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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ S Listing

Service #
SACREY, Garland Woodstock, Western Bay 3256
SAMMS, James Bonne Bay 81
SAMMS, Reginald Codroy 600 [Forces]
SAMMS, Thomas R. St. John's 3552
SAMMS, Walter Codroy 601
SAMMS, William T. St. John's 1100
SAMPSON, Chesley F. Brig Bay 3456 [Home Guard]
SAMPSON, William Brig Bay 3454 [Home Guard]
SAMSON, James St. Brendans, Bonavista Bay 2429
SAMSON, John St. Brendans, Bonavista Bay 1460
SAMSON, Martin Botwood 1319
SANGAR, Walter Cox's Cove, Bay of Islands 2475 [Forces]
SANSON, Oswald Monroe, Trinity Bay 3040 [Forces]
SANSONE, Clayton Twillingate 183
SAUNDERS, Donald Gander Bay 2876
SAUNDERS, Heber Change Islands, Notre Dame Bay 187
SAUNDERS, James Badger 1422 [Forces]
SAUNDERS, Oliver Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 189 [Forces]
SAUNDERS, Ronald Badger 2742
SAUNDERS, Solomon Deer Lake 88
SCEVIOUR, Aquilla Petley, Trinity Bay 1878 [Home Guard]
SCEVIOUR, Harold A. Exploits, Notre Dame Bay 909 [Forces]
SCEVIOUR, Harry Brown's Arm, Notre Dame Bay 907 [Forces]
SCEVIOUR, Wallace A. Brown's Arm. Notre Dame Bay 908
SCOTT, Lloyd C. Fogo 890
SEABRIGHT, Fred Norris Arm 2878 [Home Guard]
SEALEY, Gordon Grand Falls 2476
SEARS, Cyril St. John's 644
SEAWARD, Agustus Clarenville 1922
SEAWARD, Alexander Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 702
SEAWARD, Arthur Little Catalina, Trinity Bay 1877
SEAWARD, Ben Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1553
SEAWARD, Clarence H. Clarenville 2346
SEAWARD, Edward Clarenville 1923 [Home Guard]
SEAWARD, Harvey Clarenville 1875
SEAWARD, Maxwell Clarenville 1874
SEAWARD, William J. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 1253
SESK, William J. Ferryland 999
SEWARD, Charles Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 1591 [Forces]
SEWARD, Clarenville New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3222
SEWARD, Edward New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3223
SEWARD, Isaac New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3168
SEWARD, Silvanus New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3224 [Home Guard]
SEWARD, Solomon St. John's 369 [Forces]
SEXTON, Alfred Bonavista 1641 [Home Guard]
SEXTON, Cyril Manuels 371 [Forces]
SEXTON, John H. Windsor 1120 [Home Guard]
SEYMOUR, Robert N. Spaniards Bay 2107
SEYMOUR, Thomas E. Shearstown, Conception Bay 2106
SHARPE, Charles St. John's 1096
SHARPE, George Twillingate 895
SHARPE, Norman Bonavista 1642
SHARPE, Stanley Twillingate 898
SHARPE, Thomas Kelligrews, Conception Bay 84 [Forces]
SHARRON, Jasper Botwood 2743 [Forces]
SHARRON, Raymond Point Leamington 2744 [Home Guard]
SHAW, Matthias Little Hearts Ease, Trinity Bay 1872
SHEA, Bruce Glenwood 915
SHEA, Harold St. John's 373
SHEA, Ivan Glenwood ~ Camp Foreman ~ 2nd Lieut. 914 [Home Guard]
SHEA, Joseph Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2430 [Forces]
SHEA, Mark Fogo 894
SHEARS, Ralph St. John's 1097 [Home Guard]
SHEAVES, Nathan Port aux Basques 3175
SHEAVES, Percy Mouse Island, Channel 2538
SHELLEY, Frank Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2798 [Home Guard]
SHELLEY, George Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2800 [Home Guard]
SHELLEY, James Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2801 [Home Guard]
SHEPPARD, Albert Sandy Point, St. Georges 512
SHEPPARD, Alton Lark Harbour 82
SHEPPARD, Arthur F. Windsor 3558
SHEPPARD, Bramwell Carmanville 911
SHEPPARD, Cornelius Lark Harbour 2470 [Forces]
SHEPPARD, Edwin Trout River 2970 [Home Guard]
SHEPPARD, Henry Botwood 3259 [Home Guard]
SHEPPARD, Joseph J. Catalina 1678
SHEPPARD, Karl Brig Bay, St. Barbe 2971
SHEPPARD, Kenneth St. John's 3557
SHEPPARD, Norman Brig Bay, St. Barbe 2972
SHEPPARD, Reuben Harbour Grace 2078
SHEPPARD, Theophilus Carmanville 912
SHEPPARD, William J. Rencontre East, Fortune Bay 2596 [Home Guard]
SHORT, Ambrose Wellmans Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2877 [Home Guard]
SHORT, Baxter Goose Cove, St. Anthony 3481
SHORT, Charles Cape Ray ~ Died Overseas 2557
SHORT, Dorman Wellmans Cove, Notre Dame Bay 3580 [Home Guard]
SHORT, Henry Deep Bight, Trinity Bay 87
SHORT, Henry W. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2879
SHORT, Hubert I. Wellmans Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2880
SHORT, Robert H. Beaumont, Notre Dame Bay 2882
SHORT, Samuel G. South Brook, Notre Dame Bay 2881
SIMMONS, Eugene Whitbourne 3553 [Home Guard]
SIMMONS, Fred Twillingate 903
SIMMONS, Hector Bishop's Falls 1378
SIMMONS, Morgan Winterton, Trinity Bay 1252
SIMMONS, Wilfred Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 1592 [Forces]
SIMMONS, Winston Corner Brook 0083
SIMMS, Bennett Twillingate 900 [Home Guard]
SIMMS, Christopher St. John's 366 [Home Guard]
SIMMS, James McCallum, Harbour Breton 519 [Forces]
SIMMS, John W. St. John's 643 [Forces]
SIMON, Ossie Spruce Brook 441
SINCLAIR, Ingram Monroe, Trinity Bay 1920
SINGLE, Adey New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 1246
SINGLETON, John J. North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 1971 [Home Guard]
SKANES, Francis S. St. John's 2126 [Home Guard]
SKEARD, Edward Channel 3024 [Home Guard]
SKIFFINGTON, Albert W. Bonavista 1643
SKIFFINGTON, Robert E. Musgravetown, Bonavista Bay 1820
SKINNER, Albert Harbour Breton 2597
SKINNER, Clayton Harbour Breton 2598 [Home Guard]
SKINNER, Edward St. Alban's, Bay D'Espoir 3390
SKINNER, Freeman Harbour Breton 3318 [Home Guard]
SKINNER, James Harbour Breton 2599 [Home Guard]
SKINNER, James Harbour Breton 3316 [Home Guard]
SKINNER, Joseph Harbour Breton 2600 [Home Guard]
SKINNER, William J. Harbour Breton 3317 [Home Guard]
SLADE, Dorman Lushes Bight, Notre Dame Bay 2883
SLANEY, Alexander Forest Field, Salmonier 282
SLANEY, Kitchener Gambo 1461
SLANEY, Leo St. Lawrence 2665 [Home Guard]
SLANEY, William M. Gambo 1458
SMALL, Aubrey Moretons Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 906
SMALL, Cecil Bishop's Falls 1372
SMALL, Elwood Moretons Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 913
SMALL, Guy Lewisporte ~ Camp Foreman 1373
SMALL, Joseph Jr. Fogo 892
SMALL, Walter Bishop's Falls 1371
SMALL, William Bishop's Falls 1374
SMART, Archibald Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 902
SMITH, Adam Chance Cove, Trinity Bay 1556
SMITH, Agustus New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3225
SMITH, Andrew D. Old Shop, Trinity Bay 286
SMITH, Arthur Twillingate 901
SMITH, Arthur Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1552
SMITH, Carlet Twillingate 186
SMITH, Claude Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 703 [Forces]
SMITH, Edward Dildo, Trinity Bay 287
SMITH, Eleazer Chance Cove, Trinity Bay 3582
SMITH, Eli Chance Cove, Trinity Bay 1557
SMITH, Elias Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 1871
SMITH, Eric Edwin Bishop's Falls 2104
SMITH, Fred G. Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1554
SMITH, Gordon Dildo, Trinity Bay 1595
SMITH, Hayward Aspey Brook, Trinity Bay 1873
SMITH, Hector Sunnyside, Trinity Bay ~ Camp Foreman 411
SMITH, Henry J. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3226 [Home Guard]
SMITH, Herven Snook's Arm, Notre Dame Bay 1879
SMITH, Howard Grand Falls 182 [Forces]
SMITH, Jacob Hearts Content 3227 [Home Guard]
SMITH, James Spreadeagle, Trinity Bay 283
SMITH, Josiah St. John's 3043
SMITH, Llewelyn Dildo, Trinity Bay 1594 [Forces]
SMITH, Manuel Chance Cove, Trinity Bay 1555
SMITH, Mark Bishop's Cove, Conception Bay 2103
SMITH, Moses Hearts Content, Trinity Bay 3228
SMITH, Peter Argentia 2273
SMITH, Roland Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2131
SMITH, Stanley Corner Brook 3025 [Forces]
SMITH, Steven C. Plum Point, St. Barbe 2973 [Home Guard]
SMITH, Victor St. John's 3592
SMITH, Walter Bishop's Falls 1375
SMITH, William T. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3229 [Home Guard]
SMITH, William St. John's 1095
SMITH, William Greens Harbour, Trinity Bay 1593
SMITH, William A. Norris Point, Bonne Bay 90
SNELGROVE, Terence Exploits, Notre Dame Bay 910
SNOOK, Primo St. Albans 3391 [Home Guard]
SNOOK, Thomas Chapel Arm, Trinity Bay 2601 [Home Guard]
SNOOKS, George Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1559 [Forces]
SNOOKS, William Cox's Cove 410 [Forces]
SNOW, C.A. Bay Roberts 2105
SNOW, Charles Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3476
SNOW, Eldred Gander Bay 905
SNOW, Gordon St. John's 300 [Forces]
SNOW, Hugh E.P. Botwood 2745
SNOW, Leonard Fogo 893 [Forces]
SNOW, Martin Rocky Harbour 2974
SNOW, Pat Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1823
SNOW, Phillip St. John's ~ 2nd Lieut. 1099 [Home Guard]
SNOW, Raymond Windsor 2746 [Home Guard]
SNOW, Raymond William Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3477 [Home Guard]
SNOW, William Summerville, Bonavista Bay 1824
SOOLEY, George E. Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 1249
SOOLEY, Reuben Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 1248
SOOLEY, Roland Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 1250
SOOLEY, William Bishop Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay 3556 [Home Guard]
SOOLEY, Wimmiam James Caplin Cove, Bay de Verde 3554 [Home Guard]
SOPER, William Grand Falls 181 [Forces]
SPARKES, Albert Brownsdale, Trinity Bay 3147
SPARKES, Edward Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay 3148
SPARKES, John C. Lead Cove, Trinity Bay 3149
SPARKES, Peter Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay 3150
SPARKES, Russell Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3457
SPARKES, Wesley Glovertown 1490
SPENCER, Dorman Twillingate 896
SPENCER, Herbert Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3392 [Home Guard]
SPENCER, Maxwell G. Springdale 2884 [Home Guard]
SPENCER, Nathan J. Harbour Breton 2602
SPRACKLIN, Albert Brigus, Conception Bay 2116
SPRACKLIN, Gordon L. St. John's 2190
SPRACKLIN, Maxwell Charlottetown, Bonavista Bay 1528
SQUIRES, Edward Glovertown 1489 [Forces]
SQUIRES, Arthur R. St. Phillips, Conception Bay 3406
SQUIRES, Edwin Old Shop, Trinity Bay 285
SQUIRES, Francis E. Old Shop, Trinity Bay 704 [Forces]
SQUIRES, George B.B. Old Shop, Trinity Bay 284 [Forces]
SQUIRES, Lionel Manuels, Conception Bay 370
SQUIRES, Reginald Deer Lake ~ C/F 86
SQUIRES, Samuel Botwood 2431
SQUIRES, Seaward Bonavista 1638 [Home Guard]
SQUIRES, Walter Deer Lake 89 [Home Guard]
ST. CROIX, John St. Vincents, St. Mary's Bay 3104 [Home Guard]
ST. CROIX, Joseph St. Vincents, St. Mary's Bay 3105 [Home Guard]
ST. CROIX, Rennie St. Vincents, St. Mary's Bay 3106
ST. GEORGE, Frank Chapel Arm, Trinity Bay 3551 [Home Guard]
ST. GEORGE, James J. Hearts Desire, Trinity Bay 1247
ST. GEORGE, Thomas V. Hearts Desire, Trinity Bay 1251
STACEY, Alex St. John's 372 [Forces]
STACEY, Clement Lories, Placentia Bay 3479
STACEY, David St. Lawrence 1185
STACEY, Donald J. Lories, Placentia Bay 3300
STACEY, George Lories, Placentia Bay 3298
STACEY, George A. High Beach, Placentia Bay 3299
STACEY, Louis St. John's 3596
STAGG, Ephraim Catalina 1682 [Forces]
STAGG, William J. Bonavista 1644
STAMP, Michael Flatrock 2134
STANFIELD, Eleazer Port Blandford 1526 [Forces]
STANLEY, Havelock Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2347
STANLEY, Stanslow Clarenville 1921
STAPLETON, Leo J. Marystown 2666
STARKES, Chesley R. Valleyfield, Bonavista Bay 2432
STARKES, Harry Cecil Lewisporte 2885
STARKS, Malcolm Nippers Harbour 2886 [Home Guard]
STEAD, Ernest Gambo ~ C/F 1976
STEED, Andrew Little Catalina 1681
STEED, Garland Little Catalina 1680
STEED, George Little Catalina 1679
STEELE, Maxwell Horwood, Notre Dame Bay 3258
STEPHENS, Leonard Shoal Cove, St. Barbe 3455
STIRLING, Leonard Harbour Grace 2080
STOCKLEY, Elmo Twillingate 899
STOCKLEY, Selby Botwood 3257
STOCKLEY, Stanley J. Twillingate 897 [Forces]
STONE, George Wellmans Cove 3581 [Home Guard]
STONE, James Creston, Marystown 2667
STOODLEY, Walter T. Harbour Breton 3319 [Home Guard]
STOREY, Colin St. John's 642 [Forces]
STOYLES, Eric L. Northern Bight, Trinity Bay 2348 [Home Guard]
STRANG, Alfred Lawn, Placentia Bay 2668 [Home Guard]
STRATTON, Wesley Ladle Cove, Notre Dame Bay 2887
STRAWBRIDGE, Fred Gooseberry Cove, Trinity Bay 2129 [Forces]
STREET, Frederick J. Epworth, Placentia Bay 2433
STREET, Wilson Channel 2555
STRICKLAND, Andrew Mouse Island, Channel 2543
STRICKLAND, Bramwell Botwood 1322
STRICKLAND, Chesley Harbour Breton 520
STRICKLAND, Edgar Newmans Cove, Bonavista Bay 1640
STRICKLAND, Edward Fogo 891 [Forces]
STRICKLAND, Ephraim Harbour Grace 2081 [Home Guard]
STRICKLAND, Fred M. Badger 1423 [Home Guard]
STRICKLAND, Henry E. Lories, Placentia Bay 3297
STRICKLAND, John Newmans Cove, Bonavista Bay 1639
STRICKLAND, Lewis G. High Beach, Placentia Bay 3301
STRICKLAND, Sameul Harbour Breton 518
STRICKLAND, Stanley Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3393 [Home Guard]
STRICKLAND, Walter Badger ~ C/F 916
STRICKLAND, William Lories, Placentia Bay 3320 [Home Guard]
STRIDE, Albert Botwood 1321
STRIDE, Allan Bishops Falls 1376
STRINGER, Aldred T. Hodges Cove, Trinity Bay 2349 [Home Guard]
STRINGER, Isiah Little Catalina 1876
STRONG, Chester G. Botwood 1317
STRUGGNELL, John Pouch Cove 367 [Home Guard]
STUCKLESS, Aubrey Twillingate 904
STUCKLESS, Bert Twillingate 188 [Forces]
STUCKLESS, Edward Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 184
STUCKLESS, Eric Twillingate 190 [Forces]
STUCKLESS, Jonas Botwood 1318
STUCKEY, Heber Pike's Arm, Herring Neck, Notre Dame Bay 185
STUCKLEY, Malcolm Peters River, Botwood 1320
STYLES, Wilfred G. Port Saunders 3458 [Home Guard]
SULEY, Robert Whitbourne 3555
SULLIVAN, Albert Pouch Cove 368 [Forces]
SULLIVAN, Archibald Pouch Cove 2191 [Forces]
SULLIVAN, Benedict Brents Cove, Western Bay 2802 [Home Guard]
SULLIVAN, Cyril Calvert 998 [Home Guard]
SULLIVAN, Peter Mall Bay 3107
SULLIVAN, Wilfred T. Placentia 2274
SUTHERLAND, John Bishops Falls 1377
SUTTON, Allan Trepassey 2244
SUTTON, Clyde Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3394 [Home Guard]
SUTTON, Ralph Clifton, Trinity Bay 2760 [Home Guard]
SUTTON, Silas Victoria, Carbonear 2803
SUTTON, Sylvester Trepassey 2243 [Home Guard]
SUTTON, Thomas St. John's 1098 [Home Guard]
SWEENEY, William Ferryland 1000 [Forces]
SWEETAPPLE, John Glovertown, Alex Bay 85
SWEETAPPLE, Stephen Port Blandford 1527 [Forces]
SWIFT, Thomas Windsor 1184 [Forces]
SWIFT, Wilfred Grand Falls 1183
SWYER, Arthur Stephenville Crossing 453 [Forces]
SWYER, Albert Sandy Point, St. Georges 514
SWYER, Charles B. St. Georges 515 [Home Guard]
SWYER, Hayward St. Georges 516
SWYER, Herbert Sandy Point, St. Georges 517
SWYERS, Cornelius St. Georges 2496
SYNARD, Ed J. Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1558 [Forces]
SYNARD, Ron Sunnyside, Trinity Bay 1560 [Forces]

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