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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ B Listing

Service #
BAGGS, Charles R. Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay 3128
BAGGS, Herbert C. Clarenville 2287
BAILEY, Cecil Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay 1696
BAILEY, Edward G. Trinity, Trinity Bay 2986
BAILEY, Herbert George's Brook, Trinity Bay 1889
BAILEY, Timothy Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay 1700
BAIRD, Edgar Gander ~ Dist Supt ~ RAC Appointment


Twillingate 113
BAIRD, Harold A. Glovertown 2677
BAIRD, Noble Grand Falls 1131
BAIRD, Temple Grand Falls ~ Asst Supt, Lt 2678 [Home Guard]
BAKER, Alexander St. John's 1023
BAKER, Arthur Catalina 1654
BAKER, Clarence Elliston, Trinity Bay 1608
BAKER, Edward St. John's 1020
BAKER, Ellis Clarenville 1887
BAKER, Ephraim Botwood 738
BAKER, Ern Carbonear 2040
BAKER, George North Harbour, Placentia Bay 1534
BAKER, George Hearts Content 1198
BAKER, Herber Elliston, Trinity Bay 1609
BAKER, Herbert Milton, Trinity Bay 1826
BAKER, James Catalina, Trinity Bay 1653
BAKER, James T. Newman's Cove, Bonavista Bay 1607
BAKER, R. Corner Brook 3588 [Forces]
BAKER, Robert J. Newman's Cove, Bonavista 1611
BAKER, William H. Clarenville 2288
BALDWIN, Nelson Cox's Cove 2987
BALDWIN, Walter Corner Brook 9 [Forces]
BALL, Arch Corner Brook ~ Camp Foreman 14
BALL, Arch Northern Arm 1267
BALL, Harold Botwood 2679
BALL, Levi Stanhope, Notre Dame Bay 742
BALL, Rural Grand Falls 1138
BALLARD, Anthony Windsor 110
BALSOM, Daniel Gooseberry Cove 1833
BALSOM, Edward Gooseberry Cove 1836 [Forces]
BANFIELD, Israel W. Sandy Point 2509
BANKS, Garfield Fogo 723
BANNISTER, Patrick J. Port Rexton 2289
BARBOUR, James Port Rexton 1690
BARBOUR, Kenneth Port Rexton 1694
BARBOUR, Peter Wesleyville 2361
BARBOUR, Reg Port Rexton 1702
BARETT, Bert St. John's 2120
BARKER, John Open Hall, Bonavista Bay 1791 [Home Guard]
BARKER, Lawrence Open Hall, Bonavista Bay 1794
BARKER, Peter Open Hall, Bonavista Bay 1790
BARKER, Thomas Open Hall, Bonavista Bay 1793
BARNABLE, Harry Ferryland 607
BARNABLE, John Ferryland 3493
BARNABLE, Matthew Ferryland 634
BARNABLE, Ronald Ferryland 3492 [Home Guard]
BARNES, Arthur English Harbour, Trinity Bay 1697
BARNES, Bramwell Trout River 2910
BARNES, Carl C. Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 2290 [Home Guard]
BARNES, Clayton Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1829
BARNES, Eric W. Champneys West, Trinity Bay 1695 [Forces]
BARNES, Felix St. Mary's 3046
BARNES, Frank Topsail, Conception Bay 303
BARNES, Harold Steady Brook 391
BARNES, Ira Twillingate 727
BARNES, John St. John's 1017
BARNES, Ralph Topsail, Conception Bay 2153
BARNES, Ralph Sibley's Cove, Trinity Bay 3129 [Home Guard]
BARNES, Wesley S. Champneys East 1699 [Home Guard]
BARRETT, Arch Whitbourne 3491
BARRETT, Leander Whitbourne 649
BARRETT, Robert New Melbourne, Trinity Bay 1197
BARRETT, Roland Botwood 1269 [Forces]
BARRINGTON, John St. John's 1977
BARRON, James J. Admirals Beach 3047
BARRON, John F. Admirals Beach 1934 [Forces]
BARRON, Norman Grand Falls 1132
BARRON, Paddy Placentia 1981
BARRON, Ronald Holyrood 208
BARROW, Daniel Grand Falls 107
BARRY, Arthur Corner Brook 387
BARRY, Charles Stephenville 444
BARRY, Martin Fishells 2504
BARRY, Patrick A. Windsor 1137
BARTER, Alexander Grand Falls 1135 [Forces]
BARTLETT, Chesley Amherst Cove, Bonavista Bay 1610 [Forces]
BARTLETT, Ford Bridgeport, Notre Dame Bay 731
BARTLETT, Harry Botwood 1263
BARTLETT, John Little Bay East, Fortune Bay 2563
BARTLETT, Joseph Marysvale, Conception Bay 2204
BARTLETT, Raymond G. Burlington 2813 [Forces]
BEATON, Fred Badger 1385 [Forces]
BEATON, Hedley Badger 2680
BEATON, Joseph Badger 1384
BEATON, William J. Badger ~ Camp Foreman 740
BEAZLEY, Ewart Wandsworth, Burin 2608 [Forces]
BEAZLEY, Verner Flat Island, Bonavista Bay 2609
BECKETT, Samuel J. Old Bonaventure, Trinity Bay 1693
BEESO, Albert Holyrood 13 [Forces]
BEESO, Allan J. Holyrood 203 [Forces]
BEESO, Edward Holyrood 206
BEESO, Ray B. Holyrood 207 [Forces]
BELBIN, Loar New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 2766 [Home Guard]
BELLMORE, Robert St. John's 1021
BENGER, Harold Amherst Cove, Bonavista Bay 1606 [Forces]
BENNETT, Albert Corner Brook 2488 [Home Guard]
BENNETT, Columbus St. Georges 461
BENNETT, Cornelius Doyles 567 [Home Guard]
BENNETT, Frederick Fogo 724
BENNETT, James Channel 2544 [Forces]
BENNETT, John Corner Brook 4
BENNETT, Leo Flat Bay, St. Georges 473
BENNETT, Michael St. Theresa, St. Georges 529
BENNETT, Ralph Lourdes, Port au Port 2463
BENNETT, Roland J. Springdale 2814 [Forces]
BENNETT, Stanley Corner Brook 2457 [Forces]
BENNETT, William Corner Brook 2459 [Homes Guard]
BENNING, Richard Grand Falls 1136 [Home Guard]
BENOIT, Arthur Flat Bay, St. Georges 2497
BENOIT, Felix Lourdes, Port au Port 428
BENOIT, Gerald Ship Cove, Port au Port 532 [Forces]
BENOIT, James Jeffrey's 531
BENOIT, John Corner Brook 3322 [Forces]
BENOIT, Michael St. Theresa, St. Georges 2498
BENOIT, Roland Seal Rocks, St. Georges 2491 [Forces]
BENOIT, Thomas St. Alban's 3323 [Home Guard]
BENSON, Edward Grates Cove 2137
BENSON, Harold Grates Cove 3490
BENSON, Howard Grates Cove 2138
BENTEAU, Garfield Lord's Cove, Placentia Bay 3263 [Home Guard]
BERKSHIRE, Maynard Kingwell, Placentia Bay 3048
BERRY, Elwin Sandy Point, St. Georges 463
BERRY, George L.H. Sandy Point, St. Georges 464
BERRY, Raymond Sandy Point, St. Georges 2520
BESON, James Jr. Windsor 1130
BESON, Leo Windsor 1127 [Forces]
BEST, Charles Corner Brook 388
BEST, Edgar T. St. John's 1093 [Forces]
BEST, Thomas Wesleyville, Bonavista Bay 2362 [Forces]
BIDDISCOMBE, Gerald Logy Bay 1018
BIGGINS, Leonard Daniels Harbour, St. Barbe 2911 [Forces]
BISHOP, Arthur R. Grand Falls 105
BISHOP, Garfield Musgrave Harbour 2363
BISHOP, John Gaskiers, S.M.B. 3049
BISHOP, Leo P. St. Joseph's, Salmonier 202 [Forces]
BISHOP, Noah Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay 1835 [Forces]
BISHOP, Pat J. Placentia 1980
BISHOP, Wilfred Hearts Content, Trinity Bay ~ Mechanic 1200 [Home Guard]
BLACKMORE, Aubrey Port Blandford 1496
BLACKMORE, Fred Port Blandford 1498 [Forces]
BLACKMORE, George D. [See Photo] Port Blandford ~ Died Overseas 2291
BLACKMORE, Harland Pinchard's, Bonavista Bay 2364
BLACKMORE, Harry Grand Falls 2681 [Home Guard]
BLACKMORE, John Windsor 1128
BLACKMORE, Raymond H. Clarenville 2296 [Forces]
BLACKWOOD, Peter Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2365 [Forces]
BLAKE, Pleaman Twillingate 1013
BLANCHARD, Benjamin St. Georges 470
BLANCHARD, John F. Mattis Point, St. Georges 465
BLANCHARD, Joseph St. Andrew's 5
BLANCHARD, Peter St. George's 469
BLANCHARD, Timothy F. St. George's 468
BLANDFORD, Cyril Port Blandford 1497
BLANDFORD, John Herring Neck 111
BLANDFORD, Llewelyn Champney's East, Trinity Bay 1701
BLUNDELL, Cyril Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1831
BLUNDELL, Leslie Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1830
BLUNDON, Albert Bay de Verde 3489 [Home Guard]
BLUNDON, Frank Milton, Trinity Bay 1891
BLUNDON, Frederick D. Lethbridge 3029
BOBBETT, Matthew Corner Brook 3324
BOBBETT, Michael Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3325
BOLAND, Arthur Calvert 728
BOLAND, Eli J. Carmanville 735 [Forces]
BOLAND, James J. Holyrood 205
BOLLARD, Gregory Windsor 1123
BONIA, Alfred Placentia 1979
BONIA, Francis North Harbour, Placentia Bay 3050
BONNELL, Gilbert Lamaline 3264
BONNELL, Thomas Lamaline 6
BOONE, Hedley Cottles Cove, Notre Dame Bay 733
BOONE, Harold St. John's 2155 [Home Guard]
BOONE, John St. John's 606
BOONE, Silas Hodge's Cove, Trinity Bay 1834
BORDEN, Cecil Virgin Arm, Notre Dame Bay 3566
BOURGEOIS, Harold Woods Island, Bay of Islands 2471 [Forces]
BOURGEOIS, William Woods Island, Bay of Islands 2456
BOURGEOIS, Joseph Cook's Siding 8 [Forces]
BOUTCHER, Garfield Kingwell, Placentia Bay 11
BOUZAN, Alphonsus St. Patrick's, Notre Dame Bay 2816 [Forces]
BOUZAN, Francis St. Patrick's, Notre Dame Bay 2818 [Home Guard]
BOUZAN, Fred St. Patrick's, Notre Dame Bay 2817
BOUZAN, John Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay 2904
BOUZAN, Rex Grand Falls 108
BOWEN, Edward Windsor 1125
BOWERS, Frederick Nippers Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2815 [Home Guard]
BOWERS, Harold Nippers Harbour, Notre Dame Bay 2819
BOWN, Charles Fredericton, Notre Dame Bay 736 [Forces]
BOWNS, Chesley H. Main Point, Gander Bay 739 [Forces]
BOWRING, Roy Britannia, Trinity Bay 1888 [Forces]
BRACE, Duncan Bishop's Falls 1338
BRACE, Theodore H. Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay 648 [Home Guard]
BRADBURY, Gerald (Gerry or Curly} Grand Falls 741 [Forces]
BRADBURY, James J. Torbay 2154 [Home Guard]
BRADBURY, Leo Torbay 605
BRADBURY, William H. Bay Roberts 2086
BRAKE, Everett G. Trout River 3410 [Home Guard]
BRAKE, Francis S. Trout River 2912
BRAKE, Hughie B. Trout River 3411 [Home Guard]
BRAKE, James C. Trout River 2913 [Forces]
BRAKE, Maitland Trout River 2915
BRAKE, Murdoch Trout River 2921 [Home Guard]
BRAKE, Robert St. Georges 474 [Forces]
BRAKE, Thomas Trout River 2914
BRAKE, Valance H. Trout River 2916 [Home Guard]
BRAKE, Zebedee Trout River 2917
BRAY, Leonard Harbour Grace 2151
BREEN, Michael St. John's 2152
BREEN, Michael Canada Harbour 2767
BRENNAN, Austin Placentia ~ Camp Foreman 2249
BRENNAN, John J. Placentia 3494
BRENNAN, Patrick Placentia 1792
BRENSON, Cluney Frederickton, Notre Dame Bay 737 [Forces]
BRENTON, Max Bishop's Falls 3235
BRENTON, Richard Norris Arm 2820 [Home Guard]
BRETT, Lloyd Windsor 1134
BREWER, Fred C. Burin Bay Arm 3171 [Home Guard]
BREWER, George Epworth 7
BREWER, William Epworth 10
BRIDGER, Raymond G. Twillingate 743
BRIEN, John Ferryland 3495
BRIFFETT, George Riverhead, Harbour Grace 2059
BRINTON [BRENTON], Joseph Bishop's Falls ~ Died Overseas 3234
BRINTON, Leonard Burin 12
BROCKERVILLE, Emanuel Lawn 3265
BROCKERVILLE, James Lawn 2614 [Home Guard]
BROCKWAY, Alfred Benoits Cove 2486 [Forces]
BRODERICK, Cyril St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2366
BRODERICK, Louis St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2367
BROOKS, Moody N. Lush's Bight, Notre Dame Bay 2281 [Forces]
BROOMFIELD, George B.H. St. John's 1118
BROPHY, Martin Holyrood 3051
BROWN, Gordon G. King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 2292 [Home Guard]
BROWN, Harvey Greens Pond 1429
BROWN, Isaac G. Cow Head 3408
BROWN, James St. John's 302 [Forces]
BROWN, James Dark Cove, Gambo 1430
BROWN, Kader Port Blandford 1514 [Forces]
BROWN, Seymour Gambo 3597
BROWN, Vincent V. Port Rexton 2119
BROWN, Wallace Burin Bay 2610 [Forces]
BROWN, William Ship Cove, Burin 3176
BROWN, William Dildo, Trinity Bay 209
BROWNE, Daniel Grand Falls 106
BROWNE, Rexford T. Grand Falls ~ Asst. Supt. Lieut. 1129 [Home Guard]
BRUCE, Daniel Long Harbour, Placentia Bay 3052 [Home Guard]
BRUCE, Hugh A. Searston 566 [Forces]
BRUCE, Leo Searston ~ Welfare Officer Lieut. 568 [Home Guard]
BRUCE, Neil J. Searston 565
BRUCE, Pat Argentia 3178 [Home Guard]
BRUSHETT, Charles E. Jr. Black Duck Cove 2611
BRUSHETT, George Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3326
BRUSHETT, John Burin ~ Died Overseas 2469
BRUSHETT, John William Milltown, Bay D'Espoir 3327
BRUSHETT, Malcolm Creston, Marystown 2612 [Home Guard]
BRYAN, Donovan T. Fogo 725
BRYAN, William Fogo 726
BRYANT, Jacob New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3179 [Home Guard]
BUCKLE, Brendell Corner Brook 389
BUCKLEY, Arthur Botwood 1336
BUDGELL, Arthur Botwood 1266 [Forces]
BUDGELL, Gilbert Bishop's Falls 1337 [Forces]
BUDGELL, Reuben Botwood 1262
BUDGELL, Thomas Exploits 734
BUDGELL, Wilbert Exploits 112
BUDGELL, William Botwood 1264 [Home Guard]
BULLARD, Emmanuel Windsor 1124
BUNGAY, Albert T. Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay 2564 [Home Guard]
BUNGAY, Edwin G. Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay 3306
BUNGAY, George Harbour Breton 467
BUNGAY, George W. Channel, Port aux Basques 3167
BUNGAY, John T. Jersey Harbour, Fortune Bay 2565
BURCHELL, Frank St. Theresa's 472
BURCHELL, Frank St. George's 2988
BURDEN, Charles Carbonear 2039
BURGESS, Henry C. Whiteway, Trinity Bay 3564 [Home Guard]
BURKE, James Flower's Cove 3412 [Home Guard]
BURKE, William E. Conception Harbour, Conception Bay 2006 [Forces]
BURNSTEIN, Frank Windsor 1133 [Forces]
BURRAGE, Harrison New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3180
BURRIDGE, Walter New Perlican, Trinity Bay 3181
BURRY, Brammell Greens Pond 2368 [Forces]
BURRY, James Greens Pond 2369
BURRY, James O. Botwood 2682 [Forces]
BURRY, Melvin G. Greens Pond 2370
BURRY, Sandy Greens Pond 2371
BURRY, Sylvester Greens Pond 2372 [Home Guard]
BURSEY, Archibald Burlington 2822 [Forces]
BURSEY, Donald W. Clarenville 2295
BURSEY, Frederick Gander Bay, Notre Dame Bay 730
BURSEY, Herbert Bishop's Falls 1339 [Forces]
BURSEY, Ronald B. Old Perlican 3130
BURT, Garland Botwood 2683 [Forces]
BURT, Herbert Botwood 1333
BURT, Leonard Windsor 1126
BURT, Martin Port Saunders 3414 [Home Guard]
BURT, Robert J. Botwood 1268
BURT, Ronald E. Port Saunders 3413 [Home Guard]
BURT, Samuel Hillgrade, Notre Dame Bay 392 [Home Guard]
BURT, Stanley K. Virgin Arm, Notre Dame Bay 732
BURTON, Albert Twillingate 50
BURTON, Arthur Port Anson, Notre Dame Bay 3236 [Home Guard]
BURTON, Edward Corner Brook West 2989 [Forces]
BURTON, Garland Catalina 1652
BURTON, Gordon Twillingate 68
BURTON, John Port Anson, Notre Dame Bay 2823
BURTON, Martin Corner Brook 390
BURTON, Ralph Port Anson, Notre Dame Bay 1383 [Forces]
BURTON, Stewart Twillingate 729
BURTON, Victor Port Nelson, Bonavista Bay 2373 [Forces]
BURTON, Warick G. Roberts Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2824
BUTLAND, Stephen Mount Carmel, S.M.B. 1935
BUTLER, Brian B. Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1828
BUTLER, Chesley R. Greens Pond 2374
BUTLER, Cyril F. Marystown 2613 [Forces]
BUTLER, Edgar J. Botwood 2684 [Forces]
BUTLER, Eric R. Shoal Harbour 2293
BUTLER, Garfield Trout River 2918
BUTLER, James Harbour Grace 2070
BUTLER, James Botwood 1270
BUTLER, James Port Rexton, Trinity Bay ~ Died Overseas 1692
BUTLER, James P. Holyrood 204
BUTLER, John E. Port Rexton, Trinity Bay 1691 [Forces]
BUTLER, Leon C. Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay 1827
BUTLER, Patrick J. St. John's 2156
BUTLER, Temple St. George's 466
BUTLER, Wilfred H. Port Rexton, Trinity Bay 1698 [Forces]
BUTLER, William A. Sandy Point, St. George's ~ 2nd Lieut. 2508 [Home Guard]
BUTLER, William St. John's 1022
BUTT, Augustus Port Rexton Trinity Bay 1689
BUTT, Chesley Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 3409
BUTT, Clarence Freshwater, Carbonear 2041 [Forces]
BUTT, George W. Carbonear 3161
BUTT, George JR Queens Cove, Trinity Bay 2294 [Home Guard]
BUTT, George W. Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay 2919
BUTT, Harold Carbonear 2205
BUTT, John Carbonear 3131
BUTT, Ralph J. Hickman's Harbour, Trinity Bay 1890
BUTT, Wallace Petries 2472 [Forces]
BUTTON, Carmen Lead Cove, Trinity Bay 3132
BUTTON, Elias Lead Cove, Trinity Bay 3133
BUTTON, Eugene New Chelsea, Trinity Bay 1199 [Forces]
BYRNE, Douglas Botwood 1265 [Home Guard]
BYRNE, Edward South River, Conception Bay 2206
BYRNE, Michael Conche 2768

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