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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries



This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I's, J's, T's and F's all look alike, as do M's and N's. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy





Trans. Notes

PAGE 1        
4-Jan Robert Cave 9 years in old ground, reopen grave , wi????  
7-Jan Sarah Luther 10 days in sec 1, no 71 reopen grave  
8-Jan Frederick Gooby 1 year in family lot of Mr. Bernard Gooby  
16-Jan Jane Ivany 43 years in government lot, Poor Comm  
20-Jan William Giles 6 months sec 4,no 36 9 ft x 9 ft, coffin with case  
21-Jan Annie Stacey 81 years in family lot, old ground, with case  
24-Jan Rev. Dr. Geo S. Milligan 73 years in family lot with case  
25-Jan Mrs. Wm Hudsons stillborn female child sec 6, no 15  
30-Jan George Bursey 64 years in govt lot with case  
31-Jan Thomas Jolliffe 92 years in family lot with case  
31-Jan Belinda Trim 60 years sec 1, no 169 without case  
1-Feb Minnie B. Butt 2 months sec 1, no 109 reopen grave  
1-Feb Mr. James Green took one plot, 9 ft x 9 ft sec 2, no 4  
PAGE 2        
1-Feb Jessie Frampton 16 years sec 1, no 170 coffin without case  
3-Feb Sarah Lennox 86 years coffin without case, reopen  
3-Feb Alex Stuart Bruce 62 years sec 1, no 171 coffin w???  
4-Feb Gladys May Foster 2 years in govt ground, Poor Comm  
5-Feb Kenneth Parsons 2 1/2 years in govt ground with case  
5-Feb William F. Rennie 90 years in family lot with case  
8-Feb Emily Rowe 28 years in sec 1, no 172 without????  
13-Feb Robert Pircey (sic) 88 years in sec 1, no 178 without case  
13-Feb Jacob Rose 46 years in govt lot, Poor Comm  
17-Feb George Buttler (sic) 6 months in family lot of Thos. Haz???  
17-Feb Mrs. Charles Snows stillborn male child sec 6  
18-Feb Olive May Curtis 10 days in sec 1, no 174 without case  
21-Feb Herbert Best 19 years in sec 1, no 175 coffin without c???  
24-Feb Rosanna Janes 54 years in sec 1, no 176 without ca???  
24-Feb Elizabeth Driscoll 81 years in family lot, sec 5, no 7, without ???  
24-Feb Grace Jardine 82 years in family lot with case  
1-Mar Maud Crane 3 days in sec 1, no 177 without ????  
3-Mar Kathleen Pike 15 months in family lot without ???  
3-Mar May March 19 months sec 1, no 178, coffin with???  
5-Mar Cecil Parsons 2 1/2 months in sec 1, no 179 without case  
6-Mar Rebecca Moist 57 years in sec 1, no 180 coffin withou??  
10-Mar Mrs. Pikes stillborn child in family lot of Cpt. R. Pike ???  
19-Mar Effie Cooper 7 days in sec 1, no 181 without case  
PAGE 3        
22-Mar Dorothy C. Vay 7 years in family lot with case  
24-Mar Allan Pickfords stillborn female child sec 1, no 182?  
24-Mar Sarah Herder 91 years in family lot with case  
26-Mar Florence Murray 9 years in family lot, sec 4, no 2, 9 ft x9 ft  
29-Mar George Rose's stillborn child in no of Robert Rose  
29-Mar Lucy Rose 40 years in govt ground Poor Order  
4-Apr Sarah Witten 74 years in govt groundPoor Order  
11-Apr Robert LeDrew 19 years reopen grave with his ???  
11-Apr Florence Cross 11 months in family lot without ???  
15-Apr Charles Lewis 19 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
15-Apr Mr. Fred Wallaces stillborn female child reopen grave  
19-Apr Nita S. Adey 2 1/2 years sec 6, ?????, no 30, without ???  
19-Apr William Bishop 11 months reopen grave  
21-Apr Geo W. A. Bowdon 23 years in family lot with case  
21-Apr Arthur Mitchell 2 months reopen grave  
23-Apr William Pynn 17 years in family lot without case  
23-Apr (?) Eric L????man 9 months in family lot F. W. Bowden?  
29-Apr Ethel May Snelgrove 9 months reopen grave without case  
3-May Joseph Garland took a grave reserve adjoining his late wife's grave  
3-May Pearl Rumsey 6 days sec 1, no 138? reopen grave  
6-May John Maunder  No Entry took lot 24, sec 3  
8-May William Halley 45 years in govt ground, General Hospital Order  
9-May Alfred Parsons 91 years in family lot, with case  
PAGE 4        
9-May William Snelgrove 4 years sec 8, no 5 coffin wi???  
10-May Elsie May Stewart 13 months Poor Comm order  
12-May Emily Halfyard 16 years in vacant grave block 3, sec ?  
12-May infant son of Mr. Joseph Kanes 1 day in Mr. Rideout lot ???  
14-May Robert G. Pike took possession of lot 41, sec 3?  
14-May Richard Pike took possession of lot 42, sec 3?  
15-May Lydia Fassell 26 years General Hospital Order  
16-May infant brother of Isabella Thistle 3 hours old reopen grave with his sister  
18-May Katherine (?) Pike 70 years in family lot with case  
19-May Mary Avary (sic) 3 years sec 1, no 183 coffin with ???  
20-May Mary J. French 64 years family plot with case  
20-May Falib (?) Meadus 10 months reopen grave sec 1?  
25-May Dorothy Noftall 2 1/2 years diptheria, sec 1, no 84, without ???  
26-May William Stowe 60 years in family lot with case  
26-May George W. Mews 68 years in family lot ???? with case  
28-May Rachel B. Milley 3 years reopen grave , sec 6, no ???, without ???  
28-May Mr. ????? Green selected lot 10, sec 3  
Jun 1 1902 Mr. Gor (?) Simmons stillborn male child sec 1, no 10?  
4-Jun Grover John Ball 12 years in old cemetery between ???  
9-Jun Lucy Green 33 years in family lot 10, sec 3?, with case  
9-Jun Joseph Vatcher 10 months reopen grave in old ???  
12-Jun Claude M. Martin 2 years in vacant no 101, sec. ??  
13-Jun Eleanor Cook 2 years sec 1, no 186 with ???  
24-Jun David McCrindle 71 years family plot without ???  
PAGE 5        
24-Jun Bertha Jane Rogers 2 years reopen grave in old ground  
25-Jun Laura Moore 3 months sec 1, grave 187 without case  
28-Jun Charles Coyalle 3 months sec 1, no 188 without case  
2-Jul Patence (sic) Collins 25 years sec 1, no 189 without case  
4-Jul Albert Cornwall Knight 1 year Mr. Knight selected lot 52, sec 5
sec 5, no 52,with case (sic)
5-Jul Joseph Robbins 3 days sec 1, no 190  
8-Jul Alonzo Avey (sic) 2 years sec 1, no 191  
10-Jul Blanch Freeman 15 years in family lot without case  
11-Jul Belinda Mugfords stillborn infant child sec 1, no 192  
12-Jul John Eli Evans 1 year sec 1, no 193  
12-Jul Jane Raines 56 years Poor Comm order  
16-Jul George Reid 65 years sec 1, no 194 coffin with case  
18-Jul Hugh Fleet 1 1/2 years sec 1, no 195 without case  
19-Jul Jean Loung (sic) 9 weeks sec 1, no 196 without case  
24-Jul Bleman (sic) Milly (sic) 2 months sec 1, no 197 without case  
26-Jul Mr. H. D. Reid selected lots 57, 58, 59, 60, sec 3  
No Entry Katherine (?) Duff Reid 3 days in family lot with case The date has been stroked through. DAte may have been ditto marks.
26-Jul Amelia Garland 72 years reopen grave , sec 8, no 6?  
2-Aug Selina Tracey 3 years, 1 month reopen grave sec 6, ????  
4-Aug Robert Run??? 1 year in family square without case  
8-Aug Emma Florance (sic)Tucker 1 month sec 1, no 198 without case  
11-Aug Bertha Stanley 2 years sec 1, no 199 without case  
13-Aug Arthur Hamlyn 1 month in his grandfather's lot without ???  
PAGE 6        
13-Aug Joseph Barret (sic) 84 years in lot 42, sec 2 without case  
16-Aug Elizabeth Collins 17 years reopen grave  
19-Aug Alex Moore 24 years Lunatic Asylum order  
20-Aug Norman D. Ivany 10 months sec 1, grave 200  
25-Aug Ruth Storey 10 years in family lot with case  
29-Aug Walter Stafford 17 years sec 1, grave 201  
1-Sep Elizabeth Nevel (?) 81 years sec 5, lot 21 with case Neville?
1-Sep Gertrude Ellen Bragg 4 months sec 1, grave 202  
6-Sep James Donald Coles five hours in family lot  
8-Sep Job Seyviour (sic) 10 years reopen grave  
8-Sep Marcy (sic) Simpson 6 months reopen grave  
12-Sep Maud Mary Brien 6 months sec 1, no 203  
12-Sep Emma L. Bowden 23 years in old ground without case  
13-Sep Edward Charles McNeven? 2 months sec 1, grave 204  
14-Sep Sarah Deer 29 years in family plot, sec 2, no 43  
15-Sep Stanley Barnes 16 years in family plot without case  
17-Sep Austin Adams 11 months sec 1, grave 205  
17-Sep Charles Hopkins 2 months sec 1, grave 206  
18-Sep Fred. James Lindsay 6 weeks in family lot without case  
19-Sep Effie Florance (sic) House 3 weeks sec 1, no 207  
19-Sep Robert James Rose 4 months reopen grave  
22-Sep Gladys C. Rogers 10 months sec 1, no 208  
24-Sep Charlotte March 6 months sec 1, grave 209  
PAGE 7        
27-Sep Wilford Earle 3 months reopen grave  
28-Sep William Napeir (sic) 24 years Poor Comm order  
30-Sep Maltilda (sic) Campbell 77 years sec 1, grave 210 without case  
1-Oct Nathl. Geo. Leftrage (sic) 8 months sec 1, grave 211 without case Nathaniel George Lethbridge?
2-Oct John D. Hatcher 14 months sec 1 grave 212  
4-Oct Wm Austin 3 months reopen grave  
6-Oct Wm. Robert Penny 3 weeks reopen grave  
6-Oct Robert James Deer 1 month in family lot, reopen grave  
6-Oct William James Whitten 65 years sec 1, grave 213  
8-Oct Ebenzer (sic) Squires 2 1/2 months sec 1, grave 214  
9-Oct Eric Garland 13 months reopen grave  
9-Oct Roy McKenzie 13 years in family lot, with case  
10-Oct Liley (sic) Cook 3 months sec 1, grave 215  
13-Oct William Newtook (sic) 79 years reopen grave  
14-Oct John Eales 78 years in family lot with case  
17-Oct Marey? Ann Noseworthy 9 months reopen grave  
17-Oct Herbert H. Butler 6 weeks sec 1, grave 216  
18-Oct Hugh Hamlyn 2 years sec 1, grave 217  
20-Oct Jordan Butt 20 years sec 1, grave 218  
21-Oct Achibald (sic)Christian took possession of lot 54, sec 5  
21-Oct Alexr. James Christean (sic) 2 months lot 61, sec 4Al Alexander James Christian?
21-Oct Leslie Rowe 2 months reopen grave  
23-Oct Louisa Rachel Abbot (sic) 68 years sec 1, grave 219  
PAGE 8        
27-Oct George Cunningham Scott 37 years sec 1, grave 220, without case  
27-Oct Emily Jones Duder 51 years in family lot with case Sect 5 no 64  
29-Oct Arthur Morris 19 years sec 1, grave 221 without case  
29-Oct Mildred Garland 5 months sec 1, grave 222  
29-Oct Mon Ton (sic) 65 years sec 1, grave 223, with case  
30-Oct Fathermel (sic) Avery (?) 66 yeras sec 1, 224 without case  
31-Oct Jane Sooper 78 years in family plot without ca??  
1-Nov Hurbert (sic) D. Taylor 3 months reopen grave  
3-Nov Kezehia (?) Green 63 years sec 1, no 225 without case  
3-Nov Walter Gladness Penny 11 months reopen grave  
4-Nov Alexer.? Collins 19 months reopen grave in old ground  
5-Nov James Davis 14 months in old ground  
6-Nov Marey? (sic) Biggs 61 years sec 1, no 226 with case  
8-Nov Maud I. Thompson 24 years sec 1, no 227 with case  
10-Nov Ralph McBay 2 1/2 years sec 1, grave 228  
11-Nov Eva Jardine 19 years in family lot with case  
11-Nov Mr. M. Gooby selected lot 12, section 4  
12-Nov Gordon James Gorman 7 1/2 years Poor Comm order  
13-Nov Chesley Moore 2 1/2 years sec 1, grave 229  
14-Nov Doris Horwood removed from sec 1, no 34 to old ground  
14-Nov Agness (sic) Austin 19 years Lunatic Asylum Order  
15-Nov Jane Fose (?) 78 years family plot 11, sec 5, without case  
17-Nov Chyder (sic) Lowe 10 months sec 1, grave 230  
20-Nov Gertrude Lindsay 2 1/2 months in family lot with case  
PAGE 9        
27-Nov John B. McNeil 4 days (?) in lot 88 sect 5 without case  
Dec 1 1902 Jon R (?) Chrisholms 80 years in family lot no 70 sect 5 with case  
5-Dec John Squirs (sic) 6 weeks in family plot without case  
6-Dec Bessie Blake Morison (sic) 67 years in family lot with case  
11-Dec John Dwyer 55 years sec 1, grave 231 without case  
12-Dec Danel (sic). J. Henderson 76 years sec 5, lot 51 with case  
13-Dec James Dwyer 1 month reopen grave  
18-Dec Sarah Horwood 70 years sec 1, grave 232  
26-Dec Dr. McKenzie 50 years sec 1, grave 2333with case Note: This entry crossed out with note,
No interment
26-Dec Fredrick Baid (?) 1 day reopen grave in old ground Original handwriting odd, might be Baird, Barred?
29-Dec Alexr. Geary's stillborn male infant Poor Comm Order  
30-Dec Henry J. Bartlet (sic) 63 years sec 1, grave 234 with case  
30-Dec Marey (sic) Clarke 3 months sec 1, grave 34  
31-Dec Nicholas Nichol 73 years sec 1, grave 235 without case  

Transcribed by: For additional information Please email: Ngaire Genge

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