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Treasury title

St. John's

The editors and publishers acknowledge with sincere thanks the many who contributed to "The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories". Here are their names. Those marked with a * are contributors whose submissions were chosen for publication.


Andrews, E. Andrews, Geo. R. Andrews, R.
Anstey, Mrs. Geo. Anthony, Mrs. T. Antle, Mrs. Felix
Atkins, Stan. Bambrick, Mrs. Ruth Barbour, J.K.
Barrett, Mrs. Freda Beck, M. Carberry, Leo
Carter, Harry Carter, Kenneth Churchill, Donald
Clarke, Mrs. Arthur Clarke, Mrs. E. Cook, Mrs. Myra J.
Coombs, Miss Gladys Cooper, John Creen, Mrs. Sybil
Crowther, Miss Marjorie Culmore, Mrs. L. Daniels, Mrs. Gordon
Davis, Mrs. J. Davis, Mrs. M.B. Dempsey, Mrs. A.
Dewling, Mrs. Geo. Dobbin, Mrs. F. Doyle, Miss Mary
Duggan, Mrs. Wm. Dyer, Mrs. Mary *English, L.E.F.
Ferguson, Mrs. A.B. Ferguson, Miss Allice B. Fiander, Frances
*Fitzgerald, Mrs. Gerald Fitzgerald, Mrs. Leo Freeman, Mrs. E.
Gilbert, Mrs. Mary *Green, Mrs. Linda Griffiths, Mrs. Katherine
Griffiths, Mrs. Kevin Gushue, Miss Loretta *Hamlyn, Mrs. E.H.
Hapgood, Miss Daphine Hapgood, Miss Pearl Hapgood, Mrs. Thomas
Harris, Mrs. Albert Head, Mrs. Harry Higdon, Mrs. A.
Higdon, Master Gordon Hillier, Miss Ruth Hoddinott, Max
Holmes, Miss Annie Hopkins, Mrs. Mary Hudson, Mrs. Jennie
*Hunt, Rev. E. Hynes, Mrs. W. *Jamieson, Miss Margaret
Janes, Mrs. Richard Kelland, Mrs. M. Kelly, Alice
Kelly, James Kennedy, Mrs. James Keough, Mrs. Michael
King, Bernard King, Miss Jean L. Lawlor, Stan
Lawrence, Mrs. Miriam Learning, Mrs. Mary Leonard, Timothy
Lyver, Mrs. Veronica Marsh, Mrs. Ronald Martin, Mrs. Ada
Martin, Mrs. Mary May, Mrs. Emily Morgan, Alfred E.
Morgan, Ivan R. Murphy, Mrs. Helen McGurk
Norman, Mrs. Ellen Noseworthy, Richard Nugent, Miss Joan M.
O'Brien, Miss Sheila M. O'Leary, Miss Bride Oliver, Joseph
O'Neill, Miss Alice Parsons, Mrs. Emma B. Parsons, Reg.
Penney, Mrs. Frances Penny, S.R. Ploughman, Wayne
Pollock, John Pope, Mrs. Clarence Power, Mrs. C.
Power, John Power, Miss Josephine Power, Mrs. Mary J.
Prim, Miss Theresa *Quinton, Karen Ratcliffe, Raymond
Reardon, W.S. Reddy, Mrs. Frank Rees, Mrs. Muriel
Reid, Mrs. F.W. *Robson, Mrs. Cyril Rogerson, Miss Muriel I.
*Rose, G. Ryan, Miss Philomena Simms, Mrs. Harold
Slaney, Mrs. Joseph *Smith, Mrs. Andrew Snow, Miss Margaret
Snow, Mrs. T. Somerton, Miss J. Spracklin, Miss Hilda
Stanley, Mrs. Isobel *Tiller, Mrs. Percy Wakeham, Gerald
Walsh, Mrs. L. Walsh, Miss M. Wells, Mrs. Jeanette
Whelan, Mrs. Ellen M. Whelan, Mrs. Margaret White, Mrs. Gertrude
Whiteway, Miss Ina Whiteway, Miss Louise Williams, Miss Rita
Woodland, Mrs. Ada Yetman, Mrs. Florence  

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This page transcribed by James Butler, 2000
REVISED: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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