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Military Wills

This page is dedicated to those members of the Royal Newfoundland
Regiment who survived long enough to leave a Will.
Others were not so fortunate.

Research provided by Judy Benson and Ivy Benoit

Regt # Name
283 Pte Stanley Abbott
1615 Pte Wilfred Adey
2058 Pte Walter Andrews
1504 Pte Walter Alexander
  Lt. Bernard Pitts Ayre
  Capt Eric Stanley Ayre
3709 Pte Lester Densmore Barbour
2154 Pte Daniel Barrow
770 Pte Peter Bennett
42 Pte Frank G. Best
478808 [C.E.F.] Pte Thomas Blunden
938 Pte Charles Bowman
848 Pte George A. Brocklehurst
2183 Pte William Brown
1023 Pte Garrett Burke
2647 Pte Charles D. Burt
2520 Pte Samuel Butt
1560 Pte Victor Carew
1783 L/Cpl Leo Christopher
2497 Pte George Chuck
1359 Pte Bernard Cleary
1230 Pte Patrick Cleary
913 Pte Martin Collins
1635 Pte Lawrence Corcoran
1142 Cpl William Patrick Costello
2711 Pte James Croucher
3141 Pte John Daly
1054 Pte Arthur Driscoll
2380 Pte Kenneth Driscoll
2725 Pte John Dwyer
2351 Pte John Ebbs
469068 [C.E.F.] Pte Michael Etchegary
295 Pte John M Fitzgerald
1526 Pte John Galpin
1697 Pte Philip Gillett
64 Second Lt. Gilbert Thomas Gordon
1272 Cpl Martin Grace
1797 Pte Edward Grant
1110 Pte Albert Haines
2605 Pte George Hann
1114 Pte Harvey Harris
1166 Pte Adolphus Heath
1799 Pte George Hollett
  Lt Robert Holloway
2551 Pte Aubrey Holmes
1091 Pte Arthur Hurdle
Royal Navy Lt. Henry Stokes Hutchings
1642 Pte George Janes
502 Pte Edward Joy
208 Pte George Kane
2043 Pte Saul Keefe
2679 Pte Frank Kelly
2646 Pte Aaron King
2882 Pte Cecil Knott
1482 Pte Gideon Lane
1519 Pte William Lannon
  Capt James Ledingham
2462 Pte James LeRiche
2309 Pte Gordon Lewis
2746 Pte John Lewis
2236 Pte Henry Luffman
1678 Pte Walter MacDonald
5101 Pte John Maddock
616 Pte Eric Martin
2870 Pte Bernard McDonald
128 2Lt Thomas B. McGrath
2180 Pte Nathan Mercer
214 CSM Victor William Miles
300 Cpl Benjamin Miller
3028 Pte William Molloy
2219 Pte Albert Moores
1894 Pte Edward Morris
83 Pte Edward Noftall
2672 Pte Henry Oake
  Capt O'Brien
2545 Pte Ambrose O'Neill
2512 Pte Cecil Osmond
3429 Pte Naaman Payne
2514 Pte Stephen Peyton
  Capt Thomas Pitts
2008 Pte Alexander Read
1696 L/Cpl William Reid
1062 Pte John Rice
2079 Cpl John Rose
1466 Pte Gordon Rowsell
1137 Pte William Russell
3257 Pte Frederick Sealey
172 Pte Horatio Seaward
895 Pte John Snelgrove
2456 Pte John Squires
2559 L/Cpl Edward G. Starks
1326 Pte Ambrose Stride
1404 Pte Laurence Tilley
2030 Pte Herbert Twiner
2777 Pte Pierce Upwards
2341 Pte James Walsh
2784 Pte John Warren
2226 Pte Wesley Watts
2675 Pte Leonard George Webb
1432 Pte James Wheeler
707 Pte Frederick Wilcox
472 Sgt Edgar Winsor
2820 Pte Herbert Wiseman

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