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Rev. U. Z. Rule and the Book "Reminiscenses of My Life"

  Rev. U. Z. Rule was in charge of the Church of England Mission of the Bay of Islands from 1865 until 1872. In 1927 he published the book, Reminiscences of My Life, in which he wrote quite a bit about life in Newfoundland, particularly concerning the West Coast, during his time spent there. The following is a list of names of people associated with Newfoundland whom Rev. Rule mentioned in this book. I have included a brief description of the event related to the name and the page on which this information appears. This book was published by Dicks & Co. Ltd., St.John's, 1927  
Surname Given Name Date Event Page in book
Field Bishop 1848 first visit to Labrador that summer 9
Disney Rev. H.P. 1850 left St. John's to "plant" church at St. Francis Harbour, Labrador 9
Hutchinson Rev. George 1863 Had mission in Battle Harbour 7
Winter Mr. 1863 collected revenue on Labrador Coast 8
Sweetland Judge 1863 accompanied Mr. Winter on Labrador Coast to collect revenue 8
Hamilton Captain 1863 Captain of Vesuvius, docked in Forteau 9
Rule Rev. U.Z. 1864 ordained St. John's on December 18th 16
Rule Rev. U.Z. 1864 charge of Quidi Vidi Mission after return to St. John's from Labrador 19
Medley Rev. Charles 1864 at St. Mary's Church, St. John's, son of Bishop of Fredericton 19
LeGallais Rev. W. W. 1864 visited Bay of Islands 23
LeGallais Rev. W. W. 1865 went to Bay of Islands with Rev. Rule 23
Rule Rev. U.Z. 1865 first landed at Birchy Cv, Bay of Islands, 13th July 23
Parsons James 1865 one of two boys who rowed Rev Rule ashore at Birchy Cv, Bay of Islands 23
Bagg William 1865 one of two boys who rowed Rev Rule ashore at Birchy Cv, Bay of Islands 23
Strickland Mr. 1865 living John's Beach, Bay of Islands 24
Derigan Maurice 1865 living John's Beach, Bay of Islands 24
Parsons Mr. & Mrs. 1865 family living in upper part of their fish store, Birchy Cv, house not completed 29
Bagg Mr. W. 1865 brother-in-law to Mr. Parsons, also married, living Birchy Cove, Bay of Islands 29
Lind Rev. H. 1866 charge of Mission of St. George's Bay 27
Unknown Louis 1866 Indian guide in St. George's Bay 27
White Rev. W. K. 1866 Rural Dean for Fortune Bay 28
Brake Edward 1866 Meadows, Bay of Islands, married with family 30
Loder Amelia 1866 of Sunnyside, Bay of Islands, was helper in Edward Brake's house 30
Stirling Captain 1866 his vessell lost near Cape St. George, all perished 66
McFee Captain 1866 sea captain sailing from Newfoundland to England 66
Humber James 1866 lived Bonne Bay 72
Sears Rev. late 1860s Roman priest who visited Bay of Islands about this time 26
Hayward Miss 1867 of St. John's, married Rev Hutchinson in Topsail 16
Morrie Mr. 1867 sold his land in Birchy Cv, Bay of Islands, to Rev. Rule, returned to St. George's Bay 31
Harvey Mr. 1867 carpenter brought to Birchy Cv by Bishop Field to help Rev. Rule 32
Rourke Michael 1868 in employ of Rev. Rule, Birchy Cove, Bay of Islands 46
Loder Amelia 1868 in employ of Rev. Rule, Birchy Cove, Bay of Islands 46
Caswall Rev. R.C. 1868 Incumbent of St. John's Cathedral 47
LeGallais Rev. W. W. 1869 charge of Channel mission 19
LeGallais Rev. W. W. 1869 drowned with 2 others, returning from Isle aux Morte 19
Wilton Solomon 1869 Lived Woody Point, Bonne Bay 33
Kelly Bishop 1871 dedicated St. Mary's Church and churchyard, Birchy Cv, Bay of Islands, on July 30th 33
Rule Rev. U.Z. 1872 left Bay of Islands and returned to England 53
House John 1872 walked with Rev. Rule in Daniel's Harbour area 60
Bagg Charles Hugh 1872 last burial by Rev. Rule, Bay of Islands, brother of William Bagg 62
Parsons Isreal Richard 1872 last baptism by Rev. Rule, Bay of Islands, son of Charles & Clarissa Parsons 63
Parsons Angelina 1873 daughter of Charles, Bay of Islands, about 11 yrs old (died age 15) 64
Hutchinson Rev. George 1876 died Topsail, four months after Bishop Field's death 16
Curling Mr. 1877 Lived Birchy Cove, Bay of Islands 34
Derigan Maurice 1880 died John's Beach, Bay of Islands, November 10th 63
Brake Edward 1882 wrote Rev Rule 10 yrs after Rule's return to England, mentioned William and family 38
Brake Alice 1882 daughter of Edward Brake, Bay of Islands, married a Davis 39

Contributed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (January 2003)

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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