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Newfoundland Wills
Estate Files Index
1892 Probate Year
from "Le to W"

Estate Files contain information for people who died intestate
and a surviving relative petitioned the Supreme Court of Newfoundland.

This index transcribed from the LDS FHL Microfilm 2057390

Do not treat the data presented here as a primary source of information for your research.
You should verify any information you find here by referring to the original documents.

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LEONARD Catherine Oct. 29, 1892 of Barren Island, widow, brother John SHEA, sister Margaret MURPHY
LIDDY Ellen July 27, 1891 of St. Johnís, widow, granddaughter Isabel MURPHY
LINDSAY James July 8, 1892 intestate of St. Johnís, sons Archibald and George
McLOUGHLAN Catherine Oct. 3, 1892 of St. Johnís, spinster, sister Mary
McNAMARA Joseph March 20, 1890 of Oregon, USA, in Oregon, USA, wife Sarah, 3 daughters, 2 sons (one is William)
MURPHY Benjamin May 22, 1892 of St. Johnís, cooper, has a nephew Benjamin MURPHY
MURPHY Moses May 1891 of Portugal Cove, St. Johnís, wife Margaret
McNEIL Maria May 16, 1892 of Carbonear, widow, late husband was Israel L. McNEIL
MAAHEN John Feb 26 1879 of St. Maryís, fisherman, son George
MALONE John Feb 11, 1880 of Portugal Cove, wife Mary, son Thomas
MANNING Anne about 1889 of St. Johnís, widow, died just after the will was made July 19, 1889,niece Anne LAWLOR, brother Thomas SUMMERS, sister Elizabeth BOGGAN,
MERCER James Sept 2, 1892 of St. Johnís, fisherman, wife Louisa
MORISON William March 16, 1892 of St. Johnís, 6 children, son Donald
MULLINS Thomas Dec 27, 1891 of St. Johnís, merchantile agent, In his will he mentions that Kate MULLINS and Theresa MACKAY resided with him.
MUNDEN Ann May of 1892 of Twillingate, widow, granddaughter Elizabeth Ann RYALL (wife of Robert RYALL)
SHANNON MUNN John   infant of Flora le MESSIRVER BOWRING his mother (her late husband was William PUNTON MUNN formerly of Hr. Grace, merchant). The petition concerns his guardianship.,
MURRAY Mary March 20, 1892 of St. Johnís, husband John
NORMAN James C. June 30, 1892 of Cupids, fisherman, nephew James NORMAN, brother Nathan NORMAN
OíDRISCOLL Ann July 5, 1889 of Mobile, widow, sons Patrick C. OíDRISCOLL and Rev. Michael OíDRISCOLL
OKE Robert Lammay Dec. 21, 1891 of St. Johnís, cabinetmaker, mother Mary Jane Harris OKE
PARSONS George May 6 1886 of Clownís Cove, Carbonear, wife Susannah, son Oreshes?, daughter Delphine JOYCE (wife of James JOYCE)
PARSONS Melvina October 1877 of Hr Grace, spinster, brothers Nathaniel and Moses PARSONS
PARSONS Robert Aug 24, 1891 of Codeyís Point, near Bay Roberts, planter, wife Rachel
PARSONS Susannah June 20, 1891 of Clownís Cove, widow of George
PERRY Rose died Aug 26, 1891 of ďThe DrookĒ in Trepassey Bay, husband Joseph
PURCELL John Feb 17, 1892 of St. Johnís, builder, wife Margaret
PETRIE Alexander July 29, 1892 fisherman and gentleman of Bay of Islands, wife Georgina
QUINN Mary   of New York, USA. According to the petition of Marion BRANSFIELD of NY, USA, William MAHON, formerly of St. Johnís (dealer) died in St. Johnís in 1831. He had land valued over $5,000. He gave this to his sons for life. William MAHON Jr, last of his surviving sons, died Nov 1884, Mary QUINN, daughter of said testator, died in NY, USA.
RAMSEY Louisa Mar 25, 1892 of St. Johnís, husband Adam
ROBBINS William   of Colliers, fisherman, wife Mary, petition written by his daughter, Mary SKINNER (wife of Henry SKINNER of St. John's)
ROLLS Emily March 8, 1887 of Codroy, husband John
ROTHWELL Edward June 30, 1892 of St. Johnís, merchant, wife Jessie
RYALL Catherine May 6, 1888 of St. Johnís, husband Samuel
RYALL, Jr. William June 17, 1892 of St. Johnís, carpenter, wife Mary, father William RYALL
SAUNDERS Edward April, 1892 of Change Island, planter, sons Samuel and James
SHEA James 1890 of Torbay, wife Ann
SILLARS Archibald   of St. Johnís. Power of attorney to Margaret SILLARS ARNOTT and Sarah ARNOTT of Glasgow. (several letters) Archibald had a will in 1873 that people are now making claims about.,
SKEANS Ellen July 7, 1892 of St. Johnís, husband William, laborer
SMALL Simon May, 1892 of Twillingate, wife Naomi
SMITH Alexander Sept 25, 1892 of St. Johnís, stone cutter, daughters Helen SMITH, Isabella MUIR, Catherine TEMPLETON, Barbara GRACE, and his son was Robert SMITH
SMITH William Dec. 31, 1875 of St. Johnís, mason, sons Alfred, John and William; daughters Laura, Mary Ann and Emily (wife of William COOK)
SOPER Pricilla June 1891 of St. Johnís, widow, son Thomas SOPER in Catalina
SPENCE Amy Sept 28, 1891 of St. Johnís, husband John SPENCE
St. JOHN James 1887 shipwright of Conception Harbor, died at Port Saunders, Hawkeís Bay in 1887 ,
STEPHENS Catherine July 8, 1892 intestate of St. Johnís, widow, died intestate in a fire July 8, 1892 (no next of kin known), petition of Donald MORISON of St. Johnís, solicitor.,
STEPHENS Thomas Oct 5 1882 of Brigus, wife Ann, children: Henry, Emily, Alfred, Mary Ann, John, Jane and Sarah.
STABB Henry Hunt May 17, 1892 of St. Johnís, doctor of medicine,, son Frederick A. STABB
STARKES John Apr 30, 1890 of Nippers Hr., planter, children (Uriah, Jane, Ishmael, Sarah, Lilly, Bessie?, Tanner?, Hedley?, Stanley) wife Emma
STONE Thomas June 26, 1891 of Catalina, merchant, wife Leonora
SULLIVAN David Aug 22, 1892 of Hr. Grace, foreman, mother was Mary OíNEIL (wife of John OíNEIL)
TAYLOR Sarah Mar 10, 1892 of St. Johnís, husband Alexander (merchant)
THISTLE Henry Feb. 29, 1892 of Carbonear, fisherman, niece Eliza POWER, brother Francis THISTLE
THOMSON Alexander B.   late of Halifax, NS, traveling agent, brother William THOMSON of New York, USA ,
THOMSON Barbara   of Little Bay, widow (Looks like all the paper work is missing. No other information given.)
THORNE Robert Dec 21, 1891 of St. Johnís, Master Mariner, wife Eliza
VATCHER Stephen Oct 24, 1891 of Burgeo, planter, drowned Oct 24, 1891 left 10 children: John, James, Richard, Joseph, George, Stephen, Jemina, Ellen, Sarah Jane, Martha. ,
WALSH John June 1891 late of Halifax, NS, formerly of Carbonear, laborer, son Patrick, sister Margaret POWER of Carbonear (wife of Pierce POWER)
WALSH Patrick May 16, 1891 of Stock? Stork? Cove, Bonavista, fisherman, (Maurice WALSH was made the executor of the will).
WATKINS William March 17, 1892 of Herring Neck, planter, sons William and George
WHELAN Catherine Aug 20, 1892 of Pouch Cove, spinster, brothers David and James WHELAN
WHELAN William Sept. 19, 1892 of Carbonear, planter, niece Margaret, nephew Stephen WHELAN, brother Edward WHELAN
WILEY Patrick March 18, 1892 of St. Johnís, gentleman, brother Robert WILEY
WITHYCOMBE Susannah Nov. 11, 1889 of St. Johnís, widow, nephew William Robert WITHYCOMBE

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