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Index of Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills
(1744-1859 in 22 Volumes)
held at the
Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL)

"R" (Part 2)

None of these documents are in the possession of the NGB. This is a transcription only.


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The following is the "Nature of Document" meanings for the Misc Wills and Deeds
A Assent AA Deed of Assumption Agreement AF Affidavit
AG Agreement AL Assignment of Lease AP Assignment of Purchase and Sale
AR Assignment of Rentals AS Assignment AT Appointment of Trustee
B/S Bill of Sale C Conveyance CF Confirmation
CO Court Order CT Trustee Certificate CV Caveat
D Declaration DB Debenture E Easement: Right of Way
G Grant GT Guarantee I Indemnification
J Judgement L Lease L1 License
LP Les Pendens LS Surrender of Lease M Mortgage: Deed of Further Charge; Trust Deed
MC Minute of Council MP Master Plan MR Mortgage Renewal
N Notice NA Notice of Abandonment NE Notice of Expropriation
NL Notice of Lease NW Navigable Waters O Option
P Indenture of Subordination (Deed of Postponement) PA Power of Attorney PR Part Release of Mortgage
PT Partition QT Quieting of Titles R Release (Notice of Expropriation)
RC Release of Covenant RE Rectification; Amended Notice of Expropriation RM Release of Mortgage; Release of Debenture; Release of Conditional Sale Agreement (Irving Oil)
RP Release of Power of Attorney S Deed of Substitution SL Lien Statement
SM Supplemental Trust Deed TM Transfer of Mortgage WC Worker's Compensation

My apologies if some of this is incorrect but parts of this document were very difficult to decipher (Ivy Benoit)
For information on these documents please contact Barbara McGrath, through the Contributors' List.

Date Consideration Nature of Deed Parties # Vol. Page Situation
      Reynolds James 252   40 Mulley's Cove
      Rose John 264   41 Marshall's Folly
      Ryan Darby 271   42 Holyrood
      Raymond Thos. 396   60 Colliers
      Rose James & Thos. 401   60 Turk's Gut
      Richards Wm. 430   74 Port de Grave

A A.

431   74 A

A Jno.

432   74 A

A Isaac

433   74 A
      Reardon John 464   80 A
      Roach Michael 467   81

A (Back ???)

      Richards Abraham 469   81 A

A Isaac

470   81 A
      Rose Thomas 549   95 Brigus
      Richardson Joseph 562   96 A

Roberts Wm., Sen. Sons of

569   97 A

A Dinah

571   97 A
1805 poss. By family 55 yrs. Rabbitts John 572   98 A
1768 poss. A@ 37 A Roberts Wm. Sen. 573   98 A

A John of Dinah

575   98  

A Samuel

578   99 A

A Ann

583   99 A
  in family for 76 yrs. Roberts James & Thos. 581 13 99 Brigus

A Ann

583   99 A
???5     Rich Arthur 633   104 Salmon Cove
A     Rosewell Henry 642   105 Bay Roberts
      Russell Stephen & Isaac 646   105 A

A Edward

689   109 A
???4     Reynolds Thomas 849   125 Carbonear
???9     Redditt Thomas 859   126  
1790     Ryan James 871   127  
?? 63     do 965   136 Harbour Grace N. Side
      Ronan Michael & Connor Denis to Dalton Edmund 14 2  

Roberts Jno. Re an apprentice

14 7  
?? 88   4

Rogers John To Cannon Edw.

15 119 St. John=s
1796   L

doA Do

  119 A
1795   L

doA Maddock Luke

  121 A
1809 Letter   Rennell Jn. To C??? J. Tremlett   232 re afft. Of assessors
1792 Debt  

Ridout V Jenkins

16 9 Trinity
1794 Trespass  

Rogers Vs Mara

  39 A
1792   B/S

Ryan Elizth. To Anderson Rich.

  57 A
1798 order to repair   Road leading to Church   64  
1801   B/S

Rolles Thos. To Bass & Saint

  137 Bonavista
A   B/S

A Saml. To Coleman Bartholomew

  147 Trinity
A   B/S

DoA Garland Jno. Watts

  151 A
A   B/S

DoA Flinn Dominick

  155 Bay de Verde
1802   4

DoA Lester Garland

  173 Trinity
A   B/S

DoA Do

  176 A
A   4

DoA Do

  185 A
A   B/S

DoA Do

  189 A
1806   B/S

Rea DanielA Power Wm.

17 5 Carbonear
1813   B/S

Rowsell HenryA Pack Robert

  298 Bay Roberts
1816   B/S

Richards Wm. From Garland Geo.

  387 Hr. Grace
1806   B/S

Rowe HenryA Pike Francis

  400 Carbonear
1816   B/S

Regan RichardA Garland Geo.

  411 Hr. Grace
1824 Sheriff=s sale  

Reed Joseph To Richards Isaac

18 7 Salmon Cove, Port de Grave
A A  

Richards Isaac From Reed Joseph

  7 A
1825   A

do To Richards John

  9 A

do Jno.A Reed Joseph

  10 A
A   M

Ryan JohnA Danson Wm.

  21 Holyrood

Robbins Wm.A Best & Cozens

19 25  

Ryan MichaelA Kelly Edw.


Rose Thos. To Kemp & Co.

19 229  

Ryan IsraelA Mullowney Wm.


Rumsey CharlesA Kemp & Co.


Richards Wm. Plantation


Russell AbrahamA Gosse & Co.


Ryan PatrickA Piercey Wm.


Richards Wm. Will of


Ryan Pat. To Gosse & Co.


Reed JosephA Graham & Co.


Rogerson PeterA Rogerson James J.


Robbins Wm.A Brokenshir Mark


Reynolds MaryA Sharp James


Rockett RobertA Marks Thos.


Reardon And Butt

    Bond ????? To Kennedy Jas.   630  
    will Rendall Jno. 21 11 Ship Cove

do To Brooking & C.

  65 Salmon Cove

Ryan FloraA Ryan Edward

  82 Ship Cove

A Michael From Ayles Charles

22 1 Bonavista

Rowsell Saml. To Shathie Alex


This page Contributed by Barbara McGrath and
Transcribed by Ivy Benoit (March, 2001)

Revised by Ivy F. Benoit ( May 17, 2018 ADT )

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