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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries


This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I's, J's, T's and F's all look alike, as do M's and N's. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy





Trans. Notes

The original writer uses a very persona style of spelling (ie., Mary is always spelled Marey) and frequent, unusual abbreviations ( Hu. is Elihu, Alesr. is Alexander, Is. is both Isaac and Isabelle, Geo can be George and Georgina, etc.) The original entry is listed as is with notes on the right as to likely meanings based on the overall occurrence in the record.
PAGE 1        
5-Jan John Halliday 42 years in family lot, grave 49 (?), sec 5, with case  
5-Jan Ella Gibbons 23 years reopen grave sec 1, no 141?  
8-Jan Gorge (sic). Sarah Le Marquand (?) stillborn male child in famil??? ???  
17-Jan Hazel Cooper 5 months grave 236, sec 1, without case  
17-Jan Edward George 75 years Poor Asylum order  
19-Jan Thomas Field 72 years Poor Comm order  
23-Jan Max (?) . Christian 5 1/2 years grave 237, sec 1 with case  
26-Jan Ann Gooby 75 years in family lot of William Gooby, sec 4, grave 14  
28-Jan Bessie Thistle 2 1/2 months sec 5, grave 5 and 6  
2-Feb Fanny Dawe 38 years sec 1, grave 238  
6-Feb Chesley Sparks 14 months reopen grave sec 8 (?) , grave 5 (?)  
9-Feb Sarah Bartlet (sic) 71 years sec 1, grave 239, without case  
10-Feb Amelia Francis Luscombe 75 years in family plot without case  
15-Feb William H Taylor 77 years in old ground with case  
16-Feb Martha Hughes 73 years in family plot of Mrs. Skinner? without case  
21-Feb John Francis 22 years Genl Hospital Order  
25-Feb Florance (sic) Rose 15 years Poor Comm order This writer consistently spells Florence as Florance
4-Mar Margret. (sic) Tucker three months in family plot, grave 25, sec 4? This writer abbreviates Margaret to Margret.
7-Mar Abraham Antle 84 years reopen sec 1, grave 55  
12-Mar William Simmonds 55 years sec 1, grave 240 with case  
16-Mar John Snow 76 years sec 1, grave 241, no???  
17-Mar John Curtis 36 years Penetentiary Order
25-Mar Thomas James Clement Hanse (?) 17 years sec 1, grave 242,   
25-Mar Annie Baird 33 years in family lot of John Boyes?  
PAGE 2        
31-Mar Mrs. Ernest Pike 38 years sec 1, no 245 with case  
2-Apr Albert Dodd 57 years Poor Asylum order  
4-Apr Samuel Chapman 16 years General Hospital order  
6-Apr Annie Patle? 14 years (?) Sec 1, no 244 with case Note on original page:
Removed to family plot
6-Apr Alfred Shaw 32 years in plot 22 sect 2, with case  
9-Apr Mrs. R. Dobbs stillborn male child in grave of James Wilson in old ground  
13-Apr Robert Clarke 41? years Lunatic Asylum order  
20-Apr Henry Eales Cowan 2 years in family plot with case  
22-Apr Marey (sic) Ann Cook 50 years adjoining her husband in old ground, without case  
24-Apr Elizibatt (sic) Rumsy 75 years reopen grave of John Rumsey  
24-Apr Isick (sic)Taylor 19 years in plot 24 sect 2 with case  
25-Apr James Gordon Baggs 8 months sec 1, grave 245 without ???  
27-Apr William Flight 59 years sec 1, grave 246 withut case  
28-Apr Mark Stuckless 54 years in family plot without case  
28-Apr Mr. A F. Sturan selected lot 36, sec 3  
29-Apr Robert Clarke removed from govt ground to sec 1, grave 244 with case  
4-May Rachel Stringr (sic) 16 years Department of Public Charities, in grave vacated of R. Clarke  
6-May Robert Chesley Ayer (sic) 46 years in family vault with case  
7-May Mr. John Bartlett No Entry bought grave 233, sec 1, Dr. McKenzie  
12-May R. Lindsays stillborn child in family plot 43, sec 5  
12-May Harold Grimes 13 years reopen grave 37, sec 1  
18-May Matilda Sheran 75 years in family plot, sec 3, no 36 with case  
19-May Elise Maunder 2 years reopen grave, sec 1, grave 128  
25-May Rodiah (sic) (?) Dwyer 3 weeks reopen grave 61, sec 1? Rhoda?
PAGE 3        
26-May William T. Pippy selected lot 8, sec. 4  
28-May Elzabett Peet 78 years in family plot os S. H. Peet, without case  
30-May Lilly (sic) Antle 2 weeks no 248, sec 1, without case  
30-May Mrs. Wm. Diamond 27 years no 248, sec 1 without case  
1-Jun Florance (sic) McDonald 3 weeks no 250, sec 1 without case  
6-Jun Annie C. White 58 years in family plot with case  
9-Jun Leah Goff (sic) Lash 39 years lot 38, sec 3 with case  
15-Jun Edward Youden 43 years no 251, sec 1 without case  
19-Jun Victoria A. March 64 years no 252, sec 4?, with case This entry crossed out with note
Removed to grave 44, sec 2.
19-Jun Gorden (sic) Llewellyn Mitchell 3 months no 253, sec 1, without case  
22-Jun Elizabath (sic) Thompson 82 years in plot 53, sec 5 with case  
23-Jun Mr. John March took possession of Plot 44, sec 2  
6-Jul Mrs. Jonstan (?) Milly took lot 35, sec 4, 9x9 Johnston?
6-Jul Jonathan Milly 76 years in plot 35, sec 4 with case  
11-Jul Anna Mach (sic) 65 years sec 5, plot 57, with case March?
11-Jul Mr. Joseph Moors selected lot 39, sec 5  
11-Jul Edna J. Moors 13 months in lot 39, sec 5, without case  
13-Jul Mr. Eda. (sic) Cooper selected lot 38, sec 4  
13-Jul Eliza Hunter 76 years in family lot, sec 4, no 38  
18-Jul Ann Cooper 3 years Poor Comm order  
24-Jul Jane Campbell 75 years in family plot with case  
29-Jul Mrs. Bond 40 years in family plot with case  
29-Jul John Snow 13 years in vacant grave 252, sec 1 (?), without case  
4-Aug Job W. W. Spry selected lots 67 and 68, sec 5  
6-Aug Samuel Noseworthy 58 years in grave 254, sec 1 with case  
10-Aug Marey (sic) L. Spry 84 years in family plot with case  
10-Aug Honble (?) James Baid (?) Selects plot adjoing the late Wh??? in old cemetery Honourable James Baird?
PAGE 4        
12-Aug Laura Barnes 15 years reopen grave of Jesse? Barnes  
12-Aug Charlot (sic) Smith 60 years General Hospital order  
14-Aug Catherine Hiscocks illegt. son 1 day Poor Comminsors (sic) order  
15-Aug Joseph Ledrew No Entry removed from grave 98, sec 6 to family plot  
15-Aug Marion Frost 3 days in grave 255, sec 1 without case  
16-Aug Mr. Simmonds stillborn male child reopen grave, sec 8, grave 102  
17-Aug For??? Webber 66 years Penetientiary Order (sic)  
18-Aug Wm. H. Whitley 69 years in family plot, nos 43 and 44, sec 4, without case  
25-Aug Hurbert Dawe 9 months reopen grave 238, sec 1, no case  
25-Aug Mrs. Arthur Hamlyn 30 years reopen grave 217, sec 1, no case  
26-Aug Mr. (?) N. Ivany 57 years grave 256, sec 1, without case  
28-Aug Mrs. Roberts stillborn male child grave 257, sec 1,   
28-Aug Marey (sic) Julia Ayer (sic) 48 years in family vault of C. R. Ayer Ayre ?
29-Aug Thomas A. Janes 7 years in family plot, sec 4, no 30 (?), without case  
4-Sep Elezebath (sic) Hodder 12 days sec 1, grave 258, without case  
5-Sep Mrs. Yabsleys (sic) stillborn male child grave 259, no case  
10-Sep Violet Mills 6 months in sec 1, grave 260 no case  
11-Sep Harold B. Janes 14 months in sec 1, grave 261, no case  
14-Sep Florance (sic) Rumsey 2 months in family plot of Cap. Thomas Rumsey, without case  
15-Sep Eliza Fraser 78 years in family plot with case  
17-Sep Alen (sic) Janes selected 1/2 plot 7 1/2 ft x 9 ft, sec 4, grave 28  
21-Sep Rousal Wordonll (sic) 49 years sec 1, grave 262 with case (sic) Note In margin
Sent Home
23-Sep Annie Rolada(?) Dick Graham 37 years sec 1, grave 262, with case (sic) Rolanda?
Note just about the name Aannie:

No Internment
28-Sep Hazil (sic) Taylor 3 days sec 1, grave 263 without case Hazel?
PAGE 5        
5-Oct Marey(sic) Strong ellegimate (sic)son 9 months Poor Comm Order illegitimate?
8-Oct William Noftal (sic) 35 years sec 1, grave 264, without case  
10-Oct Christopher Efford 16 months sec 1, grave 265 without case  
19-Oct Maud But (sic) 7 years sec 1, grave 266, without case Butt?
20-Oct Sarah G. Deer 2 1/2 months family plot, no 43, sec 2, no case  
20-Oct James Barnes 50 years sec 1, grave 267, without case  
24-Oct Caroline Pike 37 years sec 1, grave 268 with case  
27-Oct George Johns 20 years in family plot, sec 5, no 9, without case  
27-Oct Samuel Snow 62 years in govt ground, Layton's order?  
28-Oct Anna B. Snow 2months sec 1, grave 269, no case  
28-Oct Mr. Petter (sic) Cowan No Entry took lot 10, sec 4  
28-Oct Jams (sic) A. McPherson 50 years plot 10, sec 4 with case James?
28-Oct Charles Grouchy 12 1/2 years reopen in family plot, sec 4, no 24, without case  
1-Nov Charles Taylor 2 months sec 1, grave 270, without case  
2-Nov Adolph Neilsen 53 (?) years sec 1, grave 271 without case  
5-Nov William Street 45 years Poor Comm order  
6-Nov Fredrick Trowtridge (sic) 2 years sec 1, grave 272 without case Trowbridge? Strowbridge?
9-Nov Malchom (sic) Rose 6 months sec 1, grave 273, no case Malcolm?
13-Nov Estella (sic) King 1 year, 9 months sec 1, grave 274  
13-Nov Ethel J. King 2 years, 9 months sec 1, grave 275  
16-Nov Flora Hodder 19 months sec 1, grave 276  
20-Nov Hanabal (sic) Stow (sic) 68 years reopen grave, sec 1, no 59 (?)  
26-Nov Joseph Barnes No Entry selected lot 19, sec 4  
PAGE 6        
26-Nov Harold Barnes 12 years in family plot without case  
30-Nov Mercedes Biggs 7 months reopen grave 112, sec. ? Page torn on right edge
30-Nov Edith K. Driscoll 8 months reopen grave 70, sec ?  
2-Dec Lydia Andrews 2 years, 9 months reopen grave 86, sec. ?  
7-Dec Gorden (sic) Chales (sic) Parsons 4 1/2 months sec 1, grave 277 Gordon?
7-Dec Audrey Bartlett 1 year in family plot old ground  
7-Dec Mrs. Jonas Ledrews
prematurely born child
7 months sec 1, grave???  
9-Dec Hurburt (sic) Clounston (sic) 5 years in family plot with case  
10-Dec Christopher Dalton 60 years sec 1, grave 279  
14-Dec Hubert Rowe 10 years sec 1, grave 280  
15-Dec Gladys Parrot (sic) 7 years reopen grave no 106, sec???  
17-Dec Lindal (sic) Earle 2 years sec 1, grave 281, no case  
17-Dec Gilbert Earle 2 weeks in grave of Lindal Earle  
18-Dec George Ash 22 years in family plot, sec ??  
18-Dec Wm Ash No Entry selected lot 48, sec 4  
21-Dec Edward Pottol (?) 5 weeks sec 1, grave 20 (?) Pottle? Pottal?
22-Dec Alice Froud 17 years Lunatic Asylum  
23-Dec Susan Garlands Infant 15 days Poor Comm Order  
23-Dec Simon Reynolds stillborn male child sec 1, grave 2??  
24-Dec Stephen Garland 67 years sec 1, grave 2??  
25-Dec Jane Marshall 4 months reopen grave 49, sec ???  
26-Dec Manuel Mitchell 70 years sec 1, grave 285, ?????  
31-Dec Marey (sic) Day 72 years (?) sec 1, grave 286 ???  

Transcribed by: For additional information Please email: Ngaire Genge

Page Last Modified: April 20, 2015 (Don Tate)

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