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Appendix 1



The following is a Nominal Roll of those officers and men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who are shown in the records of the District Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, St. John's, Newfoundland, to have been killed, to have been missing and presumed dead or to have died of wounds as a result of the Regiment's participation in the attack at Beaumont Hamel, 1 July 1916.

In some cases, lives were lost in the preparation for the attack and those casualties have been shown. Similarly, where death occurred shortly after the battle, as a result of follow-action, or wounds, these names have also been included.


Rank Surname Given Names
Captain AYRE Eric S.
2nd Lt AYRE Gerald W.
2nd Lt AYRE Wilfred D.
2nd Lt FERGUSON J. Roy
2nd Lt GRANT William Hayes
Lt HERDER Hubert C.
2nd Lt JUPP Clifford H.O.
2nd Lt REID Robert Bruce
2nd Lt RENDELL Clifford
2nd Lt ROSS R. Wallace
2nd Lt RYALL William Thomas
Lt SHORTALL Richard A.
Captain SUMMERS Michael Francis
2nd Lt TAYLOR George Hayward



Regt # Rank Surname Given Names
1242 Pte ABBOTT George
283 Pte ABBOTT Stanley
1504 L/Cpl ALEXANDER Walter Ernest
1069 Pte ANDERSON Israel
1119 Pte ANDREWS Joseph
1899 Pte ANTLE Gilbert
1914 Pte ATWILL James
1009 L/Cpl AYRE Edward Alphonsus
1419 L/Cpl BARBOUR Horatio
1576 Pte BARNES Maxwell
372 Pte BARRETT Leonard Josiah
629 Pte BARTLETT Joseph Patrick
1485 Pte BARTON John
700 Pte BASTOW Frederick Donald
1229 Pte BENNETT William
1597 Pte BISHOP Wilson
1219 Pte BOONE Stewart Malcolm
938 Pte BOWMAN Charles
67 Pte BREEN John
1794 Pte BRENT David
808 Pte BRODERICK Michael
1382 Sgt BROWN Bertram
545 Pte BROWN Edward John
624 Pte BURGE Allen
1023 Pte BURKE Garrett
1170 Pte BURKE Leo Michael
1044 Sgt BURRY Sidney George
1567 Pte BUTLER Edward William
1897 Pte BUTLER Harry
1442 Pte BUTLER Ignatius Joseph
966 Pte CAHILL John Joseph, M.I.D.
258 Pte CAHILL Martin Joseph
344 Pte CALLAHAN Rodger
651 Pte CAREW John Joseph
1028 Pte CAREW John Joseph
993 Pte CARRIGAN Edward
274 Sgt CARROLL Thomas
1192 Pte CARSONS John
198 L/Cpl CARTER Llewelyn James
709 Pte CHAFE Ernest Leslie
1359 Pte CLEARY Bernard
679 CQMS CLEARY Charles Allen
288 Pte CLEARY John
1400 Pte COISH Harold Gordon
195 Pte COLE Edward Louis
209 Pte CONNORS James Patrick
393 Pte COOMBS Harry
1635 Pte CORCORAN Laurence Joseph
1142 Cpl COSTELLO William Patrick
1058 Pte COULTAS Norman
1249 Pte COURAGE Harrison
1405 Pte CRANE Henry Charles
1663 Pte CRANFORD Llewelyn C.
1264 Pte CRITCH Kenneth
1186 Pte CROCKER Harrison
1447 Pte CROSBIE George Graham
1495 Pte CROUCHER Nathaniel
1435 Pte CURLEY John Thomas
589 Pte DAWE Henry Charles
924 Sgt DICK George
496 Pte DOHANEY William Patrick
1014 L/Cpl DOYLE John Thomas
1054 Pte DRISCOLL Arthur
1964 Pte DUKE John
1480 L/Cpl DUNPHY John Joseph
15 Pte DUNPHY William
1764 Pte EAGAN Patrick
737 Pte EDGAR Edwin Jr.
1251 Pte EDGECOMBE Silas
450 Pte EDWARDS John Charles
22 Pte ELLIOTT John
1073 Sgt ELLIOTT William Skeffington
443 L/Cpl ELLIS John Joseph
1858 Pte ETHERIDGE Gordon
1245 Pte EVANS Henry
181 Pte EVANS Joseph Wellington
1767 Pte EVANS Nicholas
1191 Pte FALLON Stephen
1798 Pte FARRELL Martin Patrick
95 Sgt FERGUSON Stewart Small
1268 Pte FEWER Laurence Joseph
1377 Pte FILLIER Frank
1559 Pte FORD Gerald
81 Pte FOWLER William
626 Pte FRAMPTON John
1611 L/Cpl FREAKE James
63 Pte FRENCH John Joseph
1550 Pte FRY William
892 Pte GALGAY Francis Joseph
1247 L/Cpl GARDNER Edward James
1580 Pte GARDNER Theophilus
125 Pte GARF Fred
454 L/Cpl GILLAM Arthur Wilfred
335 Sgt GLADNEY Edward Francis
1574 L/Cpl GREELEY Matthew
1475 Cpl GUY Chester Cameron
1110 Pte HAINES Albert
946 Pte HANCOCK John
953 Cpl HARBIN Wilfred T.
1612 L/Cpl HARNETT [See More] Frank
1321 Pte HARRIS George William
1114 Pte HARRIS Harvey Newman
65 Pte HATFIELD George Bernard
1606 Pte HAWKINS George
1239 Pte HAYES Patrick Joseph
1648 Pte HAYWARD Arthur S.
843 Pte HEALE Robert William
476 Pte HEANEY James Patrick
1532 Pte HEFFORD Thomas Berkley
756 Sgt HIGGINS Edmund James
216 L/Cpl HOCKLEY John Herbert
329 Pte HOLDEN Luke
1133 Pte HOLLAHAN Joseph
1634 Pte HOLLAND Michael John
560 Pte HOWARD James John
1689 Pte HUDSON Peter J.
1533 Pte HUSSEY Francis Joseph
602 Pte HUTCHINS Harold
1621 Pte HYNES Harry
807 L/Cpl HYNES Richard Edward, D.C.M.
1476 Pte IVANY William Garland
697 Pte JACKMAN Bert
733 Pte JACKMAN Michael Joseph
1275 L/Cpl JANES Frederick
1642 Pte JANES George Robert
982 Pte JANES Maxwell
424 Pte JEANS John Allan
292 Pte JEFFERS Silas
1571 Pte JOHNSON Alfred
135 Pte JOHNSON John Joseph
1806 Pte JONES Arthur
1450 Pte KEARLEY Eber
148 Sgt KELLY Michael Francis
178 Pte KELLY Thomas Joseph
255 Pte KENNEDY Michael Francis
1881 Pte KING Alexander
1356 Pte KING Joseph Andrew
373 Pte KNIGHT William
290 Sgt KNIGHT William Blackler
254 Pte LAHEY Robert Joseph
1124 Pte LANNIGAN James Joseph
967 Pte LANNON Michael Francis
1519 Pte LANNON William Joseph
1620 Pte LEARNING Samuel John
1362 Cpl LEBUFF Robert
799 Pte LESHANA William Edward
194 L/Cpl LILLY Augustus
541 Pte LIND Francis Thomas
1468 Pte LINEHAN David
1725 Pte LUFF Samuel
544 Pte LUKINS George
547 Pte LUKINS John
1222 Pte LYONS Allan
900 Pte MacDOUGALL Alexander
572 Pte MacKAY Andrew Joseph
826 Pte MADDIGAN Richard Joseph
951 Pte MAHER James J.
955 Pte MAHANEY Malcolm Cyril
177 Sgt MANNING Augustus J.
616 Pte MARTIN Eric Shannon
1599 Pte MARTRET Joseph
1396 Pte MASTERS William
411 Pte McNEILL Donald Frazer
279 Pte McNIVEN William Robert
1013 Pte MEADUS Robert
1877 Pte MELEE Thomas
1446 Pte MERCER Maxwell James
1928 Pte MERCER Robert
214 CSM MILES Victor William
587 Pte MILLER George
920 Pte MOONEY James Raymond
1530 Pte MOORE Eric
865 Pte MORGAN William
1624 Pte MORRIS James R.
412 Pte MORRIS Kenneth
1074 Pte MORRISSEY John Thomas
1791 Pte MORTON Joseph
546 Pte MOYES Allan
112 Pte MURPHY Edward Joseph
196 Pte MURPHY Lawrence
1592 Pte NELSON Charles
1391 Pte NEWHOOK George Fred
487 Pte NEWMAN Archibald Mark
810 Pte NICHOLS Campbell Withycombe
354 Pte NOSEWORTHY Herman
1068 Pte O'BRIEN William Vincent
551 Pte O'DRISCOLL Albert
727 Pte O'FLYNN Michael Joseph
521 Pte O'KEEFE William Joseph
391 Pte O'LEARY James Joseph
746 Sgt OLLERHEAD William
763 Pte O'NEILL Michael Joseph
306 L/Cpl OSMOND Douglas McNeil
1586 Pte PARMITER Cecil
1664 Pte PARSONS Aubrey L.
1471 Pte PARSONS Charles Albert
731 Pte PAUL Reginald J.
1656 Pte PECKFORD Edward
1546 Pte PENNELL William
1399 Pte PENNEY Augustus
665 Pte PENNEY Josiah H.
1690 Pte PERRAN William G.
1535 Pte PIERCEY John Charles
898 L/Cpl PIKE George Edward
1220 Pte PIKE James Joseph
1235 L/Cpl PIKE Stanley Gordon
1589 Pte PINSENT Stanley Stewart
1158 Pte PINSENT Stewart
400 Cpl PITTMAN Richard
1534 Pte PORTER Archibald Harold
896 CSM PORTER Robert Branfitt
1150 Pte POWER James Matthew
925 Pte PROWSE William Patrick
861 Pte QUIGLEY Michael Joseph
671 Sgt REID Charles
1486 Pte REID William Joseph
204 L/Cpl RENDELL Arthur James
1062 Pte RICE John Joseph
1234 Pte RICHARDSON Patrick
1258 Pte RIDEOUT Sydney
355 Pte ROGERS Edward Joseph
250 Pte ROSS Michael Joseph
1538 Pte ROSSITER Matthew
571 L/Cpl ROWSELL Edward Clayton
1137 Pte RUSSELL William
133 Cpl RYAN William Joseph
1392 Pte SEYMOUR Thomas
1699 L/Cpl SHAVE Edwin L.
1202 Pte SHORT Richard M.
1217 Pte SIMMS George Percival
576 Pte SIMMS Robert Ronald
1626 Pte SMALL George Stewart
1677 Pte SMITH Josiah
1467 Pte SMITH Zachariah
895 Pte SNELGROVE John Charles
1021 Pte SNOW Douglas K.
685 L/Cpl SNOW Frederick E. (M.M.)
1923 Pte SNOW John S.
253 Pte SPARKES George
979 L/Cpl SPURRELL Frank J.
494 Pte STRATHIE Harry Groves
1326 Pte STRIDE Ambrose William
1522 L/Cpl STRONG Norman Wheatley
1669 Pte STUCKLESS Silas
897 Pte TAYLOR Alfred Penny
293 Pte TAYLOR Charles F.
1018 Cpl TAYLOR Herbert
1236 Pte TEMPLEMAN Donald
722 Pte THOMAS Walter
399 Pte WALSH Michael Francis
964 Pte WARFORD Garland
1426 Pte WATKINS Robert James
1588 Pte WEST Edward
1460 Pte WEST Stanley
1805 L/Cpl WESTCOTT Harry T.
1395 Pte WHALEN Augustin
1680 Pte WHEELER Frederick
1481 Pte WHITE Frederick
345 Pte WHITE William
1632 Pte WHITE William Arthur
739 Pte WHITE Willis
1117 Pte WHITTEN Edgar Charles
944 Pte WIGHT Arthur
707 Pte WILCOX Frederick
1115 Pte WILLIAMS Robert John
1845 Pte WINSOR George
675 Pte WINTER Edward Rozier
908 L/Cpl WINTER Randolph Milligan
364 Pte WOODFORD Frank
1627 Pte WOODMAN Kenneth
1035 Pte YOUNG Arthur Harold


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