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Newfoundland and its Missionaries

(excerpts of Newfoundland names)

Wilson, William, Rev. 1866. Newfoundland and its missionaries. Dakin & Metcalf, Halifax. 448 pp.

The author was a Methodist clergyman who served in Newfoundland from 1820 to 1834. Using church records and personal information he documents the status of Methodism in Newfoundland until 1865. As indicated by the title, the focus is on Methodist missionaries, and there is much less information on parishioners.

Newfoundlanders listed, many only briefly:

Addy - John S. (Rev.)
Allen - John (Rev.)
Angwin - Thomas (Rev.)
Bagg - (Mr., of LaPoile)
Bailey - James (of St. John's)
Barr - Ninian (Rev.)
Bate - Charles (Rev.)
Bell - John (Rev.)
Bemister - Hannah L.
Bent - Joseph F. (Rev.)
Birkett - John H.
Boyd - John (Rev.)
Brettle - Elias (Rev.)
Brewster - John (Rev.)
Brooks - (Mr., of Bay Bulls)
Burns - Ann (Ivamy) 
Busby - Sampson (Rev.)
Carter - Robert (of Ferryland)
Cawley - James
Chancy - L. (Mr.)
Comben - Charles (Rev.)
Corlett - John (Rev.)
Coughlan - Lawrence (Rev.)
Cowan - James
Coxen - Mark (of St. John's)
Cozens - Charles (of Brigus)
Crew - George, Joseph, Mary, Susannah (of Bird Island Cove)
Croscombe - William (Rev.)
Cubit - George (Rev.)
Daniel - Henry (Rev.)
Dove - James (Rev.)
Downing - (Mr.)
Duder - Thomas C.
Duke - James A. (Rev.)
Ellidge - George (Rev.)
Ellis - William (Rev.)
England - James (Rev.)
Faulkner - William (Rev.)
Ferneaux - Hugh J.
Fox - Thomas (Rev.)
Freeman - William (of St. John's)
Gaden - Thomas N.
Gaetz - Joseph (Rev.)
Goodison - J. (Rev.)
Gosse - J. (Mr.)
Haigh - John (Rev.)
Harris - Thomas (Rev.)
Henderson - B. (Mr.), J. (Mr.)
Hennigar - James G. (Rev.)
Hickson - James (Rev.), Thomas (Rev.)
Hoskins - John (Rev.)
Howie - Isaac (Rev.)
Hunter - Edward G.
Ingham - Jabez (Rev.)
Ivamy - Ann, George, Martin (of English Harbour, TB)
Knight - Richard (Rev.)
Ladner - Charles (Rev.)
LeMessurier - John H.
Lewis - John (Rev.)
Lilly - James (of St. John's), W. (Mr.)
Lock - Elizabeth (of Lower Island Cove)
Lockhart - Christopher (Rev.)
March - Stephen R.
Marshall - William (Rev.)
McDowell - Samuel (Rev.)
McGeary - John (Rev.)
McPherson - Campbell
Minty - Mary (Crew)
Murry - William (Rev.)
Nightingale - Adam (Rev.)
Noall - Simeon (Rev.)
Norman - N. Munden
Norris - James (Rev.)
Parsons - Jonathan (of St. John's)
Pascoe - Joseph (Rev.)
Peach - John S. (Rev.), Maria S.
Pelley - Samuel W.
Phinney - John E. (Rev.)
Pickavant - John (Rev.)
Pike - John M. (Rev.)
Pine - Thomas P.
Prestwood - Paul (Rev.)
Reid - Alice M.
Remmington - John (Rev.)
Rogers - J.A. (Rev.)
Rogerson - James C.
Ryan - John
Saint - Charles, James (of Bonavista)
Sclater - David H.
Shenstone - William E. (Rev.), William Samuel (Rev.)
Shepherd - Richard (Rev.)
Sheppard - Jonathan
Skelton - George (Dr.)
Smith - Fanny M., George (Rev.), Thomas (Rev.)
Smithies - John (Rev.)
Snowball - John (Rev.)
Sprague - Samuel W. (Rev.)
Stretton - John (Rev.)
Stuart - John H.
Sutcliff - Ingham (Rev.)
Taylor - Hayward (of Carbonear)
Teed - S.T. (Rev.)
Thomas - William (Hon.)
Thomey - Arthur (Rev.)
Thoresby - William (Rev.)
Tilley - (Mr., of Hant's Harbour)
Tomkins - John (Rev.)
Turner - A.W. (Rev.)
Vey - George
Walsh - John (Rev.)
Ward - William (Rev.)
Waterhouse - John (Rev.)
White - Richard
Williams - Richard (Rev.)
Wilson - William (Rev.)
Winter - Jessie S.
Winterbotham - J. (Rev.)
Winton - Henry
Woods - Edwin B., Mary E.


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