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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 348 - 349 & 374 - 379

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 374              
17 18 SEWARD Patrick Head M W 63
    SEWARD Alice Daughter F S 17
    SEWARD Veronica Daughter F S 14
    SEWARD Mark Son M S 9
    SEWARD Dominic Son M S 5
18 19 SEWARD Thomas Head M M 35
    SEWARD Cecilia Sister in law F S 11
    SEWARD Maggie Wife F M 37
19 20 SEWARD Edgar Head M M 27
    SEWARD Olive May Wife F M 28
    SEWARD Vi??? Daughter F S 2
    SEWARD May Pearl Daughter F S 7 Mos
20 21 SEWARD Patrick E Jr Head M M 42
    SEWARD Winnifred Wife F M 32
    SEWARD Edward Son M S 14
    SEWARD Cecil Son M S 12
    SEWARD Eileen Daughter F S 8
    SEWARD Patrick Son M S 5
21 22 SEWARD John Head M M 60
    SEWARD Maggie Wife F M 57
    SEWARD Daniel Son M S 29
    SEWARD James Son M S 25
    SEWARD Josephine Daughter F S 21
    SEWARD Patrick Sr Father M W 88
    DUGGEN Margaret E Niece F S 18
22 23 BALSOM Llewellyn Head M M 52
    BALSOM Ellen Susanna Wife F M 47
    FISHER Mary Mother F W 72
    BALSOM Mary Victoria Daughter F S 17
    BALSOM Gertrude Frances Daughter F S 16
    BALSOM Eddie Nephew M S 13
23 24 SEWARD Patrick Head M M 33
PAGE 375              
    SEWARD Catherine Wife F M 31
    SEWARD Hannah Frances Daughter F S 9
    SEWARD Peter Son M S 5
    SEWARD Daniel Thos Son M S 2
24 25 SEWARD Wm Thos Head M M 65
    SEWARD Elizabeth Wife F M 56
    SEWARD Stephen Son M S 26
    SEWARD Mary Ann Daughter F S 21
25 26 FLYNN Margaret Head F W 67
    FLYNN Daniel Son M S 44
26 27 SEWARD Robert Head M M 48
    SEWARD Mary Wife F M 46
27 28 LANGER Isaac Head M M 46
    LANGER Lillian Wife F M 36
    LANGER Alicia Daughter F S 18
    LANGER Mary Violet Daughter F S 16
    LANGER Raymond Son M S 13
    LANGER George Son M S 9
    LANGER Glynrose (?) Daughter F S 7
    LANGER Willie James Son M S 2 1/2
28 29 LANGER John F Head M M 50
    LANGER Miriam Wife F M 44
    LANGER Emma Jessie Daughter F S 19
    LANGER Mary Florence Daughter F S 17
    LANGER Solomon Son M S 14
29 30 LANGER Rebecca Wife (sic) F W 46
    LANGER Nathan Adopted M S 6
30 31 SEWARD Frank Head M M 50
    SEWARD Johanna Wife F M 47
    SEWARD Michael Jas Son M S 20
    SEWARD Bernard Son M S 18
    SEWARD Margaret Jane (?) Daughter F S 17
PAGE 376              
    SEWARD Andrew No Entry M S 15
    SEWARD Cyril No Entry M S 12
    SEWARD Alicia (?) K No Entry F S 10
31 32 SMITH James Head M M 38
    SMITH Bertha Wife F M 35
    SMITH Eva Daughter F S 13
    SMITH Winnie (?) Alice Daughter F S 9
    SMITH Urias Son M S 7
    SMITH Eileen Daughter F S 5
    SMITH Alfreda Daughter F S 2
32 33 SEWARD William Thos Head M M 50
    SEWARD Clementine Wife F M 48
    SEWARD Eric Son M S 20
    SEWARD Simeon Son M S 18
    SEWARD Evelyn Jane Daughter F S 15
    SEWARD Hayward Son M S 13
    SEWARD Olga B Daughter F S 11
    SEWARD Lydia May Daughter F S 8
33 34 SMITH Joseph Edw Head M M 42
    SMITH Olga Blanch Wife F M 16 (sic)
    SMITH William Thos Son M S 15
    SMITH Mary Daughter F S 13
    SMITH Annie Blanch Daughter F S 11
    SEWARD Lydia Sarah Mother F W 69
34 35 SEWARD Obadiah Head M M 42
    SEWARD Jessie Wife F M 40
    SEWARD Gordon Son M S 20
    SEWARD George Son M S 16
    SEWARD Lillian Daughter F S 13
    SEWARD William A Son M S 11
    SEWARD Edmund Son M S 9
    SEWARD Myra Daughter F S 4
PAGE 377              
35 36 SMITH George Jr Head M M 51
    SMITH Bertha Wife F M 50
    SMITH Moses Son M S 15
36 37 SMITH Benjamin Head M M 40
    SMITH Eliza Jane Wife F M 34
    SMITH Florence Jane Daughter F S 10
    SMITH Loyal George Son M S 8
    SMITH Violet Daughter F S 4
    SMITH Irene Daughter F S 2
37 38 SEWARD Richard Jr Head M M 52
    SEWARD Miriam Wife F M 52
    SEWARD Nehemiah Son M S 26
  39 SEWARD Simeon Head M M 24
    SEWARD Kate Wife F M 21
    SEWARD Margaret Daughter F S 11 Mos
    SEWARD Ernest S Son of Richard M S 17
    SEWARD Mary Daughter of Richard F S 14
38 40 PITCHER Charles Head M M 71
    PITCHER Rachel Wife F M 67
    PITCHER Charles H Son M S 26
  41 PITCHER George Head M M 28
    PITCHER Beatrice Maude Wife F M 23
    PITCHER Leslie Wilson Son M S 2
    PITCHER Ada Frances Daughter F S 8 Mos
39 42 PITCHER Malcolm Head M M 40
    PITCHER Rachel Annie Wife F M 39
    PITCHER Arch John Son M S 19
    PITCHER Luke Son M S 17
    PITCHER Elizabeth Daughter F S 15
    PITCHER William Son M S 12
    PITCHER Marcilla M Daughter F S 10
    PITCHER Phyllis E Daughter F S 9
PAGE 378              
    PITCHER Nathan C Son M S 6
    PITCHER Benjamin Son M S 4
    PITCHER Llewellyn Son M S 2
40 43 SMITH John Head M M 46
    SMITH Dinah Wife F M 42
    SMITH Clara Daughter F S 20
    SMITH Martha Frances Daughter F S 15
    SMITH Chesley Son M S 14
    SMITH Rachael Daughter F S 12
    SMITH Luke Son M S 10
    SMITH Wilson Son M S 8
    SMITH Pearlana (?) Daughter F S 6
    SMITH Joyce Son M S 2
41 44 SMITH Benjamin Head M M 46
    SMITH Minnie M Wife F M 37
    SMITH Mary Alice Daughter F S 15
    SMITH Willis Son M S 13
    SMITH Edgar John Son M S 5
42 45 SMITH John B Head M M 33
    SMITH Gladys Wife F M 28
    SMITH Ernest Son M S 10
    SMITH Laura Daughter F S 8
    SMITH George Son M M 6
    SMITH Andrew Son M M 3
    SMITH Samuel Son M M 1
43 46 SEWARD Martin Head M M 28
    SEWARD Rebecca Wife F M 20
    SEWARD Harvey J Son M S 2 Mos
    SEWARD Joseph Uncle M W 52
44 47 SMITH Joseph Head M M 38
    SMITH Alice Wife F M 33
    SMITH Rita Pearl Daughter F S 14
PAGE 379              
    SMITH Annie No Entry F S 12
    SMITH Mary No Entry F S 10
    SMITH Roy Son M S 3
    SMITH Victor Son M S 7 Mos
    SMITH Gwendolyn Daughter F S 8
45 48 SMITH George Sr Head M M 65
    SMITH Bertha Wife F M 38 (?)
    SMITH Evelyn Daughter F S 16
    SMITH Weldon Son M S 4
    SMITH Ida Daughter F S 6 Days
PAGE 348              
353 387 SEWARD Moses Head M M 53
    SEWARD Dinah Ann Wife F M 35
    SEWARD Myrtle Daughter F S 17
    SEWARD Arthur Son M S 14
    SEWARD Elijah Son M S 9
    SEWARD Malitta (?) Daughter F S 6
    SEWARD Edward Son M S 4
    SEWARD Lydia Daughter F S 1
354 388 SMITH Edgar Head M M 34
PAGE 349              
    SMITH Cecilia Wife F M 34
    SMITH Janet Daughter F S 12
    SMITH Arthur Son M S 9
    SMITH Eliza Daughter F S 6
    SMITH Joseph Son M S 5
    SMITH Claude Son M S 3
    SMITH Edwin Son M S 1
    SMITH Annie Mother F W 74

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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