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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries


This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I's, J's, T's and F's all look alike, as do M's and N's. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy





Trans. Notes

PAGE 1        
6-Jan (?) Edward ?a???? 3 years scarletina  
6-Jan (?) Mary Bursey 8 months poor Comm order in section 5 lot 16 scarletina  
6-Jan Jessie A. Cowan 3 1/2 years in square of ground with case  
7-Jan Maud LeDrue? 8 years Poor Comm order LeDrew?
??-Jan Elizabeth Squires? 25 years   Very cramped, Sprane, Sprange?
??-Jan Isaac Newell 46 years in Section 5, no ?  
??-Jan Elfreda Newport 12 years Poor Comsr order  
??-Jan Florence Estabrook? 6 weeks   These next few entries are really faint and nearly impossible to read!
??-Jan Henry? L??? 6 months    
??-Jan George H???? 43 years    
??-Jan Annie ???? 3 1/2 years    
17-Jan (?) May Benson ? months reopen grave  
17-Jan (?) R???? Martin? 4 months ??????????  
18-Jan James H????? 2 years St. John's Hospital scarletina  
21-Jan (?) Annie King 32 years?    
PAGE 2        
21-Jan Arthur Parsons 60 years Poor Asylum order  
21-Jan Sarah Evans 1 1/2 months Poor Comm order  
21-Jan Susanna Clarke 64 years Sect 8 no 4 no case  
21-Jan Anna Cooper 84 years in family lot with case  
22-Jan Raymond Barnes 2 days in family lot  
23-Jan Ernest Pike 9 1/2 years in family lot scarletina  
24-Jan Ellen (?) E. Giles 2 years Scarletina  
25-Jan Archibald Antle 44 years Poor Comm order  
27-Jan Stuart Milligan (?) 7 months in family lot with case  
28-Jan Bertha Wythcombe 26 (?) years in family lot  
28-Jan Margert (sic) Curtis 6 years Poor Comm order  
30-Jan Jessie Windsor 23 years    
2-Feb Marian Jane Penny 2 1/2 years Poor Comm order scarletina  
8-Feb Charles Barens 78 years in family lot with case  
11-Feb May Bell 10 years    
12-Feb Rose W. Giles 26 years (?) scarletina  
12-Feb Lucy Buttler (sic) 3 1/2 years scarletina  
13-Feb William H. Whitten 25 years with case  
13-Feb Lewis Young 7 weeks reopen grave May be Louis
15-Feb Richard Weeks 66 years with case  
18-Feb Florence? Roper (??) 2 1/2 years in family lot  
Feb ?? Jessie King 3 months reopen grave  
PAGE 3        
21-Feb Ni??? Nichols 9 years    
25-Feb Peter T. Antle 1 year reopen grave  
25-Feb Leah Withe??? (?) 45 years In family lot 9 x 9 feet Section 3?, lot 50  
25-Feb Leah Withycombe (?) 45 in family lot  
25-Feb Deborah Simmons 1 year 8 months reopen grave  
25-Feb Clare Garland 1 year in family lot with case  
5-Mar R. M. Maunder 15 months in family lot  
6-Mar Lauria (sic) Pippy 9 days    
7-Mar Emma Young 23 years in govt ground St. John's Hospital order  
9-Mar Mary A. Smith 39 years in family lot  
9-Mar Edward Ellis (?) 5 months    
9-Mar Alex Pottle 2 1/2 years in govt ground Poor Comm order with case  
11-Mar W. Ceraskey (??) 60 years (?) section 5 lot 14 with case This and the previous entry and squished together
11-Mar Amelia Thistle 15 months    
11-Mar John Percy 23 years in John Ca???? family lot with case  
11-Mar Anne Noseworthy 10 years (?)    
14-Mar Fredrick Thistle 2 months    
16-Mar George Noseworthy 7 years reopen grave  
17-Mar (?) Patience Evens 14 years in govt lot 8 26  
18-Mar Philip Newell 2 years Poor Comm order  
19-Mar Susanna Snelgrove 6 months    
23-Mar Caroline Milly (?) 57 years in family lot with case  
PAGE 4        
26-Mar Susanna Stowe 29 Years 9 feet x 9 feet section 5 ??? lot  
30-Mar Nellie E. Maunder 9 weeks    
1-Apr Johnie Leg?relly (??) 11 months Poor Comm order  
5-Apr Joseph Simmons (?) 35 years Poor Comm order  
8-Apr Walter Bruce 6 days reopen case  
8-Apr Effie Harris 3 years Poor Comm order  
8-Apr Maria Morgan 39 years    
8-Apr William Cox 55 years Govt order Inmate Sanitarium?  
9-Apr Philip Butt 10 months Poor Comm order  
13-Apr George ?. Coddon? 1 year 9 months Poor Comm order in Section 8 Lot 5  
13-Apr Reana? G. Smallwood 1 year 8 (?) months in family lot  
16-Apr Elsie M. King 9 months in family lot  
20-Apr Grace Andrews 67 years    
20-Apr Gertrude M. Sparks 3 years    
22-Apr Annie More (sic) 9 years Inmate St. John's Hospital  
23-Apr Albert Barns 6 days    
24-Apr Johns (sic) Monroe 8 months in family lot with case  
24-Apr Providence Whelan 81 years in family lot  
24-Apr Alexander Churchel (sic) 5 months    
25-Apr Sarah Kane 47 years in govt ground Poor Comm order  
26-Apr Julia A Whelan 6 months Poor Comm ord  
29-Apr John Hughes 60 years In Mrs. Skinner lot with case  
29-Apr Samuel LeDrew 21 years Poor Comm ordr  
PAGE 5        
29-Apr George Noseworthy 10 months Poor Comm ord  
30-Apr Joseph B????? ???   Unreadable
1-May Beatrice M???? ?2 years in section 5 (?) Lot 66  
1-May JosephWilson (??) 50 years (?) Section 6 lot 24 with case  
1-May Solomon ????ndy ??? Poor Comm order Unreadable
7-May Chesley H. Kenny (?) 9 months Poor Comm order  
8-May Reginald Cha?y (?) 11 months in family lot  
8-May Mable (sic) Biggs 2 months in Section 8 No 9  
8-May Bertha Barrett (?) 20 years reopen grave  
9-May Josiah Lewis (?) 3 months Poor Commsr order  
9-May Corbett Penney 4 months Poor Comm order  
9-May Thomas Parsons 55 years Poor Comm order  
13-May B? Emma Kellygrew (?) 65 years reopen grave  
14-May Elizabeth Mills 75 years in section 8 no 10  
14-May Isabella Mercer 13 days Poor Comm order  
14-May Lloyd Coyelle (?) 49 years ????????? Could be Cayelle
20-May Moses Monroe 54 years in family lot with case  
22-May Harriet Knight 75 years in family lot  
22-May William ??ddiday (?) 67 years in family lot with case  
23-May John Harris 44 years in Section 8, ???? no  
24-May Leah Cocker 3 months Poor Comm order Could be Crocker?
25-May Charles King 2 1/2 years reopen grave  
27-May Robert King 1 year    
PAGE 6        
27-May Norman Angel 7 years in family lot with case  
30-May Nelson M. Parsons 3 years In Section 8, No 9 no  
1-Jun Susanna Spooner 45 years in Section 8, lot 11  
6-Jun Lillian (?) Marshall still born reopen grave  
10-Jun Mildred Roberts 1 1/4 months    
10-Jun Gertrude Gill one month    
13-Jun Allan Mercer 2 1/2 years    
17-Jun William Hamlin 7 years with case  
16-Jun (?) Anna Ledingham 44 years Section 4, lot 16, with case Dates reversed in records
24-Jun Fredrick Butt 2 months    
24-Jun Sarah Fleet 17 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
28-Jun Jane Rowe 3 1/2 years in section 8, no No. 3 (?)  
1-Jul May Bradley 2 years reopen grave  
1-Jul William Lindsay 5 weeks in family lot  
2-Jul Bessie Turner 6 1/2 years in section 1, lot 53 with case  
?-Jul John James 69 years in Section 7, no 9  
8-Jul Jessie Ledrew 12 years reopen grave  
9-Jul Jane Freeman 64 years in family lot with case  
10-Jul Gordon Martain (sic) 4 months reopen grave  
13-Jul Stella LeDrew (?) 2 years   LeGrow?
15-Jul Amelia M Simmons 37 years 9x9 feet in Section 5 Lot 28  
15-Jul John Sellars 1 hour reopen grave  
15-Jul Newman Snelgrove 21 years in Section 7, no 6  
PAGE 7        
24-Jul Infant still born reopen grave  
24-Jul Haeney (sic) Knight (?) 82 years reopen grave with case  
26-Jul Robert C. Ayre's male child still born  
27-Jul Mary Ann Newhook 66 years Section 7, no 3  
2-Aug Marion I.? Norman 2 years Section 8 no 33 crossed out  
5-Aug Marion Wills 22 years Section 3, lot 16  
5-Aug Benganin (sic) King 45 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
5-Aug Robert H. Whiteway No Entry Section 4 lot 18 9x9 feet  
8-Aug Amelia Hallet 18 years Poor Comm order Could be Hollet
12-Aug May Rose 12 days reopen grave  
18-Aug Clara Kennedy 22 years in Section 8 No. 12 no  
16-Aug Alexander Thistle 18 years in Section 7, no 12  
16-Aug Henry H. Ball 10 (?) years reopen grave  
20-Aug Stella B. Brien 2 months    
19-Aug William Nichols 2 months reopen grave  
18-Aug Isa McKenzie 8 months Section 6 lot 30 9x9 feet This entire entry is crossed out
21-Aug Isac (sic) Thistle 13 years Poor Comm order  
26-Aug Ella Bussey 3 weeks reopen grave  
27-Aug John Luther 31 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
31-Aug Hilda F. Baxter 14 months reopen grave  
14-Aug (sic) James MacKenzie 8 months Section 6, Lot 30 9x9 feet  
?-Sep Miss Knight   one square of ground 9 feet x 9 feet  
9-Sep Herbert Heath 2 1/2 months in family square  
PAGE 8        
12-Sep Elisa Bennett 18 (?) months in section 7 no 15  
13-Sep Archibald Janes 16 months in section 7 no 18  
16-Sep William E. Thorburn (sic) 6 years in section 8, no 33  
17-Sep Albert Freeman 12 years in family lot with case  
17-Sep George W. Penny 8 months in section 8 no 2  
20-Sep Elizabeth Coyle 49 years in section 7 no 36  
21-Sep Mary King 63 years in section 7 no 21  
21-Sep Antony (sic) Sumersen (sic) (?) 36 years Danish sailor S.S. Tiber  
23-Sep Fanny (?) Morris 34 years reopen grave  
25-Sep Mrs. Newell removed (sic) to Section 4, no 15 lot  
26-Sep John Searle 27 years govert ground Poor Comm order  
5-Oct Solomon Bouden 72 years with case  
8-Oct Ambrose Forde (?) 5 months section 8, no 2  
12-Oct Mabel Lucas 4 hours reopen graves  
14-Oct Thomas Stick 20 months reopen grave  
15-Oct William Bursey 3 years section 8 no 5 (?) May be no 15
16-Oct William F. Chancey 75 years section 5, lot 18 with case  
17-Oct Bertha L. Taylor 6 years section 8, no 14  
18-Oct Mary J. Whiteway 20 years section 7, no 5  
19-Oct Jessie Taylor 2 years reopen grave section 8, 14 no  
21-Oct Fredrick Cricth (sic) 9 months section 8, 15 no  
21-Oct Richard T. Rankin (?) 64 years section 4, lot 29 Donald Anderson (?)  
24-Oct Wilfred Richards 3 weeks    
PAGE 9        
25-Oct Henry C. Noseworthy 3 days in family lot  
25-Oct John Critch 2 years reopen grave in section 8, no 15  
29-Oct Andy Rayne's still born in govt ground Poor Comm order  
4-Nov John Dalton 8 hours in govt ground Poor Comm  
11-Nov Ann Shepard 93 years reopen grave  
11-Nov Susanna Mayo 81 years section 8, no 16  
19-Nov Sophia Jacobs 11 years section 8, no 19 May be no 14
19-Nov Minnie Hefferan 9 years reopen grave  
19-Nov Christine Mend (sic) 79 years removed to section 5, lot 15, with case  
23-Nov Hugh R.(?) Mclaite (?) 14 months section 8, No18 grave  
23-Nov Rebeca (sic) Purchard 19 years in govt ground Poor Comm order  
28-Nov Elizabeth Radford (sic) 50 years section 5, lot 34 with case  
30-Nov James Cooper 59 years section 8, no 19 grave  
2-Dec Elizabeth L. Bennett 48 years section 8, no 20 grave  
3-Dec Marion Barrett 15 months in govt no Poor Comm order  
11-Dec Margaret King 5 years section 7, no 33 grave  
14-Dec Fredrick W. Bowden 56 years in family lot with case  
17-Dec Charlotte Peddel (sic) 5 months section 8, 21 grave  
17-Dec George Dwyer 42 years in govt ground diptheria Hospital order  
23-Dec Cecila Fraser 55 years with case  
24-Dec Emily Moore 24 years section 8, 39 grave  
29-Dec Thomas Steed 10 years in govert ground St. John's Hospital order  
30-Dec Jessie M. Baird 4 years in family lot with case  
PAGE 10        
31-Dec James Street 3 years section 8, no 22  
31-Dec George H. Percy 47 years in family lot with case  

Transcribed by: For additional information Please email: Ngaire Genge

Page Last Modified: April 20, 2015 (Don Tate)

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