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Newfoundland Population Census

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District Communities




The idea originated with John Howell and the Notre Dame Genealogy Project and was later expanded to cover the entire Province by Bill Crant and a large number of volunteer transcribers.

We wouuld like to thank the original group who started the 1921 census project of transcribing the Notre Dame Bay region of the Province. Put together by John and Patricia Howell, Tonya Colbourne, Glynn Hewlett, Freeman Fry, Karen Ruedisueli, George White, and Sidney Young. There may be others that I am not aware of.

Bill Crant, who then combined their efforts with his own to expand the project out to include the entire Province, thus creating the Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site (NGB). Together, these people were the origin of the idea to put the 1921 cenus on line for all to be able to use it from anywhere they are living.

It should be realized that the 1921 census is an old document that was hand written and in many areas, it is very difficult to read the handwriting. Also many of the pages are in very poor condition, adding to the difficulty that these people had in trying to transcribe the information. The original census was organized in the order of the houses on the street in each community. People living next door to each other or within the same house can be identified by the order of the names in the census. We have attempted to retain the original layout, spellings of the names, and the order of the names in the census so that researchers can derive all of the information possible from the original census information. It is hoped to add the information contained on the right hand page of the census at a later date.

Our sincere thanks to all of these people who put the original idea together (These plus any others that I may be unaware of their participation).

Back Harbour Badger Beachy Cove Beaumont Beaver Cove Beaverton Birchy Bay
Birchy Cove Bishop Falls Black Island #1 Black Island #2 Bluff Head Cove Bobbies Cove Boot Harbour
Botwood Boyd's Cove Bridgeport Brighton Brown's Arm Bulley's Cove Bumble Bee Bight
Burlington Burnt Arm Burnt Island Burying Place Cabbage Harbour Head Campbellton Cape St John Gull Island
Caplin Cove Card's Harbour Carter's Cove Chanceport Charle's Brook Cobb's Arm Comfort Cove
Cottrel's Cove Cove Cottles Island Crow Head Davis Cove Dock Point Dog Bay and
West Dog Bay
Emberley Pond Exploits Farmdale Farmer's Arm Flories Bite Fortune Harbour Fox Farm (Bishop Falls)
French Beach Fry's Beach Gaff Topsail Gilliard's Cove Glenwood Glover's Harbour Grand Falls
Part - 1
Grand Falls
Part - 2
Grand Falls
Part - 3
Grand Falls
Part - 4
Grand Falls Station Greens Cove Harbour Round - Red I Lake Harnsworth
Harpoon Harry's Harbour Heads Harbour Heart's Cove Indian Point Jackson's Cove Jenkin's Cove
Jerry's Harbour Jim's Cove Jones Cove Kettle Cove King's Cove King's Island King's Point
Langdown's Cove Laurenceton Leading Tickles East Leading Tickles West Lewisporte Lewisporte (Southside) Little Bay (Shoal Arm)
Little Bay (South Side) Little Bay Little Bay Islands Little Burnt Bay Little Harbour Little Harbour (Pilley's Island) Loon Bay
Luck's Harbour Luke's Arm Lushes Bight Mansfield's Cove Mansfield's Point Manuel's Cove Mason's Cove
Michaels Harbor Middle Arm Mile's Cove Millerton (Millertown) Millerton (Millertown Junction) Moreton's Harbour Net Cove
New Bay Head Newstead Nicky's Nose Cove Nippers Harbour Norris Arm North Norris Arm South Northern Arm
Northern Harbour (LBI) Notre Dame Junction Northwest Arm Paddock's Bight Paradise Paradise - Southern Arm Peter's Arm
Philip's Head Pike's Arm Pilley's Island Point Leamington Point of the Bay Port Albert Port Anson
Porterville Pursell's Harbour Quarry Quintam's Cove Ragged Point Rattling Brook Robbin's Cove
Roberts Arm Rogues Harbour Round Harbour Rowsell's Cove Rowsell's Island Salmon Pond Salt Harbour Island
Salt Pond Samson's Island Sandy Point Sceviour's Island Ship Cove Island Shoe Cove Bight Shoe Cove Brook
Silverdale Smith's Harbour Smooth Cove Snooks Arm South East Arm Southern Arm Southern Head
Spencer's Dock Springdale St. Augustine St. Patrick Stan Hope Stocking Harbour Bight Stocking Harbour
Sulian's Cove Island (LBI) Summerford Sunnyside Swan Island Three Arms Tilt Cove
(Green Bay)
Tilt Cove
(Notre Dame Bay)
Tizzard's Harbour Too Good Arm Triton East Triton-West Trump Island Tuck's Harbour Twillingate North Side
Twillingate South Side Upper Black Island Virgin Arm Waldron's Cove Ward's Harbor Webber's Bight Wellman's Cove
Western Cove (LBI) Western Head Whale's Gulch Wild Bight Wild Cove Winter House Cove Woodford's Cove
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