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These transcriptions may contain human errors.
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Newfoundland Wills
Index to Estate Files
1824 to 1996

Estate Files contain information for people who died intestate
and a surviving relative petitioned the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

Transcribed from the LDS FHL Microfilms 2056190 to 2056198

Do not treat the data presented here as a primary source of information for your research.
You should verify any information you find here by referring to the original documents.

(Note: Highlighted Letters are available Surname Transcriptions)

A (Part 1)
A (Part 2)
B (Part 1)
B (Part 2)
C (Part 1)
C (Part 2)
D (Part 1)
D (Part 2)
E (Part 1)
E (Part 2)
F (Part 1)
F (Part 2)
G (Part 1)
G (Part 2)
H (Part 1)
H (Part 2)
I (Part 1)
I (Part 2)
J (Part 1)
J (Part 2)
K (All)
L (All)
M (Part 1)
M (Part 2)
M (Part 3)
M (Part 4)
M (Part 5)
N (All)
O (All)
P (Part 1)
P (Part 2)
Q (All)
R (Part 1)
R (Part 2)
R (Part 3)
S (Part 1)
S (Part 2)
T (All)
U (All)
V (All)
W (Wa-Wi)
W (Wi-Wy)
X, Y & Z (All)
Files not Found in Original Index (Part 1)
Files not Found in Original Index (Part 2)

Temporary Partial Index
(Will Eventually be Integrated into Above Indexes)

1892 (Le to W)
1893 (A to Fol)
1899 (But to Si)
1830 - 1996 (Howell)


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