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Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Nominal Roll ~ A Listing

Service #
ABBOTT, Donald Elliston, Trinity Bay 1604
ABBOTT, Edwin R. Sandy Point, St. Georges 406 [Home Guard]
ABBOTT, George St. John's 1015
ABBOTT, Gordon Deer Lake 1 [Forces]
ABBOTT, John St. John's 1016
ABBOTT, John Harbour Mille 2559
ABBOTT, Joseph Elliston, Trinity Bay 1605
ABBOTT, Naboth Musgrave Harbour 2118 [Forces]
ABBOTT, Stewart M. Bonavista 2281 [Home Guard]
ADAMS, Hedley V. Milton, Trinity Bay 2282 [Home Guard]
ADAMS, Leslie W. Milton, Trinity Bay 2286 [Home Guard]
ADAMS, Nelson Arnold's Cove, Placentia Bay 1533
ADAMS, Ron Milton, Trinity Bay 2117
ADAMS, Wallace

Milton, Trinity Bay

2283 [Home Guard]
ADEY, George Twillingate 720
ADEY, Leabury Twillingate 721
ADEY, William J. Clarenville, Trinity Bay 1832
ALEXANDER, Andrew St. Georges 386 [Forces]
ALLAN, William Portugal Cove 301
ALLEY, Allison St. Davids, St. Georges 2506 [Forces]
ALLEY, Gordon St. Davids, St. Georges 2513
ALLEY, William L. St. Davids, St. Georges 2507
ALLINGHAM, David Flowers Cove 2909
ALLISON, James Newbridge, S.M.B. 3045
ALYWARD, Cyril St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2356
ALYWARD, John Grand Falls 1122 [Forces]
ALYWARD, Leo St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2357 [Home Guard]
ALYWARD, Lewis St. Brendan's, Bonavista Bay 2358
ANDERSON, Albert G. Bonne Bay 3407
ANDERSON, Daniel Millerton 2807
ANDERSON, Frank T. Millerton 2560
ANDERSON, George Rencontre East 2561
ANDERSON, Jack Corner Brook 383 [Forces]
ANDREW, Baker Corner Brook 3
ANDREW, Leslie H. Winterton, Trinity Bay 1195
ANDREWS, Archibald St. Anthony 2764
ANDREWS, Mark Twillingate 719
ANDREWS, Ronald Valleyfield, Bonavista Bay 2359 [Forces]
ANDREWS, Thomas Upper Gullies, Conception Bay 1014 [Home Guard]
ANDREWS, Willie G. La Scie 2765
ANSTEY, Harold Twillingate 718
ANSTEY, James Twillingate 103
ANSTEY, Ralph Corner Brook 384 [Forces]
ANSTEY, Samuel Twillingate 104
ANTHONY, Frank Pelleys Island 2808
ANTHONY, Ross Fogo 717
ANTHONY, Selby J. Pelleys Island 2809
ANTHONY, William Upper Gullies, Conception Bay 2201
ANTHONY, William J. Spaniards Bay 2085
ANTLE, Eugene Victoria, Conception Bay 3126 [Forces]
ANTLE, William Bishops Falls 1335
ARCHIBALD, Albert E. Harbour Grace 2360
ARMSTRONG, Eric Brownsville, Trinity Bay 3127 [Forces]
ARMSTRONG, James Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay 2810 [Forces]
ARMSTRONG, John Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay 722 [Forces]
ARMSTRONG, M.F. Little Bay, Notre Dame Bay 1382 [Forces]
ARNOLD, Arthur Traytown, Bonavista Bay 1470
ARNOLD, Joseph Traytown, Bonavista Bay 1469
ARNOLD, Ray Traytown, Bonavista Bay 2
ASH, Allan J. Carbonear 2038
ASH, Cyril Port Rexton, Trinity Bay 1686
ASH, Donald Portland, Bonavista Bay 1789 [Forces]
ASH, James Portland, Bonavista Bay 1788 [Forces]
ASH, Roy Carbonear 385
ASH, Thomas B. Victoria, Conception Bay 2202
ASH, Wilfred Portland, Bonavista Bay 1787
ASH, William R. Freshwater, Bay de Verde 2203
ATWOOD, Richard Norris Arm 1381
AUCOIN, Simon Stephenville 443 [Forces]
AUGOT, Ernest Rencontre East 2562
AUSTIN, George Brownsville, Trinity Bay 1196
AUSTIN, George Snooks Arm, Notre Dame Bay 2812
AUSTIN, James Brownsville, Trinity Bay 1194
AUSTIN, Roy Springdale 2811 [Home Guard]
AUSTIN, Stephen Holyrood, Conception Bay 201 [Forces]
AVERY, Chester Long Beach, Random, Trinity Bay 2468 [Forces]
AVERY, Ernest Long Beach, Random, Trinity Bay 2284 [Home Guard]
AVERY, Lloyd Hickmans Harbour, Trinity Bay 1825
AVERY, Michael Badger 2676
AVERY, Norman J. Southport, Trinity Bay 1886
AYERS, Chesley R. Point Crewe 3262
AYLWARD, Anthony Stock Cove, Bonavista Bay 1688
AYLWARD, Frances Broad Cove, Bonavista Bay 2285
AYLWARD, Michael King's Cove, Bonavista Bay 1687

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