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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ C Listing

Service #
CAHILL, Charles St. John's ~ D/Supt Appointment
CAHILL, Cyril J. Placentia 1982
CAINES, Gordon Port Saunders 2920
CAINES, John M. Cowhead 22
CALLAHAN, Andy Botwood 1275
CALLAHAN, Cecil Pelley's Island, Notre Dame Bay 2825
CALLAHAN, John A. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 1207
CAMPBELL, John Grand Falls 2685 [Home Guard]
CAMPBELL, Thomas Bishops Falls 3237 [Home Guard]
CANNING, Charles Botwood 3239 [Home Guard]
CANNING, Herbert W. Roddickton 2769
CANNING, Lindsay Birchy Bay, Notre Dame Bay 1386 [Forces]
CANTWELL, Edward Torbay 608
CANTWELL, Edward J. Torbay 609
CANTWELL, Patrick Torbay 425
CARAVAN, Walter Deer Lake 20 [Forces]
CARBERRY, Robert Petty, Trinity Bay 2121
CARD, Loyal Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 122
CARD, Malcolm Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 109
CAREW, Henry Cape Broyle 951
CAREW, James Cape Broyle 952
CAREW, Patrick Admirals Cove, Cape Broyle 953
CAREW, Phillip P. Mobile 954
CAREW, Vincent Mobile 955
CAREY, Atain Witless Bay 956
CAREY, Dennis Witless Bay 957 [Home Guard]
CAREY, Edward Witless Bay 958
CARPENTER, Edward Little Catalina 1662 [Home Guard]
CARPENTER, George Port Blandford 2297 [Home Guard]
CARPENTER, John Bishops Falls 1343
CARRIGAN, John Patrick St. John's 3030 [Home Guard]
CARROLL, Horatius Badger 1389 [Forces]
CARROLL, James Badger 1388
CARROLL, John Point Verde. Placentia Bay 2250
CARROLL, Michael Tilting, Fogo Island 213
CARROLL, William Badger 1387 [Forces]
CARTER, Arthur J. Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2375
CARTER, Harry Greenspond 2158 [Home Guard]
CASHIN, Ronald Gambo 1434
CASHIN, Fergus Gambo 1433 [Forces]
CASHIN, John V. Gambo 1432 [Forces]
CASHIN, Ray M. Gambo 1435 [Forces]
CAVE, Elias J. Harwood, Notre Dame Bay 747
CHAFE, Albert Harbour Grace 2060
CHAFE, George St. Georges 471
CHAFE, John W. Petty Harbour 1025
CHAFE, Lawrence Petty Harbour 1027
CHAFE, Seymour Petty Harbour 1101
CHAFE, Walter C. Taylors Bay, Lamaline 3270 [Home Guard]
CHAFFEY, Elden Jeffreys 533
CHAISSON, Bernard P. St. Andrew's 2536
CHAISSON, Gerard Searston 2534
CHAMBERS, Abraham Bear Cove, Flowers Cove 2922
CHAMBERS, Algernon Bear Cove, Flowers Cove 2923
CHAMBERS, Cyril Bear Cove, Flowers Cove 3419
CHAMBERS, George Bear Cove, Flowers Cove 3420
CHAMBERS, Norman Bear Cove, Flowers Cove ~ 2nd Lieut. 2924
CHAMBERS, Ronald Barred Harbour, St. Barbe 3417 [Home Guard]
CHAMPION, Lem Bishops Falls 1341
CHAMPION, William Botwood 2686 [Forces]
CHAMPION, William Bishops Falls 1340
CHANT, Arthur Elliston, Trinity Bay 1612
CHAPELLA, Bernard Lords Cove, Placentia Bay 3267 [Home Guard]
CHAPPEL, Stanley Twillingate 746
CHATMAN, Elial Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 2298 [Home Guard]
CHAULK, Artillus Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 2299 [Forces]
CHAULK, Charles Little Catalina 1661
CHAULK, James Little Hearts Ease, Trinity Bay 1866
CHAULK, Roy Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 1500
CHAULK, Theophilus Little Catalina 1657 [Home Guard]
CHAULK, Wesley Deer Lake 18 [Forces]
CHAYTOR, Hedley Traytown, Bonavista Bay 1473
CHAYTOR, Lawrence Flat Island, Bonavista Bay 1471
CHAYTOR, Ray Flat Island, Bonavista Bay 1472
CHEATER, James Twillingate 118
CHINN, Garfield St. Georges 462
CHINN, Herbert Sandy Point, St. Georges 477
CHINN, Herman Sandy Point, St. Georges 478
CHINN, Walter Sandy Point, St. Georges 476
CHIPMAN, Jack Carbonear 2042
CHISHOLM, James Corner Brook 15 [Home Guard]
CHISLETT, Albert Islington, Trinity Bay 1204
CHISLETT, Hezekiah Islington, Trinity Bay 1202
CHRISTOPHER, Thomas St. John's 308
CHUBBS, Arthur Carbonear 3151
CHUBBS, William B. Carbonear 3134
CHURCHILL, Allan St. John's 1031
CHURCHILL, Benson Topsail, Conception Bay 306
CHURCHILL, Caleb Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1837 [Home Guard]
CHURCHILL, Claude Twillingate 745
CHURCHILL, George Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2300 [Home Guard]
CHURCHILL, Harold J. Portugal Cove 305
CHURCHILL, John Portugal Cove 304
CHURCHILL, Kenneth H. Hillview 2301 [Home Guard]
CHURCHILL, Walter Hillview 2478 [Home Guard]
CLANCEY, Dorman Michael's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 749
CLARKE, Alexander Delby's Cove, Trinity Bay 395 [Forces]
CLARKE, Andrew Dunfield, Trinity Bay 1026
CLARKE, Eliol Britannia, Trinity Bay 1892
CLARKE, Ern R. Victoria, Conception Bay 2043
CLARKE, Ernst Bishops Falls 1344
CLARKE, Ernest Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 1499
CLARKE, George Hopeall, Trinity Bay 653
CLARKE, Hayward Grates Cove 2139
CLARKE, James Victoria, Conception Bay 2045
CLARKE, John Heart's Desire, Trinity Bay 1205
CLARKE, John A.B. Twillingate 117
CLARKE, Joseph J. Dunfield, Trinity Bay 310
CLARKE, Joseph Whitbourne 654
CLARKE, Joseph Tilton, Conception Bay 2088
CLARKE, Patrick St. John's 610
CLARKE, Selby Springdale ~ Camp Foreman 2907
CLARKE, Simon Goulds, St. John's 1028
CLARKE, Wallace Victoria, Conception Bay 2044 [Forces]
CLARKE, William H. Loon's Cove, Burin 2615 [Forces]
CLARKE, William Cottles Cove 750
CLOUTER, Charles Milton, Trinity Bay 1984 [Forces]
CLOUTER, Donald Catalina 1656 [Forces]
CLOUTER, Sidney H. Catalina 1655 [Forces]
CLOWE, Daniel Ferryland 959
CLOWE, Edward Ferryland 3496
CLUNEY, Pat Grand Falls 1145
COADY, Patrick St. John's 1013
COATES, Lewis Botwood 1276
COATES, Merle Botwood 1274
COATES, Phillip Botwood 1273 [Forces]
COCHRANE, Maurice St. Mary's 3053
COFFIN, Elias Giles Channel 2990 [Forces]
COISH, Frank Bay de Verde 3503 [Home Guard]
COISH, Harold Ochre Pit Cove 3152
COISH, Hedley Wareham, Bonavista Bay 2376 [Forces]
COISH, Levi Bay de Verde 3504
COISH, Thomas Bay de Verde 3501 [Home Guard]
COLBOURNE, Garland St. Anthony 3486
COLBOURNE, Roderick Lushes Bight, Notre Dame Bay 2826 [Home Guard]
COLBOURNE, Wallace Corner Brook 16
COLE, Gregory Fogo 744
COLE, Samson Corner Brook 394 [Forces]
COLEMAN, Archibald St. John's 2157
COLES, Albert Windsor 1141
COLES, Elias Sandy Cove, St. Barbe 3416 [Home Guard]
COLES, Sandy Change Islands, Notre Dame Bay 121
COLES, Wallace Sandy Cove, St. Barbe 3418 [Home Guard]
COLLETT, Stanley Harbour Buffett 1143
COLLETT, Thomas E. Dildo, Trinity Bay 210 [Forces]
COLLIER, Bertrand St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3328
COLLIER, Charles Codroy 570
COLLIER, Dennis St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3329 [Home Guard]
COLLIER, Herbert St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3330 [Home Guard]
COLLIER, Leo St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir ~ 2nd Lieut. 3331 [Home Guard]
COLLIER, Leonard St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3332
COLLIER, Maxwell St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3333 [Home Guard]
COLLIER, Michael J. St. John's 3498
COLLIER, Reginald St. Joseph, Bay D'Espoir 3334 [Home Guard]
COLLIER, Sebastian St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3335
COLLIER, Stanley St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3336
COLLIER, Thomas Codroy 2526
COLLIER, Walter St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3337 [Home Guard]
COLLIER, Wilson St. Albans, Bay D'Espoir 3338 [Home Guard]
COLLINS, Douglas Spaniards Bay, Conception Bay 2087
COLLINS, Eldon Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay 1431 [Home Guard]
COLLINS, Ernest Dover, Bonavista Bay 2377
COLLINS, Gordon G. Indian Island, Fogo 3238
COLLINS, Harry Riverhead, Harbour Grace 2061
COLLINS, Herbert Windsor 1142
COLLINS, Martin Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay 2378 [Forces]
COLLINS, Morris Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay 2379 [Forces]
COLLINS, Thomas Burin 2479 [Forces]
COLOUMB, Lewis Shallop Cove, St. Georges 2495 [Home Guard]
COLSON, Edward P. Sandy Point, St. Georges 2519 [Home Guard]
COMPANION, Howard Boswarlos, Aquithuana 429 [Forces]
COMPANION, Stanley Bay Boswarlos, Aquithuana 430
CONNELLEY, William Mount Pearl 1029
CONNOLLY, Michael Mount Pearl 2159
CONNORS, James A. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2008
CONNORS, Joseph P. Lawn 2616
CONNORS, Michael Windsor 114
CONNORS, Ronald Deer Lake 21
CONWAY, Ches P. Manuels 1030 [Forces]
CONWAY, John J. Colinet, St. Marys Bay 1936
COOK, Albert St. John's 307
COOK, Donald Grand Falls 2687
COOK, Henry Port Rexton 1703
COOK, William St. Theresa's 2518
COOKE, Gerald Twillingate 1139
COOKE, Neville Twillingate 123
COOMBES, John Hearts Desire 1206
COOMBES, Lawrence Brooklyn, Bonavista Bay 1795
COOMBS, Charles Head of Bay D'Espoir 3339 [Home Guard]
COOMBS, Hiram Whitbourne 3502
COOMBS, Josiah St. John's 3499
COOMBS, William Lawn 3266
COOMBS, William Jr. Pond Cove, Brig Bay 3415 [Home Guard]
COOPER, Samuel Twillingate 120
COOPER, Allan H. Clifton, Trinity Bay 2689
COOPER, Cecil Brighton, Notre Dame Bay 2688
COOPER, Douglas Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 2302 [Home Guard]
COOPER, Fred Windsor 1146
COOPER, Hardy Twillingate 119 [Home Guard]
COOPER, John Seal Cove, Fortune Bay 3594
COOPER, Pearce Bishop's Falls 1342 [Home Guard]
COOPER, Ralph Ireland's Eye, Trinity Bay 1846
COOPER, Robert J. Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 2303 [Home Guard]
COOPER, Royle Milton, Trinity Bay 2304
CORBETT, Richard Holyrood 2007 [Forces]
CORBETT, Richard Brents Cove, Western Bay 2770 [Home Guard]
CORCORAN, Edward Riverhead, St. Mary's 3054
CORCORAN, James Riverhead, St. Mary's 3056 [Home Guard]
CORCORAN, Peter St. Mary's 3055 [Home Guard]
CORMIER, Frank South Branch 569
CORMIER, Hubert St. Theresa's ~ Died Overseas 2512
CORMICK, Claude St. George's 475 [Forces]
COSTELLO, Bernard Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2010
COSTELLO, Joseph Ferryland 960 [Forces]
COSTELLO, Michael King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2305 [Home Guard]
COSTELLO, Thomas Ferryland 3497 [Home Guard]
COSTELLO, Thomas Ferryland 962
COSTELLO, Wilfred Ferryland 961
COURAGE, William Kelligrews 1033
COUSINS, Michael F. Lories 3268 [Home Guard]
COVEYDUCK, William St. John's 309 [Forces]
COX, Aloysius B. Harbour Breton 3307 [Home Guard]
COX, Benjamin New Bay, Notre Dame Bay 2827 [Home Guard]
COX, James Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay 3308 [Home Guard]
COX, John Head of Bay D'Espoir 3340
CRAMM, Joseph G. Queen's Cove, Trinity Bay 1928
CRAMM, Norman St. John's 116
CRAMM, Sam Windsor 1144 [Forces]
CRANFORD, Elwood New Harbour, Trinity Bay 1603
CRANFORD, Harold New Harbour, Trinity Bay 212
CRANFORD, Llewelyn J. New Harbour, Trinity Bay 211 [Forces]
CRANFORD, Clarence Frederick New Harbour, Trinity Bay 650
CRANN, William Windsor 1140
CRANT, Pius St. Alban's 3342 [Home Guard]
CRANT, Vincent G. Little Bay East, Fortune Bay 2566
CRAWLEY, Jerome Holyrood 3057
CRAWLEY, Leonard A. Holyrood 2207
CRAWLEY, Michael Holyrood 2115
CRAWLEY, Pat Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 1147
CREW, George S. Elliston, Trinity Bay 1613
CREWE, Jacob Elliston, Trinity Bay 1615 [Forces]
CREWE, Thomas H. Elliston, Trinity Bay 1614
CREWS, Norman M. Point au Gaul 3269 [Home Guard]
CRIBB, Thomas Head of Bay D'Espoir 3341
CRITCH, Cecil Hillview, Trinity Bay 1839
CRITCH, Francis Gaskiers, St. Mary's Bay 3058
CRITCH, Herb Botwood 1271 [Forces]
CRITCH, James Hillview, Trinity Bay 1838
CRITCH, Jesse Cavendish, Trinity Bay 3500
CRITCH, Jesse C. Norris Point, Bonne Bay 3421 [Home Guard]
CRITCH, John Hickmans Harbour, Trinity Bay 1893
CRITCH, John T. Lomond 2925
CRITCH, Joseph St. Mary's 3059
CRITCH, Leace Corner Brook 393
CRITCH, Walter Quidi Vidi 2161 [Forces]
CRITCHLEY, Albert J. Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2380 [Home Guard]
CRITCHLEY, Stephen Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2381
CROCKER, Alexander Trout River 2928
CROCKER, Baxter L. Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay 3565 [Home Guard]
CROCKER, Donald Trout River 2927
CROCKER, Howard Trout River 2929 [Home Guard]
CROCKER, Milton Trout River 2926 [Forces]
CROCKER, Ralph Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay 1203
CROCKER, Robert G. Greenspond 2382 [Home Guard]
CROCKER, Samuel J. Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay 3505 [Home Guard]
CROCKER, Thomas L. Creston, Placentia Bay 2618
CROCKER, Walter Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay 3506 [Home Guard]
CROCKER, William Creston, Placentia Bay 2618
CROCKER, William Swift Current, Placentia Bay 1535
CROCKWELL, James Bay Bulls 963
CROKE, James St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2383 [Forces]
CROKE, Thomas Fortune Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2902 [Home Guard]
CROWELL, Kenneth H. Botwood ~ OC ~ CQMS 1277 [Home Guard]
CRUMMEY, Richard St. John's 2160
CUFF, Elias Carmanville 753
CUFF, Dawson Carmanville 752
CUFF, Edward Carmanville 751
CULLETON, Patrick St. John's 1024
CULLETON, William St. John's ?
CULLIHALL, Gordon C. Rocky Harbour, St. Barbe 2930 [Forces]
CULLIMORE, Alex Little Catalina 1663
CULLIMORE, Alfred J. Little Catalina 1658
CULLIMORE, Selby G. Little Catalina 1660
CULLIMORE, William Little Catalina 1659
CUMBY, Arthur Hopeall, Trinity Bay 652
CUMBY, Cecil Hopeall, Trinity Bay 651 [Forces]
CUMBY, Fred A. Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 1201
CUMBY, George Hopeall, Trinity Bay 1561
CURLEW, Fred M Botwood 1278
CURLEW, George Botwood 1272
CURLEW, Mark Northern Arm, Botwood 1279
CURLEY, Alton Woods Island, Bay of Islands 2473 [Home Guard]
CURRAN, Ed J. Gambo 1442
CURRAN, John J. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2009
CURRAN, Joseph [Major] Gambo ~ D/Supt. ~ Asst/OC ~ 2IC 3rd Inverness Appt [Home Guard]
CURRAN, Thomas V. [Major] Gambo ~ D/Supt. ~ OP/Supt ~ "B" Co. 3rd Inverness 1978 [Home Guard]
CURRIE, Allan T. Britannia, Trinity Bay 1929
CURRIE, Thomas W. Isle aux Morts 2546 [Forces]
CURTIS, Ernest Campbellton, Notre Dame Bay 748
CURTIS, Frank Deer Lake 19
CURTIS, Gordon Corner Brook 17
CURTIS, Gordon Grand Falls 115

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