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Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census
District of Trinity Bay

Pages 430 - 444 & 469 - 471

Community of

Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 3 Col 9 Col 10 Col 11 Col 12
PAGE 430              
1 1 SIMMONS Ellen Head F W 71
    DROVER Hazel Domestic F S 16
2 2 SIMMONS George Head M M 48
    SIMMONS Mary Wife F M 42
    SIMMONS Muriel Daughter F S 22
    SIMMONS Marjorie Daughter F S 20
    SIMMONS Annie Daughter F S 17
    SIMMONS Beulah Daughter F S 14
    SIMMONS Eugene Son M S 12
    SIMMONS Eric Son M S 9
    SIMMONS George Son M S 5
3 3 JONES William Head M M 69
    JONES Louisa Wife F M 72
  4 KENNEDY Henry Head M M 27
    KENNEDY Mary Wife F M 26
4 5 BULL James H. Head M W 71
  6 MORGAN George Head M M 40
    MORGAN Jessie L. Wife F M 44
    MORGAN Dorothy Daughter F S 14
    MORGAN Margorie Daughter F S 9
    MORGAN Charlie Son M S 7
    MORGAN Harry E. Son M S 5
5 7 JONES Samuel Head M M 39
    JONES Eva Wife F M 33
    JONES Olaf Son M S 10
    JONES Georgina Daughter F S 6
    JONES Ada Mary Daughter F S 4
6 8 COOK Margaret Head F S 49
7 9 WHITE Elizabeth Head F W 66
    WHITE Threasa Daughter F S 39
    WHITE David Grand Son M S 16
  10 GUSHUE Patrick Head M M 23
    GUSHUE Bride Wife F M 37
PAGE 431              
  11 PIKE Mary Head F W 45
    PIKE Frederick * Son M S 11
* NOTE: The above entry has been lined out (Frederick) Included here for reference.
    PIKE William Son M S 7
8 12 GOSSE Charles Edwin Head M M 34
    GOSSE Beatrice Wife F M 33
    GOSSE Sarah Gwendlyn Daughter F S 1
    NOSEWORTHY Lilly Victoria Domestic F S 17
9 13 RUSSEL (sic) William H. Head M M 74
    RUSSEL Louisa Wife F M 58
    RUSSEL James Son M S 23
    RUSSEL Leah Daughter F S 18
10 14 WALL Martin Head M M 46
    WALL Mary Ellen Wife F M 42
    WALL Alice Daughter F S 19
    WALL Thomas Son M S 17
    WALL Peter Son M S 15
    WALL Jennie Daughter F S 13
    WALL Michael Son M S 11
    WALL Frank Son M S 8
    WALL Cyril Vincent Son M S 3 Mos
11 15 CLARK John Wm Head M M 45
    CLARK Lilly Wife F M 35
    CLARK Alice Maud Daughter F S 15
    CLARK Mary E. Daughter F S 10
    CLARK Jane Daughter F S 7
    CLARK Josiah W. Son M S 6
12 16 CLARK James Henry Head M M 36
    CLARK Martha Wife F M 29
    CLARK Mary Martha Daughter F S 8
    CLARK Violet Sisley (sic) Daughter F S 5
    CLARK Robert James Son M S 3
    CLARK Selby Gerald Son M S 1
13 17 MORGAN Albert Head M M 38
PAGE 432              
    MORGAN Annie May Wife F M 29
    MORGAN Leslie Gordon Son M S 8
    MORGAN Fraser A. Son M S 4
    MORGAN Raymond R. Son M S 1
14 18 DROVER William James Head M M 33
    DROVER Hazel A. Wife F M 28
    DROVER Emma Jane Daughter F S 10
    DROVER William J. Son M S 8
    DROVER Albert Maxwell Son M S 5
    DROVER Ramona M. Daughter F S 2
15 19 DROVER Archibald Head M M 65
    DROVER Mary M. Wife F M 56
16 20 DROVER John Head M M 41
    DROVER Mary Wife F M 36
    DROVER Frances Daughter F S 14
    DROVER Laura May Daughter F S 10
    DROVER Elaine Norma Daughter F S 4
    DROVER Godfrey Allen Son M S 2
    DROVER Gerald Curtis Son M S 1 Mo
17 21 GOSSE John W. Head M M 37
    GOSSE Beatrice Wife F M 27
    GOSSE Chesley Malcolm Son M S 6
    GOSSE Frank Cornwall Son M S 5
    GOSSE Mary Roberta Daughter F S 3
    GOSSE Elsie Loise (sic) Daughter F S 1
    THORNE Gladys M. Domestic F S 14
18 22 SULEY Ambrose Head M M 37
    SULEY Janet Wife F M 37
    SULEY Violet Daughter F S 15
    SULEY Myrtle Daughter F S 13
    SULEY Reginald Clyde Son M S 11
    SULEY Ambrose Jr. Son M S 9
    SULEY Edith May Daughter F S 7
PAGE 433              
    SULEY Wallace Raymond Son M S 3
19 23 HUTCHINGS Edward Head M M 39
    HUTCHINGS Myra Wife F M 35
    HUTCHINGS Angela Daughter F S 14
    HUTCHINGS Lloyd Son M S 12
    HUTCHINGS Fern Daughter F S 10
    HUTCHINGS Fergus Son M S 5
    HUTCHINGS Lorraine Daughter F S 3
20 24 NOSEWORTHY Clement Head M W 71
    SQUIRES Hayward Grand Son M S 15
21 25 GOSSE Arthur D. Head M M 30
    GOSSE Mahala Wife F M 29
    GOSSE Arthur Henry Son M S 10
    GOSSE Harold Edward Son M S 9
    GOSSE Pearl Lydia Daughter F S 8
    GOSSE Annie Jean Daughter F S 6
    GOSSE Gwendolyn Lelia (sic) Daughter F S 2
    GOSSE George Carl Son M S 1 Mo
22 26 NOSEWORTHY Eliza Head F W 62
    NOSEWORTHY Harold Son M S 33
23 27 DROVER William Henry Head M M 39
    DROVER Diana Wife F M 38
    DROVER Lemoine (sic) Son M S 15
    DROVER Aileen Daughter F S 13
    DROVER Frederick Son M S 11
24 28 HUTCHINGS Cyril Head M M 37
    HUTCHINGS Minnie Wife F M 33
    HUTCHINGS William Bramwell Son M S 14
    HUTCHINGS Annie Maud Daughter F S 10
    HUTCHINGS Daisy E. Daughter F S 5
    HUTCHINGS Augustus W. Son M S 2
    HUTCHINGS Naomi May Daughter F S 3 Mos
25 29 HUTCHINGS Ambrose Head M M 64
PAGE 434              
    HUTCHINGS Lucy Wife F M 48
    HUTCHINGS Bessie Niece F S 17
    HUTCHINGS Providence Mother F W 89
26 30 WILLIAMS Leo Head M M 35
    WILLIAMS Madaline Wife F M 29
    WILLIAMS Leo Son M S 10
    WILLIAMS Katharine Daughter F S 7
    WILLIAMS Felix Son M S 5
    WILLIAMS Michael Son M S 3
    WILLIAMS Patrick Son M S 2
    WILLIAMS Mary Jane Mother F W 76
27 31 WILLIAMS Michael Joseph Head M M 40
    WILLIAMS Mary Ann Wife F M 38
    WILLIAMS Mary Jane Daughter F S 19
    WILLIAMS Michael R. Son M S 16
    WILLIAMS James F. Son M S 14
    WILLIAMS Aileen Daughter F S 12
    WILLIAMS Kathleen Daughter F S 10
    WILLIAMS Annie D. Daughter F S 8
    WILLIAMS Angela Daughter F S 7
    WILLIAMS Jane Daughter F S 4
    WILLIAMS Patricia Daughter F S 2
28 32 WILLIAMS William Head M M 45
    WILLIAMS Cecily Wife F M 44
    WILLIAMS Thomas Son M S 22
    WILLIAMS Mary Daughter F S 21
    WILLIAMS William Son M S 18
    WILLIAMS Gretrude Daughter F S 16
    WILLIAMS Genevieve Daughter F S 12
    WILLIAMS Isabel Daughter F S 10
29 33 CLARKE Joseph John Head M M 45
    CLARKE Sarah Annie Wife F M 35
    CLARKE Douglas Son M S 14
PAGE 435              
30 34 NOSEWORTHY James Head M M 70
    NOSEWORTHY Elizabeth Wife F M 65
31 35 PEDDLE Robert James Head M M 43
    PEDDLE Mary Hannah Wife F M 36
    PEDDLE Annie Bertha Daughter F S 18
    PEDDLE Malcolm Maxwell Son M S 16
    PEDDLE Florizel Daughter F S 14
    PEDDLE Dolor (sic) R. Son M S 12
    PEDDLE Margaret Daughter F S 7
    PEDDLE William Henry Son M S 3
32 36 KENNEDY William Head M M 52
    KENNEDY Caroline Wife F M 54
    KENNEDY Rita Daughter F S 26
    KENNEDY William Son M S 21
    KENNEDY Noren (?) Daughter F S 16
    KENNEDY Maxwell Son M S 14
    KENNEDY Olive Daughter F S 7
33 37 DROVER Uriah Head M M 63
    DROVER Rebecca Wife F M 57
    DROVER Archibald Son M S 22
    DROVER Gertrude Daughter F S 16
  38 DROVER Loisa (sic) (?) Head F W 25
    DROVER Lilly Daughter F S 7
    DROVER Beatrice Daughter F S 5
    DROVER Mary Daughter F S 3
34 39 PEDDLE William Head M M 66
    PEDDLE Elizabeth Wife F M 59
    PEDDLE Ethel Daughter F S 31
35 40 HUTCHINGS Richard Head M M 54
    HUTCHINGS Harriet Wife F M 55
    HUTCHINGS Jonathan Son M S 26
    HUTCHINGS Baxter Son M S 23
    HUTCHINGS William A. Son M S 19
PAGE 436              
    HUTCHINGS Clara Daughter F S 12
36 41 DROVER Herbert Head M M 32
    DROVER Susanna Wife F M 29
    BOWDRIN Jean Adopted Dau F S 7
37 42 DROVER Walter Head M M 38
    DROVER Jessie Wife F M 36
    DROVER Winnie Gladys Daughter F S 14
    DROVER Walter G Son M S 12
    DROVER Rebecca E. Daughter F S 10
    DROVER Ada L. Daughter F S 6
    DROVER Gordon R. Son M S 3
38 43 HUTCHINGS Ambrose Jr Head M M 31
    HUTCHINGS Rosie Wife F M 26
    HUTCHINGS Norma Fern Daughter F S 5
39 44 HUTCHINGS Jonathan Sr. Head M M 70
    HUTCHINGS Naomi Wife F M 66
  45 HUTCHINGS George Head M M 24
    HUTCHINGS Ethel May Wife F M 20
40 46 DROVER Arthur Thomas Head M M 52
    DROVER Elizabeth Julia Wife F M 54
    DROVER Gladys Daughter F S 23
    DROVER John Son M S 17
    DROVER Audrey Daughter F S 15
41 47 FOLEY John Head M M 61
    FOLEY Katherine Wife F M 49
    FOLEY Marie Daughter F S 18
    FOLEY Kathleen G. Daughter F S 12
42 48 MERCER James Edward Head M M 45
    MERCER Florence Wife F M 44
    MERCER Mary P. Daughter F S 22
    MERCER Reginald P. Son M S 14
43 49 FOLEY George Head M M 36
    FOLEY Eileen Wife F M 22
PAGE 437              
    FOLEY Mary Mother F W 76
  50 LYNCH Joseph Michael Head M M 38
    LYNCH Agnes Wife F M 37
    LYNCH Margaret Mary Daughter F S 3
44 51 SULEY Hannah Head F W 74
    SULEY Charlotte Anne Daughter F S 32
  52 PRETTY Leonard Head M M 25
    PRETTY Florence Wife F M 22
45 53 MERCER John Head M M 64
    MERCER Emily Wife F M 50
    MERCER Kenneth Son M S 24
    PEDDLE Edith Step Daughter F S 23
46 54 HICKS William Head M M 60
    HICKS Mary Wife F M 59
    HICKS Bernadine Daughter F S 20
    HICKS Harold Son M S 17
47 55 EVANS James Bertram Head M M 37
    EVANS Ethel Wife F M 37
    EVANS Ruby Daughter F S 11
    EVANS Jean Daughter F S 8
    EVANS Mavis Daughter F S 6
    EVANS Frank B. Son M S 4
    NOFTLE (sic) Pearl Domestic F S 16
48 56 KILPATRICK Charles Henry Head M M 35
    KILPATRICK Ella Blanche Wife F M 38
    KILPATRICK Charles Henry Jr. Son M S 16
    KILPATRICK Howard S. Son M S 14
    KILPATRICK Donald Son M S 12
    KILPATRICK Gerald Son M S 10
    KILPATRICK Gloria Daughter F S 5
    DROVER Maud Domestic F S 28
49 57 MILLS John Head M M 64
    MILLS Sarah Wife F M 60
PAGE 438              
50 58 HUTCHINGS Aaron Head M M 58
    HUTCHINGS Bessie Wife F M 59
    HUTCHINGS Clyde Son M S 14
    VOKEY Gladys* Domestic F S 19
* NOTE: Gladys was lined out on the page. Included here for reference.
51 59 JONES Nathaniel Head M M 69
    JONES Annie Wife F M 51
    JONES Frederick Son M S 28
    JONES Albrey Son M S 27
    JONES Bertram Son M S 26
    JONES Mabel Daughter F S 24
    JONES Eleziel Son M S 19
    JONES Bertha Daughter F S 17
    JONES May Daughter F S 12
    JONES James Son M S 11
    JONES Blanche Grand Daughter F S 4
52 60 SPENCE John Head M M 39
    SPENCE Mary A, Wife F M 45
    KEOUGH Mary Mother In Law F W 85
    MC CUE Gertrude Cousin F S 25
53 61 SPARKES Samuel Head M M 52
    SPARKES Lucy Jane Wife F M 51
    ROWE Marcus Nephew M S 16
54 62 SULEY Thomas Head M M 40
    SULEY Bertha Wife F M 37
    SULEY Minnie N. Daughter F S 16
    SULEY Clarence T. Son M S 12
    SULEY Rita Daughter F S 8
    SULEY Margaret G. Daughter F S 5
    BULTER Lizzie E. F. Domestic F S 15
55 63 HOBBS George Head M M 46
    HOBBS Susie Wife F M 39
    HOBBS Roland Son M S 17
    HOBBS Stephen Son M S 13
PAGE 439              
    HOBBS Lloyd Son M S 11
    HOBBS Munden Son M S 7
    WELLS Elizabeth Mother in Law F W 73
56 64 PEDDLE Abram Head M M 49
    PEDDLE Emma Wife F M 55
    PEDDLE William Henry Step Son M S 33
57 No Entry PEDDLE Stanley Son M S 27
    PEDDLE Harold Son M S 23
    PEDDLE Edna Daughter F S 21
    PEDDLE Mary C. Daughter F S 17
58 65 BARRETT Albert Henry Head M M 40
    BARRETT Lydia Wife F M 34
    BARRETT Stella Daughter F S 15
    BARRETT Bertram Son M S 14
    BARRETT Jean Mary Daughter F S 11
59 66 GUSHUE John Joseph Head M M 54
    GUSHUE Bridget Mary Wife F M 42
    GUSHUE George Son M S 18
    GUSHUE Philip Son M S 13
  67 FLYNN Edward Head M W 79
    POWER William Son (adopted) M S 14
    HUDSON Nellie Domestic F S 19
60 68 SIMMONS Jorden Head M M 65
    SIMMONS Diana Wife F M 65
61 69 GOSSE George Head M M 60
    GOSSE Mahalah Wife F M 54
    GOSSE Hezekiah Robert Son M S 23
    GOSSE Eliza Ann Daughter F S 16
    GOSSE George Albert Son M S 12
62 70 SULEY Robert James Head M M 44
    SULEY Gertrude M. Wife F M 49
    SULEY Thomas Harold Son M S 22
    SULEY Jasper Son M S 18
 No Entry No Entry POWER Walley * No Entry M S 23
* NOTE: The above line as an add-in entry is lined out and should not be considered as a valid line. For reference only.
PAGE 440              
    SULEY Robert Son M S 17
    SULEY Muriel D. Daughter F S 13
    DIDHAM John Emberley Step Son M S 18
    DIDHAM Adrian Joseph Step Son M S 16
    DIDHAM Reginald Ferdinal (sic) Step Son M S 13
    DIDHAM Francis Step Son M S 12
63 71 NOSEWORTHY Walter Harvey Head M M 38
    NOSEWORTHY Minnie Louise Wife F M 35
    NOSEWORTHY Lloyd Dumont Son M S 14
    NOSEWORTHY Herbert Gordon Son M S 12
64 72 SPARKES William John Head M M 59
    SPARKES Lizzie Maud Wife F M 61
  73 SPARKES Ralph Hedley Head M M 27
    SPARKES Stella Wife F M 27
    SPARKES Marion Louise Daughter F S 5
65 74 SULEY John Head M M 42
    SULEY Sarah Wife F M 39
    SULEY Joseph Son M S 18
    SULEY Gordon Son M S 14
    SULEY Arthur Douglas Son M S 9
    SULEY George Edward Son M S 8
66 75 LARNER William J. Head M M 47
    LARNER Alma Wife F M 35
    LARNER Arthur Son M S 13
    LARNER Aileen Daughter F S 12
    LARNER Wilhelmina Daughter F S 8
    LARNER Kevin Son M S 6
    LARNER Alice Daughter F S 2
    THORNE Agatha Domestic F S 19
67 76 SHARPE Harriett Ann Head F W 62
    SHARPE Sarah Daughter F S 31
    SHARPE Hattie Melina Daughter F S 24
    SHARPE George Thomas Son M S 21
PAGE 441              
68 77 SPARKES George Russell Head M M 57
    SPARKES Emeline Wife F M 57
    SPARKES Robin Maxwell Son M S 24
    SPARKES Vera Cavell Daughter F S 18
69 78 HUTCHINGS William Thomas Head M M 40
    HUTCHINGS Minnie Wife F M 43
70 79 GOSSE Richard Head M M 53
    GOSSE Carrie Wife F M 43
71   GOSSE William Son M S 28
    GOSSE Cyril George Son M S 25
    GOSSE Harold Jas Son M S 23
    GOSSE Charles Edwin Son M S 19
    GOSSE John Son M S 17
    GOSSE Evelyn May Daughter F S 15
    GOSSE Margarite Daughter F S 13
    GOSSE Rosie Winifred Daughter F S 11
    GOSSE Richard Eric Son M S 9
    GOSSE Flora Daughter F S 7
    GOSSE Norea (sic) Daughter F S 1
72 80 BULTER Jacob Head M M 63
    BULTER Margaret Wife F M 58
73 81 MERCER Hezekiah Head M M 63
    MERCER Fanny Wife F M 57
74 82 REID Aaron Head M S 31
    REID Isaac Brother M S 21
75 83 GOSSE Nathaniel Head M M 40
    GOSSE Hilda Wife F M 34
    GOSSE Frederick Gordon Son M S 11
    GOSSE Ada Joyce Daughter F S 4
76 84 GRIMFIELD William Herbert Head M M 60
    GRIMFIELD Priscrella (sic) Wife F M 55
77 85 PHILLIPS John Head M M 40
    PHILLIPS Maud Wife F M 38
 No Entry  No Entry REID Phemina No Entry F W 56
PAGE 442              
    PHILLIPS William Son M S 18
    PHILLIPS Violet Daughter F S 12
    PHILLIPS Sarah Daughter F S 9
    PHILLIPS John James Son M S 7
    PHILLIPS George Son M S 4
    PHILLIPS Leo Son M S 2
78 86 NOSEWORTHY Albert Edward Head M M 54
    NOSEWORTHY Martha Elizabeth Wife F M 45
    NOSEWORTHY Norman W. Son M S 26
    NOSEWORTHY William A. Son M S 23
    NOSEWORTHY Mabel T. Daughter F S 18
    NOSEWORTHY Theodore J. Son M S 15
    NOSEWORTHY Edward R. Son M S 13
    NOSEWORTHY George D. Son M S 13
    NOSEWORTHY Ernest R. Son M S 11
    NOSEWORTHY Gordon S. Son M S 8
79 87 BIRD Mary Bartlett Head F W 68
  88 SPENCE Thomas Robert Head M M 36
    SPENCE Mary Wife F M 40
    SPENCE Nellie Daughter F S 8
    SPENCE Rosie Daughter F S 7
    SPENCE Mary Daughter F S 4
80 89 PETIPAS (sic) Peter Joseph Head M M 40
    PETIPAS Ella Wife F M 37
    PETIPAS Mansfield Son M S 13
    PETIPAS Frank Son M S 9
    PETIPAS Eniard Son M S 5
    PETIPAS Peter Son M S 3
    PETIPAS Dorothy Daughter F S 2
    PETIPAS Mary Daughter F S 9 Mos
    PENNY Katherine Domestic F S 19
81 90 SHEPPARD Rev Stewart Reginald Head M M 37
    SHEPPARD Edith Belle Wife F M 30
    SHEPPARD Douglas John L. Son M S 6
PAGE 443              
    SHEPPARD Aiden Andrew Son M S 3
    SHEPPARD Robert Reginald Son M S 1
    BLUNDON Martha Domestic F S 19
82 91 CLOMBUS Archibald Head M M 50
    CLOMBUS Sarah Grace Wife F M 41
    CLOMBUS Hiram Son M S 14
    CLOMBUS Ian Son M S 10
    CLOMBUS Oscar G. Son M S 7
    CLOMBUS Sydney Clyde Son M S 4
    DRONES Ella Domestic F S 20
83 92 LUNDRIGAN Walter Head M M 43
    LUNDRIGAN Elsie Wife F M 18
    LUNDRIGAN Walter Son M S 18
    LUNDRIGAN Elizabeth Daughter F S 16
    LUNDRIGAN Margaret * Daughter F S 14
* NOTE: The above line (Margaret) is lined out and included for reference
    LUNDRIGAN Willis Son M S 12
    LUNDRIGAN James Son M S 10
    LUNDRIGAN Howard Son M S 8
    LUNDRIGAN Clifford Son M S 6
  93 LYNCH Michael Head M M 34
    LYNCH Lenora Wife F M 33
    LYNCH Clayton Adopted Son M S 11
84 94 NEWHOOK William Henry Head M M 43
    NEWHOOK Bessie Garland Wife F M 38
    NEWHOOK Ruth Emmeline Daughter F S 11
    NEWHOOK Winnifred R. Y. Daughter F S 9
    NEWHOOK Mavourneen (sic) E. Daughter F S 7
    NEWHOOK Robert Henry Son M S 3
    NEWHOOK Patricia E. Daughter F S 1
    NEWHOOK Albert William Fraser Son M S 6 Wks
    EMBERLEY Muriel Domestic F S 23
    BUTTON Olive Domestic F S 17
85 95 BOND Frank Fraser Head M M 42
PAGE 444              
    COOLE Jane Housekeeper F S 68
    BONNELL Hilda Domestic F S 24
86 96 CHAPE Theophilus T. Head M M 58
    CHAPE Agnes Shirley Wife F M 35
    CHAPE Pauline Hortesse Daughter F S 12
    CHAPE Alma E. Daughter F S 11
    CHAPE Eileen Daughter F S 8
    CHAPE Randolph Son M S 6
    CHAPE Frank Son M S 4
87 97 TOOPE Andrew G. Head M M 33
    TOOPE Violet M. Wife F M 25
    TOOPE Enid Helena Daughter F S 3
88 98 RENDELL William George Head M W 54
    RENDELL Ruth Daughter F S 13
89 99 GILLIS Daniel Joseph Head M M 30
    GILLIS Christina Wife F M 28
90 100 KENT John Michael Head M M 30
    KENT Jennie Wife F M 29
91 101 STANLEY Eliza J. Head F S 35
PAGE 470              
No Entry No Entry Monroe July (sic) No Entry F W 63
    STICK Leonard T. Head M M 43
    FRASER Raymond D.   M M 36
    DWYER Clarence T.   M S 25
    BEARCHARFE Frederick   M S 24
    DELANEY Edward   M S 25
    WHITE Brian   M S 24
    NICHOLD John   M S 23
PAGE NUMBER 471              
    DELEHURSTY Joseph   M S 28
    FITZPATRICK Gordon   M S 18
    NOSEWORTHY Frederick   M S 26
    CHAFFEY Leslie   M S 24
    PEET Ronald   M S 21
    SWIFT Vallatine   M S 19
    CHRISTIAN Maurice   M M 26
    BROWN John   M S 22
    CORNEA Thomas P.   M S 26
    MORGAN Ab??me   M S 24
    TRELGINE Bellington   M S 36
    GLEAD???? Ian   M S 29
    THOMAS John   M S 23
    SIMMONS Charles   M S 25
    LEGREW Alan   M S 20
    ENGLISH Edward   M S 24
    GUZZWELL Harold   M S 20
    O REILLY Leslie   M S 22
    ROBERTSON Clarence   M S 21
    WALTERS Harvey W.   M S 24
    SMITH Harold   M S 23
    CORECTON Daniel   M S 22
    NUGENT Vincent   M M 31
    MARTIN Edward   M S 25
    MANSTAN William H.   M S 19
    MERCER Frank G.   M S 21
No Entry No Entry ANDERSON Frederick No Entry M M 46
No Entry No Entry ANDERSON Virginia No Entry F M 34
          M S  
No Entry No Entry JONES Elizabeth No Entry F S 22
No Entry No Entry JONES John No Entry M M 25
No Entry No Entry STANLEY Eliza Jane Head F S 30

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Verified to Original Pages (July 2005 - Mary Rawlinson)

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