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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ P Listing

Service #
PACK, John C. Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 2586 [Forces]
PACK, Philip Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3374 [Home Guard]
PADDOCK, Eric L. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2865
PALFREY, Cyril J. Placentia 2268
PALFREY, Martin Placentia 2000
PALMER, Llewelyn Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1915
PARDY, Albert Wild Cove, Western Bay 2788 [Forces]
PARDY David Bonavista 1633
PARDY, Ernest Twillingate 878
PARDY, Harold Bonavista 1632
PARDY, Merrill Harbour Mille 2587 [Home Guard]
PARDY, Norman St. John's ~ C/F 1116 [Home Guard]
PARDY, Thomas Botwood 1313
PARDY, Wallace Wild Cove, Western Bay 2789 [Forces]
PARDY, Walter R. Port Blandford, Bonavista Bay 2333 [Home Guard]
PARDY, William Port au Bras, Placentia Bay 2653 [Home Guard]
PARDY, Wilson Buchans 1524 [Forces]
PARK, Henry Lark Harbour 3012 [Forces]
PARMITER, Wesley Point Leamington 2731
PARRELL, Michael St. John's 2185
PARRELL, Wallace St. John's 633
PARROTT, Abraham Winterton, Trinity Bay 3206 [Home Guard]
PARROTT, Edward Winterton, Trinity Bay 1228
PARROTT, John Winterton, Trinity Bay 1232 [Forces]
PARROTT, John J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 265
PARROTT, Marcus Winterton, Trinity Bay 3205
PARSON, James Botwood 1308
PARSONS, Arnold Sandy Point, St. George's 506 [Forces]
PARSONS, Carl Botwood 1304 [Forces]
PARSONS, Ches Boyd Windsor 1175
PARSONS, Clarence Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1545
PARSONS, Colbourne Botwood 2732
PARSONS, Douglas B. Lushes Bight, Notre Dame Bay 2866 [Home Guard]
PARSONS, Earl Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay ~ C/F 2415
PARSONS, George Botwood 1312
PARSONS, George S. Cul de Sac, Hermitage Bay 500
PARSONS, Ivanhoe Carmanville 874 [Forces]
PARSONS, James Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2416
PARSONS, John Greenspond 2417 [Forces]
PARSONS, John N. Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1548
PARSONS, John William Rocky Harbour, St. Barbe 3472
PARSONS, James Botwood 1308 [Home Guard]
PARSONS, Joseph Botwood 1309
PARSONS, Louis Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2418
PARSONS, M. Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 3162
PARSONS, Maxwell Carbonear 2055 [Home Guard]
PARSONS, Maxwell Trout River 2962
PARSONS, Nicholas Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1547 [Forces]
PARSONS, Philip Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2419
PARSONS, Richard La Scie 2790
PARSONS, Robert E. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2868
PARSONS, Robert J. Bishops Falls 3252 [Home Guard]
PARSONS, Thomas W. Springdale 2869
PARSONS, Thomas Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1544
PATEY, David Point Leamington 1417
PATEY, Gordon Peters Arm, Botwood 1306 [Forces]
PATEY, Leonard Point Leamington 3253 [Home Guard]
PATRY, Edwin Codroy 596
PATRY, Gustave Cape Anguille, Codroy 597
PATTEN, Ewart Traytown 1483 [Forces]
PATTEN, Francis Traytown 1485 [Home Guard]
PATTEN, Robert Cape Ray 66 [Forces]
PAUL, Clem Bonavista 1634 [Home Guard]
PAUL, LARRY Badger 176
PAYNE, Cecil M. Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3470
PAYNE, Cyril Fogo 859
PAYNE, David Cowhead, St. Barbe 3447
PAYNE, Gerald Port Saunders 3445
PAYNE, Gerald Isaac Cowhead, St. Barbe ~ Died Overseas 3449
PAYNE, Henry H. Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3471 [Home Guard]
PAYNE, Jesse Port Saunders 3444
PAYNE, Maxwell Fogo 855
PAYNE, Percy C. Cowhead, St. Barbe 3446
PAYNE, Thomas Cowhead, St. Barbe 3448
PAYNE, William J. Fogo 862
PEACH, Freeman Marystown, Placentia Bay 2674
PEARCE, Eugene Harbour Breton 2588
PEARCE, James Mouse Island 3018
PEARCE, John Elliston, Trinity Bay 1630
PECKFORD, Frederick St. John's ~ Lieut. 2186 [Home Guard]
PECKFORD, Victor Channel 177
PECKHAM, Baxter St. John's 635 [Forces]
PECKHAM, Gordon St. John's 637 [Home Guard]
PEDDLE, Alexander Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1860
PEDDLE, Andrew Lockston, Trinity Bay 1758 [Home Guard]
PEDDLE, Cecil Port Union, Trinity Bay 1683
PEDDLE, Clarence Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1867 [Forces]
PEDDLE, Elijah New Perlican, Trinity Bay 2234 [Home Guard]
PEDDLE, George F. St. John's 363
PEDDLE, Harold Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1862
PEDDLE, Henry Harbour Grace 2077
PEDDLE, Hubert T. Lockston, Trinity Bay 1759
PEDDLE, John Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2334
PEDDLE, John Windsor 2733
PEDDLE, John F. St. John's 2187
PEDDLE, Leo Fogo 857
PEDDLE, Leonard Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2335 [Home Guard]
PEDDLE, Max Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2336 [Home Guard]
PEDDLE, Mehelon Whitbourne 690
PEDDLE, Nelson Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1861
PEDDLE, Ralph Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1864
PEDDLE, Stewart Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1863
PEDDLE, Walter Chance Cove, Trinity Bay 1868 [Forces]
PEDDLE, Wilfred G. Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2337 [Home Guard]
PEDDLE, Wilson Carbonear 2053
PELLEY, Alexander Bishops Falls 1367
PELLEY, Arch Corner Brook 71
PELLEY, Clarence J. Bishops Falls 3145 [Home Guard]
PELLEY, Cyril L. Somerset, Smiths Sound, Trinity Bay 1914
PELLEY, Dorman Corner Brook 70
PELLEY, Lawrence F. Port Blandford ~ C/F 1523
PELLEY, Norman Somerset, Trinity Bay 3036 [Forces]
PELLEY, Robert Somerset, Trinity Bay 1913
PELLEY, Sidney Smiths Sound, Trinity Bay 1918
PELLEY, Silas J. Carbonear 3153
PELLEY, Wallace Corner Brook 73
PELLEY, Walter Twillingate 178
PELLEY, Willis V. Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1912
PENDERGAST, Walter St. John's 1082
PENDERGAST, James Avondale 2027
PENDERGAST, Patrick St. John's 991
PENNEY, Bernard Salmonier Line 1962 [Home Guard]
PENNEY, Boyd Musgravetown, Bonavista Bay 1814
PENNEY, Daniel Joseph Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 3541
PENNEY, Frank J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1966 [Home Guard]
PENNEY, George Jr. Blaketown 361
PENNEY, George Keels, Bonavista Bay 3042
PENNEY, George Charles St. John's 3542
PENNEY, Herbert Gordon St. John's 3543
PENNEY, John William Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 698
PENNEY, Leo Joseph Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 3540 [Home Guard]
PENNEY, Michael F. Holyrood 266
PENNEY, Michael J. Woodford's, Holyrood 267
PENNEY, Phillip Markland 3537
PENNEY, Raymond H. English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1753
PENNEY, Samuel O. English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1752
PENNEY, Selby Blaketown, Trinity Bay 271 [Forces]
PENNEY, William Clifton, Trinity Bay 3013 [Forces]
PENNEY, Willis New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3207
PENNY, Barizilla English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1760
PENNY, Edward Tack's Beach 3093
PENNY, Michael Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1969
PENNY, Nathaniel English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1750 [Forces]
PENNY, Patrick Avondale 3094 [Home Guard]
PENNY, Richard J. English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1754
PENNY, Samuel Port Rexton 1757
PENNY, Thomas North Arm, Holyrood 2028 [Home Guard]
PENNY, Thomas Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 3095
PENNY, Thomas St. George's 507
PENNEY, William E. Carbonear 2056
PERHAM, Harvey Pools Cove, Fortune Bay 503
PERRIER, John C. St. George's 509
PERRIER, Joseph St. George's 502
PERRY, Arthur Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2420 [Forces]
PERRY, Ernest A. Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2421 [Home Guard]
PERRY, James Curling 3016
PERRY, John Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2422
PERRY, Merle Chamberlains, Conception Bay 362
PERRY, Noah Northern Arm, Botwood 1307 [Forces]
PERRY, Otto Peter Glenwood 2762
PERRY, Walter Gooseberry Island, Bonavista Bay 2423 [Home Guard]
PETERS, Frank St. John's ~ Asst/Supt ~ Capt 2763 [Home Guard]
PETERS, Frank W. Harbour Breton 2589
PETERS, John G. Harbour Breton 2590 [Home Guard]
PETERS, Robert E. Springdale 2900
PETERSEN, Robert G. Botwood 1314
PETERSEN, John R. Botwood 1305
PETIPAS, Peter J. Whitbourne ~ D/Supt ~ Major 699 [Home Guard]
PEYTON, Ern A Grand Falls 175 [Forces]
PEYTON, Richard Corner Brook 74
PHILLIPS, Frank E. St. John's ~ 2nd Lieut. 2188 [Home Guard]
PHILLIPS, John Whitbourne 1585
PHILLIPS, Timothy R. Bunyan's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2338 [Home Guard]
PHILLIPS, Willis Bonavista 1631
PHILLIPS, William Whitbourne 691
PHILPOT, John Summerville, Bonavista Bay ~ C/F 877
PHILPOT, William Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1822
PHIPPARD, Trevor Placentia 2001
PICCO, Stephen O'Donels, St. Mary's Bay 3096
PICKETT, Edward Fogo 861
PICKETT, Frank R. Fogo 863
PICKETT, Lambert Fogo 864
PICKETT, Leo Fogo 856
PICKETT, Samuel Fair Island, Bonavista Bay 2424
PIERCE, Charles S. Daniel's Harbour 2963
PIERCE, Herb L. St. John's 1085
PIERCE, John Little Barachoix, Cape Ray 2556 [Home Guard]
PIERCE, Malcolm Daniel's Harbour 67
PIERCEY, Albert Sunnyside 1546 [Forces]
PIERCEY, Arch St. John's 1084
PIERCEY, Arthur T. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3214 [Home Guard]
PIERCEY, Chesley Port Rexton 1755
PIERCEY, Frank Gordon Winterton, Trinity Bay 3209
PIERCEY, Fred M. Hickmans Harbour, Trinity Bay 1933
PIERCEY, George Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1549
PIERCEY, George Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 3210 [Home Guard]
PIERCEY, James Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 69
PIERCEY, James Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 3212
PIERCEY, James Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1869
PIERCEY, James Hopeall, Trinity Bay 696 [Home Guard]
PIERCEY, John D. Bay Roberts 2102
PIERCEY, Joshua Hopeall, Trinity Bay 694
PIERCEY, Nauss St. Jacques, Fortune Bay 2591
PIERCEY, Noah Winterton, Trinity Bay 1229
PIERCEY, Selby M. Hopeall, Trinity Bay 693
PIERCEY, Wallace Winterton, Trinity Bay 3211 [Home Guard]
PIERCEY, William J. Norman's Cove, Trinity Bay 1583
PIEROWAY, Gilbert Stephenville Crossing 3017
PIEROWAY, John Shallop Cove, St. George's 501 [Home Guard]
PIEROWAY, Percey E. St. George's 505 [Forces]
PIKE, Albert Bishop's Falls 1368
PIKE, Azariah Brownsdale, Trinity Bay 1225
PIKE, Cecil St. Lawrence 2654
PIKE, Daniel Spanish Room, Placentia Bay 2655 [Home Guard]
PIKE, Harley M. Port Saunders 2964 [Forces]
PIKE, James St. Lawrence 2675
PIKE, James W. South Dildo, Trinity Bay 270
PIKE, John St. John's 2147 [Forces]
PIKE, John Bay L'Argent 2592 [Home Guard]
PIKE, Robert E. Loon's Cove, Burin 2656
PIKE, Stanley W. St. Lawrence 2657 [Home Guard]
PIKE, Stephen Traytown, Bonavista Bay 1484
PIKE, William J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1968
PILGRIM, Harris St. George's 508
PINHORN, Eleazer Winterton, Trinity Bay 1226
PINHORN, Gerald Winterton, Trinity Bay 1227
PINHORN, John L. Winterton, Trinity Bay 1231
PINK, Wilfred Lewisporte 873 [Forces]
PINKSTEN, Edward Broad Cove, Conception Bay 3146
PINSENT, Charles Bellview, Trinity Bay 692
PINSENT, Maxwell Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 2339
PINSENT, Stewart William Dildo, Trinity Bay 3538 [Home Guard]
PINSENT, Sydney Dildo, Trinity Bay 1582
PIPPY, Wilbur Twillingate 868
PITCHER, Alpheaus Winterton, Trinity Bay 1234
PITCHER, Charles Winterton, Trinity Bay 1233
PITCHER, Charles F. Hopeall, Trinity Bay 695
PITCHER, Edward Winterton, Trinity Bay 3208 [Home Guard]
PITCHER, Eli Winterton, Trinity Bay 3215
PITCHER, Ephraim Winterton, Trinity Bay 1235
PITCHER, Luke Random, Trinity Bay 1456
PITCHER, Maxwell R. Winterton, Trinity Bay 1230
PITCHER, Pierce J. Winterton, Trinity Bay 3216
PITCHER, William J. Hopeall, Trinity Bay 697
PITTMAN, Abrah Plum Point, St. Barbe 2965 [Home Guard]
PITTMAN, Edward K. Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1919
PITTMAN, Roderick Roddickton 2791 [Home Guard]
PITTMAN, Rendell Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3450
PITTS, John New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3213
PLOUGHMAN, Colin George's Brook, Trinity Bay 2340 [Home Guard]
PLOUGHMAN, Eric George's Brook, Trinity Bay 1917
PLOUGHMAN, Freeman Bishop's Falls 2734
PLOUGHMAN, Hy Trinity, Trinity Bay 1786
PLOWMAN, Herbert Port Saunders 2966 [Home Guard]
PLOWMAN, William H. Port Saunders 2967 [Home Guard]
POLEM, Albert New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3217
POMEROY, Cecil Fogo 866
POMEROY, Claude Fogo 858
POMEROY, Harry Fogo 860
POND, Cecil Fosters Point, Random Island, Trinity Bay 1916 [Forces]
POND, George Badgers Quay, Bonavista Bay 2425
POND, Herbert Fosters Point, Trinity Bay 3019 [Home Guard]
POND, Marvin Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 174
POND, William E. Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 875
POOL, Henry Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3375 [Home Guard]
POOLE, Fred Windsor 2735 [Forces]
POOLE, John P. Maryvale, Conception Bay 2113
POPE, Randolph H. Badger 2736 [Home Guard]
POPE, Stanley Whitbourne 865
PORTER, George New Harbour, Trinity Bay 870 [Forces]
PORTER, George St. John's 2128
PORTER, Lionel Elliston, Trinity Bay 1629
PORTER, Raymond Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 871
PORTER, Roy Porterville, Notre Dame Bay 872 [Home Guard]
PORTER, William Spaniards Bay, Conception Bay 2235
PORTER, Wilson Northern Arm, Botwood 1311 [Forces]
POTTER, Keywood Samsons Island, Exploits 876
POTTLE, Walter Trinity East, Trinity Bay 1751
POWELL, Alexander Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 1815 [Home Guard]
POWELL, John R. Harbour Grace 2236 [Home Guard]
POWELL, Nicholas Victoria, Conception Bay 2058
POWER, Albert Mount Carmel, Salmonier 3097 [Home Guard]
POWER, Alex St. John's 364
POWER, Andrew Mobile 992
POWER, Archibald St. Bernard's, Fortune Bay 504 [Forces]
POWER, Arthur Chapel Arm, Trinity Bay 1587
POWER, Bernard Burin North, Placentia Bay 2658
POWER, Brendan D. Mount Carmel, Salmonier 268 [Forces] [Home Guard]
POWER, Cyril A. St. John's 1087
POWER, David Salmonier, St. Mary's Bay 1967
POWER, David J. North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 3098
POWER, David Joseph Corner Brook 72
POWER, Dominic Bay de Verde 3539
POWER, Edward Windsor 1177
POWER, Edward South East Placentia 2269
POWER, Frank Dunville, Placentia Bay 2270 [Home Guard]
POWER, Frank Spanish Room, Placentia Bay 2659
POWER, Gerald Tors Cove 0993
POWER, James Port au Bras, Placentia Bay 2660
POWER, James Burin North 2661 [Home Guard]
POWER, James Leo Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay 2341 [Home Guard]
POWER, James Norris Arm 1418
POWER, James E. Chapel Arm, Trinity Bay 1586
POWER, John St. John's 638
POWER, John F. St. Joseph's, Salmonier ~ 2nd Lieut. 1965 [Home Guard]
POWER, John T. Mount Carmel, Salmonier 3099
POWER, Joseph P. Mount Carmel, Salmonier 269
POWER, Joseph Colinet, St. Mary's Bay 1963
POWER, Joseph Edmund St. Joseph's, Salmonier 1964
POWER, Martin Dunville, Placentia Bay 2002
POWER, Peter Marystown 2662 [Forces]
POWER, Richard Burin 2125 [Forces]
POWER, Ronald Norris Arm 1419
POWER, Stan Conche 2792 [Home Guard]
POWER, Thomas Norris Arm 2870
POWER, William Windsor 1178
POWER, William J. Mount Carmel, Salmonier 3100
PRESHUION, Lawrence Flat Bay, St. Georges 510
PRETTY, Leonard F. Dildo, Trinity Bay 1584 [Forces]
PRETTY, Peter C. Dildo, Trinity Bay 272
PRICE, James Windsor 1176
PRICE, Roy C. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1756
PRICE, William J. Bishop's Falls 1366
PRIDE, Cecil Twillingate 867 [Forces]
PRIDHAM, Edward Petty Harbour 1083
PRINCE, Chester R. Princeton, Bonavista Bay 3037
PRINCE, Hubert Princeton, Bonavista Bay 1816
PRITCHETT, Chesley Deer Lake 65 [Forces]
PRITCHETT, Dawson Gambo 407
PROWSE, Alfred Middle Arm. Notre Dame Bay 3251
PROWSE, Terrence St. John's 3544 [Home Guard]
PRYOR, Harvey Cottles Island, Notre Dame Bay 75 [Forces]
PUMPHREY, Walter St. Patricks, Notre Dame Bay 2871 [Home Guard]
PURCELL, James St. John's 636
PURCELL, Pearce Harbour Grace 2076
PURCELL, Thomas St. Phillips, Conception Bay 2127
PURCHASE, Charles Lamaline 3296
PURCHASE, Ernest H. Lamaline 3295
PURCHASE, Fred Lawrenceton, Notre Dame Bay ~ Died Overseas 2737
PURCHASE, Nelson Grand Falls 2738
PUTT, Phillip Goulds 1086
PYE, Leonard Carbonear 2054 [Home Guard]
PYE, Walter G. Victoria 2237
PYE, Willis G. Lethbridge, Bonavista Bay 2342
PYNN, Cyril F. Lawn 2672
PYNN, Harry Twillingate 869 [Forces]
PYNN, Lawrence New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 3218

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