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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 365 - 369

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 365              
217 231 AVERY Alfred Head M M 36
    AVERY Sarah Wife F M 36
    AVERY Wilson Son M S 16
    AVERY Chesley Son M S 14
    AVERY Emily Daughter F S 11
    AVERY Emma Jane Daughter F S 5
    AVERY Eva Francis (sic) Daughter F S 3
    AVERY Wilburt Son M S 2 Mos
218 232 AVERY William Head M M 41
    AVERY Susanna Wife F M 29
    AVERY Myrtle Adopted Daughter F S 13
219 233 AVERY Eleazor Head M W 69
    AVERY Edwin Son M M 32
    AVERY Bonnie Daughter in Law F M 27
    AVERY Gordon Son M S 4
    AVERY Emma P. Daughter F S 1 1/2 Yrs
PAGE 366              
220 234 AVERY Allan Head M M 26
    AVERY Jessie Wife F M 24
    AVERY Dorothy B. Daughter F S 4
    AVERY Minnie Daughter F S 2
221 235 VEY George S Head M M 54
    VEY Fanny Wife F M 52
`   VEY Malcolm Son M S 23
    VEY Susan Daughter F S 19
    VEY Ethel Daughter F S 15
    VEY Douglas Son M S 13
222 236 VEY John Head M M 29
    VEY Annie Wife F M 25
    VEY Robert Son M S 4
    VEY Lawrence Son M S 1
223 237 VEY Theodore Head M M 28
    VEY May Wife F M 30
    VEY George Son M S 6
    VEY Gordon Son M S 4
    VEY Eric Son M S 2
    VEY Gwendolyn Daughter F S 1
224 238 VEY Eric Head M M 26
    VEY Elsie Wife F M 29
    VEY Warren Son M S 2
  239 SMITH Samuel Head M M 25
    SMITH Maggie Wife F M 22
    SMITH Shirly Daughter F S 2
225 240 AVERY John R. Head M M 63
    AVERY Bertha Wife F M 58
    AVERY Walter Son M S 28
    AVERY Ernest Son M S 16
    AVERY Pearl Daughter F S 21
226 241 AVERY Fred Head M M 30
    AVERY Beatrice Wife F M 25
PAGE 367              
    AVERY Annie B Daughter F S 6
    AVERY Walter Son M S 5
    AVERY Nellie Daughter F S 3
227 242 AVERY Edgar Head M M 34
    AVERY Victoria Wife F M 30
    AVERY Mary Gladys Daughter F S 8
    AVERY Jehue (?) Son M S 7
    AVERY Elsie Myra Daughter F S 5
    AVERY Edith Blanche Daughter F S 3
    AVERY Ella Daughter F S 8 Mos
228 243 BARFITT William Head M M 28
    BARFITT Florence Wife F M 26
    BARFITT Lloyd S Son M S 3
    BARFITT Jean Daughter F S 8 Mos
229 244 BARFITT Llewelyn Head M M 52
    BARFITT Mary Wife F M 46
    BARFITT Effie Maude Daughter F S 19
    BARFITT Wilson Son M S 17
    BARFITT Harvey Son M S 15
    BARFITT Hazel Daughter F S 11
    BARFITT Annie Blanche Daughter F S 6
    BARFITT Ralph Son M M 24
    BARFITT Gladys Daughter in law F M 22
230 245 BARFITT Stephen Head M M 63
    BARFITT Lydia Ann Wife F M 44
    BARFITT Edgar Taylor Son M S 18
    BARFITT Blanche Daughter F S 15
    BARFITT George Son M S 14
    BENSON Wm. Thos Adopted Son M S 15
231 246 BARFITT John Head M M 48
    BARFITT D. Elsie Wife F M 42
    BARFITT Rita * Daughter F S 19
    BARFITT Nettie * Daughter F S 18
* NOTE: A line has been drawn throuh the above two entries (Rita and Nettie) Included here for refference.
PAGE 368              
    BARFITT Drucilla Daughter F S 16
    BARFITT Hector Son M S 14
    BARFITT Mary A Daughter F S 12
    BARFITT Stewart Son M S 8
    BARFITT Warren Son M S 4
    BARFITT Hubert Son M S 8 Mos
232 247 VEY Herbert Head M M 45
    VEY Edna Wife F M 43
    VEY Hayward Son M S 18
    VEY Harold Son M S 16
    VEY Violetta Daughter F S 13
    VEY Selena Daughter F S 11
    VEY Gertie Daughter F S 9
233 248 VEY Cecil Head M M 22
    VEY Ollie Wife F M 23
    VEY Anita Daughter F S 2
234 249 VEY William Head M M 75
    VEY Sarah Wife F M 70
  250 VEY Daniel Son M M 29
    VEY Julia Daughter in law F M 28
    VEY Reginald Son M S 8
    VEY Petley Son M S 5
    VEY Dallas Daughter F S 3
    VEY Chesley Son M S 1
235 251 VEY Wilson Head M M 37
    VEY Henrietta Wife F M 39
    VEY William Son M S 14
    VEY Margarette (sic) Daughter F S 12
    VEY Jean Daughter F S 10
    VEY Ronald Son M S 8
    VEY Cyril Son M S 6
    VEY Lorraine Daughter F S 3
    VEY Frank Son M S 1
PAGE 369              
236 252 GOSSE James Head M M 76
    GOSSE Jane Wife F M 66
    GOSSE Maxwell Grand Son M S 20
    GOSSE Eliza Jane Grand Daughter F S 16
237 253 VEY James Head M M 61
    VEY Lydia Wife F M 52
    VEY Raymond Son M S 15
    VEY Clarence Son M S 13
    VEY Hilda Daughter F S 9
    VEY Mabel Daughter F S 20
    BARFITT George Son of Wife M S 19
238 254 VEY Simeon Head M M 61
    VEY Effie Wife F M 42
    VEY Weldon Son M S 25
    VEY James Son M S 20
    VEY Marion Daughter F S 18
    VEY Florence Daughter F S 16
    VEY Alfred Son M S 14
    VEY Frederick Son M S 12
    VEY Garfield Son M S 10
    VEY Doris Daughter F S 7
    VEY Donald Son M S 3
239 255 VEY Cecil * Head M M 22
    VEY Lucy * Wife F M 23
    VEY Anita * Daughter F S 2
* NOTE: This entire family was crossed out on the page. Included here for reference.

Transcribed by Judy Oldford (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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