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Community Names S - W (except St. John's)

The editors and publishers acknowledge with sincere thanks the many who contributed to "The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories". Here are their names. Those marked with a * are contributors whose submissions were chosen for publication.


Salmon Cove, Carbonear Salvage, B.B. Sandy Cove, B.B.
Slade, Mrs. Elizabeth A.
*Slade, Mrs. Freeman
Dyke, Gordon King, Mrs. Kenneth
Seal Cove, C.B. Searston Seldom-Come-By,
Fogo Dist.
Dawe, Mrs. Andrew
Morgan, Mrs. Shirley
O'Gorman, Paul B. *Combden, Raymond
Nichol, Miss Ivy
Parsons, Mrs. Minnie
Shoal Harbour, T.B. Sibley's Cove, T.B. Southern Bay, B.B.
Churchill, Mrs. Abe
Lowe, Mrs. Dora
*Stanley, Mrs. Harold
Thistle, Mrs. Harris
Wiseman, Edmund
Sparkes, Mrs. Charles L. Quinton, Mrs. Daisy
South Brook South River,
Clarke's Beach, C.B.
Spaniard's Bay, C.B.
Carter Dorman Batten, Master Derek A.C.
Neville, Mrs. Bessie
Barrett, Mrs. Priscilla
*Strickland, William Thomas
Spillard's Cove, W.B. Springdale Stag Harbour, Fogo Dist.
Hedderson, Frederick
Hedderson, Miss Mary
Austin, Mrs. C.
Bennett, Mrs. Hubert
Clarke, Miss Margaret A.
Taylor, Mrs. Angus
Collins, Mrs. Solomon
*Sheppard, Manson H.
St. Alban's, Bay D'Espoir St. Andrews St. Anthony
Snook, Mrs. Geraldine Hibbs, Mrs. James Emberley, Mrs. Wm.
Johnson, Augustus
Patey, Mrs. A. Jane
St. Bernard's. F.B. Stephenville Crossing St. George's
Hodder, Edward Wells, Mrs. Shirley Sullivan, Mrs. David
St. Jacques, F.B. St. John's St. Joseph's, S.M.B.
Power, John See St. John's File Furey, Peter Jr.
St. Lawrence St. Leonard's, P.B. St. Lunaire, W.B.
*Edwards, Mrs. Ken
Flannigan, Mrs. Allan
Stacey, Bernard
Tobin, Mrs. Samuel
Rodgers, Mrs. Joseph Earle, Mrs. Ambrose
St. Mary's S.M.B. Stock Cove, B.B. St. Phillip's C.B.
Hogan, Mrs. John
Lee, Mrs. Frances
Molloy, Mrs. John
Ryan, Mrs. Catherine
Ryan, Master Leonard
St. Croix, Brendon
Aylward, Mrs. Gregory Squires, Mrs. Virtue
St. Shott's,
Ferryland Dist.
St. Vincent's, S.M.B. Summerford, N.D.B.
Finlay, Mrs. John J. Gibbons, Miss Cecilia
Gibbons, Miss Theresa
Stamp, Miss bernadette
St. Croix, Miss Elsie
Andrews, Mrs. R.W.
Troke, Miss Melva
Troke, Miss Shirley
Summerville, B.B. Sunnyside, T.B. Sweet Bay, B.B.
Abbott, Mrs. Isaac
Humby, Mrs. Obadiah
Snook, Mrs. Hannah
Snook, Mrs. Norman
Kelly, Myles
Kelly, WIlliam Jr.
Kelly, Mrs. William
Lee, Miss Annette
Legge, Mrs. Gregory
Legge, Mrs. Martinis
Swift Current, P.B. Terra Nova Terrenceville, F.B.
Eddy, Mrs. Lewis Batten, Miss Viola Mitchell, Charles
Three Arms, Green Bay Tilting, Fogo Dist. Topsail, C.B.
Moore, Mrs. Nellie Green, Miss Angela Barnes, Edward
*Barnes, Mrs. Josephine M.
Butler, Mrs. C.A.
Butler, Mrs. Martha E.
Davis, Mrs. George
Davis, Miss Jane
Grey, Miss Margaret
Miller, Miss Florence
Ralph, Mrs. Christina
Somerton, Mrs. Matilda Miller
Tippett, Mrs. Gordon
Woods, Mrs. Mina
Torbay, St. John's East Trepassy Trinity, T.B.
Hickey, Miss Gail
Martin, Miss Rita
Morey, Miss Elizabeth
Curtis, Mrs. Monica M.
Molloy, Mts. Margaret M.
McNeil, Miss Gladys
McNeill, John
Pennell, Mrs. Patrick J.
*Penney, Mrs. John
Coleridge, Mrs. Mabel
*Coleridge, Mrs. Peter
Hayter, Miss Elsie
Hiscock, Gilbert
Hiscock, Miss Janet
Hogarth, Miss Barbara
Sulivan, Mrs. W.
Toope, Mrs. Colin L.
Trouty, T.B. Upper Gullies, C.B. Upper Island Cove, C.B.
Barnes, Stephen
Johnson, John M.
Green, Mrs. L.
Harvey, Mrs. Albert
Coombs, George G.
Young, Enid G.
Valleyfield, B.B. Victoria Carbonear Victoria Cove,
Gander Bay
Osmond, Mrs. Walter
White, Malcolm
Clarke, Wm. R.
Hiscock, John
Blake, Cecil L.
Ludlow, Mrs. dorman
Torraville, Miss Florence
Torraville, Mrs. Henry
Torraville, Mrs. Raymond
Wesleyville, B.B. Whitbourne White Rock, F.B.
Howell, Mrs. Wm.
Sturge, Gertrude
Williams, Mrs. Wm. Moody, Mrs. Mark
Windsor Winter Brook, B.B. Winterton T.B.
Durdle, Mrs. Mae
Goodyear, Mr. Horace
Noseworthy, Mrs. Frank
Smith, Miss Ruby
Tilley, Mrs. Arch
Young, Mrs. Hubert
Fitzgerald, Mr. Follett, Mrs. Joseph
Hindy, Mrs. Maargaret M.
Hindy, Peter
Witless Bay Woody Island Unknown Address
Norris, Mrs. Essie
Vickers, Mrs. Peter
Snow, Mrs. Ronald Elms, Miss Mabel
Hayes, Victoria
Kennedy, Miss Madeline
Pardy, Samuel
Ryan, Miss Mary Jane

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This page transcribed by James Butler, 2000
REVISED: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

Page Revised: February - 2003 (Don Tate)

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