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This list includes those who made up the original group named Project 21. This group, which would go on to become the Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site, provided the direction and drive in their effort to provide an easily accessable source of genealogical information for researchers. Over 100 people worldwide volunteered their time and efforts as part of Project 21, to transcribe and post the 1921 Newfoundland census on the Internet. All of this was done for the benefit of genealogists, historians and for general interest for the entire Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The 1921 census records contained over 1,000,000 entries from over 250,000 individuals when it was completed.

For identification, items marked with an asterisk in the list below, are primarily the known members of the original Project 21. If there are others who should have been included in the listing, if they will let us know, we will be glad to include them as part of the original group.

The cost of this project and the continuing operation of the site has been the sole responsibility of its volunteers. The copyright to each transcribed section of the information remains with the transcriber so it cannot be captured for re-sale. As the volunteers submitted the transcribed copies, they were set in HTML format and immediately posted to the web.

This site is perhaps the largest project of it's kind in North America and perhaps the world, one that will benefit all with any interest in Newfoundland and Labrador's heritage, history or genealogy.

Below, you will find a complete listing of those who have made contributions to the site, either in money, time, or material. Without these contributors, the site would not be the site it is today. One of the largest in North America, which does not charge for use of any of the material posted on the site.

Our thanks to those who began this site and started it on its present path of today.



If you have contributed to this project and wish have your name
listed, changed, or an address/e-mail added please contact us.
(This list (~ 855 people) is still in the process of being compiled)

Note:- All email addresses are cloaked for security reasons.

INFOnet St. John's, NL
Wordplay St. John's, NL
St. Mary's University Halifax, NS
Dalhousie University Halifax, NS
David Pike's Home Page Newfoundland, Canada
The former Notre Dame Bay Genealogy Project Newfoundland, Canada
A. R. Scammell Academy Change Islands, Newfoundland, Canada
Glovertown Area Transition Team & Alexander Bay Terra Nova Developement Team

*Adams Marylyn Ocala, FL, USA
Abbass Mary Newfoundland, Canada
Abbott Absalom  
*Aita Marina St. John's NL, Canada
*Alcock Cyndi Ottawa, On (Formerly of Gander NL)
Alden-Bugden Donna Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Alexander Terry  
Allen Lorraine  
Allen-MacPherson Kathryn New Brunswick, Canada
Alverson Brenda Utah, USA
Americo Kristina USA
Amero Phyllis Reid  
Amodeo Merle Colbourne  
Amos Christopher  
Anderson Manasseh 2 Oriole Cres., Unit 33, Hamilton, Ontario, L8H 6G8
Andrews Bruce Canada
Andrews David L. G. 25 Kildare Rd., P.O. Box 640, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada, A0A 2M0
Andrews Marilyn  
*Ankiewicz Maryann W. Peabody, MA, USA
Anstey Frank Bareneed, Newfoundland
Arnold Myron Newfoundland, Canada
Atkinson Eleanor USA
Austin Francis Plainwell, MI
Austin James Oakland, CA, USA
Avery Pauline  
Aylcock Beals Cyndi Ottawa, ON Canada
Babstock Roy  
Bagg John  
Baggs Robert  
Bailey Wendy  
Baird John  
*Baker John Pittsford, NY, USA
*Baker Stephen Clinton, ON, Canada
Balsom Gerry formerly of Clarenville , NFLD., Canada
*Barbour Michael  
Barbour Ron  
*Barker Judy St. Petersburg, FL USA
Barnes Dennis Cox's Cove, BOI., Nfld., Canada
Barnable Steve  
*Barr Judy Ontario, Canada
*Barrass Bob 7 Nakota Way, Nepean, ON, Canada K2J 4M3
Barrett Bill USA
Barrett Colleen Newfoundland, Canada
Barrett Denise Burton Canada
Barrett Randell  
Bartlett John C  
Bartlett Pauline  
Bartlett Wiliam  
Bartlett Ted New Brunswick, Canada
*Bartley Edith Lillie Brooklyn, NY, USA
Barry Larry J. USA
Barry Isabella Newfoundland, Canada
Batten Ann (MacDonald)  
Batterson Martin Newfoundland, Canada
Beagan Al  
Beaton Debra  
Beck Paul Newfoundland
Belliveau Cindy Moncton, NB, Canada
Bennett Alana  
Bennett Garry  
Bennett Gordon Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Bennett Peggy (Gale) Newfoundland, Canada
*Bennett Wayne P. Buchans, NL, Canada
Benoit Ivy Doyles, NL, Canada
Benoit Dionne  
Benson Bob  
Benson Harold  
Benson Judy New Brunswick, Canada
Benson Kathleen  
Berry Isabella  
Biggin Scott Valleyview, Alberta, Canada
*Bishop Derick St. John's, NL, Canada
Bishop Jennifer  
Blagdon Gail  
Black Carolyn Canoe, British Columbia, Canada
Blake Joan St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada
Blake Ruby  
Bloomquist Bill  
Bluck Sue United Kingdom
Bodie Glen Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada
Boland Mark  
*Boland Martin St. John's, NL, Canada
Bomberry Marguerite Dayton, Ohio
*Bond Betty Bethleham, CT, USA
Bond Susan Seattle, Washington, USA
Boutin Fred  
*Bowland Martin  
Boyce Margaret Canada
Boyce Susanne (Roberts)  
Bradbury Pearl Searstown, Newfoundland, Canada
Bradford John Paul  
Bragdon Gail  
Bragg Russell A. Port aux Basques, NL, Canada
*Brake Debbie Benoit's Cove, NL, Canada
*Brazil Noreen Ontario, Canada
Brazill Darlene Upper Island Cove, NL, Canada
*Breen Daniel B. Calgary, AB, Canada
*Breen Edna  
Breen Kate  
*Breen Sheila Calgary, AB, Canada
Brentnall Roderick F Gambo. Newfoundland
Brenton Ford Canada
Brewer Tom  
Brett David Newfoundland, Canada
Bridge Colleen  
Brinston Frank  
*Brophy Ramona  
Broughton Carol England
Brown Bonnie P.O. Box 110, Chance Cove, Trinity Bay, NL, A0B 1K0
Brown Chris  
Brown Christy Newfoundland, Canada
*Brown Janice Fralic  
Brown John C.  
Brown Keith  
Brown Judy  
Brown Julia Keating  
Brown Nita (Rogers) Canada
Brown Thomas  
Bruce Gloria Newfoundland, Canada
Bryson Maureen Utah, USA
Budden Keith  
Bulger Michael F. Newburyport, MA, USA
Buma Shelley Whitinsville, MA, USA
Bungalo Doug  
Burke Gary - Marg  
Burke Paul Sydney, NS, Canada
*Burnaby Leona  
Burnell Richard  
Burridge-Conrad Lynn Florida, USA
Burry Carolyn Happy Valley. Goose Bay, Lab
Burry Heather Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (formerly of Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada)
Bursey Doreen New Brunswick, Canada
Bursey Florence  
Burt Gary New Hampshire, USA
*Burt Ian Ontario, Canada
Burton Michelle  
Burton Rick  
Burton Rosemary Newfoundland, Canada
*Butler M. Denise Newfoundland, Canada
Butler James Ontario, Canada
*Butler Joan J. Fresh Meadows, NY, USA
Butler Phyllis  
Butt Marilyn  
Butts Patricia Nova Scotia, Canada
*Butz Dianne Topeka, KS, USA
Bygott Ron Iroquois, Ontario, Canada
Byrne Patricia Canada
Byrne Peter Canada
*Byrnes Kim Bartlett, NH, USA
Byrne Tara  
Caines Ruth  
Caines Thomas  
*Cains Barbra St. John's, NL, Canada
*Cains Thomas St. John's, NL, Canada
Callahan Ben Pilley's Island, Newfoundland, Canada
Campo Kathy  
*Canady Patricia (Crant) Maggie Valley, NC, USA
Canning Ivan George  
Caravan Helen  
*Carcary James Etobicoke, ON, Canada
Carnell Wm Jr  
Carroll Diane Newfoundland, Canada
Carroll Linda Brunswick, Maine
Castle Angela Nova Scotia, Canada
Chafe Edward Vincent  
Charette Maurice Canada
*Chatwood Leona Burnaby, BC, Canada
Cheeseman Bob Marshfield, MA, USA
Cheeseman Smoky  
*Cheeseman Vera Short  
Chippett Alex Newfoundland, Canada
Christopher Karen  
Churchill Sandra  
Clark-Williams Susan  
Clarke Bonnie Henderson, Nevada, USA
Clarke Francine  
Clarke Frank E.  
Clarke Evelyn Smith  
Clements Jacqueline Canada
Coady Michelle  
Colbert Patrick  
*Colbourne Tonya R.  
Cole Robert  
*Cole Thomas R. Ontario, Canada
*Cole Wanda Summerside, PEI, Canada
Collett Frank  
Collett Irene  
*Collins Darryl Ft. McMurray, AB, Canada
Collins Karen (KMHC)  
Collins Lorne  
Collins Rosalind  
Collins Roslyn  
Collins Samuel  
Collins Sean  
Colonnese Tina Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Colson Edith J. New Brunswick, Canada
Combs Paul  
*Compagnion Marlene Bedford, NS, Canada
*Conne Mildred T. Patchoque, NY, USA
Connell Michael  
Conner Audrey M. St Petersberg, Fl, USA
Connors Jack  
Connors Joanne  
*Connors John (Jack) Mt. Pearl, NL, Canada
Cook Bill Toronto, ON Canada
Cook Garry  
Coombs Julia Canada
Coombs Paul  
Cooper Carla  
Cooper George & Susie  
Cooper John & Martha  
Cooper Lindsay Canada
Cooper Michael  
Corbett Frank  
*Corbett Mike Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Cormier Laverne Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Cornick John Bedford, Nova Scotia
Corsby Carrie  
Cossette Daphne Nova Scotia, Canada
Costello John  
Coulen Chantel  
Cowan (Blundon) Florence St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
*Coyle Eileen Auburn, MA, USA
Craig Patrick  
Crane Ronald  
Crann Wayne  
*Crant Bill Weston, Florida, USA
Crawford Lorraine (Young) Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Crewe Shirley  
Crocker Denise  
Croninger Marge Texas, USA
Crosland Peter  
Cumby Betty (See Betty Weir)  
*Cummings Alex New Brunswick, Canada
Cunnard Gervase  
Curran Ray Newfoundland, Canada
Currens Sharon Elliot Lake, Ontario
*Currie James Stephen Kitchener, ON, Canada
Curtis Tammy  
Dahle Karen Holyrood, Newfoundland & New Lowell, Ontario, Canada
Dalton Everett J.  
*Dalton Sherry Somerville, NJ USA
Daugharty Virginia London, Ontario, Canada
Davis Thomas  
Dawe Mark  
Dawe Ron  
Dawe-Maxwell Karen Canada
Dean Christy  
Deeley Derek  
Delaney Shirley (Laviolette)  
Dell Allen  
Dermody Sheila  
*Desbois Darlene Snooks  
Desmond (Budden) Win Canada
DeYoung Angel  
Dicks John  
Dicks Norman Newfoundland, Canada
Dicks Wilson  
Burry Heather Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (formerly of Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada)
Dodd Heather  
Dominic Margaret New York, USA
*Doran-Lunny Theresa Scituate, MA, USA
*Dowd Jane  
Dowden Barry  
Dower Sandy Upper Gullies, Newfoundland, Canada
Doyle Don Brendan  
Doyle Kenneth  
Doyle Sandy  
Doyle Victoria  
Drake Brenda  
Drover Ray Newfoundland, Canada
*DuBourdieu Cyril G Kippens, NL, Canada
Duckworth Ian Stockport, England
*Duffett Joseph St. John's, NL, Canada
*Duffy Jr. Brian Kippens, NL, Canada
Duffy Daphne  
Dunphy William  
Dunaway Lisa Virginia, USA
Durnford John  
*Earle Raelene St. John's, Newfoundland
Edgar John G. Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
Edwards Al Newfoundland, Canada
Edwards Carol New York City, New York, USA
Edwards Maxine Newfoundland, Canada
*Edwards Paul Scarborough, ON, Canada
Elkas Pam Rhode Island, New York, USA
Elkins-Schmitt Linda  
Elliot Angus  
Elliott Norma Canada
*Embelry - Vesters Deborah Cortise, ON, Canada
English Monika Canada
*Ennis John Cranston, RI 02920, USA
Ettie Ken  
Eveleigh Kathleen  
Fairchild Doug  
Fancey Sean  
Flament Cathy Burke Bay Village, OH, USA
Fanning Steve Canada
Fairfield Pat  
Farewell Allan  
Feltham Peter  
*Feltham Sandra Kincardine, ON, Canada
Ficken Dave Newfoundland
Figuary Catherine M. Truro, NS
Finn Ann Marie Canada
FitzGerald Ed Ontario, Canada
FitzGerald Cyril  
FitzGerald Scott  
Fitzpatick Frank Saskatchewan, Canada
*Fitzpatick Ron  
Fitzgerald Stephen  
Flight Sherwin  
Flamont Cathy  
Flannigan Edward & Mary  
*Flint Paul Perth, Western Australia
Flynn Dennis  
Foley Shelley  
*Foley Shirley  
Fogarty Joan  
*Follett Frank Ft. McMurray, Albera, Canada
*Foote Judy St. John's, NL
Forbrigger Teresa  
Forward-Warner Sandra Nova Scotia, Canada
Foster Kelly  
Foster Mark  
Fowler Kimsey M. Jr. Seattle, Washington, USA
*Fralic-Brown Janice Halifax, NS, Canada
*Francis Bob Carleton Pl., ON, Canada
Fraser Lindsay Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
Frazer Debbie Natick, Massachusetts, USA
Frost Lana  
*Fry Freeman  
Fry Matthew  
Furlong Douglas Newfoundland, Canada
Furlong Paul  
Furey Lenora Baie Verte, Newfoundland
Gale Ron  
Galway Karen  
Garrett Wanda  
Gaultois Doug  
Genge Ngaire Newfoundland, Canada
Gerow Debbie  
Gibbons Cindy  
Gibbons Douglas  
Gibbons John Cape Broyle, Newfoundland, Canada
Gill Judy Newfoundland, Canada
Gill Minnie  
Gill Paul & Judy Newfoundland, Canada
Gillett Bess Newfoundland, Canada
Gillingham Christopher G.  
Gillis Steve  
Ginn Ed & Helen  
Godfrey Peter Clarenville, NF, Canada
*Goodchild Susan Whitby, ON, Canada
Goodridge Allan & Sons  
Goodman Mike  
Goodyear Morley Newfoundland, Canada
*Goodyear Sarah Sidney, BC, Canada
Gooch David  
Gorham Donald R. Tottenham, Ontario, Canada
Gosse Anne (Winsor) Canada
Gosse Baxter Canada
Gosse Shelly  
Gould, Jr. Raymond (Bud)  
Grandy Harold St. John's, NL, Canada
Grant Cathie  
*Grant Mina P. Clinton Township, MI, USA
Graser Dan & Cathy USA
Greeley Dallas (Kirby) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Green Leo  
Greene Jennifer  
Greene Steve  
Greene Ward Australia
Griffin Devon  
Groenink Betty Alberta, Canada
Gushue  Ellen  
Hackett Denise E.  
Hagman Mark  
Hale Rhea Lynn  
Halfyard Clayton Newfoundland, Canada
Halfyard Robert R. St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
*Halliday James Ontario, Canada
Halliday Barb  
Hammond Tammy Payne  
Hanaford Julie  
Hanebury Mabel  
Hann Pat New Brunswick, Canada
Hannum Kathleen  
Hanrahan Rosalin Lannon  
Hardiman Tom  
Harding Karen  
Harding Sonja Canada
*Hardy Jean St. John's, NL, Canada
Hardy Randy  
Hare Trina  
Harmon Paul  
Harnett Randy Newfoundland, Canada
Harris Arthur  
Harris Catherine  
Hartigan David USA
Hartigan Ed  
Harvey Ross
Hatcher Sid  
Hawkins Pat Newark, New Jersey, USA
Hawley Rita Newfoundland, Canada
Hayes Melba Hooper  
Haynes Colleen Virginia, USA
Hayward Joan  
Head Gerald Canada
Head Bossley Helen  
Head Margaret Canada
*Head Wendell Mt. Pearl, NL, Canada
Heard Bernie Newfoundland, Canada
Hennessey Brian  
Hennessey Larry Canada
Hennessey-Brandl Sheila Ontario, Canada
Hepditch Yvonne St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Heuer Beverely  
Heerings Bridget  
*Hewlett Glynn Ontario, Canada
*Hickey Bonnie Topsail, NL, Canada
*Hillier-Michael Hope Rockville, MD, USA
Hire Trina  
Hiscock George Brooklyn, NY
Hissey Terry  
Hobeika Julia Hiscock  
Hofmann Rick Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Hogan Brenda  
Holden Aiden  
Hollett Alice  
Hollett Craig  
Hollett Greg & Grace  
Hollett Leonard  
Hollett Phil  
*Hollis Dave Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
Holwell Allison Canada
Holwell John  
*Holwell Patricia  
*Hopkins Imelda Richardson, TX, USA
Hopkins Janice (Steele)  
*Hooper-Hayes Melba Severna Park, Maryland, USA
Hoskins J. P. Newfoundland, Canada
Hosteny Joanna Chicago, Illinois, USA
House Domino  
Howard Mildred Nova Scotia, Canada
*Howell John & Pat  
*Howell Patricia  
Howlett Mike Saint Lambert, Quebec, Canada
Howlett James  
Hudson William George  
*Hughes Judith (White) Port Townsend, Washington, USA
Hughes Karen Acton, Ontario, Canada
Hunt William  
*Hunter Vince  
*Hussey Georgina Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hustins Carl  
Huxler Bernie  
Hyde Craig D. Canada
Hyde Natalie Canada
*Hynes Garry V. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
*Hynes Diane Ivany Gloucester, ON, Canada
Hynes Gareth V  
*Hynes Tom Gloucester, ON, Canada
Hynes Veronica  
Ingram Fred  
Ingvaldson Marnie  
Ivany James Toronto, Ont
*Jack Patrica R. Alexanderia, VA
Jackman Dianne St. Johns's NL Canada
Jackson Francis L. Newfoundland. Canada
Jackson Pat  
*Jacobson Bob Poquoson, VA, USA
Jacobs Juanita  
*Janes Brenda Codroy, NF, Canada
Janes Brian Rhode Island, USA
Janes Rod Newfoundland, Canada
Janzen Nicole Canada
Jarvis Dale Gilbert  
Jeans Deborah Newfoundland, Canada
Jeddore Phillip Conne River, Newfoundland, Canada
Jefferies Carol (Mercer) Ottawa, Canada
Jenkins Carol Canada
Jenkins Chris Newfoundland, Canada
Jennings Garland  
Jenson Susn  
*Johnson Alice Oxnard, California USA
*Johnson Floyd Oxnard, California USA
*Johnson Lynn Oxnard, California USA
Joiner Ruth  
Jones Sherry  
Joy Don  
*Kalyn Marilynn Telkwa, BC, Canada
Kambestad Karen Delware, USA
Kamizer Holly (Norman)  
Kean Pam  
Keating Anne  
Keenan Carla  
*Keene Robert Prescott Valley, AZ, USA
*Keene Louise (Collier) Prescott Valley, AZ, USA
Keeping Don Frederickton, NB, Canada
Keeping Janice Vallis Newfoundland, Canada
Keeping Vic  
Kehoe Jeri  
Kehoe Kristen  
*Kehoe Richard L. Merchantville, NJ, USA
Keiete Chris  
Kelly Heather Canada
Kelly John  
Kendal Thomas  
*Kendrick Cathy Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Kennard Ellie Nova Scotia, Canada
Kennedy Blair Ontario, Canada
Kennedy Colleen Canada
*Kennedy Paul Plano, Texas USA
Kennedy Sharon  
Kennedy Tina Newfoundland, Canada
Kennell Michelle F.  
Keough Jen  
*Keough Jeri Victoria, BC, Canada
Kerr Barbara North Carolina, USA
Kettle Chris  
Kettle Sue  
Keyes Daisy Nova Scotia, Canada
Khaladkar Susan Sunnyside, Newfoundland, Canada
Kielley R Newfoundland
Kimmerle Jacklyn  
Kimmerle Sue  
King Bruce  
*King Frank  
King James F.  
King John USA
King Melissa Wabush, NL, Canada
King Noreen  
King Patrick  
*King Thersa Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Kirby Brenda  
Kirch Maggie  
Kitchner Robert  
Knapp Glenda  
Krats Regina Canada
Kraut Ernie  
Lacourciere Peg  
Lafargue Andre New Brunswick, Canada
LaFitte Joe Newfoundland, Canada
LaFosse Norman  
Lake Carl  
Lake Doug  
*Laing Harold Carbonear, NL, Canada
*Lamming Nancy Terrace, BC, Canada
Lander Judy  
*Lane Gordon  
*Lane James T. Tewksbury, MA, USA
*Lang Marriane Erie, PA, USA
Langor Dr. David Canada
Larson Peggy South Carolina, USA
Laurie Michael Newfoundland, Canada
Laurie Philip Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada
Lavoilette Shirley  
Lawrence Barbara  
Lawrence Susan Cherry Lane, Manuels, CBS, NL, Canada
Layte Robert  
Leard Linn  
Le Messuruer Hugh  
Le Pivert Ray Jersey, United Kingdom
Lee George Milltown, Bay D'Espoir, NF
Lee Robert  
Legge Yvonne  
Leonard Jim  
Letto Floyd Newfoundland, Canada
Leveck Ginny  
Leveque Nancy  
Lewis Linda  
Litchman Bill  
Little Aubrey  
Liverman Dave Newfoundland, Canada
Locke Janice  
Lockhart Laurie Prince George, BC, Canada
Logan Bill Marietta, GA, USA
Long Carolyn  
Long Edmund Prospect Park, Pa, USA
Lopes Don Acushnet, Ma, USA
Lopez Kathleen Canada
Lopez Kaye  
*Lordan Laura Lafayette, CA, USA
Luffman Earl  
Lundin Colleen  
*Doran-Lunny Theresa Scituate, MA, USA
*Lush Glen E. Wolfeboro. NH, USA
Lutz Wally  
Lutz Heather (Simmons)  
Mac Tei  
MacEwen Sandy  
MacGillivary Merilyn  
*Mackay Fred  
MacKinnon Jane Anne  
MacLean Carol British Columbia, Canada
Macyshen Mabel (Brennan)  
Major Gerald & Margaret  
Manwick H.  
Marks Kim Newfoundland, Canada
Marks Rob and Michelle  
Marks William Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
*Marshall Jill St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
*Martin Beverly Medford, Oregon, USA
Martin Geoff Canada
Martin James Melbourne Beach, Fla, USA
Martin Richard  
Martin Stanley  
Maselia Sue  
Maynard Elaine Norris Point, Newfoundland, Canada
Maynard Howard Norris Point, Newfoundland, Canada
Mays Bill Canada
MacDonald Shirley  
McCarthy Blanche  
McCarthy Carolyn  
McCarthy Jim Newfoundland, Canada
McCarthy Michael  
McCarthy Paul Newfoundland, Canada
McCarthy Mary Elizabeth  
McCarthy Thomas  
McDonald Ann  
McDonald Derick  
McDougall Alec  
McEwen Sandy  
*McGrath Barbara Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
McGrath Carol (Humby)  
*McGregor Cheryl L Phoenix, AZ, USA
*McIntyre Teri  
*McKay Fred Scotland, UK
McKay James R.  
McLean John  
*McLean Linda Ottawa, Ont. Canada
*McLean Val Kitchner, ON, Canada
McLean Wallace J.  
McNish sharonmcnish @ cogeco.caSharon Canada
Meah Edward  
Meko Patricia Canada
Mercer Brian  
Mercer Harry Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mercer Marilyn Canada
Mesh Dawn  
Mews Ian  
Meza Lil Sandling Mesa AZ USA
*Michael Hope & Jerry Rockville, MD, USA
Miller Tanya  
Milley Donna Kirby USA
Mills Mira Veronica Cambridge, Mass, USA
Milltown George Lee Bay D'Espoir, Newfoundland, Canada
Mirra Veronica Mills Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Mitchel Robert  
Montgomery Jack  
Moore Bill  
Moore Mary Ellen  
*Moores Violet St. John's, NL, Canada
Morgan James  
Morgan John  
*Moores Violet  
Morrey Chris  
Morris Gerald Newfoundland, Canada
Morris Linda  
Morrison Cindy  
*Morrissey Bill  
Morrissey Evelyn  
Morrissey Gus Canada
Morrissey Janet - Terry  
*Morrissey William Raleigh NC 27615, USA
Morry Chris Suite 4 - 160D Edwars St., Rockland, Ontario, K4K 1H9
*Morton Janet New Glasco, NS, Canada
*Moulton Bob St. John's, NL
Mukai R.  
Mullaly Matt  
Mullett Emily (Wicks) Newfoundland, Canada
Mullin Joan  
Mulrooney Greg  
Murphy Geraldine Canada
Murphy Patrick  
Murphy Tanya  
*Murrans John Halifax, NS
Murray Abraham  
Murray Carolyn USA
Murray Judy Garland New Brunswick, Canada
Musson Bruce Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Myers Winnie Avondale, Newfoundland, Canada
Nault Claire Canada
*Nash Jennifer Corbyville, ON, Canada
Newbury George  
Newell Bill  
Newell Helen (Power)  
Newell Ted Canada
Newhook Sylvia  
Nicholson Phyllis Canada
Nicklen Steve  
Niewinski Margaret Canada
Nightingale Muriel (Dawe)  
Noble-Cyr Corey  
Noble Eileen  
Norman Dave Canada
Norman Mary  
Norris Linda  
Noseworthy Kathleen  
Nugent Aiden Leo 288 Twillingate Rd., Campbell River, BC, Canada
O'Brien Enid 53 Birchwynd Street, St. John's, NL A1A 2N5
O'Brien Judith Tularosa, New Mexico, USA
O'Brien Shelley  
O'Connell Susan  
O'Hearon Durnford  
Ogilvie Jim Ayr, Scotland
O'Leary John (Junnie)  
*O'Leary Sean Paradise, NL,Canada
*O'Leary Susan  
*O'Neill Al Welland, ON, Canada
O'Neill Ed St, John's, Newfoundland, Canada
O'Neill Sheldon  
*O'Neill Sue Welland, ON, Canada
Oldford Judy Newfoundland, Canada
Oldford Stewart USA
*Oldford-Oram Sharon  
Oliver Anne Patten North Carolina, USA
Oliver Heather Canada
Oliver Peter  
Oram Sharon Newfoundland, Canada
Organ Janet  
*Osborne Sue  
Osborne Tom United Kingdom
Paddle Todd  
*Pafford Fred Grand Falls/Windsor, NL, Canada
Parandjuk Joanne Connors USA
Pardy George St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Park Daphne  
Parker Joyce Frederickton, NB, Canada
Parks Dorothy  
Parsons Carol  
Parsons Fred  
Parsons Kay  
Parsons Luareen Ontario, Canada
Parsons Pam  
*Parsons Robert Grand Bank, NF, Canada
*Parsons Tony Eastport, Nfld, Canada
Patey Bob  
Paton Carol Ann Ryan Stuart, Florida, USA
Patten Ann Oliver  
*Pava Linda Boston, MA, USA
Payne Sonya Laura Miriam  
Peach Gwendolyn Kennedy  
Pederson Barbara  
Penney Ambrose New Hampshire, USA
Penney Craig  
Penney Edward  
Penney Edwin  
Penney Gary Newfoundland, Canada
Penney Geneva  
Penney J Allan  
Penney Sheila S.  
Peterman Craig St. John's, NL, Canada
*Peterson Barbara  
Petten Irene Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada
Petroski Cindy  
Philion Shirlie Fisher  
*Picard Judith Albuquerque, NM, USA
Pieczewski Coleen Murrin-Norcott Canada
Pierce Brenda  
Piercey Terry Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
*Pike David Newfoundland, Canada
Pike Wayne  
Pilkington Marilyn Canada
Pittman Beatrice  
Pittman Doug USA
Pittman Katie  
Pittman Phonse  
Plank Bert G. Newfoundland, Canada
Pomeroy Ross Newfoundland, Canada
Poore Karen Martin Newfoundland, Canada
Pope Richard  
Porter Dan  
*Porter Glynn Nicholsville, NL, Canada
*Powell Fred Richmond, BC, Canada
Power Arthur Newfoundland, Canada
*Power Bob Whitby, ON, Canada
Power Mark  
*Power Michael Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada
Power Rick  
*Power Shawn Ontario
*Powers Paula Riddle, Oregon
Puddu Donna  
Puddester Wayne  
Purey Lenora  
Pye Gina Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada
Quarrington Denise British Columbia, Canada
Quick Shannon Newfoundland, Canada
Quilty Wanda Newfoundland, Canada
Quinn Glenda  
Quinton Effie  
*Randell Donna Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Rankin Ken Edmonton, AB, Canada
*Rawlinson Mary Southern Pines, NC USA.
Rawlinson Nancy  
Reardon Francis R. Newfoundland
*Reddigan Kevin Mt. Pearl NF, Canada
*Regular Stella Mae Newfoundland, Canada
Reid Pat Alberta, Canada
Reid Vernon  
*Renacres Liz Campbell River, BC, Canada
Rennie Michael  
Reynolds Paul London, England
Rich Joan  
Riddle Gay Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rideout Doreen  
Ridgly John  
Ridgly John - Linda  
Riggs Bert  
Riggs Dale Newfoundland, Canada
*Riggs Stan Coldbrook, NS, Canada
*Roache Jim Canada
Roberge Bill Pawtucket, RI, USA
Roberts Danny British Columbia, Canada
Roberts Daphne Ross Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
Roberts Dereck  
*Roberts James E. Riverview, NB Canada
Roberts Job  
*Roberts Lois Riverview, NB Canada
Roberts Ralph  
Robertson Lindsay  
*Rockett Courtney C. Mount Vernon, NY USA
Rodger Lawrence David North Carolina, USA
Rogers Eric  
Rogers George & Beatrice  
Rolls Bert Clinton, New Jersey, USA
Rose Blanche  
Rose Maria  
Rosenburg Sam  
*Ross Joan M. Chatsworth, CA, USA
Rossiter Arlaine  
*Rossow Barbara Sacramento, CA, USA
Rowe John London, Ontario, Canada
Rowsell Lloyd Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Royle Linda & Robert Newfoundland, Canada
Royle Robert  
Rudowski Steve  
*Ruedisueli Karen  
Rumbolt Maxine  
Rumbolt Philip  
Rumsey Janice Canada
Runacres Liz  
Russell Kathy  
*Russell Laura  
Ryan Bill - Janet  
Ryan Donald  
Ryan Eugene  
*Ryan Lori-Ann Ohio, USA
*Ryan William Kitchener, ON, Canada
Rylott Carolyn Canada
Salvado Cindy  
Samms Lucy  
*Samson Edward Chesapeake, VA, USA
*Sandling Lil Boerne, Texas, USA
Saunders Maggie  
Saunders Tom - Pearl Nova Scotia, Canada
Schiebelbein Natasha  
Schlaufman D. R.  
Schmitt Elaine  
Schmitt Linda Elkins Ulrich  
Sott Miss Eliza  
Seaton Crystal  
*Severin Elizabeth Quispamsis, NB, Canada
Seward Tony  
Seymour Kim  
Shapter John Newfoundland, Canada
Sharp Doug  
Sharpe Ted  
Shearing John  
Shears Terry  
Shelley Chris  
Sherwood Beverley British Columbia, Canada
Shindle Denise  
Short Gino Canada
*Short-Cheesman Vera Pickering ON, Canada
Shumaker Joe  
Silver David  
Simmons Olive  
Simms Heather New Brunswick, Canada
Simms Joyce  
Simms Ray Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Sinclair Sylvia  
Sinclair Wanda  
Sindrey Darlene  
*Sisk Ed Williamswood, NS, Canada
*Simpson Ann Jackson's Point, ON, Canada
Simpson John  
*Simpson Robin & Ann Jackson's Point, ON, Canada
Sinnott Yvonne  
Skeans Kelly  
Skinner Harold  
Skinner Nancy Palm Bay, Fla
Slade Tara Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
*Slaney Wayne Creston South, NL, Canada
*Smadella (Hawkins) Laurie Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
Small Hugh Malden, MA, USA
Smith Colin  
Smith David  
Smith Diane  
*Smith Gail L. Boylston, MA, USA
Smith Gary  
Smith Hartley  
Smith Phil Canada
Smith Lorraine Newfoundland, Canada
*Smith Vi  
Snelgrove Harold Nova Scotia, Canada
*Snelgrove Susan Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
*Snooks Desbois Darlene Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada
*Snooks-Wilson Denise Leaf Rapids, MB, Canada
Snow Cynthia  
Snow Don  
Somers Joan  
Sooley Jeanne  
Spears Paula  
Spencer Mark USA
Spencer Phillip M.  
Spry John H  
Spurrell Ian  
Squires Carolyn Newfoundland. Canada
Squires Jeanette Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia
*Stacey Blair St. John's, NL, Canada
*Stacey Michelle St. John's, NL, Canada
Stansbury Frank Newfoundland, Canada
Staples Lesley  
Staples Maxine Canada
St. Croix Ron  
*Steele Shelia Ontario, Canada
Stevens Ann Canada
Stewart Pat  
*Stirling Charles St. John's, NL, Canada
*Stirling Coleen St. John's, NL, Canada
Stockley Debbie  
Stockley Veronica Newfoundland,Canada
Stockdill Roy  
Stone Cindy  
Stoodley Gordon  
Strapp Alice  
Stringer Eric Hodge's Cove, Nfld., Canada.
*Strong Charles G.  
Stryde Boyce  
Stryde Gail  
Strugnell Frank Derry, NH, USA
*Stuart Steve Berkley, MI, USA
Stuckey Paul  
Stuckless John Colorado, USA
Stuckless Peggy Newfoundland, Canada
Sullivan Deana Stokes St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Sullivan Richard  
*Sullivan Roberta Reading, Ma, USA
Sullivan Terry  
Sullivan Vivian British Columbia, Canada
Sutherland-Pahia Karen  
Sweet Brent  
Sweetapple Clifford  
Tamburro Paul-René USA
Tarrant Nick  
Tate Aaron  
*Tate Don Palm Bay, Florida, USA
Taylor Marie Canada
*Taylor Maureen MA, USA
Taylor Richard  
Tedstone Cindy Newfoundland, Canada
*Telkwa Marilyn  
Templeton John Newfoundland, Canada
*Tewksbury Lane  
Thistle Gary  
Thomason Norine  
Thompson Shirley  
Thoms Maureen Newfoundland, Canada
Thorne Cindy  
Tiberia Sheila Massachusetts, USA
*Tierney Mike  
Tilley William R.  
Tizzard Ron Newfoundland, Canada
Tottenham Donald Gorham Ontario, Canada
Torode Sid Great Briton
*Touchings John Palm Bay, Florida, Canada
*Touchings Lorraine Bras d'Or, NS, Canada
Troke Molly Nova Scotia, Canada
*Tuffin Amalie Lewis  
*Turnbull Theresa Ringwood, Hampshire, UK
Vallis C A  
Vanatta Pat  
Vance Judith  
Van Dykan Alice  
Vautier Clarence  
Veinotte Jeff Newfoundland, Canada
Vokey Bob Prince Edward Island, Canada
Walker Bruce Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
*Walker Dot 2 South Rd., Bozrah, CT, USA
Wallace James  
Wabamun Betty Lalonde Alberta, Canada
Walsh Carol Newfoundland, Canada
Walsh Dave  
Walsh Eileen  
Walsh Geraldine Mason  
Walsh Patrick Walsh  
Walters Erica  
Ward Andrew G.  
Ward Loretta South East Bight, Newfoundland, Canada
Ward Tanya R.  
Warford Beverely Newfoundland
Warman Priscilla  
*Warren Martha Sydney, NS, Canada
Warren Linda  
*Warren William Sydney, NS, Canada
Watson Iris Woodworth  
Waugh John  
Waye Colin  
Webber W. G.  
Webster Betty  
Weir Betty  
Welcher David  
Weller Eric  
Weller Wendy  
Wells Austin  
Wells Carol Newfoundland, Canada
Wells D  
Wells David  
Wells Lorre  
Wells Malcolm  
*Wendling Joan Red Deer, AB, Canada
*Wheeler Cheri  
Wheeler Mel  
Whelan Audrey Colliers, Newfoundland, Canada
Whelan Valerie Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Whelan Wanda  
White Bill  
White Carl J. Cull's Harbour, NL, Canada.
White Coleen  
*White George Nova Scotia, Canada
White Jeffrey  
White Robert Canada
Whiteway John & Margaret  
Whitten Randy Newfoundland, Canada
*Whittle Alan Hamilton, ON, Canada
Wiley Betty  
Willette Paul, Edith & Megan Newfoundland, Canada
Willette Megan Newfoundland, Canada
*Willette Paul Newfoundland, Canada
Williams Cliff  
Williams Earl Newfoundland, Canada
Williams Dorothy (Caines) Nova Scotia, Canada
Williams Hugh Hillsborough, N J
Williams Ray Newfoundland, Canada
Williams Susan Clark  
Williams Tom Newfoundland, Canada
Willis Trishe  
Willson Marlene  
Wilson Denise Wilson Leaf Rapids, MB,Canada
Wingate Marcia Shea USA
Winsor Mildred  
*Winskie Doris Chewelah, WA, USA
Winter Andrew Newfoundland, Canada
Winter Eric  
Winsor Leslie A. St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Winsor Naboth  
Wiseman Rupert  
Woodfine John J.  
Woodland Robert Canada
Woodworth John  
Woodworth-Lynas Carla  
*Woodsworth Marilyn Nova Scotia, Canada
Word Dan  
Woudenberg Evelyn CBS, Newfoundland, Canada
Wyley Barbara Kaitaia, New Zealand
Wylet Betty  
Wyman Virginia P. Florida, USA
*Yetman-Bell Jennifer Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Young Brenda Logy Bay, Newfoundland, Canada
Young Gerald  
*Young Sidney  
Zeeuwen Jo Antle  
*Zurrer Sharon Ontario, Canada
Zwicker Crystal British Coluimbia, Canada

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