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Appendix 2

ROLL No. 2 The Wounded


   The following is a Nominal Roll of those Officers and men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who are shown in the records of the District Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs, St. John's, Newfoundland, who were wounded during, just prior to, or subsequent to the action at Beaumont Hamel, 1 July 1916.
    It is important to realize that this list does not take in to account those who were wounded or killed as a result of engagements other than at Beaumont Hamel.
    Those who served in this action and who are shown on the list who lost their lives or who died of wounds or injuries after Beaumont Hamel have been shown with an asterisk against their names.
    These records show details during the period of service only and do not take into account deaths attributable to service following the end of World War I.


Given Names
2nd Lt BAIRD Henry
2nd Lt* BARRETT Harold G. (M.M.)
Major BUTLER Bertram (D.S.O., M.C.& Bar, M.I.D.)
Capt BYRNE Gerald Guy (M.C.)
Capt DICKS Christopher B.
2nd Lt DUNCAN George Templeton
2nd Lt DUNPHY Thomas Joseph (D.C.M., C de G., Belg.)
Lt FORSEY Bernard
COL  FRANLKIN Will Hodgson (S.S.O., M.I.D.)
2nd Lt FRASER Nutting S.
2nd Lt* GARDNER Cyril (D.C.M. & Bar)
Lt GARLAND Charles F.
Lt GOODYEAR Harold Kenneth
Lt* GREENE Walter M. (D.C.M.)
2nd Lt* HERDER Arthur John
Lt HERDER Ralph Barnes
Capt HICKS Henry George (M.C. & Bar)
Lt KNIGHT Francis Herbert
Capt* LEDINGHAM James Allan
Capt MADDICK Henry M.
2nd Lt MELVILLE Charles Andrew
2nd Lt MURCELL Chesley Gordon
Capt NUNNS Joseph (M.C.)
Capt PATERSON R. Grant (M.C. & Bar)
Major  ROBERTSON Stanley
Lt* ROWSELL Reginald (M.C.)
Lt SEYMOUR Frederick
Lt SMALL Harvey Haynes
Capt SMITH Stephen Kevin
Lt STEELE James Robert
Capt STICK J. Robins (M.C.)
Capt STICK Leonard Tretheway
Capt* STRONG Charles St. C.
Lt TRESISE George Leach
Capt WARREN William V.
Capt WATERMAN Frederick W. (M.C., M.I.D.)


Regt #
Given Names
1332 Pte ADAMS James
1668 Pte ADEY Frank
1618 L/Cpl ALLAN Michael Joseph
1541 Pte ALLEN James Frederick
777 Pte ANDREWS Harold James
1811 Pte ASH John
795 Pte ATKINS Thomas Joseph
1525 Pte ATTWOOD George
1107 Pte AYLWARD John Joseph
1294 S/Sgt BAGGS James Robert
1440 Pte BALLAM Samuel Robert
1184 L/Cpl BARNES John Thomas
528 Pte BARNES Lawrence
945 Pte BARRON Peter
568 Pte BARRON Thomas Frank
1563 Pte BARTER Alexander
1070 Pte BELLMORE Robert
903 Sgt BELLOWS Levi
1470 Pte BENNETT Edward
770 Pte BENNETT Peter Francis
688 Pte BENSON Eleazor
42 Cpl BEST Frank Gordon (M.M.)
970 Pte BISHOP Cyril Washington
241 Pte BIXBY Samson
765 Cpl BOLAND James Francis
1898 Pte BOONE Walter
1762 Cpl BRAKE Alphonsus
1368 Cpl BRAZIL Matthew (D.C.M., M.M.)
80 Sgt BRIEN Patrick
1781 Pte BROWN Bertram Field
752 Cpl BUCKLEY William
718 Pte BURKE James Joseph
191 Cpl BURRIDGE Hubert F.
1152 Pte BURT Eric
205 Sgt BUTLER Charles Oakley
457 Cpl BUTLER George
1434 Pte BUTLER John Joseph
1180 Pte BUTLER Kenneth Augustine
1623 Pte BUTT Edward
667 Pte BYRNE Alexander
636 Sgt CALDWELL Edward Charles
151 Pte CALDWELL John
469 Sgt CAREW William Patrick
269 Pte CARTER James
1814 Pte CARTER Kenneth
1031 L/Cpl CARTER Thomas
1835 Pte CASTELLA Reuben
374 Sgt CAUL John Joseph
1320 Pte CHIPMAN Robert
1518 Pte CHURCHILL Daniel
210 Cpl CLARE Robert
1655 Pte CLARKE Allan
1455 L/Cpl CLARK Howard Samuel (M.M.)
239 Pte CLARK Selby
1679 L/Cpl CLEARY David Robert
131 Sgt CLEARY John Sullivan
384 L/Cpl CLEARY William
775 Pte COADY Andrew
1422 Cpl COLLINS Duncan
567 Pte COLLINS James
710 Sgt COLLINS Matthew (M.M.)
492 Pte COOMBS Archibald
1472 Pte COOMBS Leinus
98 Cpl COOPER James
1507 Pte CORBIN Archibald
1407 Pte CORMEY George
429 Pte CORNECT Eugene
860 Pte COSTELLO Daniel Stephen
1157 Pte COSTELLO Michael Francis
1304 Pte COXWORTHY Fred Pierre
363 L/Cpl CRANE Nathaniel
1585 Pte CRON James Matthew
459 Pte CROTTY Stan F.
630 Pte CUFF George Little
524 Cpl CUFF Heber
815 Pte CUMMINGS Arthur
122 Pte CURRAN Daniel
1552 Pte CURTIS Doyle (M.M.)
899 Pte CUTLER Howard Frank
1079 Pte DALTON William Francis
842 Pte DALTON William Patrick
915 Cpl DAWE Frank Gilbert
328 Cpl DAWE Joseph
97 Pte DAWE William Gordon
1340 Pte DAWSON Augustus
607 Sgt DAYMOND Joseph
1477 Pte DEAN Norman Kenneth
1474 Pte DELANEY Nicholas
755 Pte DEMPSTER James
1402 Pte DICKS George
1027 Pte DODD William
818 Cpl DOOLEY Francis Joseph
1551 Pte DORAN Joseph
1299 Pte DOYLE Edward
717 Pte DRISCOLL Michael
1096 Pte DULLANTY George
1088 Pte DUNN Ronald
980 Pte DWYER George Ralph
811 CQMS EATON Duncan MacKinnon
1225 L/Cpl EDDY George Roland
1503 Pte ELGAR William
936 Sgt ELLIS Charles Herbert
1336 L/Cpl EZEKIEL Joseph
1075 Pte FAOUR Edward
694 Cpl FARRINGTON William
1087 Pte FENNELL Leo
1165 Pte FIFIELD Mark
507 Pte FILLIER Maximillian William
357 L/Cpl FLEMING Richard Francis
1890 Pte FOLEY Patrick W.
1983 Pte FORAN Patrick J.
1194 Pte FORTUNE William
919 L/Cpl FURLONG David J.
338 RSM GALGAY Nicholas Augustus
695 Sgt GEAR James Joseph
100 Pte GELLATELY William Thomas
1445 Pte GILLINGHAM Charles
1253 Pte GILLINGHAM George
1487 Pte GOLDING Sylvester
1884 Sgt GOOBIE Andrew
1085 Sgt  GOODYEAR Arthur Colin
1041 Pte GORE Eliol Pike
1081 L/Cpl GOSSE Alfred Joseph
1411 L/Cpl GOSSE Solomon
1051 L/Cpl GOSSE Thomas Joseph
132 Pte GOUGH Frank George
984 S/Sgt M GREEN Cecil (S.S.M.)
1055 Pte GREEN Patrick
251 Pte GREENE Augustus Peter
1506 Pte GREENING Garland
13 Pte GRIEVE Robert Cecil
785 Sgt GUSHUE George W.
937 Sgt GULLIVER George McFarrell
1271 Pte GUY Mark
1097 Cpl HACKETT David Manuel
1505 Pte HAINES Edward G.
1000 Pte HALEY Leonard
1197 L/Cpl HAMPTON George Edgar
1255 L/Cpl HANN Bertram Gordon
1830 Pte HANN William S.
792 L/Cpl HANNAFORD John Joseph
341 Sgt HARSANT Lawrence George
1406 L/Cpl HARTERY John
1497 Pte HARVEY Leslie
1672 Cpl HAWKE Michael
627 Pte HAYWARD John
743 Sgt HEAD Louis
1024 Pte HEARN Augustine
1666 Pte HEATH Thomas
1575 Pte HEFFORD William John
1577 Cpl HEPDITCH Otto Cecil
1496 Pte HIBBS John Leslie
252 Pte HICKEY John Joseph
586 Pte HICKEY John Joseph
1886 Pte HICKEY Lawrence
119 Pte HICKEY William Francis
1163 L/Cpl HICKS John Benjamin
940 Pte HICKS Mark Brown
1670 L/Cpl HIGGINS Thomas
1558 Pte HILLIER Robert
237 Pte HOGAN Aiden Joseph
1539 Sgt HOLLETT Levi (D.C.M., C de G)
248 Pte HOOPER Albert Norman
212 Pte HORAN Thomas Anthony
500 Cpl HOULAHAN James Patrick
1172 L/Cpl HOUSE Ronald Herbert
1463 Cpl HYNES Alfred Lacey
118 Pte JACKMAN George Arthur
854 Cpl JACKMAN Thomas Joseph
702 CSM JANES Albert Evelyn (D.C.M.)
1704 Pte JANES Edward L.
1113 L/Cpl JANES Stephen
1501 Pte JANES Stephen Francis
136 Pte JANES Thomas Patrick
1515 L/Cpl JENNINGS Keyward
1808 Pte JESSO Edward
1630 Pte JOE James Patrick
1583 Sgt JOHNSON Dudley
1039 Pte JUDGE Joseph
203 L/Cpl KEATS William
490 Pte KEEL Fred
1779 L/Cpl KEHOE Lawrence
27 Cpl KELLY Ernest
1011 Pte KELLY James J.
678 Pte KENNEDY Ralph
1548 Pte KENNELL Ebenezer
1365 Cpl KEOUGH Edward Nicholas
1713 Pte KILFOY Leo J.
1572 Pte KING Ephraim
1829 Pte KING Samuel
242 Pte KIRBY Stanley S.
1659 Pte KNIGHT Frank Scott
77 L/Cpl LACEY Roland Stephen
387 SQMS LAMBERT James (M.S.M.)
1482 Pte LANE Gideon Harland
1010 Pte LARNER George Thomas
1280 Pte LAWRENCE George
1686 Pte LAWRENCE Stephen
764 Pte LEARNING George
1284 L/Cpl LEARY Charley
1837 Pte LEDREW Bertram
911 Cpl LEMEE Michael Francis
853 Sgt LEMESSURIER Francis Ernest
632 Pte LESLIE Clarence Vivian
950 Cpl LEWIS Frederick A.
1640 Pte LEWIS Frederick J.
189 Pte LEWIS John
1828 Cadet LILLY Raymond R.W.
1347 Pte LUFF Elias
350 Sgt LUFF John
1598 Pte LUFF William Andrew
1355 Cpl LYNCH Thomas
1458 Pte MADORE George Albert
114 Pte MAHON James Thomas
971 Sgt MAHONEY Thomas Gregory
749 Cpl MANSFIELD Edward
867 Pte MANUEL Arthur W.
272 L/Cpl MANUEL Willis
1100 Pte MARTIN George Francis
1093 Pte MARTRET Auguste
1366 Pte MASTERS Reginald
1206 L/Cpl MAY Ernest
1030 Pte McBAY John Field
1817 Sgt McDONALD Hugh Joseph
1431 Pte McDONALD Ralph
1678 Pte McDONALD Walter G.
1423 Pte McFATRIDGE James
1063 L/Cpl McGORY David
1231 Pte McGRATH James Joseph
128 Sgt McGRATH Thomas Bernard
1408 L/Cpl McKAY Isaac
278 L/Cpl MacKAY John Joseph
748 CQMS McKINLEY Joseph
1302 Pte McNAUGHTON John
846 Pte McWHORTER George William
1901 Pte MEANEY Brian
1353 Pte MEANEY Ronald Joseph
1709 Pte MEANEY Thomas J. (M.M. & Bar)
1173 Pte MELEE William
264 Pte MERCER Albert
994 Pte MERCER Allan
159 CSM MERCER Fred (M.I.D.)
256 Pte METCALFE Albert Edward
1691 Pte MILES Thomas
1500 Pte MITCHELL William
1651 Cpl MOAKLER Francis Stephen
1527 Pte MOORE Thomas
218 Pte MOORES Harrison
943 L/Cpl MOORES Samuel J.
1894 L/Cpl MORRIS Edward A.
1492 Pte MOSS Hector
1425 Pte MOYLES Edgar
1698 Pte MULLINGS Gordon A.
787 Pte MUNN Robert Stewart Errol
1582 Sgt MURCELL Richard Baxter
401 Pte MURPHY James Edward
805 Pte MURPHY Michael Patrick
822 Pte MUTFORD Ward
650 Pte MYLER Alexander J.
1488 Pte NARDINI Raphael
1343 Pte NEVILLE Gregory Joseph
376 Pte NEVILLE William John
1896 SQMS NEWBURY William
129 L/Cpl NICOL Ethelbert John Burden (M.M.)
1032 Pte NOFTALL Chesley
1357 Pte NOFTALL William Robert
1454 L/Cpl NORTHCOTT Archelaus
1451 Pte NORTHCOTT Lewis
1190 Pte NOSEWORTHY Albert
1383 Pte NOSEWORTHY Joseph
1570 Pte NOSEWORTHY William James
1380 Pte O'BRIEN Allan Francis
1375 Pte O'BRIEN Andrew Joseph
186 Sgt O'DEA Leo Patrick
996 Pte O'DRISCOLL James William
1701 Cpl OLIPHANT John J.
704 Pte O'NEIL John Joseph
402 Pte O'NEILL Frederick Michael (M.I.D.)
804 Pte O'ROURKE William J.
1131 Pte OSMOND Arthur Fred
1688 Pte PARDY George Richard
927 SQMS PARDY Norman B. Windsor
1633 L/Cpl PARSONS Reuben
1911 Pte PATEY Gilbert
1542 Pte PENNELL John
229 Sgt PENNY Arthur Nicholas
1089 Pte PENNY Stephen
1273 Pte PERRY Alfred
423 L/Cpl PERRY Thomas Avery
1513 Sgt PHELAN William Francis
1164 Pte PHILLIPS George (M.M., Russian Order of St. George 3rd. Cl.)
1161 SQMS PIKE Launcelot
729 L/Cpl PITTMAN Corbett
1641 Pte POLLETT William Arch
1569 Pte POND Levi
1710 Pte POWER John Francis
1200 Pte POWER Michael
1281 Pte POWER Pierce (M.M.)
1077 Cpl POWER Peter
780 Pte POWER William T.
522 Cpl PRATT Arthur Milligan
916 Cpl PURCELL Roderick Joseph (D.C.M.)
1298 Pte QUIRK James
94 Pte RANDELL Hubert Job
1276 Pte RANDELL Peter
801 Cpl RAYNES Henry Richard (D.C.M., C de G)
1329 Sgt REDMOND Richard S.
1214 L/Cpl REID Dougald Stewart
513 Pte REID Henry
231 Pte RENDELL Leonard True
147 Cpl RENOUF Charles James
991 Pte RICHARDS Cyril
1082 Pte RICHARDS David
8 L/Cpl RICHARDS Finley McN. Campbell
952 Pte RICHARDS Harry Victor
715 Pte RICHARDS John Edwin
41 Pte RICHARDS William Walter
1595 L/Cpl RIDEOUT Garland
1043 Pte ROACH Richard Joseph
440 Pte ROBERTS Frederick George
497 Pte ROBERTSON Eric McKenzie
480 Sgt ROBINSON John Joseph
631 Pte ROBINSON Reuben Thomas
76 L/Cpl ROOST William
217 Pte ROSE Wilfred John
682 Pte ROWE Arthur Boyne
1118 Pte ROWE Harry
1466 Pte ROSWELL Gordon
1801 Pte ROWSELL Walter
1254 Pte RUTH Walter
123 Pte RYAN Bernard
1288 Pte RYAN Richard
1293 Pte RYDER John
1215 Pte SAUNDERS Henry James
1198 Pte SCEVIOUR Cyril
543 Cpl SHAVE William Burton
874 Cpl SHEA Edmund Francis
1274 Pte SHEARS John Robert
35 Sgt SHEEHAN John Joseph
712 Pte SHEEN Joseph
1263 Pte SHELLEY Joseph
1681 Pte SHEPPARD Hildyard
1420 L/Cpl SHEPPARD Leonard
473 Pte SHEPPARD Robert
493 Pte SHIRRAN George
1683 Pte SHORT John Charles
1199 Cpl SHORT Joshua
830 Pte SINOTT Brendan
1040 Pte SINNOTT William Joseph
1285 Pte SLANEY Arthur
1516 L/Cpl SMALL George
614 Pte SMALL William Archibald
405 Pte SNELGROVE Frank
1381 Pte SNOW Francis Joseph
1870 Pte SNOW Joseph
265 Pte SOMERTON William James
1052 Pte SPARKES Louis
859 Pte SPENCER Roy
275 L/Cpl SPRY Herbert
367 Pte SQUIRES Jack
1449 Pte STARES Frank William
1121 Pte STARKES James Baxter
1318 Pte STEELE Allan George
1802 Pte STEVENSON Joseph
772 Pte STONE George Joseph
361 Pte STONE Henry Skinner
26 Pte STONE Llewelyn
1902 Pte STOWE Samuel
1662 Cpl STRONG Herbert
1900 Pte STUCKLESS William T.
1431 Cpl SULLIVAN Peter
1072 Sgt SWEENEY William John
1129 L/Cpl TAYLOR Hedley
7 L/Cpl TAYLOR Herbert
821 CSM TAYLOR James Arthur
452 Sgt TAYLOR Walter Cameron
232 Sgt TEMPLE John Vincent
277 Pte TETFORD Robert
1661 L/Cpl THISTLE Howard
1776 Pte THOMAS Arthur Stanley
138 L/Cpl THOMPSON Walter
1564 Pte THOMPSON Charles Moncrief
1404 Pte TILLEY Lawrence
21 Pte TILLEY Richard
583 Pte TIPPLE Austin Gerald
1209 Sgt TOBIN Patrick Francis
1556 Cpl TOBIN Walter Albert
864 Pte TRACEY Augustus James
18 Cpl TREBBLE William
1607 Pte TUCKER Michael
2 Cpl TUFF George Beverley
1195 Pte UPWARD Robert
973 Pte VATERS John Edgar
800 Pte VAUGHAN Joseph Patrick
873 Pte VAVASOUR Charles Joseph
1171 Pte VIGUERS William
1917 Pte WADE Edgar
1957 Pte WAGG Austin J.
161 CQMS WALSH Frank
693 Pte WALSH John Aloysius
1609 Pte WALSH Richard
942 Pte WALSH Richard Joseph
683 Pte WALSH William
1413 Pte WARREN Alexander
1649 Pte WARREN Gilbert S.
641 Sgt WATTS Arthur
416 Pte WELLS Alfred
1147 L/Cpl WELLS Joseph Warren
1639 Pte WEST Garland
1591 Pte WEST Henry
25 L/Cpl WEST William Emeel
1452 Pte WHIFFEN Patrick
1374 Cpl WHITE Albert Clarence
1473 Sgt WHITE Richard Henry
655 Sgt WILCOX Ernest
813 L/Cpl WILLAR Sydney George
735 Sgt WILLIAMS George Moulton
317 Sgt WINSLOW George Joseph
1390 Pte WISEMAN Mark
1628 Cpl WISEMAN William F.
386 L/Cpl WYATT Thomas Walter
570 Pte YATES Gordon Bemister
43 Pte YETMAN Andrew
610 Pte YETMAN William
1286 Pte YOUNG Allan Stephen
823 L/Cpl YOUNG Arthur James

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