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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries


This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I's, J's, T's and F's all look alike, as do M's and N's. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy
Date Name Age Remarks Trans. Notes
PAGE 1        
1-Jan Joyner 6 years in govt lot, St. John's Hospital, diptheria No first name given.
1-Jan Mrs. W. Churley 32 years in govt lot, Poor Commisr order  
3-Jan Frederic McNiven 7 months reopen grave  
4-Jan Eithel (sic) M. Bussey 3 months    
6-Jan William Sillars 10 days    
13-Jan (?) George Wm. Robertson 45 years in family with case  
15-Jan Chesley Lambert 4 months reopen grave  
23-Jan (?) Ebenezer Butt 47 years    
24-Jan (?) Mary Snelgrove 30 years    
25-Jan Manuel D. Standley 1 year    
26-Jan Albert J. Puddister 2 years S. Army  
27-Jan Thomas Heath 36 years in govt ground, St. John's Hospital order  
28-Jan (?) Mary J. Handcock 23 years in govt lot, St. John's Hospital order  
29-Jan Tr?lerie J. Learning 9 months    
29-Jan ???ie Fleet 1 month (?)    
30-Jan Julia Snelgrove 18 months    
30-Jan Pricilla Knight 53 years    
30-Jan George Pippy 53 years Lunatic Asylum order  
31-Jan Robert Brown 89 years (?) in family lot with case  
31-Jan Elizabeth Chancey 55 years (?) in family lot with case  
1-Feb Bridie Smallwood 32 years in family lot with case  
Feb 1? [Henrey] Morris (?) 3 hours    
PAGE 2        
5-Feb Mary Ann Parsons 1 year, 9 months reopen grave  
7-Feb Joseph Gillingham 12 years    
7-Feb Mrs. Emily Pearceys infant still born in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
8-Feb George King 13 months reopen grave  
9-Feb William George Laceys (?) 17 hours reopen grave  
14-Feb Jessie Reid 4 months    
14-Feb George Milley 4 months with case  
15-Feb Stephen Freeman 64 years with case in family lot 9 feet x 9 feet  
17-Feb Leah Driscoll 26 years    
24-Feb Susanna Hepdich (sic) 86 years    
26-Feb Leah Puddister 8 years    
5-Mar Alfred Butt 6 months reopen grave  
10-Mar Annie Barnes 32 years reopen grave in family lot  
15-Mar Margaret Shaw 42 years    
15-Mar William Lucas 14 months reopen grave  
17-Mar [McLean] (?) Swanson 13 months reopen grave Could be Malcom
22-Mar William Barnes {?} half square ? Feet Ditto marks as entry
22-Mar Joseph Greely 58 Years    
26-Mar Donald Milley 18 months reopen grave  
28-Mar Louisa Ridout 45 years with case  
29-Mar John Noftal 51 years in govt lot, Poor Commsr order  
??-Mar ??? Green (?) 72 years in grave as per order, ?? On September 29, 88.  
PAGE 3        
2-Apr Philip Forestill 74 years with case  
6-Apr Edwin Biggs 12 days reopen grave  
6-Apr John Pike 27 years    
9-Apr Sam Chas Thorn 16 months in govt lots, Poor Cmmsr order  
10-Apr Robert Alex Johnston 19 years in family lot with case  
12-Apr William Taylor 6 months    
12-Apr Herbert D. Case 12 months in family lot  
16-Apr Henry Boyd Pike 15 months in family lot  
19-Apr Eliza Solomon 82 years in family lot with case  
20-Apr Clarance James March 2 months    
24-Apr Jane Bastow 68 years in family lot with case  
25-Apr Sarah Barnes 75? years    
29-Apr Captain Singles ? child still born Ditto marks as entry
30-Apr Thomas Parsons 13 years in govt lot  
1-May Jonathan Janes 73 years reopen grave  
1-May William Bearns 14 years in family lot with case  
2-May Hugh Haldane 3 months in family lot  
3-May Janet Maude Manuel 3/5 ???    
5-May Lauriel C. Dawe 7 months in family lot, 1/2 square  
May ? Lena M. Baird 24 with case in family vault  
May ? Lilly May White 13 months reopen grave  
May ? Gertrude Hudson 6 weeks reopen grave  
PAGE 4        
12-May Jane Lennox 56 years reopen grave  
15-May John S. Noseworthy 4 months in govt lot, Poor Commsr order  
16-May Samuel Roberts 9 months in govt ground, Poor Cmms order  
17-May [???] E. King 6 years reopen grave Could be Harold, Morlat?
21-May Naomia Noel 23 years in govt ground  
23-May Lillian Adams 10 months reopen grave  
24-May Alice M. Kennedy 18 months in govt ground Poor Comms order  
28-May Getitia (?) Reid 75 (?) years in govt lot, Poor Commsr order  
29-May Annie Fay? 21 years    
30-May Mary Ann Weeks 47 years    
8-Jun Lousia (sic) Sparks 78 years    
11-Jun Thomas Morris 85 years in govt ground, Poor Com order  
11-Jun Marie Collett 84 years reopen grave  
13-Jun Josiah Leard 3 weeks in family lot  
13-Jun Jessie Knight 43 years in Thomas Haynes ground  
14-Jun Belinda Shaw 3 months reopen grave  
14-Jun Malcolm MacMillian 35 years    
21-Jun Julia Moores 31 years in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
21-Jun Lillian Hall 15 years    
9-Jun (sic) Jim Legrow ? stillborn infant Ditto marks as entry
19-Jun Mrs. Mary Bruce's ? stillborn infant Ditto marks as entry
20-Jun Nathanial [Mills] 36 years (?) in govt ground, Stl John's Hospital order Miles?
PAGE 5        
25-Jun [M.] Thorburn two children (sic) reopen grave  
26-Jun (?) [Lara] [Simms] 14 months reopen grave  
25-Jun M. Snelgrove 12 years reopen grave  
27-Jun Mrs. Millar 76 years in family lot  
27-Jun Jessie Martin 25 years (?) with case  
27-Jun B. Clay 3 years    
30-Jun M. Sexton 66 years    
30-Jun Jane Hamlin 72 years in family lot  
5-Jul Samuel Bell 2 hours    
6-Jul Therzea (?) Turner 6 1/2 years in Captain White lot with case  
7-Jul Mr. Story 41 years in family lot with case  
16-Jul Winiford Burt 3 weeks reopen grave  
16-Jul Florine (?) Hallet 3 months reopen grave  
17-Jul Mary Ann Burchell 16 years in govt lot  
20-Jul Sarah Mays 71 years in govt lot Inmate Poor Asylum  
23-Jul Donald Gillis 23 years with case  
23-Jul James Crans  (sic) 5 years    
24-Jul Sarah Whitton (?) 55 years    
26-Jul Susanna Howse (?) 27 years (?) with case  
27-Jul Edwin J. Arys? 4 years   Frys?
28-Jul Doris Chaplin 18 months in family lot with case  
30-Jul Sarah White 58 years (?) with case  
PAGE 6        
30-Jul Elizabeth Rendel? 48 years    
1-Aug Marion Reymolds 69 years in family lot with case  
2-Aug Selphina Penny 5 1/2 years in govt lot Poor Comm order  
4-Aug Mable (sic) Marshall 7 weeks    
6-Aug David Slater 80 years in family lot with case  
8-Aug Margaret Ayre 1 month in family vault  
11-Aug Mary E. Arnold 2 weeks    
13-Aug (sic) Jethro Parsons 9 years    
12-Aug Andrew Marshall 3 weeks reopen grave  
14-Aug Ernest Penny (?) 6 weeks in govt lots Poor Comm order  
17-Aug Mattie Whiteway 5 years reopen grave with case  
23-Aug Walter Smith 2 months    
25-Aug Mary F. Warren 7 months    
23-Aug Levi Garland 56 years with case in family lot  
24-Aug W. Whiteford 67 years with case in family lot  
27-Aug Robert Blair 10 years with case in family lot  
30-Aug Ann Driscoll 35 years in govt ground Poor Comm order  
6-Sep William Hookey 1 1/2 years in govt lots Poor Comm order  
11-Sep Jane McKinley 2 months in family lot  
11-Sep Jane Penny 40 years in govt lot Poor Comm order  
13-Sep Jessie Hally (?) 32 years    
14-Sep George F. Renny 2 days    
PAGE 7        
24-Sep Chesley Leary 18 months diptheria, with case  
26-Sep Steward Mercer 3 years    
27-Sep William Bell (?) 11 Years (?) reopen grave  
27-Sep Norman Leary 4 years diptheria, with case  
1-Oct Gary Simmons 18 months   Could be Geary
3-Oct Florence M. Tucker 2 months reopen grave  
6-Oct James Snow 2 years scarletina  
6-Oct Sarah J Evans 11 (?) months    
11-Oct Susannah Tray (?) 47 years with case  
15-Oct Richard T. Hynes 37 years    
17-Oct William Cleary 67 years in govt grave St. John's Hospital  
18-Oct (?) Gladys McDonald 2 months in family lot  
22-Oct Annie McHrenidel (??) 2 years    
24-Oct Susanna Ryan 42 years    
24-Oct Eli Hookey (?) 37 years in govt lot Poor Comm order  
24-Oct John Driscoll 82 years in govt lot Poor Comm order  
25-Oct F. G. Redstone 8 years scarletina May be Beckstone
25-Oct Mary Reid 2 months in govt lot, Poor Comm order  
31-Oct Clark Parson's No Entry infant age ten hours  
6-Nov Gertrude White 2 1/2 years reopen grave  
7-Nov Mrs. Stien child still born - in family lot  
7-Nov Gwen ??? Barltt? 11 Years (?)   difficult to read!
12-Nov Annie Watson 51 years in family lot with case  
PAGE 8        
16-Nov Ernest Martin (?) to family lot (sic) 1 square 9x9 feet Martan?
16-Nov Arthur Martin No Entry Doctor's 2 children 1 square 9x9 Martin entries appear to be a single burial
21-Nov Muriel Young 6 years 8 months reopen grave [scarletina?] in family lot with case  
24-Nov Robert Simpson 60 years section five lot 25 scarletina  
25-Nov Eleanor Graves 3 years in family lot with case  
27-Nov Winifed (sic) M. Rose 6 months (?)    
30-Nov Eleanor Tucker 3 months reopen grave  
1-Dec Bella Thompson 3 1/2 years in family lot? scarletina  
5-Dec Julia North 27 years in section 8 ??? ???? ???? Original entry crossed out - unreadable
5-Dec Selena Janes 3 years in govt lot Poor Comm order scarletina  
8-Dec Jessie Raynes 2 years reopen grave scarletina  
10-Dec William Raines 6 years in section 8.41 grave Original entry crossed out - unreadable
10-Dec James Coish 3 years in section 8.42 grave Original entry crossed out - unreadable
11-Dec (?) Chesley H. Fry 1 year    
12-Dec Gertrude Piddle (sic) 2 1/2 yers in govt line, Poor Comm order scarletina  
13-Dec John Withycombe? 9 years in family lot  
14-Dec Esau Thistle 11 months in govt lot Poor Comm order scarletina  
15-Dec Lousia (sic) Bussey 6 months in govt lot Poor Comm order misspelling of Louisa?
15-Dec Alexander Earns (?) 3 years in govt lot Poor Comm order scarletina Might be Evans?
20-Dec Frank Shane 4 Years (?) reopen grave scarletina  
23-Dec Bertha Barrett 17 years    
24-Dec Bessie Weir 3 years Board of Health scarletina  
PAGE 9        
24-Dec Jessie Abbott (?) 13 years Poor Comm order  
27-Dec Charles Sparks 18 months    
27-Dec (?) Kenneth Shane 2 years Poor Comm order scarletina  
??-Dec Anne Percy 5 1/2 years (??) Health Officer's order scarletina  
??-Dec Charles Fry 5 years scarletina  

Transcribed by: For additional information Please email: Ngaire Genge

Page Last Modified: April 20, 2015 (Don Tate)

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