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Index of Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills
(1744-1859 in 22 Volumes)
held at the
Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL)

"E" (All)

None of these documents are in the possession of the NGB. This is a transcription only.


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The following is the "Nature of Document" meanings for the Misc Wills and Deeds
A Assent AA Deed of Assumption Agreement AF Affidavit
AG Agreement AL Assignment of Lease AP Assignment of Purchase and Sale
AR Assignment of Rentals AS Assignment AT Appointment of Trustee
B/S Bill of Sale C Conveyance CF Confirmation
CO Court Order CT Trustee Certificate CV Caveat
D Declaration DB Debenture E Easement: Right of Way
G Grant GT Guarantee I Indemnification
J Judgement L Lease L1 License
LP Les Pendens LS Surrender of Lease M Mortgage: Deed of Further Charge; Trust Deed
MC Minute of Council MP Master Plan MR Mortgage Renewal
N Notice NA Notice of Abandonment NE Notice of Expropriation
NL Notice of Lease NW Navigable Waters O Option
P Indenture of Subordination (Deed of Postponement) PA Power of Attorney PR Part Release of Mortgage
PT Partition QT Quieting of Titles R Release (Notice of Expropriation)
RC Release of Covenant RE Rectification; Amended Notice of Expropriation RM Release of Mortgage; Release of Debenture; Release of Conditional Sale Agreement (Irving Oil)
RP Release of Power of Attorney S Deed of Substitution SL Lien Statement
SM Supplemental Trust Deed TM Transfer of Mortgage WC Worker's Compensation
ORS Others        

My apologies if some of this is incorrect but parts of this document were very difficult to decipher (Ivy Benoit)
For information on these documents please contact Barbara McGrath, through the Contributors' List.

Date Consideration Nature of Deed Parties # Vol. Page Situation
1800 Feb. 23 Will of   English James   1 160  
1781 Plantation   Emberley Stephen (see North & Southern Index)   2 2 Bay de Verde
    A Elmes Edward to Power John Jr.   2 42  
      Edwards Governor, Decree of (Wm. Cockan)   2 1  
      Edgell H. J. from Rowe Elias   2 79  
    Lease Emberley Stephen from Banks Sarah   2 33 Bay de Verde
      Elliott George to Ell   2 113  
    Lease Elliott George from Rendell John   2 114  
      Elliott George from Newman & Brown   2 116  
    M/Settlement Elliott George from Rodgers John   2 140  
      Edwards Eaton from Coman Wm.   3 4  
    D/T Edwards Eaton to Lonergan John   3 4  
    L Eaststaff Thomas G. W. from Skinner Thomas   3 8 St. John's
1802 Sep. 20   L Eales Catherine to Smith George   3 30  
1806 Jan. 7 £20 B/S Eaststaff Thomas G. W. to Macbraire James   3 55  
  £230 A/G Elliott George from Phillips Henry (Sheriff)   3 86  
    Letter Eppes W. J. to Skerrett General   3 154  
    P/A Ede James to Macbraire James   3 238  
      Edwards Eaton to Coman Wm.   3 333  
      Ewer Rev. Thomas from Moor Stephen   3 369 Ferryland
      Ewer Rev. Thomas from Moor Stephen   3 371 Ferryland
      Ewer Rev. Thomas to Roman Catholic Prefect   3 371  
      Ewer Rev. Thomas from Tree Francis   3 372  
      Edwards Eaton from Scott John   3 386  
      Earle Thomas from Brine Robert   4 83  
      Earle Thomas & Power dispute between   4 83  
      English Elizabeth from Tracey Thomas   4 397  
      Edwards Morris to Brophy John   4 457  
      Elmes Wm. to Stuart & Rennie   4 468  
      Eals Katherine from Rendell John   6 7  
      Eals Katherine to Duggan Henry   6 9  
      Eagan Honora to Hackett Bartholemew   7 61  
      Eastaff Thomas from Undrey Richard   7 212  
      Elson John from Bellows Mary   7 310  
  Marriage Contract   Ellis Mary and Fogarty Timothy   8 121  
    B/S Elliott George to Cormack Janet   9 58  
    L English Elizabeth to Gleeson Wm.   9 299  
    A Emberley John G. to Stuart & Rennie   9 510  
    L Evans Wm. to Dea Thomas   10 145  
    L Evans Wm. from Crawford John   10 358  
    A/L Evans Wm. to Robinson Geo. R.   10 363  
    L Evans Wm. to Allen Geo.& ors.   10 368  
    B/S Ellis Wm. Est. of to Power Moses   11 381  
  Plantation   Eddy Stephen 27 13 6 Bay de Verde
  Plantation Book English John, James & Richard 105 13 18 Devils Cove
  Plantation Book Evans John 166 13 27 Western Bay
  Plantation Book Eels Diana 174 13 28 Western Bay
  Plantation Book Evans Robert 212 13 33 Adams Cove
  Plantation Book Evans Robert 219 13 34 Adams Cove
  Plantation Book Ezekiel Peter 308 13 46 Harbour Main
  Plantation Book English Elias 327 13 49 Harbour Main
  Plantation Book Edderson James 399 13 60 Turks Gut
1801 Plantation Book Elms Wm. 647 13 105 Bay Roberts
1795 Plantation Book Earle Abraham 662 13 106 Bay Roberts
1797 Plantation Book Elms Wm. 700 13 110 Bay Roberts
1805 Plantation Book Evans John 863 13 127 Carbonear
1787 Plantation Book Evory Mary 906 13 130 Carbonear
1803   B/S Ezekiel Peter to Thomson Andrew & Co   14 111 Hr. Main
1806     Earle Abram to Gosse & Co.   14 417 Bay Roberts
1791   P/A Eastley John to Graham Christ & ors.   15 156  
1796   B/S Eastley John from Battens John   15 165 St. John's
1782     Emberley Stephen re property of   16 165 Bay de Verde
1811   D/G Ezekiel Peter from Luce Aaron   16 163 Harbour Main
1812   B/S Ezekiel Thomas from Hunters & Co.   16 274 Harbour Main
1815 Will   Evans Robert   17 287 Adams Cove
1825   B/S Efford Wm. to McPherson Peter   18 142 Port de Grave
    Bond Evans Robert to Mullowney Wm.   19 318  
  Memorial   Ewer Rev. Thomas to Gov. Holloway   19 416  
    B/S Emberley Stephen to Soc. Propagating Gospel   19 512  
    B/S Elson John to Walsh James   19 547  
    Bond Earle Wm. to Pinsent J. & W.   19 566  
    B/S Eagan Edward from Groves John   21 18 Trinity
    B/S Eagan Wm. from Seviour Hannah   21 23 Trinity
    A/M Emerson Geo. H. to Mifflen John   21 68 Catalina
    M Emerson Geo. H. from Goodland James   21 69  
    B/S Elliott John to Candow David   22 114  

This page Contributed by Barbara McGrath and
Transcribed by Ivy Benoit (March, 2001)

Revised by Ivy F. Benoit ( February 20, 2013 AST )

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