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General Protestant Cemetery
St. John's
St. John's West District

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Churches of the General Protestant & Mt. Pleasant Cemeteries


This transcription made from a photocopy. The copy was very faded, as was, apparently, the original. Some sections are *really* difficult to read. Initials are hard to distinguish, I's, J's, T's and F's all look alike, as do M's and N's. Notes to cause of death may have been made after the fact in some instances. As with any transcription, typos are possible. This should not be used in place of references to the original.
[] Indicates transcriber is unsure {}Indicates information destroyed on photocopy





Trans. Notes

PAGE 1        
2-Jan Edith M. Guest Simpson 2 weeks reopened grave  
5-Jan Capt. Dingle's still born male child, reopened grave  
7-Jan Christiania Hutchings 9 months grave 24, sec. 7 coffin without case  
9-Jan Ada Eugene (sic) Taylor 4 years reopened grave  
9-Jan Elizabeth Parsons 2 months sec. 8, no 72  
11-Jan Martha Johnston 2 months sec. 8, no 73  
13-Jan Ethel Dwyer 1 week reopened grave  
16-Jan Charles G. Du Tot 41 years sec. 2, lot 20 Could be Du Job.
18-Jan Mary Cummins 1 1/2 years Poor Commrs orders  
18-Jan John Elliott 70 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
18-Jan Florence Street 3 days reopened grave  
19-Jan Lavina Earle 3 years sec. 8, no 74  
25-Jan Elizabeth McCrindle 67 years sec. 4, lot 17 with case  
27-Jan George M. Marshall 56 years reopened grave  
28-Jan Thomas McFarlane 3 1/2 years reopened grave  
2-Feb Lydia Woodman 31 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
2-Feb Florence Rose Hayward 3 weeks sec. 3, no 75  
5-Feb Fred Sparks 6 weeks reopen grave  
6-Feb Robert C. Russell select family square (sic) 9 feet x 9 feet, sec. 2, no 19  
10-Feb Grace Pottle 57 years in govt ground  
13-Feb William John Diamond 23 days Poor Comm order  
16-Feb Sarah Waugh 29 years grave 76, sec. 8  
PAGE 2        
This page of the copy was moved on the glass during copying by LDS! The info on the right side of the page is practically illegible! Problem is with the image on the LDS microfilm reel
18-Feb Amelia Lee Joyce ??? In family square  
20-Feb George Mills ??? Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
20-Feb Martha Tryphina Mar??? ??? Grave 77, sec. 8  
25-Feb Hettie Cave ??? In family square with case  
26-Feb Isabella Stott ??? In family square with case  
1-Mar Mary Avery ??? Poor Comm order  
2-Mar Jessie Lousia Russell ??? In family lot, coffin with case  
3-Mar William Penney ??? Board of Health order  
8-Mar Florence Mildred Charles ??? In family square  
8-Mar Sarah Ropers Stett (?) ??? Sec. 8, no 7  
9-Mar George Pike 55 years? ??, sec. 8  
9-Mar Frederick T. Curran 17 months Lot ??, sec 3, 9 ft x 9 ft  
11-Mar William John Butler (?) 2 weeks Poor Comm order  
12-Mar Mabel (sic) Roper 4 days reopen grave  
14-Mar Albert Nichol 52 years No ??, sec. 8  
18-Mar Mary Sheppard Wills 58? years ???? no. 14 with case  
19-Mar Mary Taylor 2? days grave no. 84, in section 8  
19-Mar Jacob Meade 40 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
19-Mar Pleman Milley 20 years Poor Comm order  
19-Mar Martha Hamlyn 31 years in family square  
19-Mar Lillian Galton 7 months grave 8?, sec. 8  
21-Mar Janette Blackwood 88 years in family square  
22-Mar William Rose 66 years ??????  
PAGE 3        
27-Mar John Boyles 73 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
27-Mar Emily G. House 1 year reopen grave  
27-Mar William J. J. Collins 19 years in family square with case  
28-Mar Greneh (?) Welsh 14 months reopen grave  
29-Mar Anna Strong 37 years Poor Comm order  
1-Apr Heber Ivany 6 years grave 83, sec. 8, diptheria  
2-Apr Julia Voseys (sic) 1 day reopen grave Could be Vaseys.
3-Apr Nathanial Garland 77 years Poor Comm Order  
5-Apr Charolotte (sic) Porter 1 1/2 years reopen grave  
7-Apr Henry Duder Campbell 15 months in family lot, with case  
9-Apr William Roberts 7 years Poor Comm orders  
10-Apr Marion Lousia Morres 15 years (?) reopen grave  
12-Apr Frank Norman Haynes 7 weeks no 84, sec. 8  
28-Apr Celia Jane Hudsons stillborn child No 85, sec. 8  
4-May Caryl (sic) Andrews 11 months grave no 86, in section 8  
10-May Chesley Mallerd Butt 1 year no 87 in section 8  
10-May Annie Percy 6 months reopen grave  
10-May Mrs. Moses Janet Selection family square no 30, sec. 4  
17-May Mr. John North select family square no. 15 in section 6  
18-May John Pittman 23 years no 17 in section. 3, with case  
24-May Richard Ivany 3 years no 88 in section 8  
25-May Minnie Smith stillborn child reopen grave  
PAGE 4        
26-May James Noseworthy 82 years in Capt. Taylor's square  
27-May Charles Peachard (sic) (?) 72 years in government ground  
28-May John Charles Cook 6 months reopen grave  
31-May John Legrow 3 years, 4 months no 89 in section 8  
31-May Elizabeth Roses stillborn
male child
reopen grave  
2-Jun Margaret Emily Noonen 5 years in family square  
4-Jun George Lewis 39 years Inmate Lunatic Asylum  
12-Jun Edward Milley 59 years Inmate St. John's Hospital  
13-Jun Hilda March 7 years In section 8, no 90, diptheria  
14-Jun Janet Swanson 8 months In section 8, no 91  
17-Jun Jushua (sic) Avery 35 years In section 8, no 92  
23-Jun May Barnes 3 years, 7 months In section 8, no 93  
30-Jun Elizabeth Mills 72 years in Stephen Freeman's plot  
1-Jul Petrina (sic) Squires 2 years reopen grave  
5-Jul Harold Bartlett 11 days reopen grave  
10-Jul Mary Ann Martin 9 days In section 8, no no 11  
10-Jul Emma Isabella McLauchlon 13 years in family square of Francis McDougal  
17-Jul Edith Maud Grimble 8 years reopen grave  
17-Jul Susan Pearcy 22 years in government ground  
20-Jul Ida Allison Cowan 3 months in family lot of ????  
23-Jul Herbert Lambert 25 days In section 8, no ??  
26-Jul John Ledingham 49 years in family plot with ????  
26-Jul Marvin J. Watson 25 years in James Gibson's plot  
PAGE 5        
27-Jul John Crosby Select Family square no 13 in section 5  
30-Jul Charlotte M. C. Rowe 40 years no 16 in section 2 coffin with case  
30-Jul Gwendline (sic) V. Garland 3 weeks in family square with case  
4-Aug Nelly T. (?) Parsons 3 months reopen grave  
4-Aug Stephen Sparks still born child male reopen grave  
4-Aug Frank Crocker 29 years no 94 in section 8 coffin without case  
7-Aug Jane King 50 years in govt ground Poor order  
12-Aug Teresa Ainsworthy 46 years in govt ground Poor order  
14-Aug James Carmichael 48 years in family square with case  
18-Aug Susanna Snow 66 years in section 8 no 95  
19-Aug Eliza Olson ___ years in section 5 square no 17  
19-Aug Kenneth Bennett 26 years in section 8 no 96 with case This entire entry is crossed out as it appears it is a duplicate entry below, different plot
23-Aug Thomas Milley 7 years in govt ground Poor comm  
23-Aug Mr. Thomas W. Bennett 26 years in family square, no 36, sec. 5  
23-Aug Kenneth Bennett 26 years in family square, no 36, sec. 5  
27-Aug Robert Clarke 8 years in section 8 no no 97  
30-Aug Ann Rogers 84 years in govt ground Poor Order  
1-Sep George Gillingham 8 days reopen grave  
9-Sep Elizabeth Nicholl 42 years lot 690 (?) in section 5 with case Lot no is very unclear almost impossible to be sure.
9-Sep Mary Skinner 21 years in family square Elizabeth Sk????, sec. 13, no 12  
13-Sep Ada Whiteway 7 months in family square 9 ft x 9 ft with case  
13-Sep Nina Alex. Garland 2 months in family square with cases May be Mina
17-Sep Marian King 2 years, 4 months in govt ground Poor order  
PAGE 6        
21-Sep Leah Roses still born child    
22-Sep Henry Taylor 3 months family square Capt. Taylor  
29-Sep George Snow 11 months in govt ground Poor order  
4-Oct Emily Horwood 48 years section 2 no 32 , 9 ft x 9 ft  
5-Oct Sarah Grouchie (sic) 40 years in section 8 no 40 with case  
8-Oct Ethel J. Cook 3 months in section 8 no 98 with case  
8-Oct Minnie Prices still born child Poor Comm order  
11-Oct Selina King 5 days reopen grave  
14-Oct Ann Norman 80 years govt ground, St. John's Hospital order  
18-Oct Albert Parsons 6 months in section 7 no 89  
19-Oct Elizabeth A Neyle (?) 67 years in family lot, with case  
22-Oct Alice V. Parsons 22 years in family square of Alfred Parsons  
26-Oct Noah Grouchy 1 1/2 months reopen grave  
4-Nov Frances M. Reid 14 months in section 8, no 99 without case  
8-Nov Nancy Heath 71 years reopen grave coffin without case  
10-Nov Ann Manuel 84 years in section 8 no 99, coffin without case  
19-Nov Sarah Bell 39 years section 2 lot 34 with case  
20-Nov Julia Vasey's stillborn child reopen grave  
29-Nov Agnes Gibson 54 years reopen grave with case  
1-Dec George Smith 17 years in family square A. G. Smith without case  
16-Dec William Bursey 49 years in govt ground Poor Comm order  
18-Dec George Penney 18 years in govt ground Lunatic Asylum order  
20-Dec John Diamond 1 day in section 7 no 39  
21-Dec Isabella Pike 6 months in family plot with case  
21-Dec Abigal Taylor 44 years in family plot with case  
27-Dec Jeanette McLean 42 years in section 4 no 23 with case  
30-Dec Alexander Eales 6 months in section 4 no 22, without case  
31-Dec Dorothy King 7 months reopen grave  

Transcribed by: For additional information Please email: Ngaire Genge

Page Last Modified: April 20, 2015 (Don Tate)

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