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Newfoundland Wills
Estate Files Index
1899 Probate Year
from "But to Si"

Estate Files contain information for people who died intestate
and a surviving relative petitioned the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

This index transcribed from the LDS FHL Microfilm 2057447

Do not treat the data presented here as a primary source of information for your research.
You should verify any information you find here by referring to the original documents.
These pages may contain typos.

(Note: Highlighted Surnames are Links to Transcriptions)

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BUTT Robert Jan 16, 1899 of Western Bay, planter, wife Elizabeth A. BUTT, daughters Abagail CRUMMY, Tryphena FORWARD, Flora HUDSON and Eliza MILLER. Edmund BUTT also wrote a letter
BUTLER Matthew 21 years ago (1878?). of St. Johnís, wife Patricia, 3 children,
CANNING Francis Aug of 1899 intestate. of St. Johnís, licensed publican, wife Hannah, 4 children,
CASEY Thomas June 12, 1899. of Conche, fisherman,wife Theresa,
CHURCHILL William PARSONS Feb. 14, 189(4)? of Great Burin, light keeper, wife Mary, nephew John DANCY,
CLAPP Gilbert Jan 27, 1899. of St. Johnís, gentleman, wife Mary, sons John, Robert, and William,
CLUETT Owen May 6, 1899. of Belloram, Fortune Bay, wife Mary Ann,
COFFIN Samuel June 15, 1899. of Keels in the Northern District, teacher, wife Rebecca, daughter Priscilla,
COLBOURNE James March 5, 1899 intestate. of Twillingate, fisherman, brothers Joseph, Thomas, Samuel, Robert and Henry.
COLLINS Ellen Sept 10, 1899 intestate. of St. Johnís, widow,husband the late Michael COLLINS,
CONNORS, Sr. Michael Nov. 3, 1899. of St. Johnís, butcher, sons Michael, John, Patrick and Frank, daughters Ellen CONNORS and Marydren (?) JARDRUE.
CORMACK James Feb 1898 without a will. of St. Johnís, yeoman, wife Mary, sons Mark, Edward and John,
COSTIGAN John Apr 2, 1876 without a will. of St. Johnís, farmer, daughter Hanora RYAN (widow),
COUGLAN James   of Topsoil Rd, St. Johnís was confined to a lunatic asylum (1887). His wife Susannah wrote a letter of petition and stated that Jamesí father John COUGLAN of Topsoil Rd (farmer) died 23 years ago (1876). . When James was confined, 12 years ago, it left her and her 4 year old son destitute.
COX Frederick H. L. Feb. 4, 1881 without a will. of Channel, stipendiary magistrate, wife Ann Ellen,
CRAIG John Feb 7, 1899. of St. Johnís, farmer, wife Jane,
CROUCHER James C. Sept 9, 1898. of Placentia, lighthouse keeper, sons James and Thomas,
CUDDIHY James Feb 1899 intestate. of St. Johnís, wife Mary, 5 children,
CUNNINGHAM Mary A. Nov 25, 1899. of Burgeo, widow, sons John and Edward, daughter Hannah SMALL,
DAWE John Aug 29, 1898 intestate. of Port de Grave, fisherman, wife Selena BENNETT (she remarried Philip BENNETT), 2 children, sister Sarah Fanny (husband Jacob BRADLEY).
DEVEREAUX George May 20, 1896. of Trepassey, planter, sons George, Joseph, John and Robert,
DONNELLY Richard Sept 1879 intestate. of St. Johnís, laboror, wife Catherine, sons William, Joseph (dec), Richard and John.
DOWN Rodger Jan 24, 1899. of St. Johnís, shoemaker, sons William Rodger (wife Marion), Charles Samuel, Archibald and Albert Chesley. His daughters were Selina (husband William MOTTY), Bessie (husband Thomas CURRAN) and Rose (husband William PENNEY).
DROVER Patience L. Jan 16, 1899 intestate. of Island Cove, Northern District, husband Thomas,
DUNN Elizabeth Mar 6, 1899 intestate. of Topsail Rd, St. Johnís, licensed publican, daughter Catherine (spinster),
DUNPHY Anastatia Oct 9 (?), 1899. of St. Johnís, nieces Bridget KELLY and Anastatia HOGAN, nephew Richard KELLY,
DUNPHY Catherine Sept 29, 1899. of St. Johnís, widow, brothers Luke and William POWER ;
DUNPHY James June 16, 1887. of St. Johnís, messenger in the office of the Colonial Secretary, wife Johanna, daughter Mary,
DWYER John Apr 16, 1894 intestate of Fogo, planter, 2 deceased brothers, 4 deceased sisters, sister Catherine WILSBAND (?) DWYER (spinster). Petition was made by his niece Anastatia (daughter of his brother Timothy DWYER). Lots of nieces and nephews mentioned in Anastatiaís letter.
EMERSON Clara Jan 2, 1899. of St. Johnís, widow, (late husband Prescott EMERSON)
ENGLAND John Feb. 27, 1896. of St. Johnís, shoemaker, wife Dinah, sons Archibald and Henry William (minors),
ENGLISH Bridget Jan 15, 1899 intestate. of Branch, St. Maryís Bay, widow, only child Annie J. ENGLISH of Boston , MA,
ENNIS James and Richard   James and Richard ENNIS ages 11 and 12, were given a farm by their grandfather James CARRELL of Freshwater Rd, who died Jan of 189?. His widow, Jane CARRELL, died Mar 1899. The petitioner was Rev. J.L. Slattery of St. Johnís, president of Mount Cashel School of Industry. His letter was dated Sept. 13, 1899.
FEILDON, Montague Joseph Oct. 16, 1898. Chain Ashton upon Ribble in the County of Lancaster, and the Reform Club London Esquire Lieutenant Colonial in Her Majestyís 3rd Royal Lancashire Militia, wrote an 11 page will and died Oct. 16, 1898. His son was Montague LEYLAND FEILDEN. Herbert KNIGHT of St. Johnís filed a petition letter.
FITZGERALD Charles Oct 10, 1899 intestate. of Hr. Grace, planter, wife Margaret, brother John, sister Ann CLEARY (living in Boston),
FLOOD Michael Jan 17, 1899 intestate of St. Johnís, blacksmith, unmarried, had 3 sisters and 3 deceased brothers. His brother, Patrick, left 4 children in USA. A petition was filed by his sister, Mary FLOOD
FLYNN James Mar 4, 1880. of Placentia Road, farmer, wife Margaret;
FLYNN Stephen (Rev.) Aug 14, 1899 intestate. of Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay, RC clergyman, sister Sarah (husband Matthew SCUNLAR), brothers Joseph (Bayonne City, NJ), John (Port au Port) and David, the petitioner. Stephen died in St. Johnís Aug 14, 1899 intestate
FORTUNE William Apr 1899 intestate. of Torrs Cove, fisherman.
FOX James P. Feb. 27, 1899. of St. Johnís, accountant, wife Isabel, 4 children under age 15.
FOX John Feb 15, 1899. of St. Johnís, carman, wife Elizabeth
FOX Mary, Constance, Jane and John   Mary, Constance, Jane and John FOX were the children of James P. FOX of St. Johnís. Their mother, Isabel, wrote a petition about Jamesí insurance policies.
GAUL Richard Jan 6, 1899. of Topsail Rd, near St. Johnís, wife Catherine
GILES William Jan 27, 1884 intestate. of St. Johnís, accountant, wife Angelina, daughters Mary BURDEN(?) GILES and Martha PYNN(?) GILES,
GILL Leander Nicholas March 1892 of Tilt Cove, merchant, wife Minnie E., son Frederick D. B. GILL (15 years old in 1899).
GILL Frederick D. B.   now of St. Johnís, minor, is the guardian of the estate. His mother, Minnie, wrote a letter of petition.
CHURCHWARD GOODRIDGE Henry Mar 7, 1899 intestate. of St. Johnís, merchant, sons Alan CHURCHWARD GOODRIDGE (age 27) and Thomas BOWN GOODRIDGE (age 20 something)
GOODRIDGE Rosina E. Aug 3, 1894 intestate of St. Johnís, wife of Henry C. GOODRIDGE. Her son, Alan, wrote a petition letter
GRANT David Roy Dec 1, 1898 without a will. of St. Johnís, mining expert, sons William and Henry
GRANT Richard Oct 10, 1899 intestate. of St. Johnís, accountant, wife Susannah, sons Claude F. GRANT (Boston) and Frederick C. GRANT (St. Johnís)
GRAY Elizabeth Nov 189(5)? Intestate of St. Johnís, now of Providence, Rhode Island, widow of John J. GRAY of Rhode Island, had 2 sons, one was Joseph T. GRAY (Boston) and she had a daughter, Elizabeth BROWN of Providence, RI. She died Nov 189(5)? intestate and a petition was made by John SULLIVAN of St. Johnís, Superintendent of Constabulary
GREENE Michael Aug 14, 1897 intestate. of St. Johnís, trader, wife Josephine
GREENSLAND Mary Aug 1899 of Long Pond, South Shore, Conception Bay, widow of William GREENSLAND, no children. A petition was made by Francis F. FURNEAUX of Kelligrews, a school teacher
HANIFORD Samuel Nov 14, 1891 intestate. of Petty Harbor, wife Mary.
HARDY James July 2, 1899 without a will. of Harbor Briton, storekeeper, wife Hannah
HAMPTON Robert Aug 1898. of Port de Grave, blockmaker, had 6 children: John, Robert, Emma, Mary L., Annie and Malcolm.
HAYES Michael Aug 27, 1898. of Pearltown, St. Johnís, farmer, wife Mary, son Edward
HAYES Thomas June 1891 intestate. of St. Johnís, shipwright, 6 children: Edward, James, Martin, William, Elizabeth and Mary
HAYWARD Harrison R. June 1899. of St. Johnís, barrister at law, wife Flora Frederica
HEWARDINE William Sept 1892. of St. Johnís, wife Mary.
HOLDEN Mary June of 1872(?) of St. Johnís, husband James (fisherman). She had 4 children
HURLEY Anne Apr 16, 1899. of St. Johnís, widow, son William.
KANE Catherine July 4, 1896. of St. Johnís, husband Thomas, no children.
KENNY William 1893 of Portugal Cove Rd, St. Johnís, farmer, nephews Richard and John KENNEY.
LAMBERT William Dec. 29, 1898. of St. Johnís, fisherman, daughter Mary J. DUNN (husband James DUNN).
LEARY Edward Sept. 22, 1898. of St. Johnís, farmer, wife Ellen.
LEARY John Sept 9, 1895 intestate. of Hr. Grace, planter, wife Kate, brother James.
LEARY Patrick August 12 1898. of Torbay Rd, St. Johnís, farmer, daughter Anastasia (husband John WALSH).
LEWIS Elizabeth March 26, 1899. of St. Johnís, widow, son Frederick.
LOADER Michael Apr 11, 1895 intestate, age 28. of Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay, miner, unmarried, father David.
LUNNERGAN Ellen Dec. 19, 1898. of St. Johnís, widow, 4 daughters Mary, Anastasia, Ellen Mary and Johanna, (all spinsters).
LUSCOMBE Elvina Feb. 2, 1899. of 90 George St, St. Johnís, sister Sarah Maria Gaul(?) who lives in Scotland. Elvina
MCCARTHY Felix Feb. 14, 1899. of Carbonear, sub-collector of customs, sisters Isabella, Angela, Theresa, Mary and Bridget.
MCCAWLEY, Ann Jan 17, 1899 intestate. of Halifax, NS, husband the late George McCawley D.D.

Aug 13, 1891,at 7 years old and 2 months.

of St. John's. Her father, Alex J.W. MCNEILY, made a petition because Emma had earlier inherited money as seen in Jane LUCASí will.
WHITEFIELD MCNEILY James Alexander William   of St. Johnís, student at law, 20 years old and 7 months (BD Apr 27, next). His father Alexander, J.W. MCNEILY, wrote a petition for James to get his money so that he can go to Law School. Letter dated Sept. 25, 1899.
MADDIGAN James Oct 31, 1898. of St. Johnís, tailor, brother Michael.
MALLARD John drowned at sea Sept 14, 1899. of Quidi Vidi, brother Patrick MALLARD, sister Ellen MALLARD, drowned at sea near Sugar Loaf on Sept 14, 1899.
(MARSHALL) MARKS Cleopas Apr of 1899. of Carbonear, grandmother Alice MARSHALL, father John MARKS, died unmarried, under 21 in Apr of 1899 (bequest of Alice Marshall to Cleopas Marks)
MARTIN Mary Hannah May 10, 1899. of St. Johnís, husband James HUNT MARTIN.
MARTIN Thomas 1889 of Bonne Bay, fisherman, sons William & Edward and daughter Mary (wife of Michael MURPHY), died 9 years ago (1889)
MILLER Ernest June 1, 1899 intestate. of Exploits, fisherman, sister Ellen Miller.
MILLEY Elizabeth June 1, 1899. of Hamilton St, St. Johnís, daughters Lucy MILLEY and Emily Ann BARTLETT.
MOGRIDGE William   of the Goulds was left a farm in the will of Thomas WILLIAMS, and Williamís father, Aron MOGRIDGE, wrote a petition about it since William was a minor.
MOORE James Oct. 10, 1899. of St. Johnís, farmer.
MULLINS Philip Jan 1899 of St. Johnís, sons William and Patrick, daughter Bridget, . This was another long will.
NISBET Robert Sept. 27, 1899. of 51 Patrick St, St. Johnís, master mariner.
LYONS NOONAN, Sr. James Dec. 19, 1898. of St. Johnís, assistant collector in her Majestyís Customs.
OíBRIEN late William P. Nov. 22, 1899. of Montreal, trader, wife Mathilda Lamer, died at St. Johnís Nov. 22, 1899
Oí DRISCOLL, Michael P. (Rev.) May 29, 1898. of St. Johnís, RC clergy, brothers Rev. Stephen and William.
OíNEILL James Apr 6, 1898. of St. Johnís, cooper, wife Ann.
Oí NEIL William Apr 9, 1899. of Freshwater Rd, St. Johnís, farmer, niece Mary DILLION, brother Patrick Oí NEIL.
OíREGAN John Jan 13, 1899. of St. Johnís, butcher, wife Catherine.
OKE Harriet Grace Apr of 1899. of Kelligrews, widow of Robert OKE.
OLDFORD Thomas Sept 9, 1899. of Grand Bank, police officer, wife Frances Mary, 5 children under the age of 9.
PIKE John E. Apr 25, 1898. of Carbonear, sailmaker, daughter Sophia Julia PIKE, sons John SWEETLAND PIKE, Urban Francis PIKE and Wesley PIKE
PIKE William about 40 years ago (1859). of Carbonear, fisherman, wife Eliza Ann, son George P., died about 40 years ago (1859)
PHORAN William Oct 27, 1899. of Little Placentia, planter, daughter Sarah OíREILLY (husband Thomas), nephew Francis P.
PROWSE Jeannie Catherine Aug of 1899. of St. Johnís, husband Robert H. PROWSE (merchant).
RICE Bridget Feb. 7, 1899. of St. Johnís, husband the late Michael RICE, nephews Thomas and Patrick SULLIVAN.
ROSE George Feb. 10, 1885. of Jersey Harbour, planter, mother Margaret, son John.
ROSE Stephen Sept 27, 1898. of St. Johnís, fisherman, wife Mary.
RYAN Catherine Jan. 27, 1899. of St. Johnís, widow, son Patrick.
RYAN Mary Feb. 5, 1899. of St. Johnís, spinster.
SAGE, John Nov 22, 1898. late of St. Johnís, fisherman, 3 daughters and 1 son John in Carbonear.
SAMPSON (Samson) Joseph August 28, 1898. of Flat Islands, planter, son Joseph Frederick SAMSON.
SCLATER Annie BOYD July 15, 1899. of St. Johnís, husband David HUNTER SCLATER (merchant).
SHORTALL Thomas Jan. 29, 1899. of St. Johnís, laborer, wife Elizabeth.
SIMMS Catherine 1890 of St. Johnís, widow, son Alfred.

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