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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ H Listing

Service #
HAFFEY, John St. John's 1061
HAGGERTY, Dan Botwood 2704
HAINES, Earl Kelligrews 1054 [Forces]
HAINES, George Holyrood 240 [Forces]
HAINES, Robert J. Jamestown, Bonavista Bay 1804
HALBOT, John J. St. Fintan's 547
HALE, George F. New Stead, Notre Dame Bay 805
HALEY, Ed William Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay ~ Died Overseas 1516
HALEY, Michael P. Lamaline 3282
HALL, Noah G. Grand Falls 145
HALL, Stephen Codroy 579 [Forces]
HALL, Thomas Codroy 2525
HAMLEN, Robert C. Port au Choix 3431
HAMLYN, Arthur S. Crow Head, Twillingate 147 [Home Guard]
HAMLYN, Cecil Twillingate 151
HAMLYN, Dawe Twillingate 150
HAMLYN, Gilbert Twillingate 796
HANCOCK, Barnett Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay 1801
HANCOCK, George Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay 1800
HANCOCK, James Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 2839
HANCOCK, Mark Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay 1802
HANCOCK, Simon R. Englee, Western Bay ~ Died Overseas 2778
HANHAM, Emanuel Little Bay, Marystown 2630
HANLON, Cyril J. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 237
HANLON, George A. St. Joseph's, St. Mary's Bay 3523
HANLON, Gerard J. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 3522
HANLON, James J. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 3519 [Home Guard]
HANLON, John F. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 3517
HANLON, Michael F. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 235
HANLON, Patrick O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 1948 [Home Guard]
HANLON, Peter O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 3067
HANLON, Richard J. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 3518
HANLON, Thomas Norris Arm 2840 [Home Guard]
HANLON, William O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 1944 [Home Guard]
HANLON, William J. St. Philip's 620
HANN, Elwood Humber Mouth 46 [Forces]
HANN, William J. Virgin Arm, Summerford 799
HANNON, Frank Millertown Junction 1395 [Home Guard]
HANNON, John P. Placentia 1989
HARDING, Gerald J. Holyrood 239
HARDING, Owen St. Alban's 3350 [Home Guard]
HARDING, Wesley Creston, Placentia Bay 2997
HARE, James Harbour Grace 2067
HARNETT, Leo Lords Cove 2396
HARNETT, William Comfort Cove, Notre Dame Bay 44
HARNEY, Herb Bell Island 1057
HARMUN, Cecil Winterton, Bonavista Bay 1216
HARMUN, James Dildo, Trinity Bay 1571
HARMUN, W.S. St. John's 3593
HARMUN, Walter Winterton, Bonavista Bay 3190
HARMUN, William I. Winterton, Bonavista Bay 3191 [Home Guard]
HARPER, John St. Fintan's 542
HARPER, Reginald St. Fintan's 543 [Forces]
HARRIETT, Anthony Lords Cove, Placentia Bay 3283
HARRIS, Arthur C. New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 3192
HARRIS, Arthur L. Markland 675
HARRIS, Colin E. Port Blandford 2311
HARRIS, Edgar Lethbridge 1803 [Forces]
HARRIS, Ronald Markland 673
HARRIS, Simeon Deep Bight, Trinity Bay 2462
HARRIS, Spurgeon Bonavista 2312
HARRIS, William Jacques Fontaine, Fortune Bay 1399
HARRIS, William M. Port Blandford 1512
HART, Albert E. Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1719
HART, Charlie Fogo 791
HART, Charles Fogo 790
HART, Chesley Norris Arm 1394
HART, Hubert St. John's 326
HART, James Botwood 2705
HART, Kenneth Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1716 [Home Guard]
HART, Nathaniel B. Botwood 2706
HART, Roland Fogo 789
HART, Wildon Lady Cove, Trinity Bay 1851
HARTERY, Ray St. John's 2123
HARTSON, James J. Salt Pond, Burin 2631
HARTSON, Pius Burin 144 [Forces]
HARTSON, Stephen Salt Pond, Burin 2632
HARVEY, Albert Ferryland 967
HARVEY, Charles N. Valleyfield, Bonavista Bay 2395
HARVEY, George F. Cape Broyle 622
HARVEY, Michael Admirals Cove, Cape Broyle 968
HARVEY, Roy Freshwater, Carbonear 2049
HARVEY, M.T. Carmanville 802
HARVIEW, Richard Lourdes, Port au Port 2998
HAWCO, Alphonsus Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 241
HAWCO, James J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay ~ Lieut. 1951 [Home Guard]
HAWCO, Kevin J. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1949 [Home Guard]
HAWCO, Leo R. Torbay 1059 [Home Guard]
HAWCO, Matthew Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 3524 [Home Guard]
HAWCO, Stephen Roaches Line, Conception Bay 2216
HAWKINS, John Cape Broyle 970
HAWKINS, Max Glovertown ~ Camp Foreman ~ Died Overseas 1480
HAWKINS, Michael Admirals Cove, St. Mary's Bay 2214
HAWKINS, Patrick Admirals Cove, St. Mary's Bay 2215
HAYDEN, Leslie Badger 2707
HAYDEN, Ligourie P. Petit Forte, Placentia Bay 3068
HAYES, John St. John's 1115
HAYES, William St. Patrick's, Notre Dame Bay 2841 [Home Guard]
HAYTER, Alonzo Trinity, Trinity Bay 1721
HAYTER, Edward Trinity, Trinity Bay 146 [Home Guard]
HAYWARD, Albert Newman's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2313 [Home Guard]
HAYWARD, Charles Channel 2550 [Home Guard]
HAYWARD, Edward Channel 2541 [Forces]
HAYWARD, Francis A. St. John's 330
HAYWARD, Gerald A. Port au Port 437
HAYWARD, Roy St. John's 621 [Forces]
HAYWARD, Thomas L. St. John's 2169
HEAD, Harvey Glenwood 1350
HEARN, John Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay 2842 [Home Guard]
HEARN, M.A. Mount Carmel, St. Mary's Bay 1945
HEARSEY, Edward St. John's 1064
HEATH, Adolphus L.G. Springdale 2843
HEATH, Ernest Harbour Grace 2068
HEATH, George Fogo 787 [Forces]
HEATH, Luke Botwood 3573 [Home Guard]
HEATH, Simeon Fogo 788
HEDDERSON, Francis Bishop's Falls 1349
HEDDERSON, George Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2999 [Home Guard]
HEDDERSON, Heber Noddy Bay 328
HEFFERMAN, Michael Goulds 1060 [Forces]
HEFFORD, Clarence New Harbour, Trinity Bay 3520 [Home Guard]
HEFFORD, William J. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 1567
HEMEON, Wallace Botwood 2708 [Forces]
HEMEON, William Bishop's Falls 2709 [Forces]
HENEBURY, Richard Lords Cove, Placentia Bay 3284
HENNEBURY, Patrick J. Burin Bay, Placentia Bay 2633
HENNESSEY, Nicholas Branch 2257
HERRETT, Matthew Isle aux Morte 2548
HERRITT, Jacob Harbour Breton 3312 [Home Guard]
HEWITT, Arthur Jackson's Arm, Western Bay 2779
HEWLETT, Alexander Paddicks Point, Notre Dame Bay 3571 [Home Guard]
HEWLETT, Allan J. Wellman's Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2844 [Home Guard]
HEWLETT, Donald B. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2845
HEWLETT, Nelson South Brook, Halls Bay 2846
HEWLIN, Bert M.L. Cowhead, St. Barbe 3430 [Home Guard]
HEWLIN, John L. Cowhead, St. Barbe 3432
HIBBS, Kenneth St. Andrews 578 [Forces]
HIBBS, Winston Kelligrews, Conception Bay 2217 [Home Guard]
HICKEY, Francis S. Harbour Main, Conception Bay 2030
HICKEY, Joseph P. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 1946
HICKEY, Michael O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 3069
HICKEY, Michael J. O'Donell's, St. Mary's Bay 236
HICKMAN, Curtis Point Leamington 2710 [Home Guard]
HICKS, Elmo Twillingate 154
HICKS, Ernest Carmanville 803
HICKS, Ernest G. Twillingate 794
HICKS, Floyd Newman's Cove, Bonavista Bay 1623 [Home Guard]
HICKS, Fred Port Blandford 1529 [Forces]
HICKS, James Newman's Cove, Bonavista Bay ~ Died Overseas 3572 [Home Guard]
HICKS, Otto R. Carmanville ~ Asst/Supt 798 [Home Guard]
HICKS, Patrick J. Holyrood 238
HIGDON, Harold H. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 245
HIGDON, Isaac S. New Harbour, Trinity Bay ~ Died Overseas 670
HIGDON, Stephen Dildo, Trinity Bay 1570
HIGDON, Theodore Dildo, Trinity Bay 244
HILLIER, Albert Taylor's Bay, Placentia Bay 2634 [Home Guard]
HILLIER, Albert J. Windsor 2711
HILLIER, Arthur Spreadeagle, Old Shop 242
HILLIER, Charles Lamaline 3289
HILLIER, Edgar Millertown 1397
HILLIER, Fred Bishop's Falls 1351
HILLIER, George C. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 1572
HILLIER, George William Dildo, Trinity Bay 1568
HILLIER, Gerald Point au Gaul, Placentia Bay 3288
HILLIER, Gordon L. Taylor's Bay, Placentia Bay 3285 [Home Guard]
HILLIER, Harold Point Leamington 2712
HILLIER, Lewis Taylor's Bay, Placentia Bay 3286
HILLIER, Stanley New Harbour, Trinity Bay ~ C/F 671
HILLIER, Thomas A. Taylor's Bay, Placentia Bay 3287
HILLIER, Valance S. Grand Falls 2713
HINDY, John Winterton, Trinity Bay 3194
HINDY, Lawrence Winterton, Trinity Bay 3193
HINKS, Arthur Port Saunders 2948
HINES, Joseph Conne River 3351 [Home Guard]
HINES, Thomas Deer Lake 45
HISCOCK, Allison Winterton, Trinity Bay 3525
HISCOCK, Arthur Nathaniel Winterton, Trinity Bay 1214
HISCOCK, Edgar Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1720 [Forces]
HISCOCK, Edwin Winterton, Trinity Bay 1215
HISCOCK, Fred P. Winterton, Trinity Bay 1217
HISCOCK, George Somerset, Smith Sound, Trinity Bay 1902
HISCOCK, Harold Trinity, Trinity Bay 1722 [Forces]
HISCOCK, Harold R. Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay 1213
HISCOCK, Lindsay Trinity, Trinity Bay 1723
HISCOCK, Mark Flat Island, Trinity Bay 2397
HISCOCK, Peter Little Catalina 1672
HISCOCK, Peter Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1725
HISCOCK, Wilson Winterton, Trinity Bay 3195
HISCOCK, William Champney's West, Trinity Bay 1718
HISCOCK, Thomas Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1850
HOBBS, Levi Point Leamington 2714 [Forces]
HODDER, Frank Grates Cove 3521
HODDER, Stephen E. Creston South, Placentia Bay 2635
HODDINOTT, Gordon Brig Bay 2950 [Forces]
HODDINOTT, Howard H. Brig Bay 2949 [Forces]
HODGE, Henry S. Savage Cove, St. Barbe 2951
HODGE, John A. Savage Cove, St. Barbe 2952
HODGE, Philip Savage Cove, St. Barbe 3433 [Home Guard]
HOFFE, Titus Change Islands 152
HOGAN, John St. Brendans, Bonavista Bay 2398
HOGAN, Thomas St. John's 1058
HOGAN, William Flatrock 329
HOGARTH, Wilson Trinity East, Trinity Bay 1717
HOLLAND, Anthony B. Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay ~ 2nd Lieut. 2314 [Home Guard]
HOLLAND, Jeremiah Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay 2315
HOLLETT, George W. Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay 1538
HOLLETT, James W. Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay 1537
HOLLETT, Josiah Random, Trinity Bay 1539
HOLLETT, Malcolm Dildo, Trinity Bay 243
HOLLOHAN, Francis Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1799
HOLLOHAN, Hubert Foxtrap, Conception Bay 327
HOLLOHAN, Thomas Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1806
HOLLOWAY, Albert Lethbridge, Bonavista Bay 1817
HOLLOWAY, Alexander Port Blandford 1511
HOLLOWAY, Alphonsus Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay 2316 [Home Guard]
HOLLOWAY, Eli J. Lethbridge, Bonavista Bay 3032
HOLLOWAY, James Port Blandford 1508
HOLLOWAY, John Port Blandford ~ C/F 1515
HOLLOWAY, Samuel St. Jones Within, Trinity Bay 1849
HOLLOWAY, Wilson Port Blandford 2317
HOLLOWAY, William Port Blandford 1509
HOLMES, Robert Shearstown, Conception Bay 2097
HOOKEY, Clarence Champneys, Trinity Bay 1724
HOPKINS, Albert Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1569
HORWOOD, Grant Botwood 1285 [Forces]
HOSKINS, Bert P. Greenspond ~ Died Overseas 2399
HOSKINS, Charles St. Albans 3352 [Home Guard]
HOSKINS, Daniel St. Albans 3353
HOSKINS, Freeman St. Albans 3354
HOSKINS, George H. Windsor 2715
HOSKINS, Gordon St. Albans 3355 [Home Guard]
HOSKINS, Lawrence Port Blandford 1510 [Forces]
HOSKINS, Manuel St. Albans 3356 [Home Guard]
HOSKINS, Samuel St. Albans 3357 [Home Guard]
HOSKINS, William J. St. Albans 3358
HOUSE, Clan R. Port Saunders 3436
HOUSE, Cyril C. Port Saunders 3435 [Home Guard]
HOUSE, David Port Saunders 3434
HOUSE, Gordon Bellburns, St. Barbe 2953 [Forces]
HOUSE, Harold B. Port Saunders 2954 [Home Guard]
HOUSE, Henry St. Albans 3359 [Home Guard]
HOUSE, Herb Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay 1443
HOUSE, Levi Norman Catalina 1670 [Forces]
HOUSE, Wilmore Greenspond 2400 [Home Guard]
HOWE, Thomas Port Blandford 1513
HOWELL, Leslie G. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3196 [Home Guard]
HOWELL, Selby Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 1573
HOWLETT, Matthew Witless Bay 3159
HOWLETT, Pat Petty Harbour 1053 [Forces]
HOWSE, Harry Lloyd Glovertown 1482
HUBBARD, A.R. Grand Falls ~ D/Supt ~ Transfer C.F.C. ~ Killed in Action Appointment
HUDDY, Thomas Epworth, Placentia Bay 2636
HUDSON, James Pouch Cove 2170 [Home Guard]
HUDSON, James Adams Cove, Conception Bay 3154
HULAN, Agustus [sic] Jeffrey's 546 [Forces]
HULAN, Godfrey Jeffrey's 544 [Forces]
HULAN, Walter Jeffrey's 545
HULL, Ern Windsor 1160
HULL, Fred Corner Brook 401
HULL, Hubert Corner Brook 43 [Forces]
HULL, Norman St. Albans 2571 [Home Guard]
HUMBER, Lloyd Windsor 1161 [Forces]
HUMBER, Max St. John's 2122
HUMBY, Ambrose Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1798
HUMBY, Samuel Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1797
HUMPHRIES, William Northern Arm, Botwood 1286
HUNT, Barry Badgers Quay, Bonavista Bay 2401
HUNT, Robert St. John's 1055
HUNT, Ronald Dover, Bonavista Bay 2402
HUNT, Thomas Little Catalina

1671 [Forces]

HUNT, William Harbour Breton 2572 [Home Guard]
HURDLE, Arthur Dunville, Placentia Bay 1019 [Forces]
HURLEY, Augustus Joseph St. Catherines, St. Mary's Bay 3527 [Home Guard]
HURLEY, Benedict Badger 2716 [Home Guard]
HURLEY, Dennis F. St. Catherines, St. Mary's Bay 1947
HURLEY, Ford Herring Neck. Notre Dame Bay 149
HURLEY, Gregory Gander Bay 2847
HURLEY, Leo Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 148
HURLEY, Nelson Badger 2717
HUSSEY, Alexander S. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2848
HUSTINS, Arthur Chamberlains, Conception Bay 1062
HUSTINS, Bert Cottles Cove, Notre Dame Bay 800 [Home Guard]
HUSTINS, Harry Cottles Cove, Notre Dame Bay 801
HUSTINS, Pleman St. John's 331
HUTCHINGS, Chesley Spaniards Bay, Conception Bay 2096
HUTCHINGS, Edward Whitbourne 672
HUTCHINGS, John St. John's 1056 [Forces]
HUTCHINGS, John Jr Whitbourne 676
HUTCHINGS, Maxwell Cowhead, St. Barbe 3437 [Home Guard]
HUTCHINGS, Norman Tilton, Conception Bay 2218
HUTCHINGS, William B. Whitbourne 674
HUXTER, Herman Springdale 2849 [Home Guard]
HYDE, Jack Change Islands, Notre Dame Bay 153 [Forces]
HYDE, Stephen Bay Bulls 484
HYNES, Aden Ferryland 2219
HYNES, Arthur Change Islands, Notre Dame Bay 155
HYNES, Charlie Port au Port 422 [Forces]
HYNES, Clarence Pat Ferryland 3526 [Home Guard]
HYNES, David St. Brendans, Bonavista Bay ~ C/F 2403 [Home Guard]
HYNES, Frank Grand Falls 1159
HYNES, Harry Clarenville 1848
HYNES, Howard Ferryland 969
HYNES, John Norris Arm 2850
HYNES, John L. Milleville 580
HYNES, John T. St. Brendans, Bonavista Bay 2404
HYNES, Martin Barachois Brook, St. Georges 483
HYNES, Michael Marystown 2637
HYNES, Phillip Twillingate 797
HYNES, Sidney Jr. Twillingate 793
HYNES, Walter Windsor 2718
HYNES, Warrick Twillingate 792
HYNES, Wesley Twillingate 804
HYNES, William Twillingate 795

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