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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 498 - 501

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 498              
155 171 TEMPLE William Head M M 50
    TEMPLE Sarah Wife F M 46
    TEMPLE Allan Son M S 17
    TEMPLE William J. Son M S 13
    TEMPLE George Son M S 12
    SMITH Raymond Grand Son M S 1
156 172 TEMPLE Arthur Head M M 49
    TEMPLE Dorcas Wife F M 39
    TEMPLE Julia Daughter F S 17
    TEMPLE Jacob Son M S 13
    TEMPLE Pearl Daughter F S 10
    TEMPLE Marion Daughter F S 7
    TEMPLE Levi Son M S 4
    TEMPLE Clemment Son M S 1
157 173 TEMPLE Levi Head M M 57
    TEMPLE Rhoda Wife F M 59
    TEMPLE Herbet (sic) J. Son M S 14
    TEMPLE John Brother M S 44
158 174 CALLAN Eli Head M M 48
    CALLAN Mary E. Wife F M 45
    CALLAN Victor Son M S 16
    CALLAN Walter L. Son M S 14
159 175 CALLAN Albert Head M M 47
    CALLAN May Wife F M 43
    CALLAN Percie Son M S 23
    CALLAN Frederick Son M S 20
    CALLAN Silas Son M S 17
    CALLAN Winnie Daughter F S 15
    CALLAN Clifford Son M S 12
    CALLAN Pearl Daughter F S 9
    CALLAN Rita Daughter F S 3
PAGE 499              
160 176 PIERCY Charles Head M M 54
    PIERCY Elizabeth Wife F M 52
    PIERCY Hedley Son M S 23
    PIERCY Herbet (sic) Son M S 20
    PIERCY Naomi Daughter F S 15
    PIERCY Gordon Son M S 13
161 177 TEMPLE Alexander Head M M 55
    TEMPLE Sarah Wife F M 54
    TEMPLE Alfred Son M S 28
    TEMPLE Chesley Son M S 23
    TEMPLE Wilson Son M S 21
    TEMPLE Lucy F. Daughter F S 29
    TEMPLE Evelyn I. Grand Daughter F S 12
162 178 TEMPLE George Head M M 48
    TEMPLE Maud Wife F M 34
    COOPER Agnes Niece F S 13
163 179 PIERCY Nelson Head M M 29
    PIERCY Georgenia Wife F M 23
    PIERCY William C. Son M S 4
    PIERCY Elsie V. Daughter F S 2
164 180 CALLAN William Head M M 26
    CALLAN Ethel Wife F M 26
    CALLAN Marjory E. Daughter F S 7
    CALLAN Josie C. Daughter F S 2
165 181 NEWHOOK James Head M M 36
    NEWHOOK Minnie Wife F M 32
    NEWHOOK Douglas Son M S 8
    NEWHOOK Bessie D. Daughter F S 5
    NEWHOOK William G. Son M S 3
    NEWHOOK Ilene R. Daughter F S 1
166 182 NEWHOOK Charles Head M M 44
    NEWHOOK Thersa Wife F M 41
    NEWHOOK Jacob Son M S 17
PAGE 500              
    NEWHOOK Sadie Daughter F S 14
    NEWHOOK Lewis Son M S 12
    NEWHOOK Harry Son M S 10
    NEWHOOK Effie Daughter F S 7
    NEWHOOK Margaret Daughter F S 5
167 183 HUNT William Head M W 39
    HUNT Arthur J. Son M S 10
168 184 NEWHOOK George Head M M 43
    NEWHOOK Virtue Wife F M 41
    NEWHOOK John T. Son M S 20
    NEWHOOK Ernest Son M S 18
    NEWHOOK William Son M S 12
    NEWHOOK Gladys Daughter F S 11
    NEWHOOK Bessie J. Daughter F S 9
    NEWHOOK Frank Son M S 7
    NEWHOOK Clarence Son M S 2
169 185 WHITE Thomas Head M M 64
    WHITE Phoebe Wife F M 62
    NEWHOOK Theodore AdoptedSon M S 13
170 186 WHITE Frederick Head M M 57
    WHITE Catherine Wife F M 54
    WHITE Maxwell Son M S 20
    WHITE Nancy Daughter F S 16
    WHITE Ruth Daughter F S 14
    WHITE Jerry S. Son M S 11
171 187 WHITE Josiah Head M M 44
    WHITE Annie Wife F M 43
    WHITE Hubert Son M S 21
    WHITE Caleb J. Son M S 17
    WHITE Stanley Son M S 15
    WHITE Martha L. Daughter F S 12
    WHITE Richard Son M S 8
172 188 WHITE Thomas C. Head M M 35
PAGE 501              
    WHITE Emma J. Wife F M 34
    WHITE Sarah E. Daughter F S 10
    WHITE Rhoda Daughter F S 7
    WHITE Mildred E. Daughter F S 4
    WHITE Esau Brother M S 36
173 189 WHITE Llewelyn Head M M 40
    WHITE Susanna Wife F M 33
    WHITE Louisa D. Niece F S 8
174 190 WHITE Steven E. Head M M 49
    WHITE Eliza Wife F M 46
    WHITE Garfield Son M S 17
    WHITE Leander Son M S 12
    WHITE Llewelyn Son M S 11
    WHITE Cleophas Son M S 8
    WHITE Georgenia (sic) Daughter F S 3
    WHITE Sarah J. Niece F S 11
175 191 THORNE Ishmael Head M W 63
    THORNE Alfred J. Son M S 19 (?)
    THORNE Josephine O. Daughter F S 14
176 192 PEACH Freeman Head M M 26
    PEACH Gladys Wife F M 24
    PEACH Stella Daughter M S 6
    PEACH Charlie Son F S 2
177 193 PEACH Elias Head M M 68
    PEACH Mary Wife F M 65
    PEACH Wynetta Grand Daughter F S 17
    PEACH Lloyd Grand Son M S 13
    PEACH Mariah Daughter F S 29
155 171 BRANTEN George Brother in Law M S 44

Transcribed by Winona Mann (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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