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Newfoundland 1921 Census
Wild Cove,
Twillingate District
{139 Persons in 32 Households}

This file "Verified"* with the Original Pages (May - June 2007 by Don Tate)

Dwelling Family SurName Given Name Sex Rela. Status Birth Yr Birth Mo Age Religion Birth Place
1 1 STUCKLESS Richard M Head Married 1879 Feb 42 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Annie F Wife Married 1885 Sep 35 Meth T'gate
    STUCKLESS Minnie F Daughter Single 1908 Mar 13 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Ernest M Son Single 1910 May 11 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Evelyn F Daughter Single 1917 Aug 4 Meth Wild Cv
2 2 SMALL *1George M Head Married 1897 Jan 24 Meth Moreton's Hr
    SMALL May F Wife Married 1898 Mar 23 Meth Ayrshire, Scotland
    SMALL Laura F Daughter Single 1918 Feb 3 Meth Ayrshire, Scotland
    SMALL John M Son Single 1919 Dec 1 Meth Moreton's Hr
3 3 JENKINS Jacob M Head Married 1875 Mar 46 Meth Wild Cv
    JENKINS Mary F Wife Married 1884 Nov 36 Meth Tizzard's Hr
    JENKINS Walter M Son Single 1905 May 16 Meth Wild Cv
    JENKINS Stanley M Son Single 1911 Jan 10 Meth Wild Cv
    JENKINS Gordon M Son Single 1912 Oct 8 Meth Wild Cv
    JENKINS Sidney M Son Single 1914 Nov 6 Meth Wild Cv
    JENKINS Louis M Son Single 1916 Oct 4 Meth Wild Cv
    JENKINS Norman M Son Single 1919 Sep 1 Meth Wild Cv
4 4 STUCKLESS Alec M Head Married 1894 Oct 26 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Alfreda F Wife Married 1893 Dec 27 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Charles M Son Single 1915 Feb 6 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Lialie (?) F Daughter Single 1921 Jun 7 M Meth Wild Cv
5 5 STUCKLESS Jehu M Head Married 1855 Jun 66 Meth Wild Cv
    STUCKLESS Susan F Wife Married 1868 Mar 53 Meth T'gate
    STUCKLESS Alfred M Son Single 1895 Nov 25 Meth Wild Cv
PAGE 726                      
99 116 ELLIOTT Arthur M Head Married 1870 Jun 51 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Phoebe F Wife Married 1870 Jun 51 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Meta F Daughter Single 1899 Sep 22 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Grace F Daughter Single 1917 Jun 4 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Ronald M Son Single 1913 Sep 8 Meth T'gate
100 117 ELLIOTT Jonas M Head Married 1867 Sep 54 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Fannie F Wife Married 1868 Jun 53 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Florence F Daughter Single 1896 Feb 25 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Dorothy F Daughter Single 1898 Jan 23 Meth T'gate
101 118 SMITH Robert M Head Married 1870 Jan 51 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Sarah F Wife Married 1884 Jun 37 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Gladys F Daughter Single 1909 Sep 12 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Marie F Daughter Single 1910 Jun 11 Meth T'gate
    SMITH John M Son Single 1914 Feb 7 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Frank M Son Single 1916 Jul 5 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Arthur M Son Single 1919 Mar 2 Meth T'gate
102 119 SMITH Benjamin M Head Married 1835 Sep 86 SDA T'gate
    SMITH Dorcas F Wife Married 1848 Sept 73 Meth T'gate
PAGE 727                      
  120 STUCKLESS Bennett M Head Married 1891 Jul 30 Meth T'gate
    STUCKLESS Ida F Wife Married 1892 Sep 29 Meth T'gate
    STUCKLESS Marie F Daughter Single 1918 Jun 3 Meth T'gate
    STUCKLESS Eric M Son Single 1920 Jun 1 Meth T'gate
103 121 ROBERTS Thomas M Head Married 1861 Oct 60 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Elizabeth F Wife Married 1857 Sep 62 Meth T'gate
  122 ROBERTS Issac M Head Married 1887 Mar 24 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Annie F Wife Married 1898 Jan 23 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Millicent J F Daughter Single 1920 Nov 1 Meth T'gate
104 123 ROBERTS Joseph M Head Married 1872 Sep 49 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Agnes F Wife Married 1874 Jun 47 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Annie F Daughter Single 1912 Aug 9 CE T'gate
105 124 ROBERTS James M Head Married 1854 Jul 67 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Phoebe F Wife Married 1857 May 70 Meth T'gate
  125 ROBERTS Obediah M Head Married 1882 Nov 39 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Louie F Wife Married 1890 May 31 Meth T'gate
106 126 ROBERTS Josiah M Head Married 1854 Aug 67 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Mary A F Wife Married 1857 Dec 54 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS John M Son Single 1890 Sep 31 Meth T'gate
    BLAKE Agnes F Servant Single 1908 Jun 13 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Eunice F Daughter Single 1885 Apr 36 Meth T'gate
107 127 ROBERTS Edwin M Head Married 1869 Sep 52 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Mary F Wife Married 1870 Dec 51 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Marjorie F Daughter Single 1906 Dec 15 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Frank M Son Single 1911 Mar 10 CE T'gate
  128 ROBERTS Mary F Head Widow 1899 Jun 22 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Chesley A M Son Single 1920 Jun 1 CE T'gate
108 129 ROBERTS Walter M Head Married 1894 May 27 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Tamer F Wife Married 1896 Aug 25 CE West Port
    ROBERTS Bessie J F Daughter Single 1918 Feb 3 CE West Port
    ROBERTS Hazel M F Daughter Single 1919 Nov 2 CE West Port
109 130 ROBERTS Thomas Jr M Head Married 1862 Jul 59 CE West Port
PAGE 728                      
    ROBERTS Elizabeth F Wife Married 1865 Oct 56 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Ruth F Daughter Single 1898 Feb 23 CE T'gate
    ROBERTS Jane F Mother widow 1835 Jun 86 CE T'gate
110 131 SHEPPHERD John M Head Married 1868 Oct 53 SA T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Mary F Wife Married 1874 Aug 47 SA T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Sophia F Mother Widow 1840 Nov 81 Meth T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Elizabeth F Daughter Single 1899 Sep 22 SA T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Pearl F Daughter Single 1902 Oct 19 SA T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Lily F Daughter Single 1908 Mar 13 SA T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Albert M Son Single 1912 July 12 SA T'gate
    SHEPPHERD Edward M Son Single 1914 Dec 7 SA T'gate
111 132 ROBERTS Benjamin M Head Widower 1861 Mar 61 Meth T'gate
  133 ROBERTS Frederick M Head Married 1880 Dec 40 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Kate F Wife Married 1880 Jul 41 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS William   Son   1903 Jun 18 Meth T'gate
112 134 SMITH George M Head Married 1867 Jun 54 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Elizabeth F Wife Married 1875 Aug 46 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Laura F Daughter Single 1904 July 17 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Minnie F Daughter Single 1907 July 14 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Grace F Daughter Single 1911 Mar 10 Meth T'gate
    SMITH Annie F Daughter Single 1914 Sep 7 Meth T'gate
113 135 ELLIOTT John M Head Married 1864 Sep 57 Meth T'gate
    ELLIOTT Lucy F Wife Married 1861 Aug 60 Meth T'gate
    MARSHALL Margarite F Adopted Daughter Single 1914 Jul 7 Meth T'gate
114 136 PAYNE George M Head Married 1863 Aug 58 Meth T'gate
    PAYNE Lucy F Wife Married 1861 Nov 60 Meth T'gate
    PAYNE Susan F Daughter Single 1897 Nov 24 Meth T'gate
    PAYNE Frederick M Son Single 1899 Dec 22 Meth T'gate
    PAYNE Charles M Son Single 1895 May 26 Meth T'gate
115 137 PRIDE William M Head Married 1884 Sep 37 SA T'gate
    PRIDE Maud F Wife Married 1889 Oct 22 SA T'gate
    PRIDE Cecil C M Son Single 1910 Jan 11 SA T'gate
    PRIDE Ralph M Son Single 1912 Aug 9 SA T'gate
PAGE 729                      
    PRIDE Mary F Daughter Single 1915 Jun 6 SA T'gate
    PRIDE Carl M Son Single 1918 Apr 3 SA T'gate
    PRIDE Frank M Son Single 1921 Apr 3 M SA T'gate
116 138 GUY John M Head Married 1875 April 46 Meth T'gate
    GUY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1876 Nov 45 Meth T'gate
    GUY Kate F Daughter Single 1901 Feb 20 Meth T'gate
    GUY George M Son Single 1903 Jan 18 Meth T'gate
    GUY Myrtle F Daughter Single 1905 Jul 16 Meth T'gate
    GUY Pearl F Daughter Single 1907 Nov 14 Meth T'gate
    GUY Maxwell M Son Single 1913 Aug 8 Meth T'gate
    GUY Wilson M Son Single 1915 Sep 6 Meth T'gate
    GUY Ernest M Son Single 1917 Jan 4 Meth T'gate
    GUY Frank M Son Single 1919 Mar 2 Meth T'gate
    GUY Mary F Mother Widow 1845 Sep 76 Meth T'gate
117 139 GUY William M Head Married 1861 Mar 60 Meth T'gate
    GUY Elizabeth F Wife Married 1864 Oct 57 Meth T'gate
    GUY Minnie F Daughter Single 1904 Nov 16 Meth T'gate
118 140 GUY Bennett M Head Married 1894 Nov 27 Meth T'gate
    GUY Joyce F Wife Married 1893 Oct 28 Meth T'gate
    GUY Winnie M F Daughter Single 1919 Dec 2 Meth T'gate
119 141 ROBERTS Louis M Head Married 1885 Jun 36 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Emma F Wife Married 1893 Aug 28 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Leonard M Son Single 1910 Aug 11 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Harvey M Son Single 1912 Sep 9 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Iram (?) M Son Single 1914 Jul 7 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Mable F Daughter Single 1916 July 5 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Clara (?) F Daughter Single 1920 Oct 1 Meth T'gate
120 142 ROBERTS Dorman M Head Married 1895 Oct 26 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Elizabeth F Wife Married 1896 July 25 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Mildred F Daughter Single 1918 Mar 3 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Ashley M Son Single 1919 Jan 2 Meth T'gate
    ROBERTS Olive F Daughter Single 1920 July 1 Meth T'gate

Item 1The following columns are verified exactly as to the original (assuming legibility of data):
Dwelling Number, Family Number, Surname (but capitalized for ease of reading), Given Name, Sex, Birth Year, Age
Item 2 Community Name as a column is omitted as it only has repeats of the community name from the title.
Item 3 Words like Relation, Status, Birth Month may or may not have been abbreviated by either the Enumerator or the Transcriber. These variations are self-explanatory, were not considered detrimental to the informational content, and would have taken considerable time to correct. Thus they were not corrected in the verification process. Any informational errors were corrected.
Item 4 The Birth Place spelling may vary somewhat, due to Enumerator's or Transcriber's abbreviations. Any informational errors were corrected.

Original Transcription by Tonya R. Colbourne

Posted 23 Jan 1998

Verified to Original Pages (May - June 2007 - Don Tate)


My Parents along with my sister and brother are all listed as living in Wild Cove in this census. To my knowledge, they never lived in Wild Cove, they lived in Beachy Cove, Moretons's Harbour at that time.

The religious information stated in the census is only partially correct. My father, George Small was a Methodist, My mother, May Small plus my brother and sister were all Roman Catholics.
Hugh and Helen Small
Page Last Modified: Tuesday April 14, 2009 (Don Tate)

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