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Cemeteries Memorial Gardens General Protestant Cemetery - St. John's (NEW) January 19, 2019
Cemeteries Punta Arenas Cemetery - Panama January 26, 2019
Newspapers Burin Peninsula Funeral Home for November and December 2018 January 1, 2019
Newspapers The Cape Breton Post for November and December 2018 January 1, 2019
Newspapers The Halifax Herald for November and December 2018 January 1, 2019
Wills 4 Wills for Very Reverend Richard O'Donnell (5-501 St. Marys, Priest), Ann O'Driscoll (5-683, Mobile), Robert Oke (5-684 St. John's, Cabinet Maker) and John O'Toole (5-572 St. John's, Dealer) January 1, 2019
Wills 14 Wills for George Pack (5-573 Bay Bulls, Fisherman), Eli Paddick (5-577 Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay, Planter), John Sanford Peach (5-575 Carbonear, Methodist Minister), Job Pelley (5-580 Random Sound, Planter), William Penny ( 5-503 English Harbor, Fisherman), Elizabeth Perry (volume 5-505 Catalina), William Perry (5-578 Indian Islands, Planter), Alexander Petrie (5-686 Bay of Islands), James Phelan (5 504 St. John's, Grocer, George Pike (5-576 Carbonear, Planter), Jane Pond (5-577 Fair Island Bonavista Bay, Eliza Power (5-574 Tilton Harbour) and John Purcell (5-685 St. John's, Builder) January 1, 2019
Wills 1 Will for Michael Quigley (5-506 St. John's, Fisherman) January 1, 2019
Wills 3 Wills for Alexander Simpson Reid (5-507 St. John's, Chief Clerk in Financial Secretary's Office), Charles Rielly (5-584 St. John's, Farmer) and Mary Ann Ryan (5-582 Paradise) January 1, 2019
Wills 10 Wills for Stephen Sellars (5-589 Western Bay, Fisherman, Henry Warren Seymour (5-587 St. John's, Accountant), Louisa Catherine Shea (5-511 St. John's), John Gent Skelton (5-587 St. John's, Physician), Alexander Smith (5-688 St. John's, Stone cutter), Henry Hunt Stabb (5-692 St. John's, Doctor of Medicine), Dora Stafford (5-512 St. John's), Thomas Stephens (5-690 Brigus, Clerk), William Sterling (5-508 Twillingate, Medical Doctor) and Thomas Sullivan (5-590 Petty Harbor Road, Farmer) January 1, 2019
Wills 11 Wills for George Robert Taylor Senior (5-591 probate year 1891 Nickeys Nose Cove, Planter), Morgan Taylor (5-514 probate year 1890 Grole, Hermitage Bay, Planter), Weston Gladstone Tessier (5-515 probate year 1890 (1912 is interlined in the will index) Belleville), Nicholas Thomas (5-513 probate year 1890 St. John's, Farmer), Catherine Thomey (5-522 probate year 1890 Harbor Grace), Robert Thorne Senior (5-693 probate Year 1892 St. John's, Master Mariner), Jabez Tilley (5-519 probate year 1890 St. John's, Planter), Mary Tobin (widow of John) (5-517 probate year 1890 St. John's), Mary Tobin (widow of Thomas) (5-518 probate year 1890 St. John's), Jacob Toms (5-442 probate year 1889 Shoe Cove, Notre Dame Bay, Planter) and James Toop Senior (5-520 probate year 1890 Irelands Eye, Trinity Bay, Planter) January 11, 2019
Wills 27 Wills for James Waddleton Senior (5-594 probate year 1891 Trepassey, Planter), Matthew Wadman (5-447 probate year 1889 Harbor Le Cou, Fisherman), John Walsh (5-525 probate year 1890 St. John's, Publican), Francis Richard Walsh (5-528 probate year 1891 Little Bay, Timekeeper), Rev. John J Walsh (5-601 probate year 1891 St. Kyrans, Roman Catholic Priest), Patrick Walsh (5-694 probate year 1892 Stock Cove, Bonavista Bay, Fisherman), Robert Walsh (5-526 probate year 1890 St. John's, Farmer), Robert Walsh (5-592 probate year 1891 Harbour Grace, Victualler), Jane E. Warren (5-526 probate year 1890 St. John's), William Watkins Sr. (5-699 probate year 1892 Herring Neck), William S. Whealan (5-443 probate year 1889 St. John's, Draper), Ann Whelan (5-596 probate year 1891 St. John's), John Whelan 5-602 probate year 1891 St. Mary's, Planter), Margaret Whelan (5-523 probate year 1890 St. Mary's), Michael Whelan (15-524 probate year 1890 Harbour Grace, Planter), William Whelan (5-695 probate year 1892 Carbonear, Planter), Samuel Wilcox 5-446 probate year 1889 Brigus, Planter), Patrick W. Wiley (5-697 probate year 1892 St. John's), Catherine Williams (5-602 probate year 1891 Bay Bulls), James Wilson (5-600 probate year 1891 St. John's, Farmer), James Jennings Winsor (5-527 probate year 1890 - 1897 St. John's, Master Mariner), Amelia Winter (5-598 probate year 1891 St. John's), John Winter (5-594 probate year 1891 St. John's, Doctor of Medicine), John Withers (5-599 probate year 1891 St. John's, Queens Printer), Susannah Withycombe (5-698 probate year 1892 St. John's), William Woodford (5-443 probate year 1889 St. John's, Master Mariner) and James Wyse (5-595 probate year 1891 Placentia, Planter) January 11, 2019
Wills 1 Estate Files (1887) for Elizabeth Sarah Finlay (St. John's) January 18, 2019
Wills 15 Estate Files (1900) for Elizabeth Maher (St. John's), Alma March (St. John's), William Matchem Jr. (Gaultois, Planter), Richard A. Meagher (St. John's, Accountant), Denis Mealy & Margaret Mealy (St. John's), Nathaniel Miller Sr. (Topsail, Farmer), Henry Moore (Milcote, Cumberland, England, mining engineer), John Moores (Carbonear, Carpenter), Catherine Murphy (Fermeuse), Ellen Murphy (Catalina), Michael Murphy (Carbonear, Guardianship), Moses Edward Murphy (Carbonear, Guardianship), Patrick Joseph Murphy (Carbonear, Guardianship), James Murray (St. John's, Merchant) and Jonathan Noseworthy (Spaniards Bay, Fisherman) January 18, 2019
Wills 4 Estate Files (1900) for Katherine O'Reilly (Placentia), Patrick O'Brien (Aquaforet, Planter), Michael O'Brien (Harbor Grace, Planter) and George Oates (Carbonear, Fisherman) January 18, 2019
Wills 5 Estate Files (1900) for William Pardy (Grand Bank), Richard B. Peters (St. John's, Mechanic), Honora Power (St. Marys), Thomas Power (St. John's, Fisherman) and William Pynn (St. John's, Labourer) January 18, 2019
Wills 2 Estate Files (1900) for Edward C. Quinton (Harbor Grace) and James Quirk (Witless Bay, Fisherman) January 18, 2019
Wills 8 Estate Files (1900) for Samuel Roberts (Wild Cove, Twillingate), Jeremiah Rose (Little Bay West), Thomas Rose (Belleoram, Fisherman), Robert Rutherford (Simcoe, Ontario, Commission Merchant), John Ryan (St. John's, Farmer, Mount Pearl), Michael Ryan (St. John's, Fisherman), Thomas Ryan (St. John's, Pilot) and William Ryan (Placentia, Planter) January 26, 2019



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