
    DOBBIN Alice Wife F M 35
PAGE 459              
    DOBBIN Gertrude Daughter F S 14
    DOBBIN Eldrid Son M S 12
    DOBBIN Leo Son M S 8
    DOBBIN Angela Daughter F S 3
  92 GILBERT William Head M M 41
    GILBERT Delilah Wife F M 39
    GILBERT Doris Daughter F S 8
    GILBERT Margaret Daughter F S 4
    GILBERT Ellen May Daughter F S 3
    GILBERT Frederick Brother M S 51
  93 TREMBLET Thomas Head M M 36
    TREMBLET Mary Wife F M 33
    TREMBLET Margaret Daughter F S 2
  94 MERCER John Head M M 23
    MERCER Gladys M Wife F M 21
  95 PEDDLE Walter Head M M 28
    PEDDLE Dorothy Wife F M 30
    PEDDLE Mabel Jean Daughter F S 7
    PEDDLE Jacqueline Lulu Daughter F S 6
    PEDDLE Marjorie Constance Daughter F S 4
  96 SLADE Ezekiel Head M M 28
    SLADE Louisa Wife F M 24
    SLADE Flora Muriel Daughter F S 8
    SLADE Melvine Son M S 6
    SLADE Gerald Son M S 3
    BUTT Thomas Head M M 40
    BUTT Clara Wife F M 33
    BUTT William Son M S 10
    BUTT Thomas Son M S 9
    BUTT Margaret Daughter F S 2
    NOTE: Individual units appear to start here    
66 97 MOORE Hubert Wilson Head M M 52
    MOORE Minnie Wife F M 52
    MOORE Lloyd Robert Son M S 19
PAGE 460              
67 98 KENNEDY Richard Head M M 31
    KENNEDY Marion Wife F M 30
    KENNEDY James Son M S 8
    KENNEDY Violet Daughter F S 6
    KENNEDY Douglas Son M S 3
    KENNEDY John Son M S 1
68 99 COX Simon Head M M 36
    COX Caroline Blanche Wife F M 35
    COX Lillian May Daughter F S 9
    COX Sydney Llewellyn Son M S 8
    COX Rowena Daughter F S 6
    COX Chesley Gordon Son M S 3
    COX Hazel Ruth Daughter F S 2
69 100 ERLEY Joseph Head M M 42
    ERLEY Kathleen Wife F M 36
    ERLEY Harry Son M S 11
70 101 SELLARS William Head M M 50
    SELLARS Elsie Wife F M 43
    SELLARS William Son M S 16
    SELLARS Henry Edward Son M S 15
    SELLARS Cyril Son M S 12
    SELLARS Elsie May Daughter F S 9
71 102 BALDWIN Walter Head M M 23
    BALDWIN Abbie Wife F M 22
    BALDWIN Muriel Joyce Daughter F S 1
    BALDWIN Wesley Son M S 4 Mos
  103 COLE John Head M M 27
    COLE Julia Christina Wife F M 20
72 104 CLARKE Oscar Head M M 22
    CLARKE Violet Wife F M 20
    CLARKE George Son M S 1
73 105 BALDWIN Nicholas Head M M 25
    BALDWIN Beatrice Wife F M 24
PAGE 461              
    BALDWIN Frederick Son M S 3
    BALDWIN Evelyn Daughter F S 1
  106 DEAN Walter Head M M 25
    DEAN Laura May Wife F M 24
    DEAN Olive Lillian Daughter F S 3
74 107 VATER Robert Head M M 25
    VATER Mary Ann Wife F M 26
    VATER Terrence L Son M S 5
    VATER Rosaly (ssic) Joyce Daughter F S 2
    VATER Mada (sic) Daughter F S 4 Days
75 108 CLARKE William Head M M 24
    CLARKE Irene Wife F M 21
    CLARKE George Son M S 2
    CLARKE Maria Daughter F S 8 Mos
76 109 CLARKE Charles Head M M 57
    CLARKE Mary Elizabeth Wife F M 49
    CLARKE Earl Son M S 20
    CLARKE Vera Daughter F S 14
    CLARKE Susie Daughter F S 12
  110 TUCKER Ellis Head M M 34
    TUCKER Annie Wife F M 32
    TUCKER Charles W Son M S 14
    TUCKER James Wm Son M S 9
    TUCKER Minnie Daughter F S 4
  111 SMITH Reginald Head M M 28
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife F M 27
    SMITH Eric Roy Son M S 6
    SMITH John Son M S 1
  112 EVANS James Head M M 39
    EVANS Martha Wife F M 38
    EVANS Amelia Jane Daughter F S 13
    EVANS Mary Daughter F S 9
    EVANS Frank Son M S 5
PAGE 462              
    EVANS Joyce Daughter F S 3
  113 PARSONS George Edgar Head M M 20
    PARSONS Elizabeth Wife F M 22
    PARSONS Clarence Son M S 2 Wks
  114 HISCOCK Allison Head M M 23
    HISCOCK Marion Wife F M 19
  115 BAKER Earnest Head M M 40
    BAKER Mary Wife F M 35
    BAKER Leonard Son M S 15
    BAKER James Son M S 13
    BAKER Joseph Son M S 12
    BAKER Alexander Son M S 10
    BAKER Eliza Daughter F S 7
    BAKER Henry Son M S 3
  116 OSBOURNE John Head M M 34
    OSBOURNE Elsie Wife F M 30
    OSBOURNE Graham Son M S 5
  117 NOSEWORTHY George Ed Head M M 33
    NOSEWORTHY Hettie Wife F M 29
    NOSEWORTHY Lillian Mary Daughter F S 9
  118 CHAMBERS Malcolm Head M M 35
    CHAMBERS Eileen Wife F M 29
    CHAMBERS Charles Son M S 6
    CHAMBERS Eric Son M S 3
  119 SWEETLAND Llewellyn Head M M 23
    SWEETLAND Alice Wife F M 22
    SWEETLAND David Son M S 1
  120 PARSONS Henry Head M M 29
    PARSONS Louisa Wife F M 26
    PARSONS Roland Son M S 8
    PARSONS George Wm Son M S 5
    PARSONS Phyllis Jean Daughter F S 3
    PARSONS Silas Son M S 8 Mos
PAGE 463              
77 121 CACHEWS (?) Rudolph H K * Head
M M No Entry
* Note: Rudolph was cro9ssed out on the page. Included here for refeence.
    BADCOCK Albert C No Entry M S 24
    CHAFE George No Entry M S 22
    WYLIE Victor K No Entry M S 20
    ROWE Earnest No Entry M S 19
    CARNELL Roy G No Entry M S 21
    GHENT William No Entry M S 24
    GILLINGHAM Kitchener W No Entry M S 21
    DAWSON John F No Entry M S 27
    STENTAFORD (?) Alexander No Entry M S 28
    ASH Sadie No Entry F S 26
    DROVER Jack No Entry M S 20
    CLOUSTON Weldon No Entry M S 21
    THISTLE Roy No Entry M S 22
    CULLEN Stanislaus No Entry M S 21
    GILL Herbert D No Entry M S 23
    BURRY Ross M.R. No Entry M S 20
    ANDERSON Geoffrey No Entry M S 20
    FEARN Basil No Entry M S 21
    SPENCER Edward No Entry M M 31
    SPENCER Agnes No Entry F M 22
    SPENCER Kathleen E No Entry F S 4
    GORMAN Margaret No Entry F S 18
  122 CUMBY Ambrose No Entry M M 31
    CUMBY Irene No Entry F M 27
    CUMBY Jack No Entry M S 9
    CUMBY Bartley James No Entry M S 6
    CUMBY Leonard No Entry M S 1
No Entry No Entry LUFFMAN Thomas No Entry M M 35

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