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Newfoundland Navy
World War I

1914 - 1918

Service # Name Address
1525X Babb, Eugene Carbonear
477X Babstock, William T.  
2239X Baggs, Arthur W.  
1409X Baggs, Edwin H. South Side Road
1560X Baggs, George P.  
1524X Baggs, Joseph H.  
2214X Bailey, Alfred Deer Harbour, Trinity Bay
1749X Bailey, Bingley Jackawanna, N.Y.
2564X Bailey, Charles New Chelsea, Trinity Bay
570X Bailey, Robert Goose Cove, Trinity Bay
1501X Baker, George Burin North
946X Baker, Loyal Hillview, Trinity Bay
2263X Baker, Wilfred  
1654X Ball, John A.  
823X Balsam, Robert Random, Trinity Bay
2542X Banfield, Maxwell Bay L'Argent
1681X Barber, George  
1514X Barnable, John J.  
1292X Barnes, Charles Topsail
1220X Barnes, Enos  
1683X Barnes, George F. Topsail
2096X Barnes, Herbert B.  
1563X Barnes, James R. U.K.
1649X Barnes, William  
1936X Barney, John C. L'Anse-au-Loop, Labrador
2221X Barney, William H. Forteau, Labrador
1054X Barrett, Albert H. Whitbourne
2394X Barrett, Archibald Harcourt, Trinity Bay
2226X Barrett, Azariah North Harbour, Placentia Bay
1827X Barrett, David Halifax, N.S.
2715X Barrett, George Halifax County, N.S.
2395X Barrett, John Harcourt, Trinity Bay
1353X Barrett, Joseph Roxbury, MA
1784X Barrett, Joseph New Aberdeen, Cape Breton
1136X Barrett, Ralph Bay Roberts
2229X Barrett, Raymond  
809X Barrett, William Whitbourne
1962X Barry, William C.  
628X Bartlett, Albert Port de Grave
1152X Bartlett, Brendan  
3002X Bartlett, Eric T. Toronto
1951X Bartlett, Gladstone F. Newman's Cove, Bonavista Bay
669X Bartlett, Hedley  
1128X Bartlett, John Bell Island
2012X Bartlett, John B. Bareneed, Conception Bay
739X Bartlett, William H. Bareneed, Conception Bay
2322X Bateman, Henry Rose Blanche
1998X Batt, John Openhall, Bonavista Bay
2059X Batt, Oliver Herring Neck
626X Batten, Chesley Gloucester, MA
1992X Batten, Cyril Detroit
1569X Batten, Gilbert Christobal, Canal Zone
1570X Batten, Joseph Bareneed
2525X Beans, Michael Straight of Bell Isle
1832X Beaufield, Malcom M. Straight of Bell Isle
1246X Beck, Wallace Swift Current, Placentia Bay
1923X Belbin, Chesley J. New Chelsea, Trinity Bay
  Bennett, Leo J.  
1797X Bennett, Michael Bank Head, St. George's Bay
2198X Bennett, Patrick Gulf Avenue, St. John's
1459X Bennett, Walter Fortune
2079X Benoit, Alex Halifax, N.S.
1826X Benoit, David J. Flat Bay Crossing, St. George's Bay
1824X Benoit, Fred  
2204X Benoit, Henry Ship Cove, St. George's Bay
2272X Benoit, James J. Stephenville, St. George
1617X Benoit, John E. De Graw, Port-au-Port
1616X Benoit, John H. U.K.
2188X Benoit, Joseph West Coast
2081X Benoit, Paul Beaurepaire, Harry's Brook
1234X Benoit, Peter West Coast
1767X Benoit, Peter V. Burgeo
1556X Benoit, Victor J. West Coast
1861X Benson, Hudson Brownsdale, Trinity Bay
1941X Benson, Jethro G. 71 South Side
1435X Benson, Joseph  
2150X Benson, Newman Grates Cove
1455X Berrigan, John T.  
2231X Best, Joubert B. Point St. Charles, Montreal
353X Best, Thomas Wesleyville
1281X Bewey, James Iroquois Falls, Ontario
1831X Bignell, George Fogo
1125X Bishop, Arthur Long Pond, Manuels
777X Bishop, Henry E. Portugal Cove
392X Bishop, Jacob Brooklyn
2077X Bishop, Nathaniel Port de Grave
2720X Bishop, William G. Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay
2228X Blackwood, Augustus  
1163X Blackwood, Gideon Safe Harbour, Bonavista Bay
2514X Blake, Arthur Toronto
2370X Blake, Norman Durrell's Arm, Twillingate
1953X Blandford, Maxwell M. S.S. Glencoe
2057X Blandford, Philip Herring Neck
1495X Blunden, Allan  
2122X Blunden, George Musgravetown, Bonavista Bay
1782X Blunden, Raymond Musgravetown, Bonavista Bay
1029X Bonnell, Frank Lamaline
1286X Bonnell, George 8 Brennan Street
2142X Bonnell, George Taylor's Bay, Lamaline
956X Boone, Silas 26 Clifford Street
2793X Bourden, Harry  
1195X Boutcher, Aubrey W.M. New York, N.Y.
2330X Boutcher, Bertram L. Spencer's Cove, Placentia Bay
964X Boutcher, George Spencer's Cove, Placentia Bay
1153X Boutcher, Josiah Spencer's Cove, Placentia Bay
1004X Boutcher, Thomas A. Spencer's Cove, Placentia Bay
1219X Brace, Albert Chance Cove, Trinity Bay [brother of William J.]
1793X Brace, Eleazer Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
1011X Brace, George Chance Cove, Trinity Bay
1489X Brace, William J. Chance Cove, Trinity Bay [brother of Albert]
1898X Bradbury, Henry W. 165 Pleasant Street
2468X Bradbury, John Coley's Point, Conception Bay
749X Bradbury, Joseph Bareneed, Conception Bay
1596X Bradbury, Nicholas The Bronx, N.Y.
1253X Bradbury, Robert Shearstown
2494X Bragg, Edgar Channel
2379X Brake, Andrew R. Marystown, Placentia Bay
1904X Brake, Geo W. Shallop Cove, St. George's Bay
1634X Brake, William J. Marystown, Placentia Bay
1502X Brenton, George A.  
1523X Brenton, Richard Port au Bras, Burin
1905X Brett, Arthur S. Windsor, Ontario
850X Brett, Charles Joe Batts Arm
1911X Brett, Frederick G. Joe Batts Arm
678X Brett, Stanley Joe Batts Arm
1967X Brett, Wesley Toronto
1930X Brett, William H. Joe Batts Arm
1814X Brewer, Edward George Street
2779X Bridger, William Upper Battery Road
2098X Brinston, Albert 136 Casey Street
803X Brinston, Allison  
305X Brinston, Leslie  
1842X Brockerville, John J. Lawn
925X Brockerville, Stephen Lawn
1882X Brown, Alfred Robinson's, St. George's Bay
1070X Brown, Donald Greenspond
815X Brown, Edmund  
703X Brown, Henry J. Salvage Bay, Bonavista Bay
1097X Brown, Henry J. Port-au-Bras, Burin
2052X Brown, Herbert W. Medford, MA
1127X Brown, Israel Fair Island, Bonavista Bay
824X Brown, Robert 26 Goodview Street
1937X Brown, Robert G. Red Bay
1164X Brown, Samson Salvage Bay, Bonavista Bay
624X Brown, Samuel Bay Roberts West
826X Brown, Theodore Lynn, MA
2024X Brown, William 12 Quidi Vidi Road
2786X Brown, Willie F. Brownsdale, Trinity Bay
1043X Brown, William J. Everett, MA
2133X Bruce, James R. U.K.
1554X Bruce, Joseph J. Abraham's Cove, St. George's Bay
2205X Brushett, Albert J. Newark, N.J.
1284X Bryan, Edward  
1487X Bryan, John  
1564X Buckler, Augustine Pond Street
2236X Buckler, Ralph W. 87 Cabot Street
1638X Bugden, William C. U.K.
2471X Bull, George B. Bishop's Hr, Salvage Bay, Bonavista Bay
2309X Bungay, John Fortune Bay
1882X Burchell, Albert A. Bank Head, St. George's Bay
1322X Burden, Eugene M. Carbonear
1312X Burge, Daniel [Regt # 3117] Bonavista
2769X Burke, Frederick 118 Casey Street
792X Burke, James Conception Harbour
2767X Burke, John Grand Falls
2244X Burke, Thomas P. 4 Franklin Ave
1513X Burke, William B.  
1789X Burrage, John  
2297X Burridge, John H. 377 South Side
796X Burry, Abraham Greenspond
1196X Burry, David Halifax
2513X Bursey [BUSSEY], Garland St. Barbe
2373X Bursey, Joseph J. Hillview, Trinity Bay
2225X Bursey, Robert M. Change Islands, Notre Dame Bay
1655X Bursey, William Old Perlican, Trinity Bay
2056X Burton, Moses Herring Neck
2797X Burton, Thomas Brooklyn, N.Y.
1182X Bussey, Jacob Port de Grave
1742X Bussey, Jacob  
1835X Bussey, Samuel P. St. Barbe
2351X Bussey, Thomas St. Barbe
1173X Bussey, William Prince Rupert, B.C.
1167X Butler, David  
2337X Butler, Frederick A. LeMarchant Road, West
1267X Butler, Joseph F. Brooklyn, N.Y.
223X Butler, Llewellyn  
2174X Butler, Peter  
2085X Butler, Robert H. Montreal
1428X Butler, William  
1134X Butt, Avalon Flat Islands, Bonavista Bay
1592X Butt, Frederick J. Freshwater, Bay de Verde
1090X Butt, John C. Rocky Harbour, Bonne Bay
1779X Butt, J.C. [Regt # 3971] Petrie's Crossing
2196X Butt, Naboth Chelsea, MA
2357X Butt, Nathaniel H. Nova Scotia
1921X Butt, Peter Bonne Bay
1027X Butt, Reginald A. Glovertown
1215X Butt, William Brooklyn
1594X Butt, William A. Birch Grove, Cape Breton
541X Button, Edgar Greenspond, Bonavista Bay
1258X Button, John Old Perlican

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