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Individual Records of Members
from Newfoundland
who served during the Second World War
(1939 - 1945)

ANDREWS, Stephen Francis Service # F/36185 Donated by David L.G. Andrews
ANTHONY, John Service # 971570 Donated by Ron Blank
BAILEY, John Nelson Service # 970313 Donated by Nels Bailey
BASTOW, G. H., Flt Lt. R.A.F. Donated by Geoff Martin
BASTOW, Gordon Oakes Service # 798583 Donated by Geoff Martin
BARTLETT, Reginald Arthur Service # 971509 Donated by Dale Riggs
BATES, Michael Joseph Service # R/183305 Donated by
BLUNDON, Leonard Crane Service # 197100 Donated by Scott Blundon
BOLAND, William John Service # 971180 Donated by Carol Kennedy-Hopkins
BREEN, William Merchant Marine Donated by Daniel Breen
BRINSTON, Henry Gordon Service # 181399 Donated by Veteran Affairs Canada
BRINSTON, Richard Solomon Regt. # 1158224 Donated by Veteran Affairs Canada
BROWN, Garland Gill Regt # 970306 Donated By Keith Brown
BRUCE, Hugh Service # 280343 Donated by Helen Whiffen
CARTER, Sgt Reginald Regt. # 798635 Donated by Linda Elkins-Schmitt
CHURCHILL, Cyril Service # 970678 Donated by Sandra Knight Churchill
CLARKE, John Aloysius Service # 970685 Donated by William Clarke
COOPER, Brendan Service # C/195274 Donated by Carol Vavasour
CURRAN, Eugene Service # 970883 Donated by Peter Curran
CURTIS, George United States Army Donated by Jim Lane
DEWLING, Arthur Service # 970301 Donated by Chris Morry
DOUCETTE, Ambrose Regt # 971198 Veterans Affairs Canada
ELKINS, Robert Clarence Regt. # 970496 Donated by Linda Elkins-Schmitt
FLEMING, Michael Service # 208838 Donated by Paul Melanson
FRY, Lewis Alberto Service # 971548 Donated by Cecil Fry
GALLANT, Stan Regt. # P36913 Donated by Helen Whiffen
GALLANT, Thomas Cyril Service # 798515 Donated by Veterans Affairs Canada
GAUDET, Samuel Service # P/JX212478 Donated by Veterans Affairs Canada
GRUCHY, Albert Service # 798608 Donated by Geoff Martin
HALL, Robert Heath Service # Donated by Betty Morrissey
HALL, Stanley George Regt. # 970425 Donated by John Hall
HEALE, Robert Service # 100 Donated by Vernalyn Heale
HUNT, Llewellyn Jones Service # 971238 Donated by Helen Whiffen
KENEALLY, John Francis Service # 971352 Donated by Colin Stedman
KENNEDY, Thomas Bernard Service # 971153 Donated by Carol Kennedy-Hopkins
LACEY, David Brendan Service # 798568 Donated by Sister Mary Brenda
LAING, Joseph James Service # 53 Donated by Christine [Laing] Major
LAURIE, Michael J. Service # 201288 Donated by Michael J. Laurie
LAWLOR, Michael Joseph Service # 971244 Donated by Mary C. Duggan
MARCH, John Patrick Joseph Service # 971114 Donated by John March and Rosarii March-Pearce
MARSHALL, Samuel Robert Service # V-70485 (V-59870) Donatded by J. Robert Marshall
McGRATH, Owen Joseph Service # 228057 Donated by Stephen R. Taylor
MITCHELL, Hayward Stewart Service # P/JX 188931 Donated by Sandra Churchill
MORRY, Reginald Service # P/SSX 31753 Donated by Chris Morry
MULLALY, James, Capt.   Donated by Matt Mullaly
MULLETT, Abraham Thomas   Donated by Jean Clark
MURPHY, Thomas, W.O. Regt. # 798604 Donated by Brendan Murphy
NEWELL, Robert Stanley Service # 970195 Donated by Heather Kelly
NEWELL, Richard Wiseman Service # JX188382 Donated by Heather Kelly
O'QUINN, Arthur Service # 1356185 Donated by Veterans Affairs Canada
PARSONS, Isaac Service # 970597 Donated by Aubrey & Patricia O'Neill
PARSONS, Jack Service # 970501 Donated by Aubrey & Patricia O'Neill
PEARCE, Daniel Barry Service # 970017 Donated by Danny Axtman
PHILLIPS, Charles E. Service # 208850 Donated by Charles Phillips
PORTER, Gordon Service # JX230113 Donated by Dan Porter
POWER, Brendan Service # 268 [NOFU] Donated by Brendan Power
REDDY, James Service # 970291 Donated by Heather Kelly
RANDELL, William Service # 1764 Donated by Roland P. Wilder Randell
ROWBOTHAM, Alexander Service # SB12650 Donated by Peter Bell
ROWSELL, Cyril Rowland Service # 788667 Donated by Bruce Hynes
SHARPE, Henry "Harry" Merchant Marine Donated by Sarah Sharpe
SMITH, Howard Service # 182 Donated by Keith Brown
SMITH, John Service # C/204811 Donated by Cindy Snow
SNELGROVE, Terence Service # 910 Donated by Domino Howse
SNOW, Francis Douglas Service # 970698 Donated by Glenda Bursey
STRINGER, Harry G. Service # 970779 Donated by Brian Stringer
TAYLOR, James, O.S. Service # P/JX181288 Donated by Judy Garland Murray
TAYLOR, Otto Service # P/200108 Donated by Len Taylor
TULK, Hayward Selby, P.O.   Donated by Fran and Les Tulk
WHEELER, Cecil Service # 970249 Donated by Chris Morry
WINSOR, James H. Service # 970526 Donated by Stephanie Murray
WINSOR, John Kitchener Service # 971123 Donated by Gordon Winsor
YOUNG, Arthur Augustine Service # 970925 Donated by Carol Kennedy-Hopkins
YOUNG, Ives Reginald Service # MX754005 Donated by Helen Whiffen
YOUNG, Raymond Service # U25888 Donated by Helen Whiffen
YOUNG, Rufus Francis Service # 971234 Donated by Carol Kennedy-Hopkins

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