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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries

This file "Verified" with the Original Pages

This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I=s, J=s, T=s and F=s all look alike, as do M=s and N=s. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy
Date Name Age Remarks Transcriber's. Notes
PAGE 1        
Janry 2nd Eliza E. Read 3 years    
Janry 5th Mary Gellaty 5 years    
Janry 5th Cornelia C. Sam???ys 25 years in family lot, with case  
Janry 6th Jeanie Adrian 3 years diptheria, in family lot, with case  
Janry 7th Donald Campbell 19 months in family lot, with case  
Janry 10th Margaret [Worth] 7 years in govt lot, diptheria  
Janry 12th Elisabeth M. Benson 3 years Poor Comm order  
Janry 15th William Noonan 56 years in govt lot, Poor Commsr order  
Janry 15 Mary Barens 3 years diptheria in govt lot, Board of Health  
Janry 16th Bessie Campbell 22 years in family lot, withcase  
Janry 16th Edward Vincent 7 months reopen grave  
Janry 18th Sidney Woods   one square 9x9 feet This entry is crossed out.
Janry 19th Ethel May Ramsay 8 years diptheria  
Janry 20th Meta Cowan 7 months in family lot, with case  
Janry 20th Lousia Quick 68 years in family lot, with case  
Janry 25 John Thomas 3 hours    
Janry 27th Lizzie Gulletely? 10 years diptheria  
Janry 29th Mona J.? Barnes 2 years in family lot  
Feby 1st Martha Cullamore 84 years in govt lot, Poor Commsr order  
Feby 1st William Morgan 71 years in govt lot, St. Georges Hospital  
Feby 5th [Ismael] Wilshire 4 days reopen grave  
Feby 6th [Hugi] W. Ellis 30 [ours] in family lot I think it's supposed to be Hugh and hours.
PAGE 2        
Feby 7th Bella Gillams 36 years Diptheria  
Feby 8th Robert Tucker 48 years in govt lot, St. Johns Hospital  
Feby 8th Susanna Butler 39 years    
Feby 8th Elizabeth Borden 56 years with case, in family lot, 9x9 feet  
Feby 10th Martin Pippy diptheria 7 ½ years in family lot with case  
Feby 12th Walter B. Andrews 5 Years    
Feby 13th John Swanson 1 ¼ years reopen grave  
Feby 20th Mary Beach? 28 years in govt lot, Poor Com order  
Feby 22nd Youndel 5 months reopen grave  
Feby 27th John Clousten 77 years in family lot, with case  
Feby 29th Joseph B. Soper 75 years in family lot, with case  
March 7th Emma Earle 19 years ?  
Feby 29th [J. M. Bowden]       " ? Family lot 9x9 feet  
March 9th Joseph Evans 4 years in govt ground, St. George Hospital, diptheria  
March 10th Sarah J Taylor 4 years In family lot, 9x9 feet, with case  
March 12th Guy C. Bowden 5 months reopen grave in family lot  
March 14th James H. Martin 2 years in family lot, diptheria  
March 14th Lillian? May Hudson 11 months    
March 14th Elizabeth [Rowe] 74? Years in family lot Could be Rose.
March 16th W. D. Morison 72 years in family lot, with case  
March 25th Louisa Ramsey 46 years in family lot, 9x9, with case  
March 28th William Ramsey 73 years reopen grave  
PAGE 3        
March 30th Margaret Hodderd 3 years in govt ground, Poor Comm order  
April 7th Eithel Burt 2 ½ years reopen grave  
April 8th Sarah J. Rose 19 months in govt lots  
April 8th William J. Whitten 19 years    
April 11th Susanna Chancey 69 years in family lot  
April 11th Arthur Bradbury 3 months    
April 12th Ann Bearns 8 days in family lot  
April 12th Lancelot G?. Bowden 14 months in family lot  
April 15th Thomas Killigrews 72 years    
April 18th Hugh L. Keeping 18 months reopen grave  
May 1st Elizabeth Green 67 years reopen grave  
May 2nd Prisilla McDougall 40 years in family lot, with case  
May 3rd John McDougall       " 1 square 9x9 feet  
May 10th William Jardine 44 years in family lot with case  
May 12th Robert Curran 65 years in family lot, with case  
May 13th Florence Maunder 2 years in family lot  
May 16th Jessie Lambert 2 days reopen grave  
May 16th Robert Francis 1 month S. A.  
May 20th Willie Wright 7 years in family lot, with case  
May 21st Elizabeth Butt 77 years reopen grave  
May 24th Arthur Nobel? Ivany 9 months reopen grave  
May 25th Bessie Joyce 13 years with case  
PAGE 4        
June 1st Estate Neil Campbell ? In family lot, 9x12 feet Ditto Mark in Box. No indication of what is ditto'ed.
June 4th Eithel Ford 9 months    
June 12th Mabel W?p??t 3 years with case  
June 13th Bertha Percy 3 years    
June 13th May Whiteway 14 months in family lot  
June 13th Mrs. C Uedle? 37 years    
June 15th Wilfred Efferon 9 months    
June 16th Joseph Hopkins 11? years In govt lot  
June 18th Patience Dane 10 years    
June 18th Gertrude J. Greaves 10 years in family lot  
June 23rd Herbert Antle 9 months    
June 25th Henry Moore No Entry in family lot  
July 5th Charles Reid 57 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
July 7th Ellen Skeans 55 years ½ square lot  
July 9th James Lindsay 67 years in family lot with case  
July 11? Archibald Wheeler 9 years    
July 20th Bessie McDonald 4? ?  
July 20th Annie Cuming 8 years S. A.  
July 24th Marshal Keppie 3 months    
July 27th Stephen Pelley? 2½ years S. A.  
July 28th George Joyce   family lot 9 feet x 9 feet  
Augst 1st John Robertson Senior   family lot 9 feet x 9 feet  
PAGE 5        
Augst 8th James Carle 16 months in govt lot, Poor Commr order  
Augst 8th Herbert V. Ambersten 9 months    
Augst 11th Charlotte Knight 72 Years in family lot, with case  
Augst 15th May Bradley 8 months    
Augst 24th Chesley Rumsey 2 months reopen grave  
Augst 15th Li?eve Burchell 7 years with case, diptheria, in family lot 9 ft x 18 ft  
Augst 29th Susanna Clarke 68 years in family lot, 9x9 feet  
Augst 30th Minnie G. Antle 2 months    
Augst 3oth William Noseworthy? 3 weeks in family lot  
Augst 31st Melvin McDonald   one square 9x feet  
Sept 1st Maud Rodgers 3 years in govert ground  
Sept 3rd Febe Cummins 3 ½ months    
Sept 3rd William Evans 28 years in govt lot, St. Johns Hospital  
Sept 5th Mrs. John Woods 81 years in family lot, with case  
Sept 6th Elizabeth Maddick 25 years in family lot  
Sept 8th Mildred C. Dawe 3 ¾ years in family lot  
Sept 9th Rose A. Whiteway 10 months in family lot  
Sept 14th Richard Newport 52 years    
Sept 15th Charles M. Bastow 9 months    
Sept 17th Bertha Rodgers 2 months reopen grave  
Sept 21th Katie Andrews 20 months    
Sept 22nd Isabell Bastow 8 months reopen grave  
PAGE 6        
Sept 25th Alexander Smiths (sic) *1 72 years in family lot with case  
Sept 28th Henry E. Broadbrige 10 months reopen grave  
Octob 3rd Selina K. Laurence 2? Years reopen grave  
Octob 5th George Langmead 72 years in family lot with case  
Octob 10th Mrs. Nathanial infant still born  
Octob 12th John Freeman 78 years in family lot, with case  
Octob 20th Elizabeth Nichol 8 years    
Octob 21st William T. Earle 5 months    
Octob 27th Ruth Putman 29 years in family lot, with case  
Octob 29th Laurie Kendry 5 years diptheria  
Octob 29th Samuel J. Howse 3 weeks    
Octob 29th William E. Thompson 5 months reopen grave  
Nov 2nd Annie [Boon] 18 months    
Nov 4th James Hudson 1 ½ days in family lot  
Nov 7th Emma E. Earle 18 months in govt ground, Poor Commr order  
Nov 9th Ann M. Bailey ? Years in govt ground, Poor Comm  
Nov 12th Elizabeth E. Ramsay 44 years in family lot  
Nov 13?th John Pike 69? Years    
Nov 21st William C. Moore 1 week    
Nov 22nd Charles P.? Ayre 5 weeks in family vault  
Nov 22nd Emma I.? Stick 2 years    
Nov 22nd Albert Ivany 6 weeks reopen grave  
PAGE 7        
Nov 26th George Osmond 87 years    
Nov 26th Ernest Manuel 5 months    
Nov 30th Walter Rideout 24 years    
Dec 9th John English 55 years in govt lot, Poor Commsr  
Dec 9th Hugh McLelean 22 months in family lot, with case, scarletina  
Dec 9th George Hunt 62 years with case  
Dec 10th John Newall ?? years    
Dec 14th John Kates 62 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
Dec 14th Archie McLellan 5 years, 5 months scarletina, in family lot, with case  
Dec 22nd Samuel W. Wilkinson 19 years with case  
Dec 24th John Sheppard 80 years    

* See the following errata

Alexander Smiths*1 The name Smiths should be Smith.
(Alexander SMITH was born in Nairn, Scotland 1820 (Scottish records))
Marion Baker

Transcribed by Ngaire Genge (March 2001)
Verified and corrected as necessary by Craig Peterman (September 2004)

Page Last Modified: April 20, 2015 (Don Tate)

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