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Wills & Documents from England
(referencing Newfoundland)
1610 to 1898

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Records of the Hampshire Record Office





Churchill John of Sandwich Bay, Newfoundland, N America, Planter 1816 1816AD/12 Administration
Churchill William of St Johns, Newfoundland, N America, Planter 1816 1816AD/13 Administration
London William of Sound Island, Newfoundland, N America, mariner 1816 1816AD/33 Administration
Barnes John of Ringwood, gent 1768-1770 79M79/F13 Probate
Bemister Benjamin of Christchurch, Hampshire, Carpenter 1733 1733AD/010 Probate
Bishop Thomas of Sopley, Hampshire, Planter 1753 1753AD/07 Probate
Edwards William of Holdenhurst, Hampshire, mariner 1736 1736AD/047 Probate
Flick John of Ringwood, Hampshire, mariner 1733 1733AD/045 Probate
Grant Augustus of Lyndhurst, Hampshire, mariner 1732 1732AD/044 Probate
Mitchell Thomas of Fordingbridge, Hampshire 1743 1743AD/116 Probate
Peckham Henry of Ringwood, Hampshire 1737 1737AD/098 Probate
Pitt Joseph of Shelley ?, Christchurch, Hampshire 1739 1739AD/093 Probate
Sexey Edmund of Newfoundland, N America, Labourer 1734 1734AD/122 Probate
Badrick William of Christchurch, Hampshire, mariner, Seaman 'Newfoundland' 1683 1683A/005 Will
Belben Thomas of Carbonear Island, Newfoundland, N America, Planter 1710 1710P/06 Will
Brent John of Upper Kingston, Ringwood, Hampshire, Planter 1738 1738P/06 Will
Burge Richard of HMS Rumley ()ship 1745 1745P/027 Will
Christophers George of Palmers, Christchurch, Hampshire, Planter 1724 1724HP/1 Will
Corben John of Muccleshell, Holdenhurst, Hampshire, yeoman 1752 1752HP/1 Will
Coward Thomas of Milton, Hampshire, Planter (in Newfoundland) 1703 1703B/13 Will
Croucher James of Ripley, Sopley, Hampshire, Planter 1746 1746A/036 Will
Fennell (Finnell) William of Christchurch, Hampshire, Planter 1752 1752A/037 Will
Fulford James of St Johns, Newfoundland, N America, Endorsed Gosport 1707 1707P/070 Will
Godden (Godin), jun (Part 1) & (Part 2) Nicholas of New Perlican Hbr, Newfoundland, N America, mariner, mariner 1718 1718B/21 Will
Harris John of HMS Yarmouth, (ship), off Newfoundland 1703 1703P/055 Will
Hayward Benjamin of Blashford, Ellingham, Hampshire, Planter in Newfoundland 1695 1695B/47 Will
Hayward Thomas of Kingston, Ringwood, Hampshire, Planter 1712 1712P/20 Will
Hopkins Harry of South Bockhampton, Christchurch, Hampshire, yeoman 1728 1728A/062 Will
Kerley John of Christchurch, Hampshire, Planter in Newfoundland 1707 1707AD/137 Will
Kerley (Kerly) Robert of Purewell, Christchurch, Hampshire 1736 1736A/055 Will
Minshaw (Minshew) Stephen of Bay De Verde, Newfoundland, N America, Bequest To Boldre 1696 1696B/39 Will
Morgan William of HMS Medway (prize), (ship), mariner 1709 1709B/52 Will
Norton William of Sway, Boldre, Hampshire, Planter 1710 1710A/62 Will
Palmer Phillip of Palmer's Ford, Christchurch, Hampshire, Planter (in Newfoundland) 1706 1706B/47 Will
Pelley John of Winkton, Christchurch, Hampshire, Planter 1738 1738A/084 Will
Rickman John Milford, yeoman [1787, 1791] 24M61/E/T113 Will
Shelley Michael late of Derrit Lane, Bransore, Sopley near Christchurch, formerly of Englee on the French shore of Newfoundland 1891 5M62/25 page 778 Will
Sibly Robert of Ripley, Sopley, Hampshire, Fisherman 1754 1754A/103 Will
Suffield (Suffoll) John of Everton, Milford, Hampshire, sick in Newfoundland 1682 1682A/102 Will
Veal Nicholas of Boldre, Hampshire, mariner 1745 1745B/83 Will
Witherington Thomas of Christchurch, Hampshire, Planter 1738 1738A/123 Will
Swanley Robert Appointment by Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Sir Richard Ingoldsby and John Claypool, junior, of Northborough, Northants, esq of Captain Robert Swanley of London, mariner as Deputy Governor of Newfoundland, with all privileges as granted by Charles I by letters patent 13 Nov 1637, paying annually a half of all profits 1665 15M50/1646 Appointment
    Appointment to uses to bar dower relating to cottage and land, 18 perches at Newfoundland 1849 4M49/42 Appointment
Cooper Henry son of Ann of Fordingbridge, widow to James Croucher of Ripley, Sopley, mariner, to learn the trade of mariner or fisher at Newfoundland 1756 24M82/PO32/55 Apprenticeship
Elefs (junior) John to Roger Warn to be his apprentice in Newfoundland 1737 24M82/PO16/61 Apprenticeship
Jeffries Giles son of Thomas to Joseph Tilley of Christchurch Twynham to learn the trade of planter in Newfoundland, America 1715 24M82/PO16/48 Apprenticeship
Kebby Jeremiah to John Crouchen of Sopley to learn the trade of fisherman in Newfoundland 1732 24M82/PO16/56 Apprenticeship
Bower Joseph Bond for the administration of the estate of Joseph Bower of Newfoundland, America, 'Shipfaringman' 18 Jan 1780 21M65/D4/1780/7 Bond
    Auction sale book number 298 26 Sep1894-2 Oct 1895 93M92/B30 Book
    Conveyance of a cottage and 18 perches of land at Newfoundland, bounded by the public road from Normandy to the salterns on the E and N and by propertylate of John Beckley on the S and W 1861 4M49/43 Conveyance
    House at Woodside, Lymington, with land: release being part of a conveyance by lease and release 12 Dec 1809 24M61/E/T114 Conveyance
    Conveyance by way of lease and release on property as in 24M61/E/T114 with additions 1825 24M61/E/T118 Conveyance
    Conveyance in trust: messuage, barn and land at Woodside, mainly in Lymington, partly in Milford 17 Jan 1845 24M61/E/T120 Conveyance
Coote Eyre Eyre Coote, Hulse etc. New Forest deeds late 12th century-19th century 11M61 Deeds
Walcott Edmund Bundle of title deeds of a messuage and 20 perches of land in Winkton, a mortgage term of which (by deed of 1734) assigned to Edmund Walcott by James Perkins of Beech House, Christchurch, 26 Jul 1802 1734-1802 19M60/208-218 Deeds
    Deeds relating to cottage and garden at Bransgore 1823 and 1847 23M75/1 Deeds
    for 2000 years of a cottage on west side of Milhams Street with garden 3 Jun 1707 19M56/E/T40 Demise
Vincent John of Woodside, Lymington, yeoman with the 'Liverpool and London Globe' Co on a private dwelling house, Newfoundland, in the tenure of a Charles Gates, labourer 1870 4M49/50 Fire Policy
Melendy Thomas of Boldre, Hampshire, Goods, Newfoundland 1687 1687AD/58 Inventory
Moores G. V. Various items re G V Moore's time as surgeon on board 'Great Eastern' while she was laying Atlantic Cable 1866 39M85/PC/F24 Items
    Attested copy of counterpart lease of a piece of ground called Newfoundland Piece, and another, since enclosed, in Porter Green, Bramshaw, for 99 years 25 Mar 1776 13M56/7 Lease
    of lands at Winkton, Christchurch 3 Apr 1777 16M57/21 Lease
    Lease: allotment number 208 on Great Canford Heath 28 Apr 1831 130M93/159 Lease
    Release: allotment number 208 on Great Canford Heath 29 Apr 1831 130M93/160 Lease
    Counterpart lease for 21 years of properties and land in the parishes of Lymington and Milford 23 Jun 1791 20M98/A5 Lease
    Assignment in trust and release of Gore Close (5 acres), Battramsley, Boldre 3-4 Oct 1721 129A05/1/4 Lease
Dyson Marrianne in Petworth to Anne Sturges Bourne in Testwood. 29 Dec 1830 9M55/F37/10 Letter
Howard Lady Henry to 3rd countess 27 Nov [1832] 75M91/L2/53 Letter
Keble Revd John to Sir William Heathcote 29 Dec 1862 118M86/198 Letter
Sherfield Tristram to Henry Sherfield concerning his safe arrival in Newfoundland. Newfoundland 20 Aug 1610 44M69/L41/10 Letter
Sturges Anne to Marianne Dyson: from Westbrook ( as above) to Lavington, Petworth (as above) 16 May 1825 9M55/F3/5 Letter
Morris Runton Bundle of letters from Revd Runton Morris to William Willmott senior at Borough in London, from Newport Pagnel, Plymouth and Newfoundland 1798-1801 19M61/4472 Letters
    Assignment of mortgage by (i) to (iii) of Gore Close (5 acres), Battramsley, Boldre 24 Jun 1710 129A05/1/3 Mortgage
Brooks James Receipt from James Brooks to Joshua Manger for 400 charged on messuages, etc, in Boldre, purchased by Joshua Manger for Richard Budden 18 Feb 1771 19M51/187 Receipt
    Jacob's scrapbook number one c1567-1789 W/K5/2 Scrapbook
Bartlett William sawyer, age 42 1795 4M81/PO35/41 Settlement
Boyt David of Holdenhurst, labourer: born at Bellchalwell, Dorset 1774 9M75/PO6/3 Settlement
Cottle John of Holdenhurst, labourer 1774 9M75/PO6/4 Settlement
Green alias Ford Mary aged 73, widow 1820 22M84/PO113A/62 Settlement
Hancock Adam born at Lyndhurst 1736 25M84/PO12/1 Settlement
Morris William mariner 6 Sep 1757 56M83/PO25/6 Settlement
Rogers Mary (38) of Holdenhurst born Holdenhurst 1821 9M75/PO6/18 Settlement
Swift John resident of Lyndhurst, sawyer, age 35 3 Mar 1804 25M84/PO44/94 Settlement
Tarrant Robert   1 Oct 1739 56M83/PO25/2 Settlement
Walton Mary Lyndhurst 15 Jan 1805 25M84/PO44/97a Settlement
Waterman Mary widow 4 Dec 1773 25M84/PO44/46 Settlement
Wareham Jonathan Abstract of title claiming that his daughter Maria Wareham, who passed as Maria Baker, wife of John Baker and died in 1862, left to him freehold hereditaments at Newfoundland, a cottage and 18 perches 1870 4M49/46 Title
Newton John Pelly of Christchurch, by Robert Newton, late of Christchurch, now of Fogo, Newfoundland, seaman, his father 19 October 1784 21M65/D7/119  
Newton Mary of Christchurch, by Robert Newton, late of Christchurch, now of Fogo, Newfoundland, seaman, her husband 19 October 1784 21M65/D7/120  
    Luff, Raymond and Williams, solicitors 1814-1889 23M75  
    Particulars and plans of Burgate House, outbuildings, pleasure grounds, Bridge House, Burgate Farm cottages land, Burgate Cross Farm, Yew Tree cottage, Newfoundland House, Sandle Dairy Farm, Sandle Manor Lodge, Sandle Manor Farm, situated in Fordingbridge 1898 35M78/E4  

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