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McAlpine's 1904 Directory
City of St. John's District
Listed by Street Address
List of St. John's City Streets
Look up the Inhabitants by Street and House Number in 1904

This page lists all of the streets located in St. John's when the 1904 McAlpine's Directory was published. Find the street you are looking for on this page, then double click the street name and you will be able to see the inhabitants and their house number on that street in 1904.

List of Streets, St. John's from McAlpine 1904 Directory

Adelaide Water to New Gower
Alexander Water to Hamilton
Allendale rd Harvey to Bridge
Allen Square Queen's rd to Livingstone
Angel Place Alexander to Victoria Park
Atlantic Avenue Pleasant to Power
Balsam Queen's rd to Livinstone
Bambrick's Lane Water w to New Gower
Bannerman rd Military rd to Circular
No Residents listed
Bannerman Gower to Military rd
Barnes avenue Barnes rd to RC Cathedral
No Residents listed
Barnes Place Barnes rd West
Barnes rd Military rd to Allendale
Barron New Gower to Casey
Barters Hill New Gower to Le Marcha't
Bates Duckworth to Queen's rd
No Residents listed
Batten rd Signal Hill rd to Chain rock
No Residents listed
Beaumont Pleasant east
Beck's Cove Hill Water to Duckworth
Bell Duckworth to Henry
Belvidere Barnes rd to Circular
Blackmarsh Pleasant to city limits
Boggan Henry to Queen's rd
Boncloddy LeMarchant rd to Pennywl
Bond Cathedral to Cochrane
Bowers Lane Bannerman to Colonial
No Residents listed
Brazils Field Off Pleasant 500 feet west
Brazil Square New Gower to Thompson
Brennan Water w to Bambrick's lane
Brewery Lane Plymouth rd north
No Residents listed
Brine Hamilton to Plank rd
British Square Gower to Bond
Buchannan Water to New Gower
Bully henry to Gower
Cabot Carters Hill to Flower Hill
Carew Military rd to Meth Sch
Carnell Hamilton to Pleasant
Carter's Hill Queen's rd to Harvey rd
Casey New Gower to LeMarchant
Cathedral Duckworth to Queen's rd
No Residents listed
Catherine Monkstown rd to Barnes rd
Chapel Bond to Military rd
Church Hill Duckworth to Queen's rd
No Residents listed
Circular rd Kings B rd to city limits
Cochrane Water to Military rd
Cockpit rd Topsail to city limits
Codners Lane Lime to Cuddihy
Coefields Lane James 100 feet west
College Lane Military rd to Colonial
Colonial Tower to Military rd
Convent Lane Brine 200 feet west
Convent Square Hamilton to Convent
Cooks Hill Plymouth rd to Duckworth
No Residents listed
Cookstown rd Cabot to Pennywell rd
Cook Freshw'r rd to Merrym'ting
Cuddihy New Gower to Codners lane
Cummings off King;s rd
Custom House Hill Water to Duckworth
Dammerills Lane Adelaide to Lime
Deady's Lane New Gower to Casey
Dick's Square Duckworth to Queens rd
Duckworth New Gower to Temperence
Duggan Flower Hill to Stephen
Dunford John to Gilbert
Factory Lane Plymouth rd to Forest rd
Field Freshw'r rd to Merrym'ting
Finn's Lane Cuddihy to Barter's Hill
Flavin Gower to Queen's rd
Flemming Monkstown to Allendale
Flower Hill Casey to Cabot
Forest rd Kings Bridge to Guide Vide
Freshwater rd Harvey rd to city limits
Garrison Hill Queen's rd to Military
George's (East) Beck's Cove Hill to P O
George's (West) Springdale to Queen
Gilbert Casey to Springdale
Gill Pilot's Hill to King's rd
Gilmore New Gower to Duggan
Golf avenue Mundy P rd to Pennywell
No Residents listed
Goodview Wilkford to Cabot
Gormans Lane Catherine to Barnes rd
Gower Long's Hill to Miltary rd
Hagerty's Lane Plesant to John
Hamilton avenue Patrick to Blackmarsh
Hamilton New Gower to Patrick
Hanley Place off King's rd
Harvey Military rd to LeMarchant
Hayward Ave Catherine to Flemming
No Residents listed
Henry Church Hill to Bates
Hill of Chips Water to Duckworth
No Residents listed
Holdsworth Water to New Gower
Holloway Water to Duckworth
Howe Place Guide Vide rd e 200 feet
Hunts Lane Water to Duckworth
Hutching Water West to Job
Hutchings Lane Water to Gower
James New Gower to Moore
Job's Bridge Water West to south side
Job Water West to New Gower
John Springdale to Casey
Joy Place off Princess'
Kickham Place west from Holloway
Kings Bridge rd Military rd to Kings Bridge
Kings rd Duckworth to Military rd
Kitchen Place off Job
Knight off Military rd s 200 feet
Lake Avenue Kings Bridge to Guide Vide
Larkins Square Hamilton n 300 feet
Le Marchant rd Harvey rd to Hamilton
Leslie Water W to hamilton ave
Lewis Place New Gower s 200 feet
Lime Kiln Lane Sheehan's to Flower Hill
Lime New Gower to LeMarchant road
Lyons Square Cuddihy e 250 feet
Livingstone Longs Hill to Balsam
Logy Bay rd Kings Bridge to city limits
No Residents listed
Longs Hill Queen's rd to Harvey rd
Longs off Longs Hill
Mahons Lane Water to New Gower
No Residents listed
Mall The Military rd to Kings Bridge
No Residents listed
Market House Hill Water to Duckworth
No Residents listed
Maxse Monkstown rd to Harward avenue
Merry Meeting rd Allendale rd to Freshwtr rd
Military rd Harvey rd to K Bridge rd
Mill Lane Water West to south side
Monkstown rd Military rd to Circular rd
Monroe Flower Hill to Barters Hill
Moore Carter's Hill to Wickford
Murdock Monkstown rd to Allendale road
Mundy Pond rd LeMarchant rd to limits
Murphy's Sq Water to Alexander
Murray Carter's Hill to LeMarchtn
McBrides Hill Water to Duckworth
McDougall Hayward ave to Allendale
McFarlane Casey to Thompson
McKay Leslie to Richmond
No Residents listed
McMurdo's Lane Water to Duckworth
New Gower Job's to Duckworth
New Town rd Merry Meeting rd to limits
Notre Dame New Gower to Cuddihy
Old Portugal Cove rd Rennies Bridge to limits
Ordinance Duckworth to Military rd
Parade Harvey rd to Merry Meeting road
Park Lane Water West to Brewery
No Residents Listed
Patrick Water to LeMarchant rd
Pennywell rd Harvey rd to city limits
Pilot's Hill Duckworth to Gower
Plank rd Job's to Patrick
Pleasant New Gower to city limits
Plymouth rd Duckworth to Quidi Vidi
Pope Barter's Hill to Stephen
Portugal Cove rd King's Bridge rd to limits
Post Office Square Water to Georges (East)
No Residents Listed
Power Hamilton to Pleasant
Prescott Water to Military rd
Prince Water to New Gower
Prospect Kings rd to Holloway
Queen's rd New Gower to Prescott
Queen Water to New Gower rd
Quidi Vidi rd Duckworth to Forest rd
Rennie's Mill rd Military rd to city limits
Richmond Warbury to Hamilton ave
No Residents Listed
Rocky Lane LeMarchant rd to Pennywell road
No Residents Listed
Ropewalk rd Mundy Pond rd to Ropewk
Rossiters Lane Water w to New Gower
Scott Field to Cook
Sebastin Barter's Hill to Stephen
Shaw's Lane Topsail rd to Hamilton ave
Sheehan Forest rd to King's Bridge
Signal Hill rd Duckworth to city limits
Simins off Cuddihy 300 feet east
South Side rd Battery to Symes Bridge
No Residents Listed
Spencer Harvey rd to Merry meeting rd
Springdale Water to LeMarchant rd
Stephens New Gower to Sebastin
Stuarts ave off Military rd 100 feet s
Sudbury Water to Hamilton
Tank Lane off Cuddihy 200 feet east
Telegram Lane Water to Duckworth
No Residents Listed
Temperance Water to Duckworth
Tessier Place off Carter's Hill 600 ft east
Thomas Water to New Gower
No Residents Listed
Thompson Flower Hill to Brazil Sq
No Residents Listed
Thorburn Lane Hamilton ave to Blackmarsh road
No Residents Listed
Topsail rd Water West to city limits
Torbay rd Kings Bridge to city limits
Victoria Duckworth to Military rd
Waldegrave Water to new Gower
Walsh's Lane Water West to Bambrick's Lane
Walsh Square Signal Hill rd running s'th
Warberry Leslie to Shaw's Lane
Waterford Bridge road Water West to city limits
Water Temperance to Cross rd
Whiteway ave Rennie's Mill rd to Sir W V Whiteway's
No residents Listed
Wickford Carter's Hill to Lime
William's Lane Water to New Gower
William William runs from Monkstown rd to Barnes rd
Wilcots Lane Cathedral to Gower
Winter ave King's Bridge to Old Portugal Cove rd
Wood Duckworth to Gower
York York runs from Cochrane to Wood
Young Carter's Hill 500 ft east

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