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Historical Information
Labrador Regional Area

The following are miscellaneous articles or books submitted by individuals that are doing research
and have graciously agreed to place them here for your pleasure.

1. "Perhaps They Left Us Up Here" (excerpts of Newfoundland names)
2. "Newfoundland and its Missionaries" (excerpts of Newfoundland names)
3. "Catucto, Battle Harbour Labrador 1832-1833" (excerpts of Newfoundland names)
4. "SS Sagona" (excerpts of Newfoundland names)
5. Newfoundland Disasters
6. Colonial Office Records
7. House of Assembly Records
8. Newfoundland Veteran's Company
9. Petition of the residents of Esquimaux Bay and Sandwich Bay, Labrador
1. Hurricane of 1775
General Interest
1. A Note on Jersey and Newfoundland
2. Jersey Newspaper Item
3.The Annie S. Clarke
4.The Atlantic Canada 1600-1900 Index
5.Basque Whalers in Southern Labrador 1540 - 1610
6. Curing fish for the shipment to England
7. The Early Relations between Newfoundland and the Channel Islands
8. The Jersey Men
9. Lining Up for Labrador
10. Marilla
11. Newfoundland Currency and Banksing Institutions
12. Newfoundland Folklore
13. "Old Dad" of Labrador - The Nathaniel Cole Story
14. Servants of Newfoundland
15. Slade & Co. History
16. Statement of Monies in the custody of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland July, 1831
17. Statement of Monies in the custody of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland Dec, 1833
18.S.S. Greenland
19. Rev. U. Z. Rule and the Book "Remininscence of My Life"
20. The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories - a collection of 56 stories, true and fiction, about life in Newfoundland in the first half of the 20th century.
21. Labrador 1852 (from Mercantile Gazette)
22. Perils in Cod Fishing on Labrador Coast 1906
23. Listing of "Fishing Masters" showing locations, ship names and destinations during 1678
24. "A Matter of Custom and Convenience": Marriage Law in Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland

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