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This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages - Mary Rawlinson (August 2005)


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PAGE 271              
80 90 CURRIE Alice Head F W 45
    CURRIE Ralph Son M S 21
81 91            
    CURRIE John Weldon Head M M 45
    CURRIE Julia Wife F M 45
    BROWNING Ellie Grace Aunt F W 64
0 92 CURRIE Daniel Father M M 75
    CURRIE Tryphena Mother F M 74
82 93 CURRIE Charles Head M M 71
    CURRIE Sarah Wife F M 65
    CURRIE Mildred Grand Daughter F S 1
83 94 HOSKINS Edward Head M M 47
    HOSKINS Clara Wife F M 34
    HOSKINS Lucy Daughter F S 13
    HOSKINS Nellie Daughter F S 11
    HOSKINS Hannnah Daughter F S 9
    HOSKINS Sophie Daughter F S 6
    HOSKINS Edward Son M S 4
    HOSKINS Annie Belle Daughter F S 1
84 95 BUTT William Head M M 44
    BUTT Miriam Wife F M 30
    BUTT Adam Son M S 11
    BUTT Flora Daughter F S 10
    BUTT Edgar Son M S 8
    BUTT Margaret Daughter F S 6
    BUTT Jessie Daughter F S 3
    BUTT Mary Daughter F S 1
PAGE 272              
85 96 LEAWOOD Laura Belle Head F W 60
    LEAWOOD Lawrence Son M M 35
    LEAWOOD Mary Amelia Daughter-in-law F M 32
    LEAWOOD Thomas Son M S 30
    LEAWOOD Lloyd MacKinly Son M S 24
86 97 BOWRING Daniel Head M M 49
    BOWRING Jennie Maud Wife F M 34
    BOWRING Cecil Son M S 20
    BOWRING Orestes Son M S 12
    BOWRING James Son M S 10
    BOWRING Ralph Son M S 8
    BOWRING Susie Jane Daughter F S 6
    BOWRING Sadie Bell Daughter F S 4
    BOWRING Joyce Daughter F S 2
    BOWRING Wesley Son M S 6 mos.
87 98 LEAWOOD George Head M M 70
    LEAWOOD Harriet Wife F M 63
  99 LEAWOOD Albert Son M M 34
    LEAWOOD Marion Daughter-in-law F M 21
    LEAWOOD Marjorie J. Grand Daughter F S 3 mos.
88 100 CURRIE Thomas Head M M 54
    CURRIE Emmaline Wife F M 48
    CURRIE Alan Son M S 13
    CURRIE Pierce Son M M 25
    CURRIE Annie Daughter-in-law F M 23
89 102 JANES Joseph Head M M 44
    JANES Myra Wife F M 33
    JANES George Son M S 15
    JANES William Son M S 12
90 103 BOWERING William George Head M M 48
    BOWERING Alberta Wife F M 43
    BOWERING Eric Son M S 22
    BOWERING Louisa Daughter F S 20
PAGE 273              
    BOWERING Uriah Son M S 17
    BOWERING Harvey Son M S 14
    BOWERING Alice Daughter F S 12
    BOWERING Inez Daughter F S 10
    BOWERING John Wesley Son M S 8
    BOWERING Lloyd Son M S 6
    BOWERING Donald Son M S 4
    BOWERING Marina Daughter F S 3 weeks
91 104 JANES Henry Head M M 68
    JANES Mary Wife F M 68
  105 JANES Moses Son M M 45
    JANES Elizabeth Daughter-in-law F M 29
    JANES Robert Kitchener Grandson M S 9
    JANES Allison Grand Daughter F S 7
    JANES Julia Grand Daughter F S 5
92 106 CURRIE Isabel Head F W 51
    CURRIE Emmanuel Stone Son M S 28
    CURRIE Watkin Maxwell Son M S 16
    CURRIE Norman Wilfred Son M S 14
93 107 MARTIN Alfred Chesley Head M M 29
    MARTIN Florence Julia Wife F M 24
    MARTIN Barbara Joyce Daughter F S 4
94 108 CURRIE Moses Head M M 67
    CURRIE Sadie Wife F M 59
    KENDELL Florence Adopted Daughter F S 25
95 109 HALLIDAY Rachael Head F W 66
    HALLIDAY Mary Daughter F S 26
    HALLIDAY John Joseph Son M S 22
96 110 YARN Ephraim Head M M 32
    YARN Priscillia Wife F M 28
    YARN Lloyd Son M S 8
    YARN Beulah Daughter F S 7
PAGE 274              
    YARN (Infant) Daughter F S 5 mos.
97 111 CLARKE William H. Head M M 57
    CLARKE Mary E. Wife F M 54
    CLARKE Guy Son M S 26
    CLARKE Pearl Daughter F S 24
    CLARKE Loyal Son M S 20
    CLARKE Hugh Son M S 17
    CLARKE Charlotte Daughter F S 12
    CLARKE Gerald Grandson M S 2
PAGE 237   JAMES John   M S 26

Transcribed by Gay Riddle (August 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (August 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday March 06, 2013 (Don Tate)

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