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A Statement of Monies
in the custody of the
Supreme Court of Newfoundland
December 24, 1833



The following information was copied from "The Royal Gazette and Newfoundland Advertiser" newspaper dated December 24, 1833. Despite the fact that I have made an effort to copy all information exactly, there is still a chance I have made an error in transcribing.

Statement of Monies in the custody of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, belonging to the Estates of sundry persons, deceased -

Name of DeceasedOccupationLate ResidenceDate of Deposit of the Sum in CourtAmount originally depositedSum Paid OutBalance Remaining
Airly, DenisFishermanSt. John's1829, October158016143
Aylward, PatrickDoBay Bulls1833, December441000441
Bridle, RichardDoHarbor Grace1831, September761000761
Brien, MichaelDoBay Bulls1833, December3131100031311
Bolster, JosephDoCarbonear1827, February13344162872
Byrne, EdwardDoHarbor Grace1832, November41663360130
Carew, JohnDoSt. John's1833, November14000001400
Costello, ThomasDoDo1828, February1148068180
Davine, HenryDoBrigus1832, December127101100101710
Dooling, MauriceDoSt. John's1827, October20100761134
Dunief, ThomasDoDo1828, July49001493143
Drynet or Dragon, PierreDoHarbor Grace1827, May49100216946133
Gould, WilliamDoDo1831, September13290001329
Harper, NicholasDoSt. John's1831, June84161341109
Harney, JohnDoDo1833, November14000001400
Hearne, JohnDoDo1830, September430081393463
Hobby, JohnDoHarbor Grace1832, December1516871847184
Hutchinson, PeterShipwrightSt. John's1830, December16111101125109
Hudson or Hutchings, ThomasFishermanCarbonear1833, August814750113138
Jones, MichaelDoHarbor Grace1830, March13066186620
Kennedy, JohnDoSt. John's1830, December14349424193
Keele, ThomasDoDo1831, May5804210153
Lyons, JohnDoDo1830, December51024139065
McCarthy, DenisDoDo1831, April818471651111
McDonald, JohnDoHarbor Grace1833, April896449449
McLarty, JamesDoDo1832, May41991180319
Murphy, PatrickDoSt. John's1833, April318000318
Power, JamesDoLabrador1830, December1172012810146
Quin, WilliamDoSt. John's1830, December14460001446
Quinlan, JeremiahDoDo1832, April777524253
Quiddihy, WilliamDoCarbonear1833, August953200753
Ring, TerenceDoHarbor Grace1826, December2796415922139
Ridout, JohnShipwrightCarbonear1830, April20411810411147
Rochford, JohnFishermanSt. John's1832, November1400012131810
Rogers, JohnDoRenews1832, July491031960104
Ryan, PatrickDoSt. John's1829, November20141013619114
Stafford, JamesDoDo1832, July1931114157484
Sutton, CharlesPlanterHarbor Grace1826, November318113321410
Vallie, JamesFishermanBonavista1830, November127001961176

Probate Office, Supreme Court, 20th December, 1833.
Notice is hereby given to all Persons who consider themselves entitled to the several Sums above specified, or any part thereof, to exhibit and prove their Claims in this Office on or before the 20th day of June next; at which time distribution will be made, pursuant to Law.
By order of the Court
E.M. Archibald
Chief Clerk and Registrar Supreme Court, and Registrar of Probates.



Transcribed by: Michael Cooper April, 2000
Page revised: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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