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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Harrys Harbour,
Twillingate District
{189 Persons in 36 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (May - June 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Religion Birth Place
PAGE 76                      
57 58 PROWSE ThomasM HeadMarried1871 Jun 50 SA Square Is, Lab
  PROWSE FannyFWifeMarried1864 Sep 56 CE Round Hr
  PROWSE WillisMSonSingle1901 Jul 20 SA Tilt Cv
58 59BAKER Elot J (sic) M HeadMarried1874 Dec 46 SA Halls Bay
  BAKER LucyFWifeMarried1879 Nov 41 SA Nippers Hr
  BAKER ElsieF DaughterSingle1901 Oct 19 SA Harry's Harbour
  BAKER HardyMSonSingle1908 Apr 13 SA Harry's Harbour
  BAKER DorothyF DaughterSingle 1911 Sep 9 SA Harry's Harbour
59 60BAKER ReubenM HeadMarried1862 Dec 59 Meth Blk Isld NDB
  BAKER IsabellaFWifeMarried 1862 Oct 58 Meth Harry's Harbour
  BAKER Edgar RMSonSingle1892 Nov 28 Meth Harry's Harbour
  BAKER Cathelene FDaughter in Law Single 1898 Apr 23 Meth Port Blanford
  BAKER PearlF DaughterSingle1904 Aug 17 Meth Harry's Harbour
  BAKER Clayton FGrand Son Single 1919 Jun 2 Meth Harry's Harbour
60 61SIMMONS John EM HeadMarried1872 Sep 48 Meth Chimney Tickle, Lab
  SIMMONS TrephenaFWifeMarried 1871 Apr 50 Meth Exploits
  SIMMONS Albert AMSonSingle1900 Oct 20 Meth Harry's Harbour
  SIMMONS Willis CMSonSingle1901 Aug 20 Meth Harry's Harbour
  SIMMONS Lilian VF DaughterSingle 1903 May 18 Meth Harry's Harbour
  SIMMONS Ambrose GMSonSingle 1908 Sep 12 Meth Harry's Harbour
  SIMMONS Eliza L FDaughter in Law Single 1901 Jan 20 Meth Winterton, TB
  SIMMONS Marian F Grand Child Single 1918 Aug 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
PAGE 77                      
  BUCKAN Andrew G MGrand Son Single 1915 Oct 5 Meth Harry's Harbour
  BUCKAN Maggie F Grand Child Single 1918 Jun 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
61 62GORDON George M Head Widower1840 Apr 81 SA Carbonear
  FREAKE George M Adopted Child Single 1900 Nov 20 SA Harry's Harbour
62 63FREAKE IsaiahM HeadMarried 1873 No Entry 48 SA Griquet
  FREAKE Mary MFWifeMarried 1888 Jan 32 SA Tilt Cv
  FREAKE Bessie EF DaughterSingle 1912 Jun 8 SA Harry's Harbour
  FREAKE Wm JMSonSingle1916 Mar 4 SA Harry's Harbour
  FREAKE Aubrey AMSonSingle1919 Aug 2 SA Harry's Harbour
63 64PIKE Aratio ? M HeadMarried1867 Jan 54 SA Hr Grace
  PIKE ElizabethFWifeMarried 1851 No Entry 70 SA Port De Grave
64 65GORDON Wm IntonM HeadMarried 1875 Nov 45 SA Carbonear
  GORDON SarahFWifeMarried 1886 Oct 34 SA Quirpon
65 66PELLY TempleM HeadMarried1869 Sep 51 SA Blk Isld NDB
  PELLY HelenaFWifeMarried 1876 Oct 44 SA Harry's Harbour
  PELLY SandyMSonSingle1903 Dec 17 SA Harry's Harbour
  PELLY OswellMSonSingle1908 Mar 13 SA Harry's Harbour
  PELLY MabelMSonSingle1910 Sep 10 SA Harry's Harbour
  PELLY OliveF DaughterSingle1912 Mar 9 SA Harry's Harbour
  PELLY MaxwellMSonSingle 1915 Aug 6 SA Harry's Harbour
  BAKER Rachel FMother in Law Single 1836 Jun 85 SA Blk Is
66 67VERGE EbenezerM HeadMarried 1858 Jul 63 Meth T'gate
  VERGE ElizabethFWifeMarried 1862 Jan 59 Meth Blk Is
  VERGE GeorgeMSonSingle1892 Jan 29 Meth Little Bay
  VERGE Amelia FDaughter in Law Single 1895 Sep 25 Meth Burlington
  VERGE Graydon M Grand Child Single 1917 Dec 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
  VERGE Ida G F Grand Child Single 1920 Apr 1 Meth Harry's Harbour
67 68EVANS EdwardM HeadMarried1878 Jan 43 Meth Harry's Harbour
  EVANS SarahFWifeMarried1883 Feb 38 Meth White Bay
  EVANS BaxterMSonSingle 1905 Aug 16 Meth Harry's Harbour
  EVANS CalebMSonSingle1909 Feb 12 Meth Harry's Harbour
  EVANS Cecil AMSonSingle 1911 Apr 10 Meth Harry's Harbour
  EVANS GarlandMSonSingle1912 Sep 8 Meth Harry's Harbour
PAGE 78                      
  EVANS Dorothy JF DaughterSingle 1917 Mar 4 Meth Harry's Harbour
  EVANS Elmer GMSonSingle1918 Aug 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
68 69GORDON GeorgeM HeadMarried1882 Aug 39 SA Carbonear
  GORDON Gorgina (?)FWifeMarried1885 Aug 36 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON HettyF DaughterSingle 1902 May 19 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON Hedley EMSonSingle 1903 Dec 17 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON ClemencyF DaughterSingle1907 Sep 13 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON LoveletF DaughterSingle1910 Aug 11 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON Alex RMSonSingle1912 Aug 9 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON GarfieldMSonSingle 1914 Jun 7 SA Harry's Harbour
  GORDON MeldinMSonSingle1917 Aug 4 SA Harry's Harbour
69 70REDMAN Leonard M Head Widower 1886 Aug 40 Meth Portland, Ireland
  REDMAN Garnet FMSonSingle 1914 May 7 Meth Harry's Harbour
  REDMAN Tepha MF DaughterSingle 1916 Jan 5 Meth Pilleys Is
70 71KING AbnerM HeadMarried1868 Mar 53 SA Harry's Harbour
  KING ElizabethFWifeMarried1875 Apr 46 SA Exploits
  KING ElihuMSonSingle1898 Mar 23 SA Tilt Cv
  KING PearlF DaughterSingle1902 Aug 19 SA Tilt Cv
  KING GladysF DaughterSingle1900 Oct 20 SA St. John's
  KING HaroldMSonSingle1915 Jan 6 SA Harry's Harbour
71 72EVANS Roland M Head Widower1884 Sep 36 Meth Harry's Harbour
  EVANS Woodrow WMSonSingle 1918 Jun 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
72 73PROWSE John C SrM HeadMarried No Entry No Entry 50 CE Square Is, Lab
  PROWSE SusannaFWifeMarried No Entry No Entry 45 CE Square Is, Lab
  PROWSE John C JrMSonSingle 1997 (Sic) Nov 24 CE Tilt Cv
  PROWSE Martha FDaughter in Law Single 1995 (Sic) No Entry 26 CE Shoe Cv
  PROWSE AlfredMSonSingle1905 Jul 16 CE Tilt Cv
73 74KING EphraimM HeadMarried1875 Nov 45 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING SabinaFWifeMarried1879 Aug 41 Meth Jacksons Cv
  KING Evelon DaisyF DaughterSingle 1904 Jan 17 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Estella GertieF DaughterSingle 1906 Jan 15 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Elnia DF DaughterSingle1907 Sep 15 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Netta MF DaughterSingle1909 Aug 12 Meth Harry's Harbour
PAGE 79                      
  KING Alban HMSonSingle1913 Aug 8 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Lilian JaneF DaughterSingle 1914 Oct 6 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Melinda CF DaughterSingle1917 Oct 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
74 75WHITE John WM HeadMarried1869 Jun 52 Meth Harry's Harbour
  WHITE Jane EFWifeMarried 1874 Jan 47 Meth Harry's Harbour
  WHITE Stella M F Adopted Child Single 1910 Dec 10 Meth Nippers Hr
75 76UPWARDS WallaceM HeadMarried1884 Nov 36 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS EvaFWifeMarried1890 Dec 31 Meth Richmond, Quebec
  UPWARDS JeanF DaughterSingle1920 Apr 1 Meth New Brunswick
76 77ENGLAND WmM HeadMarried1876 Apr 45 Meth  
  ENGLAND ElizabethFWifeMarried 1890 Mar 31 Meth Horse Is
  ENGLAND SusyF DaughterSingle1906 Dec 14 Meth Harry's Harbour
  ENGLAND HerbertMSonSingle 1910 Jan 11 Meth Harry's Harbour
  ENGLAND Donald JMSonSingle 1918 Nov 2 Meth Harry's Harbour
  ENGLAND GeorgeMSonSingle1920 Apr 1 Meth Harry's Harbour
77 78KING LotM HeadMarried1877 Mar 44 SA Harry's Harbour
  KING TryphenaFWifeMarried1877 Jul 44 SA Burlington
78 79UPWARDS JohnM HeadMarried1867 No Entry 54 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS Mary JaneFWifeMarried 1866 Aug 55 Meth Nippers Hr
  UPWARDS WmMSonSingle1896 Mar 25 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS PhilipMSonSingle 1898 Mar 23 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS LudwickMSonSingle 1898 Dec 22 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS Reubie (sic) F DaughterSingle1903 Jun 18 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS GladysF DaughterSingle1913 Jul 8 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS Hilda FDaughter in Law Single1898 Mar 23 Meth Dildo
79 80UPWARDS EdwardM HeadMarried1978 Aug 43 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS FannyFWifeMarried1884 Apr 37 Meth Nippers Hr
  UPWARDS Wm AMSonSingle1900 Sep 20 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS WardMSonSingle1902 Mar 18 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS Philip MMSonSingle 1909 Feb 12 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS IdaF DaughterSingle1910 Dec 10 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS AlexMSonSingle1916 Aug 5 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS FredrickMSonSingle 1918 Jul 3 Meth Harry's Harbour
PAGE 79                      
80 81KELLY AliceM HeadMarried1876 Dec 44 Meth Nippers Hr
  KELLY EdwardMSonSingle 1905 Jul 16 Meth Harry's Harbour
  ENGLAND Clara B F Adopted Child Single 1912 Oct 8 Meth  
81 82PENNY StephenM HeadMarried1864 Oct 55 Meth Carbonear
  PENNY CatherineFWifeMarried 1878 Jan 43 Meth Harry's Harbour
  PENNY ErnestMSonSingle1894 Aug 27 Meth Harry's Harbour
  PENNY EmmaF DaughterSingle1899 Sep 21 Meth Harry's Harbour
  PENNY JamesMSonSingle1902 Jan 19 Meth Harry's Harbour
  PENNY NormanMSonSingle1907 Jul 14 Meth Harry's Harbour
82 83GREEN KennethM HeadMarried1893 Aug 28 Meth Tilt Cv
  GREEN EmmaFWifeMarried1896 Oct 24   Jacksons Cv
  GREEN MargerieF DaughterSingle 1919 Oct 24 Meth Harry's Harbour
83 84KING EdwardM HeadMarried1877 Sep 43 Meth Kings Cv
  KING Elizabeth MF DaughterSingle1871 Sep 50 Meth Harry's Harbour
  GREEN ChesleyMSonSingle 1897 Sep 23 Meth Tilt Cv
  GREEN WmMSonSingle1902 Nov 18 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Elsie MF DaughterSingle 1916 Feb 15 Meth Harry's Harbour
  GREEN Martha FDaughter in Law Single 1901 Mar 20 Meth Wild Cv, White Bay
  GREEN Edward C MGrand Son Single 1920 Dec 8 M Meth Harry's Harbour
84 85KING AdolphusM HeadMarried1891 Dec 29 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING SusieFWifeMarried1891 Oct 29 Meth Tilt Cv
  KING ErnestMSonSingle1915 Jul 6 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING ChesleyMSonSingle1916 Oct 4 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING CatherineF DaughterSingle 1921 (sic) May 3 (sic) Meth Harry's Harbour
85 86LOCKE PermanusM HeadMarried1884 Sep 36 Meth Little Bay
  LOCKE ReginaFWifeMarried1887 Nov 33 Meth Harry's Harbour
  LOCKE CecilMSonSingle1913 Aug 8 Meth Harry's Harbour
  LOCKE Elsie MF DaughterSingle 1915 May 6 Meth Wolfords Cv
86 87ENGLAND MatthewM HeadMarried 1883 Jul 38 Meth Kings Cv
  ENGLAND AliceFWifeMarried1890 Jan 31 Meth Little Bay
  ENGLAND AlfredaF DaughterSingle1910 Nov 10 Meth Kings Cv
  ENGLAND RosellaF DaughterSingle1912 Nov 8 Meth Kings Cv
  ENGLAND LevenaF DaughterSingle1915 Jul 6 Meth Kings Cv
PAGE 81                      
  ENGLAND Gadas (?)MSonSingle 1916 Oct 4 Meth Harry's Harbour
  ENGLAND GarlandMSonSingle1919 Jan 2 Meth Harry's Harbour
87 88UPWARDS Robert SrM HeadMarried1863 Oct 57 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS CarolineFWifeMarried1863 Jan 58 Meth Three Arms
  UPWARDS BeatriceF DaughterSingle1903 Mar 18 Meth Harry's Harbour
88 89UPWARDS ArthurM HeadMarried1881 Jul 40 Meth Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS SusanFWifeMarried1894 Nov 27 Meth Stocking Hr
89 90SNELGROVE SimeonM HeadMarried1867 Mar 54 Meth Lower Is Cv, TB
  SNELGROVE EvaFWifeMarried1866 Sep 54 Meth T'gate
90 91UPWARDS Robert JrM HeadMarried 1887 Jul 34 SA Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS IdaFWifeMarried1896 Dec 25 SA Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS Pearce EMSonSingle1917 Jan 4 SA Harry's Harbour
  UPWARDS CyrilMSonSingle1919 Aug 2 SA Harry's Harbour
91 92PENNY Thomas AM HeadMarried1887 Jun 34 SA Harry's Harbour
  PENNY Mary AFWifeMarried1883 Aug 38 SA Bay De Verde
  PENNY Martha SF DaughterSingle 1910 Jul 11 SA Bra, F Shore
92 93KING Albert EM HeadMarried1894 Oct 27 SA Tilt Cv
  KING SelenaFWifeMarried1897 Nov 23 SA Smiths Hr
  KING Nellie MayF DaughterSingle 1913 Dec 7 SA Harry's Harbour
  KING Fredrick EMSonSingle 1917 Apr 4 SA Harry's Harbour
93 94KING ThomasM HeadMarried1861 Nov 59 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING RebeccaFWifeMarried 1865 Dec 56 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING EthelF DaughterSingle1893 Nov 27 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Samuel LMSonSingle 1896 Dec 24 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING RaymondMSonSingle1901 Aug 19 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING StellaF DaughterSingle1903 Oct 17 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING NellieF DaughterSingle1909 Aug 12 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING MyrtleF DaughterSingle1912 Sep 8 Meth Harry's Harbour
94 95KING AngusM HeadMarried1873 Nov 47 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING VilenaFWifeMarried 1878 Aug 43 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING CambriaMSonSingle1901 Apr 20 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING SidneyMSonSingle1904 Feb 16 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING CeceliaF DaughterSingle 1910 Jul 11 Meth Harry's Harbour
PAGE 56                      
  KING Warick A FMSonSingle 1913 Nov 7 Meth Harry's Harbour
  KING Pearce E DMSonSingle 1918 Sep 2 Meth Harry's Harbour

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Glynn Hewlett

Posted 2 March 1997

Verified to Original Pages (May - June 2007 - Don Tate)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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