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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 349 - 352, 395 & 398

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 349              
360 389 LANGER Charles Head M M 60
    LANGER Eliza Wife F M 63
361 390 DEAN Jessie Head F W 53
    DEAN Ellen Grace Daughter F S 31
    DEAN Charles W Son M S 16
    DEAN Arthur Fred Son M S 14
    DEAN Simeon (?) Son M S 11
362 391 DEAN James Head M M 62
    DEAN Caroline Wife F W 58
    DEAN William J Son M S 25
    DEAN Lucy M Daughter F S 14
    DUFFETT Jemima Step Daughter F S 22
363 392 SMITH John Tho Head M M 37
    SMITH Florence Wife F M 37
    SMITH Gertrude Daughter F S 11
    SMITH Marion Daughter F S 9
    SMITH Yvonne Daughter F S 5
364 393 SMITH Levi Head M M 49
    SMITH Margaret Wife F M 46
    SMITH Annie * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
    SMITH Janet * No Entry No Entry No Entry No Entry
* NOTE: Both were lined with the note "Married" No additional information written in on page.
    SMITH Isaac C Son M S 12
    SMITH Olga B Daughter F S 9
    SMITH Donald Son M S 3
    SMITH Phylis F Daughter S S 1 Mo
PAGE 350              
365 394 LAMBERT Joseph Head M M 25
    LAMBERT Janet Wife F M 23
    LAMBERT Mary Daughter F S 6
    LAMBERT Levi Son M S 4
    LAMBERT Louis C Son M S 2
366 395 SMITH James Head M M 41
    SMITH Mary S Wife F M 36
    SMITH Levi Son M S 20
    SMITH Mary Louise Daughter F S 18
    SMITH Norman Son M S 12
    SMITH Roy Son M S 8
    SMITH Lawrence Son M s 2
    SMITH Herbert Son M S 16
367 396 IVANY Caleb Head M M 55
    IVANY Patience Wife F M 57
    MARTIN Sarah Blanche Step Daughter F S 26
368 397 LAMBERT George Head M M 58
    LAMBERT Rose Ellen Wife F M 52
    LAMBERT Arthur Son M S 26
    LAMBERT John Son M S 18
    LAMBERT Alfreda Daughter F S 10
    LAMBERT Lester C Grand Child M S 2
  398 LAMBERT Harold Head M M 28
    LAMBERT Annie M Wife F M 24
    LAMBERT Alexander Son M S 5
    LAMBERT Harrison C Son M S 2
369 399 LAMBERT Thomas Head M M 30
    LAMBERT Emily Ann Wife F M 26
    LAMBERT George Son M S 9
    LAMBERT Ebenezer Son M S 8
    LAMBERT Mary Ellen Daughter F S 6
    LAMBERT Cecil Son M S 5
    LAMBERT Susan Daughter F S 2
PAGE 351              
370 400 LAMBERT William Head M W 55
  401 LAMBERT Henry Brother M M 35
    LAMBERT Jean Sister in law F M 30
    LAMBERT Mildred Niece F S 9
    LAMBERT Alma Blanche Niece F S 7
    LAMBERT William J Nephew M S 3
371 402 AVERY William T Head M M 40
    AVERY Eliza Wife F M 39
    AVERY Newman Son M S 17
    AVERY Dorothy Daughter F S 15
    AVERY Olivia Daughter F S 13
    AVERY Mary Jane Daughter F S 11
    AVERY Irene Daughter F S 1 Mo
372 403 AVERY Edgar Head M M 37
    AVERY Julia Wife F M 38
  404 AVERY John  Head M M 28
    AVERY Elsie Wife F M 25
    AVERY Sarah F Daughter F S 6
    AVERY Elizabeth Daughter F S 3
    AVERY Russell Son M S 5
373 405 AVERY James Sr Head M M 55
    AVERY Fanny Wife F M 45
    AVERY Nelson Son M S 17
    AVERY Silas Son M S 15
    AVERY Pearl Daughter F S 11
    AVERY Ronald Son M S 9
    AVERY Annie Daughter F S 7
374 406 AVERY Mary E * Head F W 66
* NOTE: A line has been drawn through Mary E's name and included here for reference
    AVERY Jabez Son M S 30
    LANGER Eliza Jane Servant F S 17
375 407 AVERY Samuel Head M M 35
    AVERY Laura Wife F M 26
PAGE 352              
    AVERY Ellie Daughter F S 7
    AVERY Everett Son M S 15 mo
    BROWN Margaret Step Daughter F S 6
376 408 AVERY Josiah Head M M 43
    AVERY Violet Wife F M 38
    AVERY Herbert W Son M S 16
    AVERY Gordon C Son M S 14
    AVERY William G Son M S 12
    AVERY Dorothy J Daughter F S 10
377 409 AVERY John Sr Head M M 70
    AVERY Maria Wife F M 66
  410 AVERY James Jr Head M M 36
    AVERY Elsie Wife F M 28
    AVERY Hayward Son M S 2
378 411 SMITH Kenneth Head M M 38
    SMITH Rebecca Wife F M 29
    SMITH Mary Daughter F S 9
    SMITH Florence Daughter F S 7
    SMITH Nellie Daughter F S 5
    SMITH Herbert (sic) B Son M S 3
    SMITH Leonie Daughter F S 16 Mos (?)
379 412 SMITH Edna Head F W 38
    SMITH Lucy Daughter F S 13
    ANDERSON George Adopted son M S 13
    SMITH Gertie V Daughter F S 4
    SMITH Margarite Daughter F S 2
380 413 LAMBERT Samuel Head M M 53
    LAMBERT Sarah Wife F M 50
    LAMBERT Elijah Son M S 24
    LAMBERT Henry Thom Son M S 21
    LAMBERT Ulysses Son M S 18
    LAMBERT Noah Son M S 16
    LAMBERT Wilson Son M S 7
PAGE 395              
381 414 BALSOM John R Head M M 68
    BALSOM Priscilla Wife F M 66
    BALSOM William J Son M S 39
  415 BALSOM Max R Head M M 25
    BALSOM May Wife F M 24
    BALSOM Allan C Son M S 4
    BALSOM William G Son M S 1
382 416 LAMBERT Euclues (?) Head M M 41
    LAMBERT Letitia (sic) Wife F M 37
    LAMBERT Laura F Daughter F S 15
    LAMBERT Viola Daughter F S 13
    LAMBERT Robert Son M S 10
    LAMBERT Annie Daughter F S 8
    LAMBERT Evelyn (?) Daughter F S 6
    LAMBERT Maxwell Son M S 2
383 417 AVERY Walter Head M M 29
    AVERY Mary Jane Wife F M 30
    AVERY Lydia B Daughter F S 10
    AVERY Gwendolen (sic) Daughter F S 7
    AVERY Cecil Son M S 5
    AVERY Malita (sic) Daughter F S 2
384 418 SEWARD Richard Head M W 98
    SEWARD Edward Son M W 56
    SEWARD Vincent Son M S 18
    SEWARD Leo Son M S 15
    SEWARD Walter Son M S 13
385 419 SEWARD Henry Head M M 60
    SEWARD Sophia Wife F M 53
PAGE 398              
No Entry No Entry DEAN William John No Entry M S 24

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (July 2005)

Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

Page Last Modified: Thursday June 30, 2016 (Don Tate)

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