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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries


This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I's, J's, T's and F's all look alike, as do M's and N's. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy
Date Name Age Remarks Trans. Notes
PAGE 1        
3-Jan Elsie B. Russell 2 years    
4-Jan James Stowe 16 years    
5-Jan Mrs. Penneys ? male infant still born Ditto Marks in box.
9-Jan Silian Ann Austen (?) 13 months reopen grave  
12-Jan George Abbott 8 months    
13-Jan Fredrick J. Evans 6 weeks    
13-Jan Mrs. Arthur G. Randell 33 years in [Mr. Mutch] family lot, with case  
13-Jan James Garland 3 months in family lot, with case  
14-Jan Marion Garden (??) 14 years reopen grave  
18-Jan Agness (sic) King 20 years    
27-Jan Mary Ann Ivany's ? still born infant Ditto Marks in box.
5-Feb Martha J. Noseworthy 33 years    
5-Feb [James Watson]? 39? years   Practically illegible, best guess
8-Feb Caroline [Rendell] ?   Practically illegible, best guess. May be Randell, Rendall?  Age also unreadable
12-Feb Elizabeth ?. Thistle 3 1/2 months    
13-Feb Sarah E. Parsons 5 years reopen grave  
14-Feb Moses Nichols 91 years in family lot  
15-Feb Drucilia Ash 65 years In govt lot, Poor Comm order  
18-Feb Mary Rodgers 10? years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
?-Feb Harry Laurie 9 1/2 years (?) in family lot, with case  
?-Feb ? Harris 22 years in family lot, with case  
?-Feb William Parsons 22 years ?  
PAGE 2        
29 Mar Elizabeth Ramsey 79 years reopen grave Dates out of order on original page
21 Mar Lily A. Brags 7 months   Dates out of order on original page
6-Mar Eliae Rolina 13 (?) months in govt ground, Poor Comm order  
9-Mar Jane Skirving (?) 69 years in family lot with case  
13-Mar Abrim(??) Earle 17 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
15-Mar Charles King 6? years with case May be 63 Years old
21-Mar Edgar Legrew 7 months    
22-Mar Walter Rowe 5 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order, diptheria  
24-Mar S. Milleys infant 4 hours in family lot  
25-Mar Agnes Cowan 5 1/2 years in family lot, with case  
29-Mar Ada Campbell 9 years in family lot, with case  
1 Apr Anna B. (?) Milley 26 years in family lot, with case  
1-Apr Hannah Searle 24 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
4-Apr Sarah J. Hiscock 48 years    
7-Apr (?) Lillian Bensin 9 months reopen grave  
6-Apr Mrs. Arthur Peach 40 years with case  
20-Apr Mrs. Alfred Parsons 83 years in family lot, with case  
21-Apr William B. Browning 29 years in family lot, with case  
26-Apr Lillian Carnell 6 months in family lot  
28-Apr Thedare (sic) Tucker 18 months    
29-Apr Elizabeth Curtis 58 years    
1-May Stephen Sparks Clark (?) ? Still born Ditto marks for the entry
PAGE 3        
1-May (?) John Stockles (?) 20 1/2 years    
4-May Richard Pike 59 years in family lot, with case  
6-May John Wheeler 19 years    
11-May Claud Chaplin 3 years in family lot, with case  
11-May Josiah Garland 60 years    
11-May Rhoda Hubbard 4 months in government ground  
12-May Jessie Andrews 20 months (?)    
12-May William Eales (?) 66 (?) years in family lot, with case  
18-May Annie J. McBay (?) 1 1/2 years in family lot, Charles Trencher Could be McKay
18-May John Legrow's ? child still born Ditto marks in entry
18-May Jeanie Hutchings 8 years in family lot, with case  
18-May George Mc???'s ? still born infant Ditto marks in entry
18-May Mrs. Gillespie 69 years in family lot, with case  
19-May Elizabeth A Houdel 2 months    
19-May Mark Stuckless   family square of ground Ditto marks in entry
29-May Mrs. William Warren 74 years in family vault  
28-May Winafred Noseworthy 4 years Signal Hospital, diptheria  
31-May Susanna [Milley] (?) 39 years with case Very faint.
1-Jun James McKenzie 7 months in family lot  
9-Jun William Earles ????????? Reopen grave Unreadable
14-Jun Maria Whelan 28 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
16-Jun Isaac Harris 10 months in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
PAGE 4        
17-Jun Harriet ?. Frampton 3 days reopen grave  
18-Jun Mrs. Henry Marshalls No Entry male child stillborn  
19-Jun Robert Carmichael 2 1/2 years (?) with case, in family lot  
25-Jun Mrs. Pollock still born infant reopen grave  
26-Jun Allan Rogers 2 years    
28-Jun Susanna Andrews 82 years in family lot  
29-Jun Stephen Sparks 26 (?) years    
3-Jul Edith Vey 14 years    
5-Jul Ann Stringer 25 years in government lot, Poor Comm  
7-Jul Sably (?) Harwath 8 months (?) reopen grave Nearly unreadable
8-Jul Belinda Houden 3 months reopen grave  
8-Jul Merian Hansan 6 months    
10-Jul James Carmichael No Entry one square 9 feet x 14 feet  
17-Jul Mary C. Diamond 14 months in square ground 9 feet x 9 feet  
26-Jul Mrs. Sarah Lennox 39 years with case  
31-Jul Emma P. Bursey 27 years    
8-Aug Eli LeGrow 39 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
9-Aug Walter White 4 months reopen grave  
10-Aug Beatrice Thomas 15 days reopen grave  
12-Aug Mary Bursey 5 months reopen grave  
13-Aug Hazel Masey (??) 4 months    
14-Aug Francis & Winefred Reid 7 months with case, S.A.  
PAGE 5        
15-Aug Nelly Parsons 8 days in 2 square of ground  
15-Aug Mrs. John Spencer 33 years    
?-Aug Arnold Barker 6 months    
21-Aug Fredrick A. Bastow 26 years in family lot, with case  
21-Aug Effie Spencer 2 weeks reopen grave  
23-Aug Miriam J. Evans 2 years    
23-Aug Amelia Ann Pilley (?) 3 months    
29-Aug John McDougal 53 years in family lot, with case  
31-Aug Gremelia (?) Taylor 4 months    
4-Sep Samuel Peet 2 years diptheria  
4-Sep William Bennett 4 months reopen grave  
6-Sep Mary J. Marshall 49 years    
Sept ? Herbert King 16 months    
Sept ? Emma F.(?) Brehan 49 years in family lot, 9x9 feet with case  
Sept ? Mrs. Elizabeth Skinner ? family lot 9 x 9 feet Ditto marks as the entry
Sept ? Samuel ? ?   Unreadable
13-Sep Charles Lait 8 month in family lot  
14-Sep Stephen Strong 12 years in govert lot, Poor Comm  
15-Sep James Simmonds 20 years Health? order?  
15-Sep Margaret Lowe 6 months    
15-Sep Brehan ? one square 9x9 feet Only the single name on original page, Age unreadable
16-Sep Bertha Gullage 11? months    
PAGE 6        
18-Sep Lillian Copper 8 months in government lot  
23-Sep George Keppie 3 (?) days    
26-Sep Annie Crane 15 years in govt lot, St. John's Hospital, diptheria  
28-Sep George Andrews 1 month reopen grave  
2-Oct Thomas Couch 7 months reopen grave  
2-Oct Minnie Squires 9 months reopen grave  
3-Oct John Samuel Vey 40 years reopen grave  
4-Oct Mary Ann [LeGrew] 13 years    
9-Oct Janet Taylor two weeks reopen grave  
9-Oct Nathaniel Mackler (?) 5 weeks in govt lot, Poor Comms offer  
10-Oct Lizzie MacGregor 15 years?    
13-Oct Donald (?) Burt 6 months    
14-Oct Elizabeth Snow 16 months in govt lots, Poor Commsr order  
17-Oct James Butt 18 months    
20-Oct James Greeley 32 years (?)    
21-Oct Peter H??? 18 years reopen grave Could be Healy, or Ivany
23-Oct Robert [?] 65 years Poor Asylum order, in gov=t ground  
23-Oct Fanny Frister (?) 27 years reopen grave  
24-Oct Jane Maria Mercer 21 years    
Oct ?? Alfred Pike 70 years with case  
24-Oct Daise Morris 22 months    
25-Oct Sarah F. Ridout 3 years    
PAGE 7        
24-Oct Nellie [Gorman] 6 months   Unclear
27-Oct Betsy Cowan 63 years with case in family lot  
30-Oct Alfred Frampton 8 days    
31-Oct Sarah Peddle 36 years in govt lot Poor Commsr order  
3-Nov Albert Wilson Morel 8 weeks    
6-Nov Emma Morris 40 years (?)    
11-Nov William H. Wight 7 years    
13-Nov William Giles 66 years in family lot with case  
10-Nov Fredric R. Page 75 years    
15-Nov Edith May Cowan 6 weeks in family lot with case  
16-Nov James L. Heffern 2 months    
18-Nov Elizabeth Tizzard (??) 75 (?) years in govt lot, Poor Asylum order  
18-Nov William Freeman 74 years in family lot with case  
??-Nov Elizabeth Coyle 6 months    
??-Nov Henry J. Bussey 4 mos    
??-Nov ????  ???? 5? mos   Almost illegible.
25-Nov Julia Tessier 55 years in family lot with case  
27-Nov Robert I.? Wa?tten 19 years reopen grave  
29-Nov Nellie [Aithon] (??) 17 months reopen grave Unclear
29-Nov Edith J. Raines 3 years    
30-Nov ____ McDonald No Entry in family lot with case No Giveen name supplied
1-Dec John Ryan 35 years {illegible}  
Remaining interments for Dec 1893 missing from original pages.

For additional information Please email: Ngaire Genge
This page transcribed by Ngaire Genge (March, 2001)

Page Revised: August 2002 (Don Tate)

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