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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ L Listing

Service #
LACEY, Gordon Lewisporte 825
LAHEY, Ed P. Trinity, Trinity Bay 1780 [Forces]
LAHEY, Thomas Cape Broyle 976
LAING, Curling Norris Point, Bonne Bay 53 [Forces]
LAINGER, George Victoria, Carbonear 3139 [Home Guard]
LAITE, George Windsor 3575
LAKE, Patrick Placentia 3070
LAMB, Martin Lawn ~ Died Overseas 3292
LAMBERT, Alexander Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay 1854 [Forces]
LAMBERT, Fred Twillingate 817
LAMBERT, Stephen Twillingate 163 [Forces]
LAMBERT, William Twillingate 822
LANDER, Charles Port Rexton, Trinity Bay 1738 [Home Guard]
LANE, Edmund St. John's 336
LANE, Fred Gambo 161
LANE, James Goulds Mackinsons, Conception Bay 2224
LANE, John C. Grand Falls 1168
LANE, Martin Gambo 1452
LANE, Ralph Gambo 1459 [Home Guard]
LANE, Roland Gambo 1454
LANE, William M. Gambo 1453
LANG, George T. Norris Point, Bonne Bay 3438 [Home Guard]
LANGDON, Aubrey Bishop's Falls 1356
LANGDON, Dwight L. Northern Arm, Botwood 2724
LANGDON, Edward Northern Arm, Botwood 1295
LANGDON, Ernest Northern Arm, Botwood 1297
LANGDON, Herb Botwood 1290
LANGDON, Kenneth W. Botwood 2725 [Home Guard]
LANGDON, Oscar Northern Arm, Botwood 1296
LANGDON, Raymond Botwood 1294
LANGDON, Robert Northern Arm, Botwood 3574
LANGDON, Roy K. Botwood 3246
LANGDON, Ward Botwood 1292
LANGER, Daniel Heart's Desire, Trinity Bay 3198
LANGER, Edward Clarenville 1906
LANGER, Fred Corner Brook 0403
LANGER, Fred Corner Brook 2481
LANGER, Hugh Heart's Desire, Trinity Bay 3197
LANGER, Jack Clarenville 1907
LANGER, Ralph Heart's Desire, Trinity Bay 1222
LANGER, Solomno Norman's Cove, Trinity Bay 686
LANNING, Harry Botwood 1293
LANNON, Charles Placentia 2260
LANNON, Matthew Fortune Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2856 [Home Guard]
LANNON, Michael Southeast Placentia 2261
LARACY, Michael Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2016
LARACY, Thomas F. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2017 [Home Guard]
LASAGA, David Sandy Point, St. Georges 491
LAWLOR, Martin Bell Island, Conception Bay 338
LAWRENCE, Harlan Channel 3001
LAYTE, Harold Glenwood ~ Died Overseas 2857
LEAMAN, Carterett Petty Harbour 1067
LeDREW, Peter Kelligrews, Conception Bay ~ Camp Foreman 1068
LeDREW, Winston St. John's 1069
LEE, John J. Petty Harbour 2173 [Forces]
LEE, Ronald C. Petty Harbour 2172 [Forces]
LEE, Valentine Riverhead, St. Mary's Bay 1950
LEE, William Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 823
LeFITT, Albert Flat Bay, St. Georges 492
LeFRENSE, Jack Windsor 2905
LeFRENSE, William Windsor 2726
LEGGE, Absalom Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay 1224
LEGGE, Allan Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay [Heart's Content] 1402
LEGGE, Bert Burin Bay Arm 2640
LEGGE, Clarence Twillingate 818
LEGGE, Edgar Twillingate 820
LEGGE, Ernest Twillingate 162
LEGGE, Frank Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay [Heart's Content] 1223
LEGGE, George Heart's Delight, Trinity Bay [Heart's Content] 3200
LEGGE, Gordon Burin Bay Arm 2641
LEGGE, Harry Twillingate 819
LEGGE, Herbert Deer Lake 51
LEGGE, James Jr. New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3202
LEGGE, John Heart's Content, Trinity Bay ~ Died Overseas 3201
LEGGE, Leslie New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3199
LEGGE, Lewis Twillingate 821
LEGGE, Marcus Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 1221
LEGGE, Talbert D. Heatherton 548 [Home Guard]
LEGGE, Thomas Twillingate 3247
LEGGE, Wesley Deer Lake 2124 [Forces]
LeGROW, John H. Broad Cove, Bay de Verde 3140
LeGROW, Matthew St. John's 2174 [Forces]
LEHR, Hy William Port Blandford 1519
LEMON, James Codroy 2539 [Forces]
LEONARD, Dominic Southern Harbour, Placentia Bay 1541
LEONARD, Henry G. British Harbour, Trinity Bay 2320
LEONARD, Ignatius Southern Harbour, Placentia Bay 1540
LEONARD, Ronald E. Shoal Harbour, Placentia Bay 2321
LERECHE, Philip Channel 2549
LESAGE, Martin Flat Bay, St. Georges 1412 [Forces]
LESSAGAE, Fredk Sandy Point, St. Georges 481
LEVITT, Thomas Gambo 1450 [Forces]
LEWIS, ALBERT Conche, Western Bay 2781 [Home Guard]
LEWIS, Albert B. Salmonier, St. Mary's Bay 3071
LEWIS, Austin Botwood 1291 [Forces]
LEWIS, Edward Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2782 [Forces]
LEWIS, Gordon Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 2783 [Forces]
LEWIS, John Forest Field, St. Mary's Bay 3072 [Home Guard]
LEWIS, Leo Conche 337
LEWIS, Michael J. Newbridge, St. Mary's Bay 252
LEWIS, Raymond Corner Brook 2461 [Forces]
LEWIS, Victor Fleur de Lys, Western Bay 3002 [Forces]
LEYDEN, William J. Port Blandford 1518
LEYTE, Archibald Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 824
LEYTE, Leonard Victoria Cove, Gander Bay 823 [Forces]
LILLY, Abraham Exploits, Notre Dame Bay 827 [Forces]
LILLY, Frank R. Exploits, Notre Dame Bay 828
LILLY, George Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3372
LINEHAN, Carl Colinet 251
LINEHAN, Clifford Colinet 3073
LINEHAN, Cyril J. Colinet 1953
LINEHAN, Edward J. Colinet 1952
LINEHAN, Edward J. Colinet 250
LINEHAN, Fred J. Tickles, St. Mary's Bay 3074
LINEHAN, James P. North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 1954
LINEHAN, M.J. Colinet 1975
LINEHAN, Thomas North Harbour, St. Mary's Bay 3075
LINGARD, Clarence Bishop Falls ~ M/Supt ~ Captain 1193 [Home Guard]
LINGARD, Edward A. Bishop Falls 1357
LINGARD, Edward A. Bishop Falls 3488
LINGARD, Gordon Grand Falls 3245 [Home Guard]
LINGARD, Olin Bishop Falls ~ Camp Foreman 1354
LINTHORNE, Chesley St. Georges 482
LINTHORNE, Ernest Georgetown, Conception Bay 2225
LINTHORNE, Sam St. Georges 493 [Forces]
LINTHORNE, William Georgetown, Conception Bay 2226
LITTLE, Manuel Bonavista 1626 [Home Guard]
LITTLE, Norman Bonavista 1627
LITTLE, Samuel Bunyan's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2322 [Home Guard]
LITTLEJOHN, Harry Traytown, Bonavista Bay ~ Camp Foreman 1481
LOCKE, Archibald Trinity, Trinity Bay 3003
LOCKE, Henry H. Heart's Content, Trinity Bay 1220
LOCKE, Ishmael New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 1219
LOCKE, Ronald Bishop's Falls 1355 [Home Guard]
LOCKE, William Jr. New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 3203
LOCKS, William J. Lockston, Trinity Bay 1740 [Forces]
LODER, Chesley North Harbour, Placentia Bay 1542 [Home Guard]
LODER, Kenneth Hillview, Trinity Bay 1932 [Home Guard]
LODER, Nelson St. John's 339 [Forces]
LODGE, Robert Catalina, Trinity Bay 52
LODGE, Sam Corner Brook ~ Died Overseas 404
LODGE, Walter Catalina 54
LOMOND, Cyril Port aux Basques 3166
LONG, Gerald Open Hall, Bonavista Bay 1739
LONG, Gordon L. Head of Bay D'Espoir 3373 [Home Guard]
LONG, Michael Mortier Bay, Burin 2642
LONG, Robert Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1741
LOVELESS, Albert Harbour Breton 2579 [Home Guard]
LUCAS, Eve Stephenville 3004
LUCAS, John M. Stephenville Crossing ~ Camp Foreman 449 [Home Guard]
LUDLOW, John Grand Falls 1167
LUEDEE, Thomas J. Searston West 2530
LUNDRIGAN, C. Witless Bay 3155 [Forces]
LUNDRIGAN, D. Burin 3587 [Home Guard]
LUNDRIGAN, John R. Salmonier, Burin 2643 [Home Guard]
LUNDRIGAN, Lawrence Tors Cove 977
LUNDRIGAN, P. Witless Bay 3156
LUNDRIGAN, Robert J. Salmonier, Burin 2644
LUNDRIGAN, Walter Whitbourne 684
LUNDRIGAN, Walter Whitbourne 3530 [Home Guard]
LUNDRIGAN, Willis Whitbourne 683
LUNNEN, Cyril Twillingate 164
LUSCOMBE, Ernest Bishop's Falls 1353
LUSCOMBE, James Bishop's Falls 2493 [Home Guard]
LUSH, , Albert Badger 829
LUSH, Charles R. St. John's 2149 [Home Guard]
LUSH, Granville Middle Brook, Gambo 1451
LUSH, Jesse Middle Brook, Gambo 2754
LUSH, Reginald Jackson's Arm 2784
LUSH, Robert Greenspond 2558
LYNCH, Joseph Clarkes Beach, Conception Bay 2114
LYNCH, Michael Whitbourne 685
LYTHCOTT, Douglas C. St. John's 623

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