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Shipps Makinge Fishinge Voyages wt Boatkeepers In Newfoundland


This is a 1678 list of all the fishing masters in Newfoundland waters, their ships, where they're from and where they're bound for after the fishing season. The Boatkeepers are also referred to here as passengers. Other colonial records refer to the boatkeepers as interlopers. They contracted with the fishing masters to take them, and in most cases dory or punt included, to Newfoundland. After arriving the boatkeepers worked independently all season on their own account but depended on the fishing master to take their fish to market and return them to England. Eventually some of the small boatkeepers would tire of this trans- atlantic crossing and would bring their families out to stay on in Newfoundland.
(Thomas Cole)
ffrom Cape de Raze to Renouse is 7 1/2 leaugs:
Richd Simons Arke Plymouth England.
Jno Darracot. Neptune Bidiford Streights.
Wm Hacker Hester Bidiford (to a markett).
Jno Lambe? Blossom Bidiford (to a markett).
Geo fleminge (Heminge?) Seraphin Bidiford (to a markett).
Abram ffillett (Hillett?) Lyon Jarsey Bilbao.
Jno Chapman Unity ffalmouth Marcellis.
Richd Gilder boatkeeper.    
ffrom Renouze to ffermouze is 2 leaugs:
Thos Scott Exchange Bidiford (to a markett).
Henr Pearne Blissinge Dartmo England.
Jno Smale Patremo Bidiford England.
Jno Marshall Eagle Bideford Bilbao.
Humphrey Bry� (Bryant?) Prosperous Bidiford (to a markett).
Robt ffishley Leanderbag Barnstable (to a markett).
Jno Tracy Hopewell Bidiford (to a markett).
Jno Champ Avallon Bidiford (to a markett).
ffrom Fermouze to Aqua forte is 1 Leaug:
Thos Hemmens Judith Bideford (to a markett).
Jno Perriman Unity Barnstaple (to a markett).
Henr Wilkey Seaflower Barnstaple Streights.
ffrom Aqua Forte to fferriland is 1 leaug:
James Cliff Mary Plymouth England.
Johnson & Marcom   Bideford Virginia.
Jno Pope John Plymouth Hants.
Geo Darracott Deligat Bideford Bordeaux.
David Baker Pearle Barnstaple Rochell.
Simon Dealing Phenix Bideford Bordeaux.
Geo Beivelle Black Swann Bideford Lisbone.
Jerrett Simon Ann Plymo Bordeaux.
Richd Tucker -------delight Plymouth Lisbone.
Peter Crange Consent Barnstaple St. Sebastien.
Edmond Small Mairmaid Barnstaple Bilbao.
Jno Orchard ffriendly agrement Bristoll Portugall.
Jno Tareach? Paragon Plymo Streights.
Wm? Peirce George Bristoll Canarys.
Geo Powell Amity Bideford England.
Jno Shapoon? boatkeep.    
fferriland to Capling Bay is 1 leaug:
Tho Sehope? Lyon Bideford (to a markett).
Jno Hayman Gone? Love Bideford (to a markett).
xpher Downing Dimond Bideford (to a markett).
ffrom Capling Bay to Cape Broile is one leaug
Geo Sparks Soloman Dartmouth England.
Aron Browning Exchange Bideford (to a markett).
Jno Widland Cape action Bideford (to a markett).
ffrom Cape Broile to Brigus is 1 leaug:
Orlando Ellet Return Dartmo Malago.
ffrom Brigus to the Cp of Sphers is 3 leaugs;
Jno Cuttings Newland mar Plymouth (to a markett)
ffrom the ----of Sphee-- to Toads Cove is 2 mil.
Caleb Barns Rose Dartmo Bilbao.
xpher Kelly Sarah Topsom Bilbao.
Jno Juett boatkeeper.    
ffrom Toads Cove to Mumable Bay is 1 league:
Henr Pearne Prosperous Topsom England.
Robt Jacobs Mary London Streights.
James Cutterford Reale friend Plymouth England.
ffrom Mumable Bay Whitless Bay is 1 leaug.
Sam Petley Salomond Plymouth (to a markett).
Nicho Tobins Delight Plymouth lvorne?
Jno Bove Nicholas Dartmouth England.
ffrom Whitless Bay to ye Baye Bulls is 1 leaug:
Jno pyon? omacago mar ycye? ----cayo.
James Smith Teocan? Dartmouth England.
Jno Hadford Ellerab? Dartmouth England.
Jno Blacker St. Peter Dartmouth Lisbons.
Geo Williams Society Dartmouth (blank)
Jno Mills Sarah Dartmouth Avero.
Erasmus Joys Hope Plymo England.
Jno Lane Judith Plymouth Port a Port.
ffrom Bay Bulls to Petty Harbo is 5 leaugs:
Tho Grigg Jno Dartmo England.
Steph Pearne Endeavor Dartmo England.
Wm Rawlinge Orange Dartmo (A merchant?).
Tho Richards Bilbao mar Topsom Bilbao.
Wm Showers Ilanna Topsom Bilbao.
Steph Cuttiford Olive branch Plymouth Burdaux.
Jno Selman Boatkeeper.    
ffrom Petty Harb to S Johns Harbb is three leaugs:
Xpher Selman Darras Dartmouth England.
Jno Lux Nonsuch Dartmo England.
Robr ffletcher Unity Dartmo England.
Jno Boudon True Intent Topsam England.
Jno Rick: Blackamore Dartmo England.
Tho Weymouth Susanna Dartmo England.
Jno Martins Phenix Tinmouth England.
Jno Johnson St. John�s mar Dartmo ffrance.
Geo Liscome Hopewell Dartmo Streights.
Jno Bass John Topsom Streights.
Micha gold Robr Dartmo Sevill.
Richd Pearle Ellerab: Tinmouth Cadiz.
Phillip Ware John Topsom Bilbao.
Richd Heyman Samuel Tinmouth England.
Humph: gutridg Neptune Dartmo Streights.
Benedick Hart Batchelor Topson Avero.
Richd fford George Dartmo Avero.
Saml Laite Jonas London Streights.
Jno Langdon Providence Dartmo Streights.
Tho Rowse Endeavor Plymo Portugal.
Jno Stone Katherine Dartmo Streights.
Rogr Mathews Eon? Mar Dartmo Streights.
Jno Marsett True Dealing Plymo Streights.
Samson Clark Exchange Plymo Streights.
Caleb Wedger Tho: & Ann Dartmo Streights.
Xpher Edger Mary Topsom Portugale.
Jno Ely Batchelor London Streights.
Tho Brown Blissings London Portugale.
St. Johns Harbour
Malachy Simons Mary London Streights.
Henr Nicholas Providence London Streights.
Roger Williams New Valentine London Streights.
Jno ffowles Kara lo Dartmouth Streights.
Edw Water Susanna London Streights.
Robt Loyd Benjamin Topsom Streights.
Robr Hunter Jno & Lawrence London Bilbao.
Jno Reynolds Jane Bristoll Bilbao.
Samll Stadford ffidellity Topsom Canary.
Jno Pitcher Jno & Barbary Dartmo Streights.
Tho Kollon Lyon Plymo Plymo.
Xpher Batt Hunter Dartmo Sivill.
Mile Cabe Newman Dartmo Lisbone.
Josep Sayer Leona & John London Streights.
Charle Tamson Mary Topsom Hants.
Richd Dodge grace Topsom �mary.
Wm Leaue? Bilbao mar Yarmouth Streights.
Tho Sherfield Sabab London Streights.
Henry Peters Patronio Bristoll (sacke a freight).
Jacob Harvey Huge? Flow London Sivile.
Henr Vicar- ---- London Lisbone.
Boat Keepers
Tho Cutterford Plymo.    
Elias Andrews Stokintiny.    
Geo Bale Dartmo.    
Richd Sellman Stokentiny.    
Lawrence H?aven Dartmo.    
Robt Denels? Stokentiny.    
Richd Cose St Mary Church.    
xphere Toplinge Stokentiny.    
Jno Tapper Stokentiny    
Robert Weymo. S Mary Church.    
Edw fforeland Topsom.    
Jno gaunt Tinmouth.    
Hugh Yabb Bricksom.    
Wm Down Bricksom.    
Jeffrey Lime Torkey.    
Edw Prouse Tinmouth.    
Robt Bickford Torkey.    
Wm Tapley Torkey.    
Nicko Jackson Stockgebridle.    
Jno Bickford Tinmouth.    
Henr Martin Tinmouth.    
Jno Bickford jun Stokentinny.    
ffrom st. John's Harbo to Tarbaye is 2 leauges and from thence to Cape St. francis is 4ls:
Richard Crutt Prudence Dartmo England.
Tho fford Ebenezer Plymo St. Lucan.
Gilbert Wakam Dorathy Dartmo Bilbao.
Ffrom Cape St ffrancis to Belile is 4 leaugs.
Richard Crutt Samson Dartmouth England.
Ffrom Belile to Brigus by no is 7 leaugs.
Tho Edwards Charles Bristoll (blank).
John Dyer (blank) Dartmo (a sack).
Ffrom Brigus to Cupids Cove is one leaug.
John Wall John & ffrannie Hampton Streights.
Ffrom Cupids cove to Port grave is 1 leaug.
Wm Stephens gabriole Bristoll Streights.
Ffrom Bay Roberts to Harbo Grace is 2 leaugs.
Elias Wotton Duringe Plymo (blank).
Wm Tozier Mary Dartmo (blank).
Wm Quick Mary Weymo (blank).
Ffrom Harbr grace to Carboneer is 1 leaug.
Rogr Baker Ellerbak London (blank).
Jno Mills Patience Bristoll Bilbao.
Wm Whithaire Bristoll ketch Bristol Bilbao.
Tho Bunderell Mary Rose gernsey Bilbao.
James Porter Bellemona Bristoll Streights.
ffrom Carbonneer to Bay Verd is 7 leaugs:
Wm Cock Gustavus Dartmouth bound to England.
Benja Webster Wm & George. Poole ( a sack ship).
Rich'd Tucker Swallow Weymouth (a sack ship).
Walter White James Shernan? (a sack ship).
Elias Payne Tho & Mary Dartmo bound to Streights.
Wm Mathews Wm & Thomas Gospar (a sack ship).
Jno Rogers Batchelor London bound to Streights.
ffrom Bay Verd to Old Perlican is 4 leaugs:
Tho Younge Wm? & Thomas Poole England.
Wm White Hapy Return Poole England.
Benj Petford Restauracion London Lisbon.
Robert ffarwell Endeavor Poole Avero.
Wm East Edw & Grace London Bordeaux.
Jno Jacobs swiftsure London Streights.
James Bayly Desire Hampton Malago.
ffrom Old Perlican to New Perlican 3 leaugs:
Rogr ffisher Concord Poole.  
ffrom New Perlican to Silly Cove is 3 leaugs:
Wm Burrough Katherine Hampton Barcelona.
Hugh Peircy Dorathy Weymouth Marselles.
ffrom Silly Cove to Bonaventure is 7 leaugs:
Henr Weston Sarah Weymouth England.
Henr Wale Providence Hampton Lisbon.
ffrom Bonaventure to Trinity Harbr 4 leaugs:
Henr le' Crass John Jernsey Bilbao.
Richd Taylor Ann & Grace Hampton Streights.
Wm Baker Margaret Poole.  
Richs Peircy Dolphin Weymo Malago.
ffrom Trinity Harb to Samon Cove 1 leaugs:
John Le Crass Bonaventure Jernsey Bilbao.
ffrom Samon Cove to English Harb 2 miles:      
Nichs Ballast Mary Jernsey Bilbao.
ffrom English Harb to Port Bonavista is 14 leaugs and from thence to Cape Bonavista 2 leaugs:
Jno Grigg Resolution Dartmo England.
Nicho Newole Brixon mar? Brixsom England.
Robt Barker David Weymo Cadiz.
Jno Caswaye Rose Weymouth Streights.
Sidraik Beele Unity Poole.  
Jno Edwards Jno Poole.  
Jno Sweet Mairmaid Dartmo (a sack ship).
James Stoke Pirodena Hampton Streights.
Jno Bennet John London (a sack ship)
Simon Skerton Paragon Dartmo. (a sack ship).
Thos Rose Surrell? Topsam. (a sack ship).
Henr Irimard? Sam & Ellen? Topsam. (a sack ship).
Wm Surrey Dolphin Weymouth Bilboa.
Jno Crisp Ingram London Streights.
English shippes fishing to ye southward of Cape de Raze.
Robt Berry Pelluan Bideford.  
Danll Darracott Willingmind Bideford.  
Richard Tucker Nightingale Bideford.  
Jno Horne Rich & Sarah Bideford  
[TC Note - a Rich Tucker* of Bideford, Devon, also had the Nightingale fishing southward from Cape de Raze. ]. 3 named Richard Tucker.

Contributed and Transcribed by Tom Cole - 2011

Page Last Modified: Thursday November 17, 2016 (Kevin Reddigan)
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