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Newfoundland Wills
Estate Files Index
1893 Probate Year

from "A to Fol"

Estate Files contain information for people who died intestate
and a surviving relative petitioned the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

This index transcribed from the LDS FHL Microfilm 2057390

Do not treat the data presented here as a primary source of information for your research.
You should verify any information you find here by referring to the original documents.

(Note: Highlighted Surnames are Links to Transcriptions)

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ANTLE Charles Nov 18,1892 of Tilt Cove, wife Caroline
ANTLE John Aug 26, 1893 of Brigus, fisherman, niece Belinda PEARCEY, no other next of kin
ASHBURNE Thomas Dec., 1892 of Twillingate, planter, wife Mary
AUSTIN Henry Edwin Dec.21, 1892 of Heartís Content, telegraph operator, wife Marie Aline AUSTIN
BEMISTER John Dec. 19, 1892 of Hr. Grace, sheriff, daughter Julia CHANCEY, will dated Oct 1892.
BLACKLER Samuel Sept 8, 1893 intestate of Fogo, carpenter, wife Susannah
BOYD John June 30, 1850 of St. Johnís, gentleman, wife Mary, daughters Ann PIERSON and Margaret BAIRD (widow of late David BAIRD)
BRENNAN John Jan 20, 1880 of St. Johnís, laborer, Petitioner was Johanna RAFTUS of St. Johnís (wife of James). Johanna said she was the sole next of kin.
BRENOCK John May 1893 of Petty Hr. Road, farmer, granddaughter Mary Elizabeth BRENOCK
BROWNING William BOYD died April 11, 1893 of St. Johnís, (late of New York) merchant, mother Elizabeth BROWNING
BUFFETT Snook March 28, 1893 of Rose Blanche, fisherman, drowned in the mouth of the harbor of Rose Blanche March 28, 1893, wife Hannah,
BUFFETT William March 28, 1893 of Rose Blanche, fisherman, drowned in the mouth of the harbor of Rose Blanche March 28, 1893, father Thomas BUFFETT,
CADWELL William about 1835 of St. Johnís, sailmaker, died about 1835, daughter Louisa, age 70, (widow of Richard MATIN??). Thomas FRENCH of Mortonís Harbor wrote a petition and he said he was the son of Jane FRENCH, (wife of William, deceased). Jane was one of the daughters of William CADWELL. Robert WEATHERDON also wrote a letter of petition.
CAMPBELL Elizabeth Jan 15, 1892 of St. Johnís, spinster, mother Mary CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL Neil July 10, 1891 intestate of St. Johnís, accountant, wife Mary
CANNING William S. Feb 1 1893 of St. Johnís, wife Louisa, children May, Alfred, William
CARNELL John T.   of St. Johnís, carriage builder, wife Elizabeth Rixon CARNELL
CASHIN Lawrence Nov 7, 1893 of St. Johnís, nephew Ignatius COLLINS, niece Joanna (widow of Joseph CORBILL)
CHALKER John March 11, 1893 of Brigus, Coaster, wife Selina P. CHALKER
CHEAYTOR/CHAYLOR John Apr 1892 of Chamberlains, son John CHAYLOR (two spellings)
CLARKE William A Nov 27, 1892 of Broad Cove, farmer, son William James CLARKE
CLIFT James S. July 16, 1877 of St. Johnís, merchant, son Shannon M. CLIFT, wife Jane Sydney CLIFT
COADY James January 2, 1893 of St. Johnís, fisherman, wife Margaret
COLLINS William July, 1876 intestate of Old Perlican, planter, oldest son James, wife Theresa,
COWAN Agnes March 25, 1893 of St. Johnís, hospital matron, sisters Betsey COWAN and Mrs. Charles HAMLYN.
COWAN Betsey October 27, 1893 of St. Johnís, spinster, sister Jane HAMLYN
CASEY John May 1,1893 of St. Johnís, Commissioner of the Poor, wife Mary (This included a long will.)
COFFIN John October 10, 1893 of St. Johnís, storekeeper, wife Martha & 7 children: Alexander, Rhonda, John, Walter, Margaret, Phoebe and Robert,
COLLETT James H. 1876 of St. Johnís, storekeeper, wife Maria, son Robert
CRIB Joseph Oct. 25, 1892 of Rose Blanche, master mariner, wife Naomi, seven children: Charlotte-15, Jacob Ė13, Veronica Maud? Ė 11, Anne Ė9, Theopholis John-6, Ethel Blanche-4, Augustus George Bayly- 9 months
DALEY Simon Jan 19, 1893 of Ragged Hr., fisherman, wife Ann, sons: John, Michael, Simon and Richard.
DELAHUNTY Margaret Apr. 20,1893 intestate of St. Johnís, widow, husband died about 40 years ago, two of the 7 children are Catherine and Margaret (wife of James STEWART),
DEVEREAUX Lawrence January 8,1893 of Trepassey, planter, wife Ann, six children: Richard, Laurence D., John, Ellen (wife of William CURTIS), Bessie (wife of James MADDLETON? or WADDLETON?), and Bridget (wife of Richard HARTENY? HARTERY?)
DRYER Mary Ann Dec. 12, 1881 of St. Johnís, widow, son Henry B. DRYER,
DUCHEMIN James L. March 26, 1893 of St. Johnís, block manufacturer, wife Mary Joseph DUCHEMIN, 7 children.
DUFFETT John March 5, 1892 of St. Johnís, storekeeper, wife died two years ago, children: Ellen, Lizzie, and Frances.
DWYER Peter Feb. 18, 1893 of Hr. Grace, merchant, with a will. (Petition written by Richard DWYER). Wife Bridget, son Richard, brothers-in-law Michael KEHOE and Thomas DALTON.
DAVIS James Jan 27, 1893 of Fox Hr., fisherman, wife Susannah, children John and Catherine
DWYER Edward about 1857 of Hr. Grace, fisherman died about 36 years ago (1857), son Peter
ELLARD Edward Sept 10, 1861 of St. Johnís, cooper, wife Ann, 5 children
FARDY Patrick about 1880 of St. Johnís, fisherman, died about 13 years ago (1880), wife Catherine, 3 daughters,
FINN Patrick Aug 16, 1879 of St. Johnís, dealer, wife Anastasia FINN, daughters Catherine CUMMINS, Mary FINN,
FISHER Henry Sr. Oct 1, 1889 of Bonavista, fisherman, son Henry
FLOOD Juliana April 10, 1877 of, St. Johnís, spinster, brother John FLOOD
FOLEY Eliza July 11, 1890 of St. Johnís, spinster, sister Martha P. (wife of Walter VEALE)
FOLEY Luke about 1859 of St. John's, carpenter, died 34 years ago (1859), son James, daughters Ellen and Elizabeth

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