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Treasury Title


Treasury of Newfoundland StoriesThe Treasury of Newfoundland Stories is a collection of short stories and poems that was published in 1961 by Maple Leaf Mills Limited, millers of "Cream of the West Flour". The book was edited by L. W. Janes, a well-known, Newfoundland historian. The book appears not to be copyrighted, and the authors of the stories are only vaguely identified.

Following is a list of the stories contained within the volume. Some of these stories are fictional others are true. The reader is left to decide. These stories have been transcribed for your enjoyment, simply click on the title highlighted to review that story.

In transcribing these stories every effort was made to present the material in its original form, including obvious typographical errors and misspelled names. Any questions concerning these transcriptions. Graphics in the book are also reproduced here.



1. When the Whales Came Up For Breakfast 29. How the Fish came to Hants Harbor in 1868
2. Capt. Ben Tavenor's Achievement 30. "Pamela" from Fogo
3. The Loss of the Maggie 31. The Ghost in the Parcel
4. Sheila Ne Geira Pike 32. Henry C. Thompson
5. From Halls Bay to Badger 33. A Race with the Stork
6. Captain William Jackman 34. The Year of The Ice
7. Uncle Michael 35. The Valour of a Newfoundland Soldier
8. A Great Sea Rescue 36. Saved From The Seas
9. The Stone Lady of Unknown Fame 37. My Most Thrilling Experience
10. The Wake 38. The Line Fence
11. Story of George Pearcival
Newfoundland's Swashbuckling Pirate
39. Adrift on the Banks in an Open Dory
Six Nights
12. A Sea Rescue 40. Ferryland
13. You're Another Kinchler 41. The Tidal Wave Disaster
14. Pretty Fanny Goff 42. Berry Picking
15. They Survived Hurricane Betsy 43. Heroines of Yesteryear
16. The Duck Hunt 44. Caught In The Ice
17. The Boarding House Ghost 45. The Story of Billy Philpott's Hole
18. Story of Tragedy 46. Memories of a Good Samaritan
19. Disaster of the U.S.S. Truxton and Pollux
St. Lawrence, February 18, 1942
47. Newfoundland Story -
The Scissors Cove Fire
20. The Bear and the Cook in Newfoundland 48. The Christmas Spirit
21. Uncle Joe's Jug 49. Dobbin The Diver
22. A Wild Cove Story 50. Friday The Thirteenth
23. The Cow in the Cellar 51. A Heroic Struggle For Life
Against Fearful Odds
24. Buck Fever 52. A Pennyworth of Milk
25. An Epic in Hardihood 53. South Coast Disaster of the Year 1929
26. Newfies in the States 54. Flag on the Hill
27. Adrift in an Open Dory 55. The Church
28. The Story of Mildred Baxter 56. Little Man with a Big Nerve

The author of each article is not recorded, however, in the back of the book is a listing of all the people who submitted items to this collection. Each person who was lucky enough to have his/her article published in the book is indicated by a star.

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This page transcribed by James Butler, 2000
REVISED:August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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